We are gearing up to start shooting “The Bay” and there is quite a bit of excitement in the air for this new season of shows. After a relaxing Memorial Day weekend at home, Ronn and I will be working long hours this weekend with our Bay family.

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It’s hard to believe that almost half of 2015 has just flown by already and summer is just around the corner! This means Player will be touring around the USA with Little River Band and Ambrosia soon. Ironically, Baby Come Back was the song of choice that four friends were singing on their way from Miami to Los Angeles, when their tire blew out on the freeway! Thankfully they were all fine, but the video went viral with almost 5 million views thus far! This has caused many fans to request Player to appear on talk shows!

Ronn and I are really excited to go to NYC together in July when Player is on tour because after eleven years, we have never been to NYC together! So this will be super fun for us! Ronn has also been in the mood to do his photography and I’ve done a little modeling for him recently, we are now trying to find some more time to shoot more photos together soon!

Rock the Yacht

Ronn’s Kickass BBQ Sauce is starting to get quite a buzz and those of you who have tried it, know why. We will be informing our Fanclub members of some exciting news soon! When you signup for our Fanclub, you will get a FREE Cajun Spice and sample size BBQ sauce, along with a FREE Ebook of autographed photos and 10% off all DevRonn products that you buy from our store! Plus you get to know first where and when we will appear next, so if you aren’t a member, what are you waiting for?


We are looking forward to rocking out this summer with Player and friends and enjoying more BBQs with Ronn’s Kickass BBQ Sauce, not to mention, some amazing surprises just for our Fanclub members!

Twelve years ago I was inspired to produced a documentary about the pinup from the pinup’s point of view. It had never been done before and I saw the changes the Internet was making on the pinup girl.

Dita Von Teese url


I got the idea to seek an interview with Bettie Page who was in her late 70s at the time and spoke to her on the phone a few times before we met in person. She happily gave me a wonderful insightful interview of what it was like for her to pose nude in the 50s and thought it was most unusual that someone like myself who had also posed nude would be doing a documentary on the pinup girl.


This gave me the inspiration to complete the project and I handpicked women that I thought stood out and would become pinup stars in the future like, Dita Von Teese, Victoria Zdrok, Brande Roderick, Debra Jo Fondren and Victoria Fuller to interview.

Art by Olivia Debra Jo Fondren


Pinup stars are much more than women who pose nude, they are trend makers, exude something intangible and rare that makes them stand out and help influence, art, fashion, glamour and beauty. I was happy to be considered a part of this rare and unique world for many reasons. I understood where it was in the past and where it was heading in the future and I felt a certain sense of empowerment.

 Dr. Victoria Zdrok

Then I met Ronn who had two little girls he needed me to help him with and I put my career and aspirations with this project on hold until now. Seems the timing is right for such a documentary. The Internet has helped pinup grow in popularity and since Bettie Page’s death she has grown in popularity with the Bettie Page Stores.


Brande Roderick Devin Devasquez

Pinup art from Nagel and Vargas has grown and artists such as, Olivia and Michael Moebius have risen in fame. Pinup has become more mainstream with many fans being women, as well as, men. I know this world so well and have lived in it for so long that it was only fitting I do this as a tribute to who the pinup girl has evolved into and what she will be in the future.

Moebius art of DevinMoebius Bubble gum Marilyn


So tomorrow I will complete this amazing tribute to the pinup stars from the past and the present when I shoot the last piece of my documentary puzzle and share my vision with you all by summer!

Slumber party

I had a slumber party with several other Playmates from the 1980s celebrating the 50th birthday of Playmate Alana Soares thrown by her sister Leilani Soares.   We had such a great time laughing and telling past stories with Playmates, Ava Fabian, Cathy St. George, Kimberly Paige, Roberta Vasquez, Lynn Austin and Debi Johnson. Some of these girls I hadn’t seen in decades and few of them flew in from other states just to surprise Alana.

Ava & Leilani DSCN0042 Alana's cake DSCN0022

There is a sorority like sister bond that goes with girls who have posed for Playboy, at least from our era and it felt like we had gone back in time except for talking about men and parties, we now talk about kids and health. We giggled so much that I had to take a nap before heading to the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Polo Lounge to meet famed photographer Terry O’Neill and artist Michael Moebius for dinner.

Me. Terry O'Neil & Keiko

Terry O’Neill was the first photographer to photograph Sir Elton John, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, so Ronn was very excited to meet him and we are attending an exhibition of his work this week at the Mouche Gallery in Beverly Hills. Terry was also married to actress Faye Dunaway and now lives in London, so the history alone is exciting to Ronn because as you know he loves photography, music and Ronn’s father was from England.

We are catching up on so many projects before we leave for the Player and Yacht Rock Revue rock cruise to the Bahamas this week. And I will not be taking my computer or be online so you guys will just have to miss us for a few days. When we return I am finalizing a documentary I am producing on the pinup from a pinup’s point of view and Player will perform at a wonderful charity called “Songs Of Love.”   



Songs of Love is special because musicians write individual songs for children with terminally ill diseases. Watch the 60 minutes video above for more information or click on the invite if you’d like to attend or donate to this wonderful cause.  Check out the newly redesigned makeover of my personal website where you can find this blog and everything else on me all in one place. Special thanks to our web designer Gea who is now working on a redesign of Ronn’s site as well. 

Songs of Love Invite