It feels like we are watching a movie right now, one that we are all involved in these days. A thriller nightmare that is really a dream and just can’t be real. Just the thought of the entire world being quarantined for a deadly virus is indeed a scary thought. These past few weeks feels like time is standing still and we are in some kind of time warp in a future that is unknown and unfamiliar to mankind. It is something we have never seen or experience before ever!

2020 will indeed go down in our history books as a turning point in our lives for many different reasons I’m sure. Many would have you believe its the end of the world and nothing but doom and gloom is ahead of us. I personally believe the opposite. We live in a world where we now see everyone’s opinion on everything everyday through social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can see from what people choose to post if its coming from a place of fear or love.

Its easier said than done to tell your neighbor who may have a preexisting medical condition to not worry and stay calm. It’s hard to keep those who already don’t have enough food to not panic and hoard too much of things that they may not even need because they just aren’t thinking logically. Thus, the senseless comical hoarding of toilet paper for example. It hard to explain to someone who may have been conditioned to see the worst in life to see that maybe what is coming is the best we could ever imagine.

Out of tragic situations, there is always a silver lining and something to learn and grow from. Nothing stays the same and life is ever changing, but it’s all in how we choose to perceive it and how we choose to live our lives. Time is indeed standing still for our world right now and we are all witness to this incredible moment in our time here on Earth. How are you choosing to perceive it right now? Are you choosing to live in fear and doom and gloom? Can it perhaps be possible and yes anything is indeed possible that we can evolve as a human race to mass awakening of things we never thought were possible?

Let’s just imagine for a moment that everything we have thought to be true was really a lie and everything we thought was a lie was actually true? What if what we are going through was to prepare us to evolve to another phase of life? Right now we are all in the same boat so to speak. We are all trying to stay healthy, cooking more at home and spending quality time with our families. This doesn’t sound so bad actually. We have slowed down the work oriented idea that we must stay so busy doing instead of just being. Some of us are having a hard time with staying still and relaxing into that process. We have been so conditioned that we must constantly be on the go and this has shocked us a bit to be told you can’t now.

Perhaps the rest of this concept can help heal our planet as there aren’t as many cars polluting our environment? I have friends in Italy that have confirmed that the Venice canals have gone crystal clear and fish are coming back into them now. Perhaps this experience will teach us the importance of health, freedom and start to show us what is truth to help us grow into a new way of living.

We are standing still right now in this moment in time for a reason. Looking at from a positive aspect is a choice and I feel a much better alternative than dwelling on the opposite of that. As long as our basic needs are being met during this time period that is all that really matters right now. If we can all strive to do this in our lives, we can be a ripple in a pond for others and this will help us all through this crisis.

What is most important as we can see is health, without it we have nothing. We cannot work, play, socialize or do anything that life offers without health. Health is not just in our bodies, but also our mental and spiritual health is just as important. If we are living in fear as we can see in others right now, then that is not healthy for your mind and may cause you to do irrational things like hoard toilet paper. If you are feeling anxiety over your health it can cause you to become depressed and that isn’t good for your spirit and overall well being. Balance is the key to staying healthy. I believe this and practice it daily and even wrote a book on it.

Attacking, blaming, pointing fingers and spreading fear and negativity is NOT what is needed right now. It will not help this situation at all, in fact all it does is keep fear growing and sets us back from possibly evolving into an unknown territory that could be totally wonderful. I know everyone has an opinion and we can all see them. The world in some ways has gotten smaller. I choose to soak my mind, body and spirit with nothing but healthy thoughts, food and love right now. I suggest you try this and the first step in doing so is to concentrate on your own lives and heal yourself first. This may sound selfish, but its not. It’s actually good for us all because we are all connected in the same boat. You could be an inspiration to someone watching that needs to see it firsthand right now. Focus your thoughts on creativity instead of constant dribble coming from others. If you do have something to say, try to make it positive. Stop bashing and blaming what’s happening on others and start focusing your thoughts on healing yourself during this isolation period. I send you all nothing but healing love and blessings during this time that is standing still.

