Boston Megafest


It had been 10 years since I’d done an autograph show on the east coast, but I knew from fans online that we were welcomed with open arms. Ronn had never done a show before and his dear friend Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira was a veteran of them, so it was a great excuse to visit with her and see a little of Boston. Dennis “Fly” Amero from the group “Orleans” lives there and Boston has always been a city both Ronn and I wanted to get to know better.

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I had planned this show months ago and now with our tight schedule of traveling to Italy, we only had one day in between these two trips before my big surgery. So I wanted to have a little fun also. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun at the Boston Megafest and east coast fans are awesome. Ronn ran into Three Dog Night’s lead singer, Chuck Negron and Mark Lyndsey from “Paul Revere and the Raiders” who both performed at the kickass Boston Megafest afterparty Saturday night. They all wanted Ronn to join in and perform, but he was a bit tired from the overwhelming fans that day.

photo 2Dave & BrianRonn & Barbara Eden.11.2013

So tonight we had drinks with Cassandra Peterson and caught up with her as we relaxed and just watched the “American Music Awards” so that we can do a bit of sightseeing in the morning before flying back home tomorrow. The highlight of my weekend was meeting the one and only  Barbara Eden. As a kid I always watched, “I Dreamed of Jeannie” whenever I was sick to feel better and laugh. I told her this and she was gracious enough to sign a poster with Bill Daley for me, as well as take a much cherished photo with me for my upcoming hospital stay.

Ronn & Cassandra Peterson.11.2013 Devin & Barbara Eden.11.2013

Boston Megafest will always be special for us now because of this weekend and the fact that so much love and fun was all around me sending positive vibes for my upcoming surgery. We got to see the first snow flurry of the season and really enjoyed our weekend with so many amazing characters from the Boston Megafest show. We want to thank Dave and Brian for showing us around Boston and being so awesome in making our weekend special.