Like the die hard fans around the world that have watched B&B for a quarter of a century; I was in anticipation of how Ridge Forrester would exit the role Ronn Moss created, and what kind of impact it would have on me, us and all of you. Now I’m not going to say I wasn’t emotional, because I was beyond emotional yesterday during the final wedding scene of Bridge. I knew how passionate you all felt about Bridge and the love you had invested for so many years in them. I even thought Brad Bell did a wonderful job incorporating Tridge memories and flashbacks of all the previous weddings in that episode. Finally it seemed like the B&B we all fell in love with was being honored properly and so many emotions flooded my body. I cried like a baby and even tweeted kudos to Brad Bell for that. Ronn watched it and felt emotional and as you know hung with you throughout the day on Twitter and Facebook with memories, trivia postings and our true feelings about what was going to be the end of an era. Trust me, Ronn is not pulling an Eric Braeden or playing games and making a decision like this one was not sudden, although it seemed that way. Many of you have asked if Brad Bell wrote the final scene that way before Ronn announced his departure, which Brad Bell confirmed he was prepared for in case Ronn decided not to renew his contract. Then when Brad announced so suddenly that he would recast Ridge, Ronn felt hurt and totally disrespected for the 25 years he had given to the B&B brand and it sort of made him feel even more solid about his decision. Respect for that much time given to anything deserves recognition and is more important in the end that sheer dollars and cents. A person needs to feel that in order to continue to be excited about their profession. I think we all stand in agreement that today’s final Ridge moment left a sense of disappointment in us. We felt Ridge/Ronn deserved much much more for what he stood for all these years. We felt cheated and cheapened, and rather angry that he wasn’t given the proper send off after the legacy he created for B&B. The disappointment was felt just as strongly today, as the tears of joy were yesterday when we cried and gave kudos to the raw emotional wedding of Bridge. Today’s final Ridge scene was non existent. It was like he was not important anymore. The focus of the show is clearly centered on Brad’s vision of a younger audience. What I think he’s failed to recognize is that the veteran core four is the heart and soul of B&B, and without it there is nothing to care about. The true love of B&B is lost and the dream is gone. In light of today’s episode, it’s clear to see that we are building a bridge now to a better place and we hope you will join us on Ronn’s Garage, TwitterFacebook and on tour with Player to help us continue to build this bridge to our destiny now. B&B has turned into another show and like a table with four legs to stand, one is now missing. Just know that Ronn is happy to see you understand things a bit clearer and respect his decision to take this new path. This will be a strong powerful bridge that you can help us build and together we can conquer anything.


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  1. patrizia/truby Reply

    follow the final episode of Ronn was like finding out that in the end of the history the love between ridge and brooke was not the hinge on which rested the B&B but only the means for the achievement of peace between brooke and stephanie after 25 years of fighting.

  2. katarina Durcanska Reply

    Hi Ronn and Devin. As always enjoy to read your blog. I watched Fridays episode, and I was dissapointed. I think that Ronn deserves much more than what he got from Bell, who doesnt respect him and all what he did on B&B all those years. All I say is – good bye Ridge and hello to Ronn. Looking forward to see what will future holds for Ronn and for u. Iwish u all the best. Its great that there is facebook, twitter, this amazing blog and of course Ronns garage so we can stay in touch. Thanks for everything. Love u,
    Love Katherine

  3. Bonnie Bixby Reply

    I have always loved B&B. I will miss Ron, but I do understand that his time had to come to an end
    I didn’t matter when It still would be sad no matter when they made it happen. Just know that all
    your fans will never be able to forget you and what you bought to the show. Best wishes to you
    and your family, enjoy your life you do deserve it.

  4. Gina Brown Reply

    You said it all Devin. Your hubby did not get the justice he so deserved. Not at all. 🙁

  5. Yesterday’s show looked more like a tribute to Brooke and Stephanie than to Ridge. Very disappointing. Good luck in the future, Ronn. You will be missed!

  6. Alice McAvoy Reply

    You are 100% right Devin! Bell trying to appeal to the “younger” viewers? What about the older group that grew up with B&B and was loyal these past 25 years? This vast group of us does not matter to him.
    Wishing Ronn success,happiness to both of you!

  7. A wise decision indeed! I am one of the “older” longtime viewers back to the days when Caroline was married to Thorne. It was so disappointing to me that the last few moments were not focused on Ronn and the heart & soul he has brought to BB. When the show ended I was stunned – yes I realized the Stephanie/Brooke relationship is part of the foundation of BB but Ridge – where is his moment. No matter who them hire – NO ONE can ever be the Ridge created by Ronn.

    I wish both of you incredible adventures on your new journey.
    light & love,

  8. I think Bell missed the boat on what has made B&B what it is today. I understand he wants to move forward into the future with the younger cast and hopes to attract a younger audience in the process, but younger people don’t have vested interest in daytime soaps, nor do they have the attention span, loyalty or connection to follow these characters like we did in our time period of growing up. There is too much content on the Internet today for the younger audience. So in Bell’s quest to achieve this, he is using the veterans to boost his vision at the expense of his vast audience and original cast. Not a good move in my opinion. Only the time will tell the future for B&B, but Ronn is happier and will be just fine trust me. I heard Bell is trying to make it a twenty something show like, “One Tree Hill” which is making it into something it’s not. I can’t imagine “Dallas” without J R Ewing and no one will look at B&B the same way without Ridge Forrester.