It’s been a while since my last blog due to many ups and downs life has been throwing at us recently. In fact, I have been thinking about not blogging at all anymore since most of you prefer livestreams. Then I realized this month marked our 10 year anniversary of this blog. I started this blog when Ronn did the “Dancing with the Stars” in Italy, and wanted it to chronicle our adventures. So I will let you tell me if we should continue with it or not now.

This new decade started out pretty good and then a few dear friends suddenly passed away and put me into a bit of a depression. First there was the Internet buzzing about my longtime dear friend, Julie Strain’s death. I had just returned from Europe and was a bit jet lagged, but something about this just didn’t seem right and I decided to listen to my gut and got in touch with her boyfriend who confirmed this was just not true. Julie, as most of you know has early dementia due to a terrible horseback riding accident in her early 20s that left her with partial amnesia. Julie lost most of her teenage memories and had to relearn a lot of things about her life. Nevertheless, Julie was bigger than life, standing six feet one with a strong personality as a pinup model, actress and photographer, with a legion of fans who love her. Her health has been slowly declining the past few years, and I was one of the few people allowed to see her a couple years ago when I learned of her demise. So it was indeed shocking to hear all over the Internet that she was dead and no one had told me? It was a good thing I listened to my intuition because it was totally false. Many friends had been saying that her death was already listed on Wikipedia and that the Hollywood reporter had printed it, so it must me true. Wrong! Just because its in the news or printed in a magazine does not make it true obviously.

Julie Strain

Shortly after recovering from that, another dear friend really did pass away and I was deeply saddened and shocked by his death. Artist, Jon Hul’s sudden death from a stroke at age 62 threw me into a bit of a deep depression. Jon had such a vibrant, joyful personality and had done many paintings of me over the past twenty years we had been friends. He was also a great drummer and had attended many of our jam parties and played music with Ronn and the boys who all loved him. I simply couldn’t put into words how much Jon Hul meant to me and at that time was too overwhelmed with emotion to even try. We had barely returned home and I felt like life was throwing too much emotion my way to process all at once.

Jon’s death wasn’t sudden for his family, they had been hoping he would survive this, as he was in ICU for nearly a month and all through the holiday season. In fact, he had his stroke the day we had left for Europe and his daughter was trying to get in touch with me and I had no idea because I was traveling so much. I felt crushed to have not known of their struggles during the holidays and what they must have been going through.

Jon Hul

Ronn went through losing a few friends that he was also close to and this put us both into a bit of a funk. He lost a high school friend and then soon afterwards learned of the tragic death of actor Orson Bean. Orson was the husband of his “Bold and Beautiful” co-star Alley Mills. He was hit by two cars crossing the street! Then there was dearly beloved, Lee Philip Bell who was the co-creator of “The Young and The Restless” and “The Bold and The Beautiful.” Her death really did feel like the end of an era for Ronn. I can’t tell you how many times he would say he wanted to see her and have lunch with her over the years, but somehow that never seemed possible given our travels, her health and other circumstances. However, she was in his heart and mind and the desire was there.

Orson Bean
Lee Phillip Bell

Life throws us curve balls in all areas leaving us living sometimes in fear instead of love. How we deal with this isn’t so easy at times. Sometimes other things make our deepest desires difficult to achieve. Maybe we feel like reaching out, but fear creeps in? Relationships can be difficult at times and emotions can put us in moods that we often can’t cope with ourselves, much less want to put on others. I believe in trying to live mostly in love rather than fear. Its not always easy to train your mind to turn off the fear of immortality, the fear of losing someone your love or the general fear that everyday life poses. The reality is always up to how you choose to perceive life. How you choose to live it and how you choose to handle your emotions.

