I can’t tell you all how crazy the past two weeks have been for Ronn and me both, physically and emotionally. It’s not so easy being the wife of the most beloved man that we all have love, fantasized and grown up with. Believe me I’m feeling your love, pain and adoration for my hubby. Now you know why I frickin married him!
What you guys don’t know yet is more of what I do know and that’s Ronn. So as you say goodbye to Ridge and remember I feel ya, you are saying hello to Ronn, someone that you don’t know as well. Ronn has always been extremely private about who he truly is and all you really saw was Ridge and how magical was that?
It’s been magical for me a fan and viewer for the eight years that I’ve been with Ronn. How could I not follow B&B and support my hubby? I was already watching “The Young and The Restless” for years and it was my favorite because my mom use to watch it. I remembered meeting Ronn at a party when I first won “Star Search” and he was just becoming “Ridge Forrester.” So although I didn’t follow the story from day one like a lot of you did, I can see how Ridge has become a personal friend, family member or fantasy guy for many of you. So the loss of that feels like a death. There will be a hole in your heart to lose this everyday ritual that has now been 2 and a half decades. That’s huge folks and around the world, so I feel you!!!! I also feel my husband, his heart, soul and talents of other areas that you don’t know and would never know if all he ever showed you was Ridge! Have you been disappointed for all these years with him thus far?
What makes you think the best is not yet to come? Why do we always jump to the negative side of the situation, why not look at the positives? Let’s see, you now can be with Ronn more here on Ronn’s Garage, onTwitter and Facebook, remember B&B took up way too much of his time before? Try learning and memorizing so much dialogue! Sometimes he was so talked out that he had no interest in talking to me when he got home.
I understood, but wished I had more of him just like you guys do with Ridge. His children would sometimes have to hang out at the set with him just to even see their daddy because he devoted so much time to Ridge. His passion as a musician, father, and friend took a back seat to Ridge for 25 years. That’s a lifetime to devote to anything and do it as well as Ronn played and kept the world hooked on Ridge Forrester.
There is a going to a hole in your heart forever for that, as well as a hole in his heart for the amazing cast and crew he grew to love as a family. It breaks his heart to leave them behind, but sometimes endings are indeed new beginnings that will bring us all even closer. Ronn now has freedom to fly, shine, sing, dance, visit and share more of who he really is as a person and I think you will fall in love all over again, just like I did.
Hell we have been married twice now and it’s only been three years since my last one! We are sharing that with you on this coming episode of Ronn’s Garage and this is very personal coming from Ronn. You will see a side to him that only the cast, crew, myself and his band know already. Just like your voices ringing around the world on his/mine Facebook and Twitter since the news broke. Shows the producers and Hollywood something that you guys have known for 25 years already, Ridge/Ronn is loved and adored by practically the entire planet! It doesn’t matter what it is you just want to see him. And always there’s more to a person that just what you’ve grown to know and love already. I think you’re gonna go on a roller coaster ride now with Ronn Moss that will take you places, Ridge Forrester never would or could. You have already gotten a to know us as a couple due to the wonders of social media, gotta love that! But, now you get to really do that with Ronn and still see him, communicate with him, follow him and be with him on this upcoming exciting journey that we want to take you all on.
Even the die hard 25 year old fan is gonna want to take this journey with us. I promise you once Ronn speaks to you about his feelings you will all understand completely. Our fantasy guy Ridge Forrester will be busy for a while on his honeymoon with his destiny Brooke, while Ronn and Devin hang out with Katherine Kelly Lang in my kitchen cooking! I’m for one am looking forward to cooking with Kelly in ‘Ronn’s Garage” soon. So keep retweeting to your followers your favorite comments on twitter and keep the conversation going on what you want from Ronn now. I think you all can see he’s so much more than Ridge.
However, you must speak up now and you can and will be heard! Facebook his page your likes, comments and shares on what you want from him. He’s listening and loves you all so very much. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Ronn or working with him knows this. I’m just trying to heal our wounds from this car accident and our hearts emotionally from the sad goodbye to Ridge. But you see I’m more excited than anyone for you guys who don’t know Ronn to know and meet him. And I don’t think you will be disappointed, but enlightened to much much more than you could have ever dreamed.


Most people know me as Playboy's Miss June 1985. I also won $100,000 on the TV talent show "Star Search" as their Spokesmodel Champion in 1986, have been featured in movies such as, Disney's "Can't Buy Me Love", A Low Down Dirty Shame, House 2, Society and Andy Sidaris' "Guns", currently I have a Cajun spice called, "Devin's Kickass Cajun Seasoning" especially created to help the great city of New Orleans rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. I just authored a book featuring an exclusive interview with pinup legend Bettie Page entitled, "The Naked Truth About A Pinup Model"


  1. Sharon Selnik Reply

    Devin, what a beautiful tribute to Ridge and a glimpse into what we will see of Ronn in the coming months! I am sad to see him leave B&B-it won’t be the same without him. But I am looking forward to seeing what the future has to offer for both of you and glad you’ll be taking us along on the journey. I’m also looking forward to what happens on B&B and how they will deal with the loss of Ridge. Brooke may move on to other adventures, but her heart will always be with Ridge.

