It’s very sad to see that Ronn’s ex has come on a social forum, such as twitter, to spew hatred towards the father of her children and me. I’ve always had a difficult time with her because she would put me down every chance she got and constantly talked behind our backs to the kids. We never did that to her with them. Ronn and I provide a beautiful home, and even had horses at one time, for Creason, which was her dream.

I’ve have spent years picking the kids up from school and making sure they had healthy meals prepared. I’ve never tried to be their mom, because they already had one, and I’ve never touted myself as ‘super step-mom’ as she proclaims I do. As most of you know, I barely speak about the kids in my blogs because of her. She made it clear that they didn’t want to be talked about online, which is fine and we honor that! 

But, NOW, all of sudden, she’s newly online with a blog and a twitter account, talking about what horrible parents we are!  It can only be to boost her own ego. Anyone who knows us, KNOWS how devoted Ronn is as a father, and this recent public outburst of hers is full of downright lies that I can’t sit back and allow the public to gobble up like it is gospel.  Far from it! 

In my opinion, she is using the internet abusively, and for years, she didn’t even use it, as she swore it off…(hmmm… until Ronn left B and B and she was told that she needed to cough up her share of some bills that Ronn and her are supposed to legally share, half and half, for the children.)   She is using the internet and the fact that she once was married to Ronn to spread her lies, but with a vicious bitterness and resentment that I just can’t sit here and take anymore! And God knows, I’ve tried! 

Ronn has paid her ridiculous amounts of money for years, and yet, she still complains to the kids as if she’s poor, and that Ronn is cheap.  She has on more than one occasion criticized our beautiful home, with green envy.  The home, that with my love and support, Ronn and I were able to provide for our girls, one they are proud of, and one they love, and obviously, where they prefer to be! 

She still gets child support that we doubt ever gets to the kids, because she has been living off it with her husband, the one who she left Ronn for, and who has been enjoying the spoils their divorce from her having ‘married well’ (as she would say) as much as anyone! And, he certainly doesn’t make as much as she needs, because getting half of Ronn’s money wasn’t even enough for her!  One of the reasons she left Ronn was because she was so jealous of his fame, and I know that sounds stupid, but Fans would push her aside to get close to Ronn, and she couldn’t stand that she never got the attention.

Ronn tried to include her in projects he was a part of AND was even the one who asked Bill Bell if he would consider her for the role of Ashley on Y&R.  She has lied and cheated so much over the years, I’m not sure she would know the truth if it slapped her in the face! And now, she’s trying to slander the father of her children, in public, no less, which is not only extremely tacky, but I think it makes her look more pathetic than ever, and so insanely jealous of our happiness.

When I met Ronn, his mother-in-law was still living with him, as she was even shocked at what she was putting him through and not happy about it, so she stayed to help Ronn with the children. Cheating on Ronn with 4 different men that she admitted to having affairs with, and then taking more than half of his money, life savings, and pension to go live with her boyfriend and travel the world does not speak well of her character. 

Meanwhile, Ronn works to provide the best private schools and everything he can for his girls, including teaching them humility and responsibility around money and fame.  She never thought he’d ever marry again.  She never thought he would ever be THIS happy!  She never realized that someone would come along who would love him so much and support his dreams.  She never could.  And she is bitter that I do support and love him, and that I realize my dreams co-exist with Ronn’s and create energy and happiness.  My dreams and Ronn’s dreams align and we are powerful together. 

All she has done is try to compete with Ronn and especially, with me, be sneaky and underhanded and backstabbing in public which I find so distasteful and repulsive.  But, what’s worse to me is, she has used her kids as weapons for years to torture Ronn and twist him on the vine and squeeze him for as much as she could get.  All along, she was the one who cheated.  She was the one who left him feeling so rightfully betrayed.  And because Ronn is a healer and a powerful warrior, he did just that! 

He healed his broken heart.  He learned to trust again.  He opened up to Love even after her black heart tried to snuff his own light out! When I came along, and it was during Ronn’s healing process, she thought I was trying to get a piece of Ronn’s money, (because that’s how SHE thinks!)  She bashed me to everyone, including the girls, but soon she found, cause I TOLD HER that I didn’t NEED what was left of Ronn’s money because I owned my own home already and had my own success in 25 years of branding myself. 