Most of you know how much I believe in balance. This is the essence of what my book, “True Age, Timeless Beauty” was all about. Many of you who have read that little book touched me with comments on how much that book helped get your life in balance and as you know I’m writing the follow up to that book, “True Wisdom, Timeless Spirit” that I intend to give to you all for free! This is all about keeping life in balance when shit is being thrown at you and fear starts to creep in. It’s about getting through the ups and downs life throws at you like the death of loved ones and the crisis’ that may hit you from time to time in every area of life. How do you pick yourself up and go on? How do you deal with the fear of a health crisis? This is the essence of what life is all about and helping each other through life’s struggles is what’s really important. If I can do a little part in helping you with that then this ultimately helps us all for we are all in this together anyway, right?

It’s been a week since we have been home after being in Italy for the past six months. And the longest time we have ever been away from home. These past months have been extremely busy and productive for us, as well as, fun! We have fallin in love with beautiful Italy more than ever! How could you not? Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, that’s more apparent to us since we have experienced so many regions from the north to the south on this trip. Italy has had a love affair with Ronn for over 30 years. He did his first movie in Sicily and “The Bold and The Beautiful” was extremely popular there. It’s become apparent, that Italy’s love for Ronn has only grown and spending this time in Italy has made this very obvious. So we are falling in love all over again with each other and with Italy.

We also celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary and decided to again renew our vows in another part of Italy that both Ronn and I had not experienced before, which was Calabria. I had always dreamed of renewing our vows in Santorini, Greece, but the closer it came to our anniversary, the busier Ronn seemed to be with concerts and press. We also wanted to celebrate with a few Italian friends like his band, “The Men In Black.” And since they had a concert in Calabria, we decided to do our renewal there. Daniela Corti planned this exquisite event so elegantly with my favorite color scheme of lavender and white roses and orchids. All the details were fine tuned with precisely what I asked for and was simple yet elegant in style and decor. Our dear friend, Laura Demola brought us to tears as she officiated our ceremony with a beautiful poem. I couldn’t have asked for anything more beautiful or romantic to celebrate our milestone and we feel like newlyweds all over again!

Ronn’s first concert tour in Italy was such a success that he’s been invited to come back in December to do a few symphony orchestra holiday concerts. We had planned on staying home this Christmas, but now our time at home is being cut short and the amount of things that we need to do is crammed into just a few weeks. As most you know, I believe balance is the key to sustaining a stress free life. My book, “True Age, Timeless Beauty” was all about getting life in balance. I’m now working on the follow up to that book entitled, “True Wisdom, Timeless Spirit.” This book is about keeping life in balance and I plan to give it to you for free! Right now, my focus is balancing our home and our health in these few weeks we are home. And as result of this, we have placed our beautiful custom one of a kind Lake Arrowhead home up for auction on November 14. Ronn is even thinking of throwing in his beloved Porsche Panamera!

I think as we get older, a desire for a more simplistic life becomes a priority. We want less things to deal with and more freedom to enjoy our lives. I have become disenchanted with home repairs, tenant complaints, property taxes and all the things that go into owning real estate. I want to change our lives so that we have no ties and more room to spend time as we have been doing in various countries. I also believe change is good and helps the universe guide you to greater things. Ronn performing with a 50 piece symphony orchestra was getting him out of his comfort zone and into a new and exciting adventure that seems to be growing rapidly.

This new change of season is also a major turning point in our lives and I’m already fallin in love again with all the new and exciting things on the horizon. I miss live chatting with all of you and hope to get back to that soon. And Ronn is looking forward to finally rehearsing Ronn Moss’ PLAYER and debuting them soon. The current fires in Santa Clarita prevented the band from rehearsing this week because drummer, Jimmy Carnelli had to evacuate. We know how anxious you are to see them perform in the USA and we are too! In the meantime, we will continue to keep you posted on all the new and exciting things coming for you to fall in love again with too!

It’s been an amazing summer with Ronn touring all over Italy for his “USA Meets Italy” concert debut. We have been enjoying the beauty and uniqueness that only Italy has to offer in each region of this gorgeous country. Needless to say, my Italian has improved and I can get by with basics at a restaurant and in everyday life and even speak with people who only speak Italian with basic introductory conversation.

