Ronn and Sara’s Rumba


An Amazing Flaminco!

The finals tonight were  emotional and completely exhausting in the end for Ronn and Sara, but they came out in 2nd place to Veronica. Apparently, all the judges gave them a perfect score for the Rumba, which was my favorite dance.   I’m very happy for Veronica and think she is an excellent dancer, however I don’t think it’s fair that such a tough competition has a 20 year old competing against a 58 year old in the end. Ronn told me Raz Degan was hospitalized during the Italian Emmys in Sanremo, which was why he didn’t appear on the show. All of the dance teachers and final couples were hurting from injuries. Veronica was the only one not in pain, a testament to her age I’m sure. Veronica also has 5 years of dance lessons under her belt and to me; this isn’t fair to everyone who hasn’t had any dance lessons, such as Ronn. So in my opinion he IS the champion tonight for he has endured the most with working on both B&B and Ballando  at the same time.


An Emotional Ronn and Sara brings everyone to tears

He has worked the hardest, with such a limited amount of time to learn all of those dances and enduring jet lag. How he did that, I have no idea? It took me a whole week to recoup from traveling there and he had to go straight from a plane ride with no sleep and practice 2-4 hours of dance lessons to perform the next night for a 4 hour live show! He has conquered his fears of doing something that he never thought he would remotely be good at and came out a winner! He has shown Italy who he really is and what he is really made of, which is strength, courage, endurance, humor, empathy and love. They now know and love Ronn and not just his character “Ridge.” I am so proud of him and will have a bottle of champagne waiting to celebrate when he gets home!

Love Dev


Ronn and Sara’s Merengie and Disco Dance


Ronn and Sara’s Salsa and Quick step


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  1. Tammy Kreiss Reply

    I thought for sure you would go back with the kids for the final show! Give him big hugs and congrats from me please! I also pestered Patti why she wasn’t going so she could put it all on the web and do her thing! lol

  2. Scott Novick Reply

    Kudos to Ronn and Sara for their second place finish. It would have been better if they took home that disco ball trophy (or its Italian equivalent), but the real prize is the pride Ronn can take in what he did. All the traveling, the time away from you and the girls, the extra work at B&B (filming 7-8 episodes of B&B in a two day period) and the dance lessons themselves were all grueling, but you couldn’t tell watching Ronn dance on Ballando, and the videos on YouTube are a testament to his accomplishment.

  3. I really don’t know how in the world any human can endure the traveling that Ronn Moss has done to accomplish with Sara the dance moves that the two of them have done. Those two are truly my hero’s. The moment he comes home he goes to work on Bold and the Beautiful for two days and then flies back to Italy. He truly loves it there. I truly hope he can do Dancing with the stars in America.
    Thank you for your efforts. You both amaze me. Wally

  4. katarina Durcanska Reply

    Congratulations to Ronn and Sara!!!
    He and Sara were definitive the best couple on Bailando and I am proud to be his fan. Maybe he didnt win, but he did win in hearts and minds of all his fans. I love and adore Ronn very very much and he proofed that he is not only adorable person, very very talented actor/singer but also amazing dancer.
    Please Devin give Ronn hug and kiss from me. Love Katherine

  5. Congratulations to Ronn and Sara for being amazing. I did not understand the Italian in the YouTube videos but I understood the dancing and it was beautiful, consistently improving, and I loved watching the beautiful friendship evolve between Sara and Ronn. It looks like you guys are all lifelong friends now.

    Congratulations to your wonderful husband!

  6. Daniela Toscano Reply

    Hi Devin! I am REALLY REALLY happy that Ronn achieved the 2nd place in Ballando con le stelle. But, the challenge was not fair, asyou said. I would be happier if Ronn had won but it was a great emotion to see him in finals. Anyway, the best part ever was when he and Sara cried after their first dancing, rumba, and actually he made me cry a lot. I think that he tried his best and that is a very hard-working: i don’t know if another man would go from Roma to L.A. in a couple of days each week. This is demonstration of great passion and willpower for what he does. In short he should have won! =)))
    I hope to see him back on some italian tv shows very soon!! Italia loves Ronn!!! Good luck for everything!!!!!
    Daniela from Italy

  7. Ronn and Sara last night were great! Their last dance (rumba) was really intense and everyone there and at home felt so moved by that. Italian viewers now love Ronn. He’s such a great person and he has a big heart. He’s not afraid of exspress his feelings and his eyes never lie. He is really “italian” in his heart. About the finals, I voted 4 times for Ronn, he did amazing performances on the dancefloor. Veronica Olivier is a good dancer, a pretty girl and a well driven person, but in my opinion she win the competition only because his dance teacher, Raimondo Todaro, has a very strong and loyal fanbase . He’s a fantastic dancer and a nice young man, but I think people shouldn’t vote for the teacher… (infact he easily won Ballando in 2005 and in 2006; then they give him as partners women not so good in dancing – tv host Licia Colò in 2007 and actress and model Carol Alt in 2009 and there was no chemistry at all so they didn’t arrive at the end of the run). Anyways, 2nd place is a great achievement and I just want to say: CONGRATULATIONS RONN AND SARA!

  8. Sue from California Reply

    Congratulations Ronn & Sara. Your number one to us. Devin you’ve done a beautiful job in putting all of this together for the fans to see. Thank you. We look forward to Ronn’s return to California and to see his trophy in person. Then we can’t wait to visit your second home in Rome with your family and ours together.

  9. By the time I got this far the video was not available. Since I know the outcome, I congratulate Ronn and Sara on their win. It was exciting for me from a distance. I saw him blossom into a sure-footed dancer, and having Sara as a partner was a good matchup. So I hope he will dance in the US next season. He’ll do real well.

    It’s been fun to see.

    Take care, Lilian

  10. Ms Tina Garrett Reply

    ‘Gypsy-Hips’ Does Flamenco..Yeay hey hey hey yes. Thankyou. Thankyou for such a surprise. It’s a dance I am naturally drawn to, and yours was so expressive, riveting, divine. I will watch this clip again.
    Truth Is Power. XXX

  11. !!!!!!!!way to go Ronn age is just # and so is 2nd place you are a (WINNER) Congrats to you awesome

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