  9. Chrissy Bridges Reply

    I was very disappointed in the lack of send off for Ridge. I thought this show was written for us. Ridge wasn’t the only 1 disrespected. I felt like I wasn’t given the respect I deserved to see him go. I fast forwarded it to the very end cuz I was sure I missed a party or something but I didn’t. I know its not his fault but I feel like he never said thanks and goodbye to the fans. That’s really a poor judgement on Bell’s part to think of himself and not the fans. I don’t post a lot on sites or follow a lot of sites but I’m a loyal fan and have been for 20 years. Even with 4 kids I tivo and watch everyday. If they don’t respect me then maybe they don’t deserve my respect. I’m really thinking about not watching anymore cuz I do have other things I could be doing. Thanks Ronn for all your years of entertainment. I will be following you from now on.

    • Thanks Chrissy, I couldn’t agree more. Ronn doesn’t write the show as you know, but he hearing you on twitter and facebook and of course here.

  10. Kimberly White Reply

    Devin, you are absolutely spot on with your posts. I have been a viewer of B&B since it began as has my mom and we both were terribly disappointed with the final episode for Ridge/Ronn. I guarantee that for the most part, the twenty-something crowd does not support the daytime soaps as you stated. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I am saddened to see so many of the shows I watched for years growing up and as an adult have now been replaced by more talk shows than I can deal with. I will miss the character of Ridge and all that Ronn brought to that role. He’s irreplaceable, in my opinion, and I know great things are in store for him as he moves into this new phase of life. I wish you both the very best.

    Many Blessings,

  11. I, too, was crushed at how Friday’s show was…so…bland. It looked more like Steph was saying goodbye to Brooke. She isn’t the one leaving. Maybe it was preparing us for Susan’s departure in the near future. But it wasn’t Susan’s day, it was Ronn’s and he just got put on the sidelines. Like…so long, adios, glad you got to see us! WTH? 25 years of hard work, loyalty and dedication should mean something, but in today’s world, it doesn’t. Just like any other business…veterans are getting laid off or asked to resign early because the company can hire someone that they won’t have to pay as much to. We are all a dime a dozen these days. Ronn did the right thing Devin. I am more convinced of that now that I’ve seen how the show ended Friday. To be honest I don’t see that show lasting much longer…maybe three years tops. Not because of Ronn and Susan (though that’ll make an impact), but because they are using the same ol played out scenes, just young characters. Has B&B gone full circle? Also, talk shows are taking over. I will continue to watch for Kelly…as long as it stays interesting. We’ll see. I am excited to see where this “bridge” takes us and honored to be a part of it. 🙂

  12. Tina Garrett Reply

    Seems you got to die these days to get a good send off, (and even close calls don’t count for much).
    Low point to watch was Ridge in Steffys’ bedroom with the ladies discussing/rehashing daughters love lives. Being forced to watch this one continuing story line is demeaning….No more meaty layered stories, no cliffhangers.
    Seems like the studio was not ‘that’ ready to let Ronn and Susan go. I see reverse psychology at play, it’s all raw, and everyone will have a dig. But the real stand out are you stoic pair, and all those on your side acting with grace and dignity. B&B was like family to you, so expect real nudges of hurt. It’s all in the game. Don’t stove. XX

  13. well I understand the B&B ratings was up this week over and above last year’s ratings and over the other remaining soaps. So you are being heard as you can see. Now show them what you really want now that Ridge Forrester has left the building and especially if they recast him. The power is in your hands to make a change. Tweet and retweet your feelings and ours loudly so that it can be heard without a shadow of a doubt. I love the Internet for that reason. It’s been overwhelming apparent that we agree that this departure for your beloved Bridge was unjustly bland and not appropriate for the legacy of 25 years of devotion. I’m angry too!

  14. You said it all! You described perfectly my feelings in this very moment. Ridge is gone with Ronn and so is Bridge! B & B is no longer my B&B. I was 12 when I watched the very first episode. Didn’t miss one scene in all these years.. I knew that there would be an end sooner or later, but this is not how I expected it to end. Bad choice Bell, bad choice!
    I will follow Ronn everywhere he will take us!
    Love from a faithful Italian friend

  15. Tara Jessyk Reply

    Ugh, shut uppppp. You and your husband got exactly what was coming to you. Ronn’s ego has ben overblown for quite some time (actually, since he’s been married to you, come to think of it…). You seemed to enjoy the ride on your husband’s coat tails, but the truth is he isn’t quite the legend you seem to think he is. There may be some Bridge fans, but many people couldn’t stand that disgusting pairing and good riddance I say, let the Bridge burn like it should have years ago. There was a creative stranglehold going on behind the scenes for some time, and thank GOD Brad Bell didn’t take any of your “great ideas” seriously and probably enjoyed a good laugh courtesy of them. There are cast and crew dependent on B&B for their livelihood, and if recasting Ridge is necessary, so be it. I am sure in six month Ronn will be wishing he had taken the paycut and had a steady income. At any rate, I am anticipating Ronn’s departure to not have much of an impact on the ratings and to usher in new and better storylines and breathe life into this show again. Love and light! xoxo

    • Boy you sure an angry, jealous person. Totally wrong and silly to attack me over the show, but so be it. You do not know me or my husband, only the character he has portrayed for 25 years. I am totally my own person, but I support my husband and if you don’t like it, why the hell are you here on our blog or reading anything I write? I feel sorry for people like you who are so angry.