She doesn’t want to believe that I am capable and smart and loving.  In fact, she would rather insult me, throw horrible lies about both of us to the feeding public, and create a sad name for herself while doing so.  Believe it or not, she is so competitive for attention and the spotlight that she attempts to compete with me, which is ridiculous, and frankly, something only a jealous person would do. 

She wants everyone to think she has all the answers, that she is the bereft and unjustly paid ex-wife of a soap star who has worked his ass off for 25 years to provide not only for her but for their two beautiful daughters.  We gave Creason a very nice car and paid for the costly insurance for it.  We also told Creason she could sell the car for her college if she’d like. I suggested Creason go to a community college first and get a job, as neither of us felt she was ready to be on her own, especially since she doesn’t even know what she wants to study in school. We also think that getting a job and learning about responsibility and money, like everybody else on the planet, would be good for her self-understanding and how the world works. 

But, rather than tell the truth, The Ex would prefer to lie about Ronn in public, blabbering her lying lips saying Ronn didn’t contribute a thing to Creason’s college, which is bullshit, and, of course, twisting reality to fit her needs. AGAIN.  He saved for 15 years for both girls’ college funds, and had to it give her ten years ago in the divorce, reminding her that that money was for their college tuition.  He has provided for their every need, yet because we refused to bend over once again to do things the way She wanted us to do them, suddenly, that makes us bad parents?? Yeah right!!! 

Using your children as weapons to extort money from your ex is not exactly the way to show what a great mom you are! She took more trips than a travel agent off the money Ronn gave her!!  Of course, he never had the time to do things like that since he was the one to work and pay the bills. Only when the alimony ran out did she finally marry her live-in boyfriend. Now she’s faced with the fact that Creason has grown up, reached the agreed upon legal age for her child support to end and now she only has one more under-age child to collect on, so she does everything she can do to nickel and dime us.  She can’t stand that we are so happy and Ronn is free of her on almost every level!  Her own desperate ego is now online with a blog and twitter to primarily air her dirty laundry of lies and to abuse the man who is the father of her two kids and the woman who has taken care of them all when she cleaved the family into fragments with her cheating and lies. 

She doesn’t even appreciate the love that these kids have from me.  She could have gotten a true witch as a step-mom for her kids, one that only wanted Ronn and not a family.  But, I’ve treated these girls as if they were my own family from the start. She loves to call me a porn star and say I’m not a mom because I’ve never actually given birth!  Can you believe that!  How many adoptive parents would bitch-slap her for that kind of remark!? 

It’s very sad that her jealousy has resorted to this kind of pettiness. It can really only be jealousy, don’t you think?  Why else would someone say these kinds of boldfaced cruelties and lies in public, unless they wanted attention/fans/some kind of pay off!  Let’s see… how long have Ronn and I had a blog for our fans and been online here?  Have we EVER talked down about her in any of them?  Have we ever taken our private hell that she puts us through out into the public domain and waved it around for commentary or for attention?!?!  I think not! 

I don’t need to defend myself because my positive energy and uplifting blogs speak for themselves. I’ve been married to my amazing husband, twice, in the past three years! We have been together for 8 years now, but her delusional, ‘its-all-about-me,’ mentality would like to you to believe he’s hung up on her because she left him?  That’s ludicrous!  And an insult to her, now, husband! Very cruel to him!  And yet funny, because Ronn is so grateful she left him, he knows his life is a million times better because she DID leave, and he’s so happy because he is thriving in a loving home and new life that we created together! He truly wishes he didn’t have to deal with her at all. 

There was only one friend that decided not to take sides after the divorce and she alienated even her, even after this friend, on many occasions defended her to me.   She abused the only mutual friend who really loved her. That’s just plain sad!  But, that’s what she does.  She manipulates and twists.  She is false to your face and says things behind your back.  There are many people who know her who say that exact thing: that she is fake, not-trustworthy, and has to get the last word, with a biting sarcasm that she prides herself on.  And, tell me, what pay off is she getting from throwing mud at Ronn and I on the internet!??  Why, could it possibly be because Ronn is getting so much publicity from leaving B&B that she thinks she deserves half of THAT, too, maybe to sell some of her books? Could it be that she can’t STAND that Ronn is getting publicity and it’s the only way she can think of to capitalize on her imagined ‘share’ of the attention?  Could it be that she knows her money tree is quickly drying up, coming to the end of its very long season, and she has to do something, anything, to try and milk the money cow for as long as she can. Could it be that she is jealous, desperate and acting out like a child? 