    Thanks for sharing Ronn with us – and I want to be one of the first to follow him to his next endeavor.

  2. Alax Martin Reply

    A Beautiful tribute to a beautiful man. We all love You and Ronn and we will support him where ever he goes. We will watch the Player Concerts, Ronn’s Garage, and whatever he has planned next.

    ” Whenever One Door Opens, One Door Opens”.

  3. Tammy Schweitz Reply

    Devin thanks for the tribute of Ronn your hubby. He is truly great singer & actor. I met your husband August 9,1992 at the fan fare at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel had a nice luncheon. He was so pleasant too talk too that day. Just the brief time I chatted with him there so easy going down too earth type of man. Plus meeting Katherine Kelly Lang that day she was friendly & down too earth for sure. Just say I wish the best for the both of you in his new adventure. He will be missed on the show for sure.

  4. Hi you two. It’s been such a long ride, I can’t believe it’s over. Ronn, you’re so talented and diverse, I’m sure whatever you have planned will succeed. Devin, funny thing, I drove past your alma mater this morning, and thought about all of this, and it made me well up. I hope you and Ronn follow your hearts as you turn the page, and have a great time doing it. Look forward to reading this blog for a long time (and, perhaps, a cookbook in the future :p).

    Just heal up, for starters.

    Wishing you all the best, as always, love ya, Lilian

  5. Tina Garrett Reply

    I Was Involved In A Multi Car Pile Up 21yrs Ago, So Your Recent Accident Was Both A Shock & A Terrible Reminder To Me. That’s Emotional & Painful Enough Without All This ‘Ridge’ Explaining On Top Of. You Are Both Too Nice!! Fans Should Each Be Sending In A $ Donation To Send ‘Ridge’ On A Goodbye World Tour, A Clap-Out. : ) …..From My Observations Of B&B In Recent Times, A Lot Of Yours & Ronn’s ‘Real-Life Adventures/Home Habits & Internet Writings’ Were Being Tweeked & Slapped Onto Our Screens As A Hope/Liam/Steffy & Other Characters Storyline Fob/Offs. ‘Just Saying!
    Speedy Recoveries, & Hugs!
    Tina X

      • Tina Garrett

        You Should’ve Been Hired & Ronn Should Be Taking Wage Increases For Coming Up With Story Ideas. If It Was Important Enough For You & Ronn To Write About, & It Got A Large Fan Response, I Knew It Would End Up On B&B, Along With Names Surrounding Ronn’s Fan Pages, Quirky Sayings etc. I Thought You & Ronn Knew? You Wrote About One Example ‘Morning Coffee’ From Ridge To Brooke. Similar To Your Morning Cuppa From Ronn. : )
        Other Examples….Give Me A Couple Of Days….But There Are Lots….Really! Like Events B&B Never Bothered About Before….Dates Will Confirm This Though.
        You Two Probably Contributed More Than You Know To B&B’s Winning Awards!

  6. Devin and Ronn! I have been following B&B since 1990 here in Sweden, and also your blog, Twitter and Ronn’s Garage. First of all I want to thank Ronn for giving us the caracter Ridge but also his new project Ronn’s Garage. I think it’s great! I didn’t know anything about you Devin before I started to follow you on Twitter and to read this blog. You’re amazing! You are such a good and interesting writer and you give us so much of your inner thoughts. Therefore I once again thank you both, and I am curious about what will happen next! I send you lots of love over the ocean from Sweden!!!

  7. so thrilled you guys are feeling better about Ronn’s decision. This makes him happy and I’m so happy you love the blog, makes me very happy. I’ve worked hard on it for years now and enjoy posting them. Let me know what you’d like to see more of!

    • Would love to know about your favourite spots in LA for example. It also had been interesting to follow an ordinary day with you and Ronn!

    • Hi Devin. I simply Adore Ronn.
      Thx u for sharing him with us.
      I wud like to c fotos of Ronn’s kids n more of
      U guys as well.
      Lotsa luv

  8. Daggi Germany Reply

    We wish you and Ronn all the best. What ever his reasons were, we will accept it. Hope that my english can say what I mean. He will have his reasons and it is okay. Guess that he now will has more time for you and for his music. I’m only sad for Brooke but she will find a nice man again. I’m locking forward for the speach of Ronn to his fans. We will be patient of course. Best wishes from Germany from Karin and Daggi.

