Welcome 2016!


We are getting settled into our brand new year and I want to apologize for not blogging as much as I usually do, but our December was a bit hectic. We … [Continue reading]

Bayhem Returns!

Blackwell Showed Up - logo

We now are counting down the days until Bayhem mania returns with all new episodes of The Bay on December 1st! And these new episodes will blow you … [Continue reading]

Lost In Amsterdam


The past two weeks provided Ronn and I with an appreciated break from the undying heat in southern California. We enjoyed experiencing a real fall … [Continue reading]

DevRonn Goes To The Netherlands

Caroline, Ronn & Tina

It's been six years since Ronn and I have been to the Netherlands and I have never been to Belgium, so this will be a trip I'm looking forward to. It … [Continue reading]

Happy Anniversary Baby!

Our first wedding

It's hard to believe the past six years have flown by so fast! Seems like yesterday Calee was shorter than me and I was making my wedding day plans. … [Continue reading]

End Of The Summer JamParty

IOT Graduations

As the boiling heat of summer has seemed to subside and we ease into September, I thought it was fitting to have a end of the summer JamParty for … [Continue reading]

Scoping Things Out Socially

Yacht Rock Revue

It's pretty apparent our world has gotten smaller, socially speaking. We communicate much differently than we did a decade ago and we can socialize … [Continue reading]

Bruna In Beverly Hills


It seems Ronn Moss has had a love affair with Italy since the very beginning of his acting career. He shot his first movie, "Hearts and Armour aka "I … [Continue reading]

Once Upon A Time

fairytale book  copy

Once upon a time in a mansion unlike any other, there lived a man who made his life a fantasy. He threw the most beautiful and unique parties. Once … [Continue reading]

A Walk Back In Time

walk in the woods copy

It’s been hard for me to put the past week into words because our whole trip to New York and The Hamptons was quite an adventure. When I booked this … [Continue reading]