Spending quality time in Italy has been an amazing adventure with both culture and food from each region. We have spent quite a bit of time in our home base of Puglia and we have fallen in love with the food and wine of this region. The weather in Puglia reminds us of being home because its close to the sea, so there is usually a breeze happening and its much cooler than parts of Italy that are not close to the sea, which can be unbearable in the summertime.

Ronn and Paolo Rossi at LaCapannina

Ronn has had concerts in the Tuscan region and their food and wine is just as amazing, but completely different. The Tuscan region is more meat oriented and ironically the last time we ate meat was “steak florentine” in Tuscany, which was amazing; however we stopped eating meat completely, but still eat fish, so the Puglia region is more seafood oriented and better for us.

Our recent journey to Forte Dei Marmi was truly memorable. Ronn had a concert at one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs, “LaCapannina” built in the 1920’s where artists like Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and Gloria Gaynor have performed. Forte Dei Marmi is also the home of Andrea Bocelli, who we had the pleasure of meeting at his annual midsummer gala event on his private beach at “Alpemare” where he also had a concert that included performances with his 21 year old son, Matteo.

Ronn performing at LaCapannina

Ronn was asked to sing a song and chose to sing the infamous Ed Sheeran song “Perfect.” Matteo also did a duet of this song with his father singing the English part of it and so he decided to do his father’s part in Italian for the first time with Ronn. This was totally spontaneous and unrehearsed, but so heartfelt and under the most gorgeous full moon made it even more romantic and enchanting.

Coincidentally, Ronn’s guitarist Marcello and drummer Eugenio were asked to play with Bocelli that evening after their stellar performance at the “LaCapannina.” So it seemed like the stars were lining up for Ronn to sing and many people have indeed been curious to see him perform, which is why we have started this world tour in Italy. Ronn had a concert lined up to do with his band, “The Bad” in Estonia the following week and the day before Bocelli’s concert there, so there were several coincidences leading up to meeting and collaborating with Borcelli on many new things now for the future. Turns out, Bocelli is a big soccer fan and legendary soccer player, Paolo Rossi came to Ronn’s concert and Bocelli wanted to meet him. It was really ironic that Paolo and Bocelli lived a few blocks away from each other in Forte Dei Marmi, but had never met. This led to another spontaneous jam session with Andrea playing piano and all of them singing together, while visiting Bocelli at his home. These coincidences have made our visit to Forte Dei Marmi truly memorable and there is no doubt we will be going back now next summer for another concert at the “LaCapannina.” Ronn has a concert in Perugia in mid September and a symphony orchestra concert in Puglia that we are looking forward to in a couple weeks. There are also plans for a concert in Sicily around our 10 year anniversary at the end of September, so our adventure isn’t over quite yet!

Ronn and Andrea Bocelli

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged and that’s because of all the traveling we have been doing the past few months, along with poor Internet connections. It’s been quite a whirlwind with all the preparations that have gone into the tour production of the “USA Meets Italy” concerts, but they have launched with great success.

In between concerts, the crew must breakdown the production to set up in other parts of Italy, while Ronn does press and appearances in between. So many more dates are currently being added throughout Italy, some with the full production and some in romantic acoustic settings throughout the 21 regions of Italy. The response has been overwhelming great that we are now adding more dates for next summer!

As most of you know, Ronn has had quite a unique love affair with Italy for over 30 years and this is the first time they are getting to see him perform live in concert as a musician and singer. As a result of the success, we are remaining in Italy for an extensive period of time to move to different regions with this production comfortably from the northern part of Tuscany to the southern part of Puglia, where we are based for the tour and down to Sicily.

Needless to say, my Italian is improving daily and we are loving every minute of being in our seconda casa of Italia. Ronn is working on new music and singing new classic songs in Italian and we are working on upcoming film and TV projects for next year in between concert dates. You can stay on top of those things by going to his website. So we are indeed keeping busy, but also having fun seeing many new parts of Italy. It’s been quite a journey revealing more of Ronn for so many fans who knew him only as Ridge and not as a musician. We are looking forward to sharing many more surprises with music and acting projects as they are rapidly developing. Check out the new Ronn Moss’ PLAYER official website for all the latest with music gigs and for the debut of Ronn Moss’ PLAYER this fall!

