Last night was a great show for Ronn and Sara, but a controversial one for Lorenzo Crespi who walked off the set in the middle of the competition. Ronn and Sara were the first to dance and did the Merangie, which was awesome. The judges scored them better than usual, but still did not give them what they deserved in my opinion. I surprised everyone with blasting the judges in Italian and giving my strong opinion on how unfair they have been with Ronn and Sara week after week.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaQXD-Xhi50] Ronn spoke up for the first time and expressed his thoughts also to the judges. It seems the judges constantly give high scores to Lorenzo Crespi and even though he walked off the set and left Natalia Tatova alone for a big part of the competition, they were willing to have him back? Lorenzo’s behavior has been like that of a spoiled child for the last couple of weeks and this was not the first time he has done such a thing. The rest of the cast were furious that Ballando has coddled this type of unprofessionalism. It’s unfair to the rest of them that have worked so hard and we all know how hard Ronn has been working. So it was only fitting that Ronn spoke up last night to express it. As usual, my husband is diplomatic and eloquent in his speech and everyone was receptive with what he had to say. At the end of the night, Ronn was one of four couples left to compete in the finals, which will be show #9. Show #8 will bring back everyone that has been eliminated including maybe Lorenzo Crespi to compete for two spots open in the finals. The final show #10 will have 5 couples competing for the #1 spot as the winner of this season’s, “Ballando con le stelle!” In my opinion, no one has improved more that Ronn and Sara and it shows. In my opinion, they deserve to win, not Lorenzo Crespi. Lorenzo is good dancer, but his behavior  is not acceptable and not fair to the competition and if he is allowed back in will be a big controversy for the final shows. I was so happy that Ronn made it this far and am very proud of how much he has achieved with this challenge. Today we are going by train to Milan for Fashion week and will be in the Laura Biagiotti fashion show tomorrow. We will then stop in Florence to visit Sara’s Tuscan vineyard and shoot some footage for Ballando there before returning to Rome Tuesday evening for Ronn’s dance lesson. Until the next blog…….

Ciao Devin


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  1. Hi you two. I agree, and I’m proud you stood up for what I know is true. When I watched the videos, even though I don’t speak Italian, I am a very good reader of body language. There was a snide side to the judging. So, I’m thrilled Ronn passed muster. Sorry about the spoiled brat throwing a wrench in the works. Ronn’s talent will prevail.

    I want to take the opportunity, since you’re so close to my home country, to tell you a little something about myself. I have never seen what I’m about to tell you because we fled to Austria after the war. All this became clear after the wall fell.

    Wish you could take a trip to Slovenia from there. My first relative is from Trieste, Italy (1300’s). (Just wanted you to know I have a little Italian in me.) His name was Michaelangelo (not the artist). My family name is “Zois”, my mother was born in Ljubljana and raised in Castle Brdo (which the communists took and Marshal Tito used for his summer residence). My grandfather was Baron Egon Zois von Edelstein. Both of my grandparents are deceased. My mother is still living. I understand it’s a beautiful place. All the recent presidents have been there for summits, and I hope before I’m too old to get around, I’ll be able to go there and check out my mother’s quarters. She managed to save some pictures. Wish you could go there and visit. All the best, Lilian

  2. katarina Durcanska Reply

    Hi Ronn and Devin, have a great time in Italy, and Ronn wish you great luck in Bailando and I really hope that you will win.
    Love katherine

  3. Hi Devin, we hope it was not so bad for Ronn and Sara that he spoke to the judges. We wish him luck.
    Could you send him please much birthday wishes from two fans from Germany. I know that he has no time for his forum. He is busy, we understand that.
    Karin and Daggi

  4. Devin, your italian pronounce is very good! Usually americans have strong accent when they speak in italian, but you spoke very clear, fast and well! As we say in Italy, mitico! I admire Ronn for what he said last night. Wise words in a right way (I think viewers really appreciated his speaking). Lorenzo Crespi is playing the victim and people, jury and journalists shouldn’t give him so much attention. He consider himself the biggest star in the universe (!)… His dancing is good, but I can’t stand his behaving (in the past he acted even worse than this. In fact, he got fire from his last tv series). Unfortunately, in Italy there are still many persons who think he’s really the victim of the situation. They believe the writers of Ballando are doing a dirty job making him angry with the manipulation of his video-interviews (to have even better tv ratings if he loses his mind after watching them).
    Ronn and Sara as dancers are a beautiful couple and he has really improved since his first dance. I hope they’ll win the competition. Sean Kanan (Deacon B&B and Y&R) did Ballando three years ago. He was nice as person and not so bad as dancer, but Ronn is definitely better! Ciao ciao:)

  5. Good luck in the final … =)

    Ronn you are so good i be happy of see you dance ..

    Devon thanks for a nice blog and update =)

    Love Ewa / Sweden

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