      • Dear Devin…so many jealous people,as you said “Why the hell are they reading your blog” Wishing you and Ronn nothing but the best, Brenda xx

      • I appreciate the love truly and I’m happy you enjoy our blog. It’s hard trying to please everyone and I know some angry, jealous people that have nothing better to do love to attack us, me especially. But, trust me I don’t let it bother me as I’ve been through many challenges in life and I want only peace, love and harmony for everyone. That’s how Ronn and I live our lives through love.

  16. A friend asked me why I bother with current television at all? Soaps and news are my only reason. PBS has a few good shows. I just tried for 2 hrs to watch something on iTunes to no avail. I’m still mad at CBS for canceling Love of Life. I have Facebook friends from that show! I have yet to meet them. I like Ronn; but, it is the fictional character he plays so well that allows me to play along! No one will be able to replace Ronn playing Ridge! Just like no one could replace Nick Coaster as Paul on Secret Storm. And so many others. Nick has performed on almost every Daytime drama, but we will Luke and Laura every solid, emotional character that is forced into our hearts. It is the curse of the business!

  17. Hi Devin,
    I so agree with what you have had to say about the show – and as a long term, day 1 viewer I feel totally cheated with this ending.
    That said I am sure you and Ronn have great things planned and you are always welcome in Australia where we have adopted Ronn as a surrugotate son!
    Love and Best wishes

  18. Hi you two. There’s always something pointy in the universal drawer. Some people just can’t help themselves but be ugly, even toward a fantasy life on screen. Everybody’s a critic. Thankfully I know where you guys are coming from on a personal level, and those with overactive imaginations just don’t get it. All the years you and Ronn have been together, your marriage and your love and faith and the honest bond you have with each other will prove them all wrong.

    I saw the last Ridge scene and felt let down by the simple fact that (wtf comes to mind) even though everyone knew, it was kind of like, “later”. KMA would be my response to that. Perhaps the writers need a refresher course after this. Old cliche, “when one door closes another one opens.” Over the redass.

    You know who loves ya, Lilian

  19. Hello Mrs. Moss. I spent 25 years,too, and even as a no bridgefan, but hardcore tridgefan, i was disgusted and shocked how the last episode was all about Booke/ Brephanie! why in the hell is BROOKE LOGAN the one and only real thing for Bell? I was a lil bit angry with all the “bridge is it” – the last years, but there was other actors i was watching for. Ronn was one of the cour four, but he was not my favourite with “brooke” on his side, MY taste! now i think, recast ridge is the only way, this crap show can survive and we all should get back our DRAMA with a new ridge, who make better decisions like this Loganlover he is right now. As a private people i did not know Ronn or you or any BB-star, so i would never disrespect any BB person. I wish you and your hubby all good and may your future only bring best for you! Live is change and sometimes for the best 😉 ( may my Tridge come back!)
    Written with respect to Ronn and you, sorry for grammar faults, love and peace from germany, Tridgefan P.

  20. Ronn was great in tridge. I felt Brooke made ridge look bad. I am very sorry to see ronn gone, but the character of ridge has been gone a long time and all that was left the last few years was a Brooke worshiper. I wish you both luck and health. God bless

  21. You can’t replace the irreplaceable. There will never be another Ridge, with all the dedication and sacrifice that Ronn gave to that role. Very disappointing that he was treated that way. Validation that he made the right decision is the only take-away from this. Another life lesson I guess. On to bigger and better things for you both!

    • couldn’t agree more. So happy fans like you are starting to see this clearly. I think as time goes on it will be much more apparent that Ronn indeed made the right decision. Bigger and better things are already happening and I can’t wait to share it all with you here. But, right now I must wait until the time is right to spill the beans, but it’s very very exciting!!

      • Jenna Guttierrez

        Just had the chance to subscribe to your blog..but friends who have..been a fan ..have been reading out loud what you have been writing..But I don’t think they know of this very interesting stugg you wrote about Ronn’s exit from B&B. I saw it..But never knew it was his last day. But i did wonder why the sudden nuptials for Bridge. While I was reading this, just now… I thought I missed a recent episode of Bell paying tribute to Ridge..who made Bold…The Beautiful. Then I check the date of comments & saw they were posted last year (9/12)
        Well I feel I can just imagine how you guys felt. And I know the back-story of Ronn’s father not accepting his choice on careers…and to think he could be feeling the same kind of emotions…it just makes me sad.
        .I’m gone for now..feeling..2..emotional..2..continue

        Tissue Please!!!

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