Coming up with a few lies, inflammatory fiction, and an angle to twist the truth is nothing new to her.  Believe me, we’ve dealt with it for years! Whatever her reasons, she’s only hurting herself.  And in the end, jealousy is an evil companion, courting disaster in all kinds of places.  I’m not going to let her poison all the good that Ronn and I have created, nor all the goodness in my heart, even though it is challenging to keep my mouth shut when I hear people come back to me and tell me what she’s is up to in her blogs.  When all is said and done, Ronn has chosen to take the high road, as usual, and his ex has clearly chosen the lie road.  I had to let you all know what we have been dealing with so that I hopefully don’t have to go here again.  People who live in jealousy are always very unhappy.


Most people know me as Playboy's Miss June 1985. I also won $100,000 on the TV talent show "Star Search" as their Spokesmodel Champion in 1986, have been featured in movies such as, Disney's "Can't Buy Me Love", A Low Down Dirty Shame, House 2, Society and Andy Sidaris' "Guns", currently I have a Cajun spice called, "Devin's Kickass Cajun Seasoning" especially created to help the great city of New Orleans rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. I just authored a book featuring an exclusive interview with pinup legend Bettie Page entitled, "The Naked Truth About A Pinup Model"


  1. I so understand where you are coming from.My daughter’s husband has an ex-wife who acts just like what you describe here also.I feel for you and Ronn.I also hope you and he are doing better since your wreck.

    • Role of step mom is never easy and if you are nice, you can be taken advantage of until ultimately your become ‘The Bitch” Anything to justify not wanting to like you just because you are step mom or the new wife. Seems silly actually and you have to wonder if that’s a past related issue that’s personal to you rather that really the person you want to dislike so badly. I’ve always tried to find the good in people and at one point liked her and wanted to be friends, but she didn’t want that at all with me.

  2. Tina Garrett Reply

    To your gorgeous daughters, I would like them to know that I adore their Dad. I have been a fan of his for many years, and he has never hurt me……..May it get easier as your daughter’s grow older………..I’m sure they see all and understand.
    To Ronn’s Ex….Who comes across as a (Miffed Menopausal Ma’am & Her Sneaky Seething Snide Remarked Followers/Trolls) stay the hell out of my Twitter account, you are not welcome.
    To Ronn & Devin please accept my sincerest apologies if my name has been used in a smear campaign against the two of you. It was without my permission, and I had no knowledge this was going on. I am willing to swear this in an affidavit if necessary, and have photocopies of names of those fakers who sat in my accounts.
    I enjoy very much belonging in the tight circle of Ronn’s fans, & this ain’t gonna break that. : )

  3. katarina Durcanska Reply

    Hi Ronn and Devin.
    To Creason and Callee I want to say, that their dad is one amazing man, and that I am proud to be his fan. I am disgust with Shari! She follos me on twitter, but after reading this about her I did send her a message that I dont want her as my follower.
    Devin, dont let Shari bother you. Wish u and Ronn all the best. Have a great time in Italy.

    Love Katherine

  4. Devin & Ronn,
    As divorces go…sometimes one party remains bitter and makes it their life goal to spread that bitterness as a weapon. In this case, it seems the fact is jealousy and petty games have become a way of life…from someone who is supposed to be an adult. What a role model for her children! I suspect the more attention given to that behavior – the more bad behavior will extrude from her.
    It is a pity really that she cannot be thankful for what Ronn and you have been able to do for the girls. Go have a beautiful life and soak up all the happiness together with your girls. C’est la vie…
    that one sad being should hope to create havoc in another’s life. Bless you & Ronn; you are a lovely couple – of which I am sure the girls adore very much.

