As you all know we went to Finland last month for Ronn  to do a secret project that had all of the Finns guessing. We now know that the first of this series has been released and we are able to talk about the experience we had doing this wonderful, creative project. Ronn was hired by Veikkaus known for their lottery commercials that run with many of Finland’s athletes.  They decided to do a series with some of their most famous athletes portraying characters in “Game Of Emotions.”


“Game Of Emotions” will continue to release other segments online and on TV in Finland as an ongoing campaign for their lottery. Apparently, Finland has never seen their athletes as actors and with each segment ending with Ronn as their long lost father, the drama will continue to unfold into even more hilarious segments that will have you on the floor laughing. This shoot went so well and was so fun that it kept all of us laughing on the set and we could feel this was indeed a winner!


So I’m sure as it continues to unfold you will see a different side of those Finnish athletes and a different side of Ronn in this satire of a serial drama that was so cleverly done in an ad campaign for the Finland lottery. “Game of Emotions” is unlike anything Finland has seen in TV ads. As we move into our own sports season with football, Finland moves into soccer and ice skating, so having their familiar athletes portray characters like this is very comical and unusual for them to see.


We are hoping that “Game of Emotions” will be enjoyed this season as much as we all enjoyed the making of it. And we hope to have any excuse to visit our beloved Finns again!




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  1. Hi Devin and Ronn!!! I love that campaign Ronn made in Finland. Its pretty funny and Ronn looks very handsome in it. Cant wait more clips from it. (((bighug)))

  2. Wonderful to hear & see Ronn is keeping busy. Never Let A Creative Mind..idle
    Peace & Love 2 U both

  3. Ellen Clinton Reply

    I still miss Ronn as Ridge..but its nice to see him do his thing on another soap. Have you guys been watching B&B Bell is trying to recapture the Love Fiasco between Nick-Brooke-Ridge..using Liam-Hope-.& 1/2 brother Wyatt.. IT IS SO S T U P I D!! and why Liam always have describe Wyatt as his half-brother every episode?


    Was that episode of Game of Emotions..a Pilot. Love hearing & seeing Ronn again on a show. What happen to the movie he was directing after he left B&B
    And Thank You Devin for sharing..Don’t Stop!!!

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      that’s a commercial campaign for Finland’s lottery and those soap parody scenes have athletes playing out roles with Ronn. The 411 movie will be finished when Ronn has a solid month available to finish it. It was put on hold because of the “Sail Rock” tour this summer and his leading lady, Angie Everhart’s battle with Thyroid cancer. They will for sure finish the project sometime next year.

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