On this day the world was gifted with a beautiful soul that we call, Ronn Moss. He has been a shining light to many of us throughout the years with his presence as a friend, father, actor, musician and spouse. Ronn is truly a gifted soul in so many ways and an inspiration to many of you around the world. So as we celebrate his birthday we are reminded of what he means to all of us, especially his family. There is much more to come from this gifted soul called, Ronn Moss as he now embarks on a new career as director for his upcoming film debut 411, and I’m sure as always he won’t disappoint. This is something Ronn was born to do, especially because he’s always had a love for photography and cameras, and as most of you know by now, he’s really quite good at it. So I believe this is really just the next natural phase of his promising career as a director. I know how much you all are loving the Ronn’s Garage series and there are some exciting guests and upcoming shows that I know you will absolutely love, so keep tuning in and spread the word. 

Ronn Moss

We are also very pleased with the great reviews and amazing comments we have been getting on Player’s new CD, “Too Many Reasons” and if you haven’t ordered your copy, you are really missing out. All 14 songs are a terrific blend of that amazing sound that only Player has today. So upcoming tours are being planned for the summer as a we speak. Ronn is busier than ever with other movie offers that includes him as a director, so I think you will be happy to see his progress in this new field. His recent appearances in Italy proves that more and more people are discovering Ronn Moss and not just Ridge Forrester. 

Speaking of Ridge Forrester, I was very disappointed that the Emmys overlooked Ronn as an actor yet again. Even though I submitted him this year, he didn’t even get a pre-nomination by the Emmys for his body of work, which in my opinion is downright disgusting. Now keep in mind, Ronn never submitted himself all these years to even be in the running of an Emmy, which the actors must do to even be considered. So the fact that I did submit him and he didn’t even get the pre-nomination confirms that he made the absolute right decision leaving daytime behind because they never appreciated him or his talent. I hope now that you all understand this is his time to move forward and not look back. The way he was written off B&B should prove that he was not really appreciated at all and bigger and better things await this gifted soul that has so much more to give the world. 

Too Many Reasons

I will be launching the 411 website in the next week with the cast members and ways you can participate with us on Ronn directorial debut in the movie 411. As most of you already know Ronn loves his fans and I’ve never seen anyone take the time to communicate and interact with their fans the way he does, and he’s always been this way. So trust me, the best is yet to come and you all will be there to cheer him on I’m sure. So please if you haven’t subscribed to our blog or the Player Angels, please do so that you can keep up with where Player  will perform next and what appearances are coming up first!  This is also a great way to get discounts on merchandise and be the first to know about contests and ways you can meet Ronn and I. With St. Patty’s day approaching I say the luck of the Irish is on our side and since Ronn and I are both part Irish, I know I’m right.



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  1. Mary Ann Wittkowske

    Happy Birthday, Ronn Moss!!!! We miss you on The Bold and the Beautiful.

  2. Darlene Page

    You are so right Devin, Ronn has not been appreciated for the immense talent that he has. When I read the comments that everyone wants Ronn to return to B&B, I yell at my computer, “NO! He has so much more to give!”. It’s evident just by looking at him that he has made a good decision by leaving so that he can devote more time to his other projects. Every time I read a blog, I get excited at all the opportunities that are coming his way, and the fact that he has now time to take advantage of those opportunities is HUGE! Don’t get me wrong, I was as big a fan of Ridge Forrester as the next person, but hearing him sing on the new CD, reading all the new projects that he has in the works, and just seeing how happy he is gives me great joy! We are all blessed to be able to follow Ronn as he explores new avenues to see just where his phenomenal talents will take him! Happy birthday to a wonderful, dear person!

  3. Brian L Liss

    Devin – I appreciated all the hard work in Ronn performing on B&B for the past 25yrs…..You don’t need a statue to tell you how great you are as a performer. Getting nominated for a category would be great recognition for someone and Ronn had so many standout peformances on B&B all these years. And a better exit from B&B would have been great as well…….. And i would love to wish Ronn a very Happy Happy Birthday today……..