    Much love,

  5. Judy in SC Reply

    Ronn & Devin,
    The first time I knew that Shari was Ronn’s wife, was when she protrayed Ashley, & I could not believe he was married to her, I just didn’t like her, it was a gut feeling, NOW i know why ! What goes around, comes around, karma ! Shari is ONLY HURTING HER DAUGHTERS, they will eventually not want anything to do with her when they are on their own. You guys know in your hearts what’s true & that’s all that matters, DON’T worry about what others think or say, just enjoy life to it’s fullest, life & love are too short in this lifetime. You guys just have to make the best decisions for your family, not anyone else. Believe me, Ronn’s fans can see right through Shari, you have ALL THEIR SUPPORT & WELL WISHES ! Just embrace WHAT YOU TWO HAVE & FEEL NOW.

    Stay strong, Love Ya, Judy

    • People mirror each other. I met her years ago when she was with Ronn before they got married. She was always the type that needed be the center of attention and above everyone else. Insecurity I guess. I was shy and insecure in a different way back then, but always kind and sweet to people. Can’t say the same about her to me. She was a bitch to me back then and Ronn’s never changed. He’s always been the same sweet, down to earth guy. So when you point fingers in life look in the mirror at your own self and see if you are indeed talking about yourself before throwing stones.

  6. Good Morning Devin,
    First off, let me say I could have been reading my life story (for the past 13 years) in your blog. I have been through so many of the same scenarios countless times, and have concluded that my husband’s ex is just a miserable little person who wants the world to be miserable with her, especially me, because I am happy with what was HERS. She chose to throw it away and only wanted it when she couldn’t have it, with kids in the crossfire. That being said, I would like to offer a small bit of advice…take down these comments for those kids. Don’t stoop to her level because that is what she wants. If Ronn, as you say, thinks she is “the worst mistake of his life”, those children may start to feel they are part of that mistake. The ex I deal with also takes to the internet to air her dirty laundry, but the people who know and matter the most in my life see through those negative comments and continue to support me and my husband. No matter how furious or hurt you become, always take that high road….keep your class and integrity intact, and don’t let her control you. The children will remember, and please know so many others have also been there. Good Luck to all of you!

    • I totally agree with J. Fields on this one! Take the high road for the children. The three of you know the truth as do the children. If she wants to slander or libel Ronn, then he can file a lawsuit against it. I would take this post down before either of the children saw it as it will only hurt them. I’m a little surprised that Ronn would agree to the posting. My heart is with you all.

      • now she’s proclaiming happiness? Where was the peace, love and happiness when she was bashing the hell out of Ronn and I? She started this with her badmouthing us. I feel bad that the kids have to see this, but it’s time they know the truth because I’m nobody’s scapegoat anymore.

    • I have always been good to her children, but all I ever got was criticized for not actually giving child birth and having experience. As respect for them having a mother, I’ve never tried to take that role, but only to be a friend and helpful to Ronn regarding them. I even took her to lunch once and told her that hoping the criticizing would stop. It did for a while and I thought all was good until Ronn refuse to do things her way regarding college. That’s not my issue, although I gave opinions and suggestions. I could have been like most step moms and had nothing to do with the kids, but I was trying to only help Ronn and bond as a family. She seemed to want to prevent that from happening, not sure why? I was a special friend to a foster kid at “Hollygrove” where Marilyn Monroe lived as a little girl. I’ve always wanted to give to children.

      • Motherhood about more than giving physical birth, you’ve given them birth through love.


  7. Jealousy is the most useless self destructive human emotion. In this case, an implosion is certainly due. Sadly two beautiful girls suffer the impact. I have witnessed firsthand, the love and tenderness in Ronn and Devin’s home. It is evident how much they adore their father, and the bond they share with Devin. I am not a fan, not in the Hollywood scene. I am a friend of Devin’s since we were teens we share a circle of lifelong friends. I have come to know Ronn, and he is a beautiful man both inside and out. It is very touching to see the love between him and his girl’s. I don’t usually respond when baseless lies are involved, but must speak now. Devin is a rarity in her business. Her word is her bond. Her integrity is above question. Porn star??? This is the most laughable accusation of all. I am always bothered by mean spirited people, but know it comes with the territory. This case however is reaching ridiculous proportions and I had to speak out. People who know and love both her and Ronn know the truth and if you are reading this you are included. Continue to support them both through this.