Starting over in a brand new year and its already flying by at sonic type speed, or at least it feels this way. We seem to be saying hello and goodbye to so many friends these days. Some due to the amount of traveling we have been experiencing, others due to their time with us on planet earth. It seems time is moving faster than ever, maybe its because we are growing older and trying to cram so much into each and every day that we have? Or maybe its because we are experiencing new adventures and its just time to say goodbye to some people and hello to new people?

Like many fans of Kristoff St. John, I was sad to hear of his untimely passing. He was a lovely man and very much loved by so many. He was just too young to die so suddenly. I was a big fan of Y&R and watched that soap more than any other. It brought back fond memories of watching it with my now deceased mom. So as a fan who grew up watching soaps, I understand what some characters mean to many of you. I think my love of soaps manifested my marrying a major soap star like Ronn and becoming a producer on “The Bay.” I am indeed a true fan at heart of this genre. We grow up watching these characters daily and they become part of our family.

Attending Kristoff’s memorial was surreal for me because I was reunited with a longtime dear friend, a friend I had not seen in nearly two decades. In fact, the last time I talked to Kristoff was about this friend because someone told me she had died and that broke my heart. We had parted on strange terms and there were things left unsaid, things that we both didn’t understand after being so close for so long. So in a strange way, Kristoff brought us back together today and that’s a beautiful thing. His passing reminds us that we should tell the people we love that we love them today because tomorrow is not promised.

Ronn and I have been traveling alot lately to Europe because he was preparing an extensive music tour for the first time there. There was never time before now to stay in Europe and rehearse with a band to prepare for this type of tour before because he was so tied to the studios of CBS for his role as “Ridge Forrester” on B&B. The kids were growing up and now that they are off on their own, we are finally free to do all the things we wanted to do, but couldn’t. As most of you already know, Ronn is loved around the world and simply adored in Italy. So it was fitting to start this tour there. Saying hello to many fans throughout Italy as he prepared for the debut of this summer tour. I was lucky to have spent alot of time on the “Purple Rain” tour with Prince, but I never knew firsthand what goes into preparing for something of this magnitude before now. There is the production of lights and the stage, along with visuals and technicians that takes a live show on the road. It isn’t much different from a theatrical production, but a lot more intense in terms of sound of course.

Jawn Star & Ronn Moss

Ronn is enjoying the process of going back to his musical roots and gearing up to show a side of himself that the Italians haven’t seen. I am extremely excited for whats ahead this summer! It seems many of you are excited also. He is also releasing a new single next month in Italy called “Quando Quando.” Tomorrow we take off to Australia for the next month for an acoustic type of tour with Jawn Star. Speaking of Jawn Star, his “Beatle” band, ‘The Long and Winding Road” just added former “Cars” guitarist, Elliot Easton to their lineup. Jawn Star was in “PLAYER” for 10 years and now is gearing up for “Ronn Moss’ PLAYER” that will start touring later this year. The boys were celebrating Ronn’s birthday and REO Speedwagon guitarist, Dave Amato’s birthday this weekend with a jam party. Dave was also PLAYER’s guitarist at one time and a longtime friend who has celebrated many birthdays with Ronn since they are one day apart. We now look forward to so much more later this fall when we debut Ronn Moss’ PLAYER.

Dave Amato & Ronn

I think saying hello or goodbye to anything means a fresh start to something on the horizon. You can’t travel any path unless you are willing to say goodbye to something in order to say hello to something new. So whether they are tears of joy, sorrow or anticipation, hello or goodbye shall be a part of the road ahead for all of us.

On our last day of 2018, we are in such gratitude for so many blessings, primarily the fact that Ronn will be regrouping his band PLAYER with a new lineup, as Ronn Moss’ PLAYER after prevailing in the trademark battle concerning the name. It’s so great to see how excited so many of you are that he will be performing with Jawn Star and Jimmy Carnelli again in addition to a new guitarist in 2019!

