The summer has been flying by and Player has been consumed with rehearsals for their upcoming Australian tour in November. However, they have a rare east coast appearance in Annapolis, Maryland on August 23rd and unfortunately I won’t be there. I will be making a rare appearance of my own in Long Beach for Glamourcon.


Today is also Player’s lead singer and songwriter Peter Beckett’s birthday and I must say he is just getting better with age. His voice is phenomenal and if you haven’t seen Player I suggest you take this opportunity to get your tickets to this rare performance now!



Player’s newest video “Man On Fire” was written by Peter Beckett and guitarist Rob Math and will also be featured in the upcoming movie 411. They will be singing this song along with other new songs from their latest CD, “Too Many Reasons” including the title track.


We have been putting snippets of their rehearsals up for you to get to know the other band members. Jawn Star on vocals and keyboards, Rob Math on guitar and vocals, and our newest member, Jimmy Carnelli on drums. Player was recently featured on General Hospital and Celebrity Wife Swap and has been invited to appear on Hallmark’s “Home and Family Show” soon.


Also look for Player in an upcoming issue of Westlake Magazine. These bad boys are back and better than ever and I am so happy they are getting out there for you to see them now. I’ve had the privilege of seeing them in our garage on a regular basis and know you won’t be disappointed.


I wanted to warn you guys of this hosting site 24/7 Hosting as I’ve been with them for years on a dedicated server for most of our sites. Their site was hacked during the summer while we were traveling and they didn’t alert us at all. They restored the sites back to an old backup file which caused us to lose valuable data such as three episodes of Ronn’s Garage. Our sites were also loading very slowly and we were getting complaints by visitors on this.

It was hard to add back those shows because Ronn was on tour and we had to wait til he had a break to upload those lost shows. Thank God he had them and we were able to do that otherwise there would have been lost forever due to their negligence. Instead of at least giving me a free month’s of hosting they wanted to give a discount for a few months and suggested I upgrade to a more expensive dedicated server with more space.

After doing some research I found a better and faster hosting service called, Singlehop. So we made our switch to Singlehop and I noticed that 24/7 charged me for another month’s service after I already moved. I alerted them that I wanted a refund and heard nothing back. Then I strongly stated they refund me or I would dispute this charge as I was no longer with them. They finally responded and refunded me the majority of what was charged of which I was somewhat happy.

I then discovered my woman to woman website was down in the server switch and the content had not migrated over to the new server and brought this to 24/7’s attention. They basically said, you are no longer a customer and have been refunded per your request so we can’t help you! Can you believe this is how they treated a long time customer who decided to leave them?

Now as a result I can’t get my content from their server and I’m hoping that webmaster Gea has a backup of the the site to restore to the new server. The lesson here is to always backup and protect your sites with strong hosting. In the event you lose your data due to hackers or stupidity such as 24/7, you are then covered. It almost made me sick to think that I’d lost all my hard work in the blink of an eye just like that.

So DO NOT go with 24/7 they suck and don’t treat their customers very well especially when you decide to leave them.

This has truly been the most magical birthday ever for me and I’ve been celebrating it the entire month of June. Kicking it off with the success of the Canyon Club’s Player performance and extending it to our seconda casa in Roma, Firenze and Venezia with some of our most cherished friends. 50 was always a number I was afraid of in the past because my mom died of breast cancer at that age. I had times when I thought I wouldn’t make it in life to see that number and now I’m so happy and vibrant with my life that it’s indeed just a number to me. I think I will truly love my 50s and will never forget all the love and celebration surrounding this birthday.


The profound synchronicity of events, people and places that we have experienced during this trip is too much to put in mere words. I feel like the universe has bestowed an array of beautiful gifts, new friendships and love that I just can’t explain. Only to say it’s been pure magic. The fact that we had a huge full moon to boot with me being the ultimate Cancer moon child was no coincidence. It was meant to be a sign that my thoughts, passion and love of life will continue to flourish and I plan to give even more of myself to this world with great eagerness and compassion.


It’s always been my desire to make my life have meaning beyond mere success of just what I’ve chosen to do in this lifetime. I want to leave something behind that is much bigger than me and nothing is more important to me than giving back to those in need. I so admire women like Audrey Hepburn who did that in spades during her lifetime. So I believe this birthday of my turning a half of a century will mark what my new clear path is from now on and that is to continue to inspire and enlighten others through example. This is a true blessing to have my life take this new path now.


Because of this new path I have developed a new website for women that is about other dynamic women of this world that are making a difference and it’s called woman to woman. I’m happy to launch it with two amazing women that have already made such great marks on society in this world, supermodel, Kelly Emberg and Hollywood icon, Mamie Van Doren. So please take a look at and leave a comment on what you think.


Here are a few photos from our trip to gorgeous Venezia and our stop in Firenze for the Laura Biagiotti Doll Collection presentation, which was absolutely amazing! Always the perfect ending to our stay in Roma is when we spend time with our beloved Lavinia and Laura Biagiotti, whom we think of as family. Thank you as always for your wonderful hospitality and for the birthday blessings you have given to me on this milestone. A new Ronn’s Garage is coming with more details from our trip!

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