    • Thanks Laura, you know me perhaps better than most people and you know how I’ve been taken advantage of for just being kind in the past. After a while, it’s necessary to be a bitch and stand up against bullies.

  8. Angie Quintero Reply

    Dear Devin, you have a wonderful life with your soul mate by your side and this poor at heart woman have only memories for a better life, poor lady.

    Blessing to Ronn and you now and forever

    • I wish her love and happiness and to stop with the bashing. I truly don’t like feeling distaste for someone, would prefer positivity and peace, gratitude and love and have tried for that many times. Just when i think all is well, there comes something out of the blue from her that’s negative for no apparent reason, but just to bash.

  9. Hi you two. Although green is probably my favorite color, it’s my least favorite in the emotions department. I just find a lot of jabs aimed at you hard to accept. Perhaps in an effort to promote her own work, any publicity, good or bad, is still publicity. Think of all the other people in the business that can’t seem to get away from the negative stuff. Got to keep the name out there to validate their existence. This can morph into something out of hand or be nipped in the bud. I would just keep on going and doing what you are doing and ignoring the jabs. Just be the stable ones in the kids lives. Let them tell you where they stand on what involves them. Sometimes that’s the better truth. Another thing, you two are a “couple” despite all else. Outsiders really have no right to meddle in your intimate life. Just don’t let these bored (& boring) to death so-called adults succeed in messing with you.

    Love ya, Lilian

    • I think you know how positive I tweet and blog, so to have this negativity here online is not my style at all. But a person can only take so much and she’s been jabbing at me for quite some time now. Don’t let kindness fool you as weakness, as I’ve always been sweet and kind as much as possible in life, but if you push me to hard, I will retaliate. Ronn knows what I’ve been though as do I regarding him. There comes a time in life when it’s just not okay anymore and fighting back become necessary. However, as in the martial arts, it’s always best to avoid conflict, which is what I prefer most of time. A person’s buttons can only be pushed so many times before there will be an explosion.

  10. I actually had a similar reaction that Judy posted about above. After watching her portray Ashley on Y&R for, and just sensing an “attitude” about her, I was shocked to hear she was married to Ronn. They just didn’t seem compatible.

    All the best to you and Ronn and the girls. I can only imagine how difficult it has been. But remember, love is the most powerful emotion of all. In the end, truth and love always prevail.

    • She had a vivacious personality that drew the shy Ronn in, but in the end they were not compatible at all. when kids are involve that becomes difficult to accept and breaking up is never easy. So I have compassion when kids are involved.

  11. Becky Turner Reply

    Just from your blogs and other posts it has appeared to me Devin, you are the real Mom here. Ronn is a true wonderful father and you both have provided a wonderful happy for your daughters. Enjoy your time in Italy, and your happiness with Ronn and the girls! It is obvious how much you are loved!

    • I appreciate that Becky and I think you guys have gotten to know me over the years. She thinks it’s okay to just come on a public forum and start bashing us out of the blue, but we are not allowed to say anything back. I’ve not said anything about her all these years for the kid’s sake and have taken constant abuse from her and her family constantly trashing me behind my back. I’ve done nothing to these people and wish they would leave us alone and just go away. We’ve had enough stress recently and don’t need or deserve this, especially now. Gee do you think the timing was on purpose to try and ruin our amazing trip? Not happening, we are having a wonderful time.

      • I could tell from all the wonderful meals, vacations, and pictures, the girls loved you, how could they not. I wondered where was the biological mother? I knew the real one, you Devin was doing all these to make a happy family. I think you are right to speak out and it is good the girls know as well. My nephew found out when it was time for him to go to college. I think he said to his Mom(ex-sister-in-law) “why couldn’t you have just saved $25 a month for me,” from all the money my Dad has given you. He turned out to be a wonderful young man my family is proud of. So you have done the right things, and I am sure just one of the reasons Ronn loves you so much. I did not have to read what the ex-wife said to know it wasn’t true. Her behavior sounds narcissistic to me.
        Another thought could you pass on your liver & onions recipe because I remember you saying the girls loved it.