There are new social media pages for Ronn Moss’ PLAYER so you guys can follow the progress of when and where they will be, so please check them out on Instagram Facebook and Twitter. Ronn will have a new Ronn Moss’ PLAYER website coming out soon, but first we are finishing up a brand new Ronn Moss website to kick off all the tour dates coming for Italy, Australia and Europe. Since Ronn is so booked up overseas, it will be a while before he can debut this band with a proper tour. In the meantime, we can have fun keeping you guessing on who the newest member of this lineup is and tease you with snippets of what’s coming!

Ronn Moss PLAYER
Ronn Moss
Ronn Moss and Jawn Star

Ronn Moss PLAYER will combine Ronn’s favorite classic rock songs in addition to PLAYER songs and will give you the same harmonies and blue-eye soulful music that they are known for. This is an amazing lineup of musicians because all of them sing and play multiple instruments. Thank you guys so much for sticking by us through this transition, it really meant a lot to know how much you cared for what Ronn had to go through. But we know that these types of things only make us stronger and even better than before. The most important thing is that a wrongful thing was corrected and as we move into 2019, we do it with pure joy and excitement of all the good things we know it will bring now. Wishing you all a blessed New Year!

Jimmy Carnelli

Another year has flown by in a flash and so much has been going on in the world of DevRonn here. We have been dividing our time between Los Angeles and Europe lately, as Ronn has been preparing for his worldwide music tour in 2019! This is going to be one awesome tour and we will kick it off down under in Australia starting in March! Tour dates for Europe will be posted in mid February after Ronn makes an appearance in Sanremo with a few major surprises!  We are again spending Christmas in Rome, but coming back home for NYE.

Merry Christmas from DevRonn

Many of you know Ronn’s band “PLAYER” has been in a dispute over the trademark and that has finally settled, which has been a total victory for us moving into 2019. Ronn will form his own version of “PLAYER,” as to not confuse fans and it will be Ronn Moss’ PLAYER to tour later in 2019, due to his already hectic tour schedule worldwide. Jawn Star and Jimmy Carnelli will rejoin him and we are adding a new surprise to this killer lineup that will be doing PLAYER songs, as well as, classic rock favorites!

Ronn and Jimmy Carnelli on Drums
Ronn and Jawn Star tour OZ again!

Many other projects are now forming, including a romantic comedy film we are producing that Ronn will star in and film in Italy next May and another epic TV series for Amazon Prime that we are co-executive producers on and super excited about. This is a political drama that will be a very serious series. We also have “The Bay The Series” airing its forth season on Amazon next week and we so thrilled to see the scenes we were co-executive producers on that was shot in Belgium last year. So there are many DevRonn projects to look forward to in 2019 and beyond! Considering all the chaos in our world today, we look forward to a quiet holiday season filled with the love of good friends and family that we are so thankful to have healthy and thriving into this new year full of promise and hope. On that note, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


The summer has been flying by and Player has been consumed with rehearsals for their upcoming Australian tour in November. However, they have a rare east coast appearance in Annapolis, Maryland on August 23rd and unfortunately I won’t be there. I will be making a rare appearance of my own in Long Beach for Glamourcon.


Today is also Player’s lead singer and songwriter Peter Beckett’s birthday and I must say he is just getting better with age. His voice is phenomenal and if you haven’t seen Player I suggest you take this opportunity to get your tickets to this rare performance now!



Player’s newest video “Man On Fire” was written by Peter Beckett and guitarist Rob Math and will also be featured in the upcoming movie 411. They will be singing this song along with other new songs from their latest CD, “Too Many Reasons” including the title track.


We have been putting snippets of their rehearsals up for you to get to know the other band members. Jawn Star on vocals and keyboards, Rob Math on guitar and vocals, and our newest member, Jimmy Carnelli on drums. Player was recently featured on General Hospital and Celebrity Wife Swap and has been invited to appear on Hallmark’s “Home and Family Show” soon.