  9. Bonjour Devin and Ronn,
    I’m sad to hear the news of Ronn leaving B&B… I would always make sure to tape the show every day such as to have a little time of wonder how the life of the lucky few in the world lived, after a day’s work in the office…
    However, Ronn’s soul is more present as a musician also, when he interviews his guests at Ronn’s Garage.
    I am a child of the same generation as his and I remember well his success with Player (at that time, I was working for a radio station… but, that’s another story).
    His talent as a musician and his charisma have both matured. Life does that to you when you are able, often in hindsight, to learn and embody the lessons shown to you. The era of technology, will or should not, hinder his path.
    Amour, sérénité et bonheur,

  10. Hi Ronn and Devin. I cant say how proud I am to be your fan. You two are amazing people and I love/adore you sooo much. Thanks for your friendship on facebook/twitter. It means a lot. Devin, this tribute to Ridge is amazing read. I began to be Ronns fan many years ago /12 years/ when I first saw him as Ridge on Bold, and I still remain to be loyal fan of Ronn, who is not only amazingly handsome man, great actor/wonderful singer but also adorable man.
    I wish you both only the best in future, great luck in everything.

    Alwways with love

  11. sue meagher Reply

    Hi Ronn and Devin. You are both really amazing people. I’m looking forward after 25 years of watching Ronn as Ridge, get back into his playing music with player and hopefully here, in australia, we will be able to get albums of Ronn with this terrific band. I saw Ronn both tours he did here in Australia, at twin towns, gold coast in mid 2002 and then again, he came along and surprised all of us fans of his in our local Norths Leagues and Services Club, Kallangur in 2006. Please keep us updated on his music and what next ventures he will have. Maybe he’ll come and tour australia and bring you with him as well. That would be a huge treat. All the best

  12. I love to hear you write about the man ‘we’ love and adore, Devin!! Seriously, though, your heart-felt tribute to Ronn and all the accomplishments he has yet to make to this world and all of his fans, is inspiring! All the Love Power you two have together, with every breath, will guide what you are doing now. His fans, friends, and BnB family will rally to support Ronn’s new adventures. He is so deeply adored…You can tell him I said so! Hugs to you both and heal fast and completely~! Kisses and hugs to you both, I miss your face! Robin

  13. I really couldn’t accept Ronn leaving B&B in the first place.. after reading interviews, comments on facebook and twitter, after watching videos on Ronn’s garage and after subscribing to this blog I am able to understand much better Ronn’s choice to leave the show. Nobody will ever replace my Ridge in my heart. There will be no more Bridge for me and B&B will never be the same without him. I really think that Bell really lost his mind this time: I wouldn’t let someone like Ronn go, not for the damn $$$. We all agree that your husband together with Susan, Kelly and John are the soul of our favorite soap opera. It’s thanks to them that B&B became what it is today and it’s definitely thanks to them that us fans fell in love with their characters.
    Anyway I appeciate so much that Ronn is so close to us during this pianful separation from Ridge and as you just told us, we have so much to get to know of him 🙂
    And I like to think of you as a new friend Devin
    Baci from Italy

  14. Patryce C. Kennerson Reply

    I was so disappointed to hear that they did not give Ronn Moss the send off that he deserved. This man portrayed a very important and prominent character in the history of the show and is in my opinion a “vital” organ of the show. Eric Braeden had a final send off when we “thought” he was leaving and he was not even there from the beginning of the Young and the Restless. It is going to be interesting how this show is going to survival Ronn Moss. My generation is consider to be the “young” group as to what this show as aiming at as far as viewers but I started watching this show 10 years ago and the reason why I watched this show in the beginning is becasue of his character along with Susan Flannery’s character Stephanie Forrester and after all this time and all these years, they could not give you husband a decent good-bye! This is not just wrong but very hurtful. In addition, and this is what makes me angry…they are talking about possibility of replacing him??? Are they serious? That will not work. Fans such as myself will not accept any other actor portrying his character. But unfortuanetly, I and a few others are the last of dying breed of devoted fans dedicated to not just a show but the sctors that made the show and Ronn Moss made and created the character “Ridge Forrester” and I for one and I am not speaking for no one else will forever see him as “Ridge Forrester”. I wanted to say that you husband has the amazing courage to stand up for what he wants and I respecting for his decision to leave the show. I have to say I was extremely disappointed when I heared he was leaving but I understood completely. You know sometimes the biggest blessings come when we make decisions that are out of the blue. He has dedicated his life to this chaaracter for 25 years now it is time to move on. He will be greatly missed by me and again I do not know how the show will survive….if it does at ll. Devon thank you for excepting my friend request on Facebook. 🙂 I appreciate you as a woman who has a devotion to her husband that is out of this world. God Bless you both and take care

  15. Julia & Brad Reply

    Devin I never saw this Blog. All bright & beautiful things said about Ronn/Ridge..The way it should be.
    Keep on sharing my dear
    We love you both

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