      • Francesca

        Yes Devin was right to speak out,she has done the right thing.Devin is the nurturer,the giver, so what if she were to close”Jealousy”and wish her happiness,love and health?I know it his very to forgive and forget but stress,animosity and discord only bring hearthache and illness.Maybe there is hope in the future for a truce if they want a happy and healthy life.
        Why not live in harmony and joy, there is enough war and sadness in our world!

  12. Shirl from Oz... Reply

    Ronn’s high road is the best way to deal with any sort of negative comments, the girls will always love their Dad for who he is.

    • Ronn is never one to trash anyone and he never has because he lives like a martial artist, but even he can be pushed too far and then heaven help the person. I don’t want to be on his bad side and don’t let the calm demeanor fool ya.

  13. Patryce C. Kennerson Reply

    First, I wanted to thank you for excepting my friend request. I have been a fan of your husband aslo for years and yours as well….especially since I know now that you are from the great state of Louisiana. Second I wanted to say that they are going to be people in this world that are always going to have a problem with you and your husband simply because of who you and your husband are. My advise to you sweet lady and your husband is don’t let them get to you!!!. However, I appreciate this blog immensely because if someone were to bash my husband in public the way his ex-wife did to your husband, my God the claws would come out. In my opinion, it is one thing to bash me but do not bash the man I choose to marry!! I know how you feel and it would anger me also if something like this were to happen to me. It is pretty obvious that she is not only jealous but I believe to some extent that she might even still be in love with him but that is her problem because you have the man. Don’t let this woman still your peace and joy and happiness because she now has a life that she is not enjoying. She made her choices and now she has to be the one to live with them. It is in our nature to be a strong woman and protect the man that we love because we do love them and do not want them to be hurt in any way. So it is only expected that the lioness in us comes out. However, I am writing you this to let you know that sometimes the best weapon is to continue to do what you said you do and that is to be courteous and kind to people like this becasue believe me she is more miserable than anybody could ever make her and she caused her own misery. Continue to stay strong and uplifted.


    • I appreciate that and couldn’t agree more. I intend to enjoy my amazing life with my wonderful hubby, especially tomorrow on our anniversary!

      • Patryce C. Kennerson

        I pray that you have a wonderful anniversary!!

  14. Francesca Roberge Reply

    Dear Devin
    I feel for you and Ronn, your story is my story! My story had a happy ending,she was hit by a truck
    and today she is paralized and mute; karma ,karma!( I never drove a truck) lol..
    Enjoy your beautiful life and happy anniversary!

    • I don’t wish that on her Francesca. I wish her peace, love, happiness and success so maybe she will just leave us alone and let us live our lives in peace.

  15. Sorry to hear you, Ronn and the girls have to go through this. I can hear your pain. However this too shall pass. Continue to hold your head high be the parent and loving wife that you are and know that you have friends and family who support you.

    Sandra White – Your Mary Kay Sister and Fan!

  16. Hi Devin,

    George Herbert said “Living well is the best revenge.” I believe that it what is at play here. It does sound like Ronn’s ex is extremely jealous. She never expected him to move forward and meet someone that he connects with so much more, than he did with her.

    I have watched Ronn and B&B since it’s inception. I was 20 years old and he and KKL were my favorites, I always rooted for the two of them. I have also watched Y&R my whole life, since inception. It started when I was just 6 years old and I remember many details of the beginning because my mom watched it everyday. The fact that Shari played Ashley was just not believable at all. She was not a good actress and something always bugged me about her crooked, jacked up smile. She has the look of a “difficult to get along with” person.

    I know you were feeling angry when you wrote this blog post, because you went so fast, you didn’t even break it down into paragraphs! It reminded me of myself when I am really feeling passionate about something. I know this does not reflect your usual positive outlook on life, and hey, I believe we all need to vent sometimes.

    Never let ’em see you sweat! Remember that quote from a deodorant commercial? Well, it makes sense. Please don’t let her poison seep into your everyday happiness and ruin it. Don’t let her steal your joy, yours and Ronn’s together. You two obviously have something very special, a deep spiritual connection, as well as all the others.

    It sounds like you have been a great stepmom, don’t let anyone take that away from you. My daughter had an excellent stepmom. We didn’t always see eye to eye, but I grew to care about her because she was so good to my daughter and her other brother and sister, who are not mine.