Also look for Player in an upcoming issue of Westlake Magazine. These bad boys are back and better than ever and I am so happy they are getting out there for you to see them now. I’ve had the privilege of seeing them in our garage on a regular basis and know you won’t be disappointed.


I wanted to warn you guys of this hosting site 24/7 Hosting as I’ve been with them for years on a dedicated server for most of our sites. Their site was hacked during the summer while we were traveling and they didn’t alert us at all. They restored the sites back to an old backup file which caused us to lose valuable data such as three episodes of Ronn’s Garage. Our sites were also loading very slowly and we were getting complaints by visitors on this.

It was hard to add back those shows because Ronn was on tour and we had to wait til he had a break to upload those lost shows. Thank God he had them and we were able to do that otherwise there would have been lost forever due to their negligence. Instead of at least giving me a free month’s of hosting they wanted to give a discount for a few months and suggested I upgrade to a more expensive dedicated server with more space.

After doing some research I found a better and faster hosting service called, Singlehop. So we made our switch to Singlehop and I noticed that 24/7 charged me for another month’s service after I already moved. I alerted them that I wanted a refund and heard nothing back. Then I strongly stated they refund me or I would dispute this charge as I was no longer with them. They finally responded and refunded me the majority of what was charged of which I was somewhat happy.

I then discovered my woman to woman website was down in the server switch and the content had not migrated over to the new server and brought this to 24/7’s attention. They basically said, you are no longer a customer and have been refunded per your request so we can’t help you! Can you believe this is how they treated a long time customer who decided to leave them?

Now as a result I can’t get my content from their server and I’m hoping that webmaster Gea has a backup of the the site to restore to the new server. The lesson here is to always backup and protect your sites with strong hosting. In the event you lose your data due to hackers or stupidity such as 24/7, you are then covered. It almost made me sick to think that I’d lost all my hard work in the blink of an eye just like that.

So DO NOT go with 24/7 they suck and don’t treat their customers very well especially when you decide to leave them.

This has truly been the most magical birthday ever for me and I’ve been celebrating it the entire month of June. Kicking it off with the success of the Canyon Club’s Player performance and extending it to our seconda casa in Roma, Firenze and Venezia with some of our most cherished friends. 50 was always a number I was afraid of in the past because my mom died of breast cancer at that age. I had times when I thought I wouldn’t make it in life to see that number and now I’m so happy and vibrant with my life that it’s indeed just a number to me. I think I will truly love my 50s and will never forget all the love and celebration surrounding this birthday.


The profound synchronicity of events, people and places that we have experienced during this trip is too much to put in mere words. I feel like the universe has bestowed an array of beautiful gifts, new friendships and love that I just can’t explain. Only to say it’s been pure magic. The fact that we had a huge full moon to boot with me being the ultimate Cancer moon child was no coincidence. It was meant to be a sign that my thoughts, passion and love of life will continue to flourish and I plan to give even more of myself to this world with great eagerness and compassion.


It’s always been my desire to make my life have meaning beyond mere success of just what I’ve chosen to do in this lifetime. I want to leave something behind that is much bigger than me and nothing is more important to me than giving back to those in need. I so admire women like Audrey Hepburn who did that in spades during her lifetime. So I believe this birthday of my turning a half of a century will mark what my new clear path is from now on and that is to continue to inspire and enlighten others through example. This is a true blessing to have my life take this new path now.


Because of this new path I have developed a new website for women that is about other dynamic women of this world that are making a difference and it’s called woman to woman. I’m happy to launch it with two amazing women that have already made such great marks on society in this world, supermodel, Kelly Emberg and Hollywood icon, Mamie Van Doren. So please take a look at and leave a comment on what you think.


Here are a few photos from our trip to gorgeous Venezia and our stop in Firenze for the Laura Biagiotti Doll Collection presentation, which was absolutely amazing! Always the perfect ending to our stay in Roma is when we spend time with our beloved Lavinia and Laura Biagiotti, whom we think of as family. Thank you as always for your wonderful hospitality and for the birthday blessings you have given to me on this milestone. A new Ronn’s Garage is coming with more details from our trip!

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