Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way and the leftovers are making us completely lazy the day after, what is store for us? I mean shouldn’t we be hitting the stores for those holiday special savings?

Black Friday awaits and it’s now starting even earlier this year, so hurry and get in line to be the first ones inside those stores so you can fight each other over that sweater for dad! Who came up with this Black Friday anyway and why are we so eager to get to the mall?

I mean do we really want to struggle to find a parking spot? Is it that important to be the first in line that you want to get there by midnight on Thanksgiving? I think the Christmas season is turning into sheer holiday madness now. And it’s apparent that shopaholicism is on the rise even in this economy.

Could it be an epidemic that is on the rise and taking over our country? How is it possible to eat all that turkey and then drag yourselves out to the mall by midnight to stand in line for the doors to open so that you can shop til you drop in droves and fight over items that you can buy throughout the year?

It’s not a concept that I fully understand and want to try and comprehend. Personally, I prefer shopping online and avoiding the malls, the parking and the lines. It’s hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit because of how commercialized things have become. It’s starting to get so contrived and I can’t believe even I’m starting to dread the holiday madness.

As we get older that Christmas list keeps growing and the meaning seems to dissolve a little more each year as the the holiday madness grows into a deeper obsession with buying the biggest and the best gifts to impress everyone including ourselves.

What has happened to the holidays? The madness is taking over more and more each year and it seems like we can barely complete one holiday before the next one takes over. It’s like they are putting out Christmas decor right after Halloween now.

It’s all becoming a meshed up collage of too much food, relatives and money spent on something that keeps us in a vicious cycle that now gives us yet another day called, “Black Friday” to celebrate the kickoff of holiday madness that creeps up on us and makes everyone a little bit crazy.

So before you get out and fall into the pitfall of black Friday, stop and remember why you are doing it? Wouldn’t you rather just chill with your loved ones and eat leftovers, watch football and go to the movies? Maybe after Black Friday there will be White Saturday or Red Sunday to help those who couldn’t shake the darkness.


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  1. Sharon Wells Reply

    I agree with what you said about all the scrapping during these Black madness of the day after Thanksgiving. Bluntly, I think the true reason for Christmas and Christmas love is not being celebrated at all. I was taught to honor the Mother and Father, and bring gifts to them as the Wise men brought gifts to Baby Jesus. Now -it is the grown kids and grandkids that think we owe them a big Christmas gift and most of us to cook the meal and then give them the gifts and we are out in the cold. Not even a Christmas card. If we merge our family we have more extra to feed and gifts to give to any extra’s that may show up as friends.
    When I was a Child, I grew quickly to know the secret of Santa Clause. It was then more of Christmas programs at Church and a good pot luck meal afterwards. We drew names in school and even at work. But as times passes, it is more about how fancy a house can be decorated and the most expensive gift given to the grown kids instead of them respecting the True meaning being to be Thankful for the birth of a saviour of our souls.
    You seem to be very in touch with what the real world is living and I am grateful. YOU are a wonderful wife for Ronn. Gosh I miss him as Ridge.

  2. Judy in SC Reply

    I AGREE 100%, & have thought that for many years. The enjoyment of Christmas for me is making Christmas decorations with my grandson, to pass on to him, & him to his kids & so forth.
    I should have been born in the pioneer days, where they made a present for everyone & just shared a meal together in front of a roaring fire watching the snowflakes fall outside the window on Christmas Eve, with the kids anxiously awaiting for their stockings to be filled. I guess I watched too many Little House on the Praire & The Waltons.

  3. I’m as discouraged as you are with the way things go down in the stores that participate in this madness. So glad I’m not alone in my way of thinking. We are in a sense cut from the same cloth. I have never, unless I needed milk or bread, gone to a store on that day. Most grocers have sales, but not for the hair pulling/elbowing and kicking crowd. I pretty much have what I’m giving most years squirreled away from my finds all year. I see some things all the time that I know fit the adults and children’s personality, and thankfully, the need for up-to-the-minute electronics/toys does not fit anyone in my circle of family and friends. Not to mention, my hobby keeps people in blankets, sweaters, socks and head/neck gear all year long.

    Well, I ended up chilling will all my loves. Just got done watching LSU beat Arkansas. Now they’ll be in the running for playoff games to go for the big one again. I wish them well.

    Getting ready to munch out on a change of pace…..pasta with veggies and some wine and garlic bread.

    There are things in life that I treasure most; two of which is our continued friendship and the awesome experience of meeting Ronn and the band who were so gracious and down to earth. My best to all of you.

    Love you, Lilian

  4. Goodness gracious all this negativity is entirely unnecessary. Spiritually Christmas is what we make it, as a design art celebration therapist, festivities and celebrations are one of the greatest spiritual joys in life and American culture has the fewest of most cultures. We don’t need to just eat and chill spiritual traditions around the world are putting out strong holy vibes why not stop judging others who ..reality check..have little money and would never be able to buy that one fantasy gift for their little girl or hubby if they did not get it in the back Friday sale..why not make our own brand of elaborate magic with visits to holy places, a night in a monastery, a fantasy white magical holiday dinner where everyone shares what they love about the host, music concerts group prayers,decoration making desert parties, taking a fantasy feast with happy kids and play guitar sing and make chai for the lonely in hospice, elder homes, dying children, or bring sparkly pink magical girls little toys to homeless shelter kids who have no Christmas? I have done it all and the commercialization will not stop, but it is what we do with the good vibes that are all around us that count god bless you and have a fantastically beautiful magical holiday. Love the to all.

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