    I wish you and Ronn every happiness, and remember that this too shall pass. Eventually the girls will both be grown, there will be no more reason to have any connection to their mother. Then you will be free of her.

    Best wishes to you all,


    • Thank you Melisa. I was jet lagged, tired and angry when I wrote the post. More like fed up because she didn’t stop with her bashing on twitter and her new blog. It went on for 2 weeks and even though Ronn sent her an email and discussed it with Creason, it didn’t stop. So I was just done with the bullshit and discussed this blog with Ronn before posting it. You’re right I was so tired cuz we just arrived in Italy that I didn’t break down the paragraphs. Not to mention still trying to recover from that car accident.

      She’s always talking about Ronn’s Porsche and our house, but she’s not about money? We don’t talk about that stuff at all and I now will be driving a pickup truck. She loves to say how she came from money and I came from nothing. Well I’m proud of the life I’ve created from nothing and nothing has ever been just given to me. Ronn deserves to have whatever he wants in this life because he’s worked damn hard for it and so have I.

      I too am a fan of Y&R because of my mom and felt the same way about her as Ashley. I have many beautiful talented girlfriends in this business and tried very hard to be friends with her for the sake of her kids, but she’s just way too jealous. I’m a much better friend than I am an enemy, but hey that’s her loss.

      • Francesca

        This jealous ex need to see a therapist,she is one sick puppy!
        She is still trying to poison Ronn’s happy life ten years after their divorce.Who is she to bash,lie and
        She is a mother- did you see her porn movie on the net?
        Devin like Melisa said” Live well is the best revenge” spoil yourself,buy a Porsche.
        At the end of the day your gorgeous husband come’s home to you( you lucky lady , may I strangle you a little lol )
        Be happy!


  17. Shari seriously miscalculated. The nasty comments by Shari on her blog and twitter reveal much more about her own serious lack of character and intellect than they ever reveal about Ron. It reveals her intense and lingering jealousy, her anger, her low self-esteem, her narcissism, her immaturity, her self-absorption even at the cost of her daughters’ feelings. She is clearly not intelligent enough to be able to grasp that. I remember watching Shari portray Ashley Abbott years ago and thinking she was not a good actress at all, and yet she had an air about herself that telegraphed she believed herself to be a good actress. I wondered what the producers would do to get rid of her, because well – she clearly only got the role because of Ronn, and she was terrible actress. Her own character seeped through in her portrayal, one of snobbiness and unlikeability. I too could not believe Ronn was married to her, and was not surprised when I read that she left Ronn for another main, although I felt badly for the hurt Ronn must have felt. She was too stupid to know what she had, and thought too much of herself. He is so much better off for it! So glad you two found each other. Her presence in your life through blogs and twitter will eventually fade away

  18. LOL – Wow! I can tell you were likely very upset when you wrote this. Honestly, this is TMI! You should not put your business on the Internet because there are kids involved. Ronn’s ex-wife was wrong, BUT two wrongs do NOT make a right! YOU cannot change anyone and you can’t control her either. If Ronn is tired of the online bashing, there is a legal recourse for that. I personally would go to court to make SURE she doesn’t say ANYTHING about me online, but that is just me. If he does that, however, YOU have to not say anything about her either. THAT is best. You know why? I’ll tell you. The reason is that no one wins an online battle when there are children involved. All a child has to do is Google his/her name OR Google the name of his/her mother/father. Then, it all comes flooding out right in front of them. You don’t have to prove anything to his ex-wife. She is on her third marriage. She has bigger issues. Your only job is to be happy and take care of the health of your family. That is it. Don’t be drawn into online foolishness. You and Ronn are better than that. Instead, go through the courts and put an end to ALL of her online bashing. THAT is the civilized way to handle things and the mature way. The Internet has a LONG life. Don’t let ANYONE take away the joy you have found girl! I don’t know you personally and you might be evil (lol), but you are far too beautiful to get stoop to her level. You “won” and Ronn “won” – now let her move on in her misery. I’m sure she feels a lot of anger and depression over how her situation has turned out. That isn’t your problem. Live your life, live it well and remember to smile every single day!

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