Taormina Film Festival


Last weekend, Ronn and I spent some time with alot of our Italian friends and celebrated the Taormina Film Festival's debut in Los Angeles. Spear … [Continue reading]

Periscope Summit


Ronn and I just returned from San Francisco where we attended the Periscope Summit compliments of our social media mentor, Alex Khan. It was a nice … [Continue reading]

Welcome 2016!


We are getting settled into our brand new year and I want to apologize for not blogging as much as I usually do, but our December was a bit hectic. We … [Continue reading]

Bayhem Returns!

Blackwell Showed Up - logo

We now are counting down the days until Bayhem mania returns with all new episodes of The Bay on December 1st! And these new episodes will blow you … [Continue reading]

Lost In Amsterdam


The past two weeks provided Ronn and I with an appreciated break from the undying heat in southern California. We enjoyed experiencing a real fall … [Continue reading]

DevRonn Goes To The Netherlands

Caroline, Ronn & Tina

It's been six years since Ronn and I have been to the Netherlands and I have never been to Belgium, so this will be a trip I'm looking forward to. It … [Continue reading]

Happy Anniversary Baby!

Our first wedding

It's hard to believe the past six years have flown by so fast! Seems like yesterday Calee was shorter than me and I was making my wedding day plans. … [Continue reading]

End Of The Summer JamParty

IOT Graduations

As the boiling heat of summer has seemed to subside and we ease into September, I thought it was fitting to have a end of the summer JamParty for … [Continue reading]

Scoping Things Out Socially

Yacht Rock Revue

It's pretty apparent our world has gotten smaller, socially speaking. We communicate much differently than we did a decade ago and we can socialize … [Continue reading]

Bruna In Beverly Hills


It seems Ronn Moss has had a love affair with Italy since the very beginning of his acting career. He shot his first movie, "Hearts and Armour aka "I … [Continue reading]