      Congrats 2 u Brian on your wonderful Player Story

  4. katherine

    Once again wonderful blog!!! Devin, u are right Ronn is a gifted soul. He is beauty inside/out and I just love him sooo much and am proud to be his devoted fan since the day 13 years ago when I saw him for the first time as Ridge. Ronn has many mamy things to give us his fans – not only Ridge, but his music, his Ronns garage and especially his friendship with us on facebook and also on twitter. I was very dissappointed and sad when Ronn left Bold, but now I am happy – I m happy for him, he made a right desicion. Wish Ronn and also u all the best in your future projects. Send (((bighug))) to u and Ronn.

    Love from Slovakia – Katka

  5. Devin as always you have said the right comments about your Ronn as I’m sure everyone will agree with what you have said..we all wish Ronn and Player all the best in their future….Brenda in Australia

  6. Marcia Garcia

    Devin..As a fan of Ronn..as Ridge from the beginning of the show..it saddens me he was never appreciated. But it proves that Hollywood..is a “kiss-ass”.place..because over the years I have seen a “certain” actor..name Tony Geary..get a ‘nod’ & ‘wins’..and he was a part-time actor on GH. Matter of a fact..He only show up around Emmy-Time. And disappeared after the award show. This has been happen for years. Cause Geary kissing the right ass. He did not have 50-60 pages of script like Ronn did. But like you said, “he’s a gifted-soul” and we all know it. So a very Happy & Blessed day to Ronn. And that’s my thoughts for him, everyday.
    From Marcia & all my amigos..in Puerto Rico

    • So true what you said about Tony Geary & kiss-ass Hollywood…But like Ronn said in an interview. He does not do disappointment anymore, he’s above that….. I need to take that road.

  7. Swetlana Russell

    One day late..but my birthday wish isn’t……hope he has many more..blessed with health & prosperity

  8. Devin you are such a wonderful writer. Love your love for Ronn. I know you are suppose to love & cherish your partner..but you go beyond the norm. Ronn is so lucky to have you in his corner & as his biggest fan. (smiley)
    Hope he had the best birthday ever. What did you cook & was there a cake..or you guys just went out-on-the-town?..Whatever you did…I know it was a splendid affair.
    If you guys wanna get away from Hollywood..Well its just a skip..a hop..& a jump into Canada.
    Come visit us.

  9. Crimson Pietro

    Hope Ronn had a very happy day. We (my sister’s & I.) are..coming to a city near you soon. We are actually at The Heathrow Airport..coming from Monte Carlo….waiting..for our flight to LAX..which leaves in about 5 hours. Saw Ronn in Italy with the dark hair. Its unanimous…We..like the gray a lot better-)
    Crimson, Olympia & Clover


  10. Sorry I missed Ronn’s Bday..I did not open any emails yesterday. Anyhow, Hope he had blast & reminiscing on a life of bliss…and I wish more of that in the future. That is it to now….going to watch Ronn’s Garage now
    All the Best ….From Roxanne

  11. Happy Birthday to beautiful Ronn Moss…There is no such thing as a late greeting for the day of one’s birth
    Best Wishes
    from “down under”


      Another “down-under” fan sending best wishes to Ronn & Devin too

  12. Oh For Heaven’s Sake
    I hope they DO NOT nominate that Luke Geary from General Hospital again. He has been getting “hardware” that he does not deserve for years. He already got too many nominations, he did absolutely nothing for. At least in the acting department. he acts like a comic on GH..so he should leave & try Comedy Central.
    DeRonn..sorry I had to write all this on your blog, but its obvious something is politically incorrect with Hollywood…& that’s my opinion,
    Sending Peace Love

  13. Francesca

    Beautiful homage to Ronn on his birthday.He is so blessed!! I agree with you Devin B&B didn’t treat him well,they don’t deserve him and I hope Ronn will never return to the show.They are so boring now I don’t watch anymore.Imagine Brooke with Bill Spencer beurk!! ( No offense to Don Diamont) Ronn is very talented,he will be very successful. Thank you Devin for your love and devotion.I love your blog you are an excellent writer and it’s a joy to read you.

    • Brooke & Bill not as bad as Eric & Taylor…That is so wrong on so many levels

  14. A gifted soul , was a beautiful birthday gift for Ronn,you’re writing from your heart we can feel the love.Always a pleasure to read you,thank you for sharing.

  15. Give yourself credit Devin
    You are a “gifted soul” too
    Thanks for sharing your writing skills & I wish your sweetheart, many more gifted days