Ujena poolThanks so much for all the birthday wishes, cards and presents I have received. I feel truly blessed to see another birthday and to be this healthy and happy in my life. I have such wonderful, amazing friends and now the family I’ve always wanted. Ronn and the girls made me minestrone soup and salad last night, we then watched the movie, “Bolt” and I finally got a full 8 hours of sleep, so I feel totally rested. Unfortunately, Ronn is working late today, so I’m alone all day because the kids go back to their mom’s. So I plan to get my nails done and pamper myself. We have a busy weekend of parties, so having a relaxing day to myself is good. I may even go and have a scrumptious lunch and see a movie or go shopping, but I will enjoy my day today. Glad you all are enjoying the pics from Sanremo, more are coming later from Monaco, Amsterdam, Bordeaux and Paris. Ronn just bought a new video camera that doesn’t require video tapes, it has a chip, so it’s easy to load and edit. This will be so cool for future video clips that will be adding to our sites. Here are couple more pics Ronn shot of me Loire Valley, France.white cover upUjena swimsuit

Love Devin