Ronn and I attend the 3rd annual Celebrity Gun Shoot in Ojai this past weekend. Our friends at Associated Television put on a first class event as always. It was held at the beautiful Ojai Valley Inn and Spa and we were treated to an amazing awards dinner, in which Ronn First Place in the Handguns. I feel like I’ve improved very much since our first year attending. I managed to get several shots in the Sporting Clays and Trap competitions. “Housewives of Orange County” star Peggy and Micah Tanous were on our team again, along with “Falling Skies” newcomer Peter Shinkoda who was a very good marksman just like his TV character. We hung with old team mates Frank Stallone and Robert Carradine and I was happy to see Kira and Bob Lorsch attend for the first time.  Laura McKenzie who is always terrific and her husband David, daughter Elizabeth and their team at Associated Television makes us feel at home and part of their wonderful family unit with all their events and we cherish them dearly. This event benefited the families of the our military and volunteers of the NRA were on hand to make sure we were all safe. I plan to get some practice in before next year!

Potluck Christmas 2010

This past weekend marked the start of our holiday party invites. We attended Heather Tom’s annual Christmas bash and toured her fabulously decorated home. It was our first time but hopefully not our last. Heather throws a first class party! Then I hosted my all girl Potluck with some of my amazing gals. Playmates Barbara Moore, Luanne Lee and Jacqueline Sheen, along with Cindy Margolis, Fiona Horne, Tina Hillstrom and Alana Curry were some of the beauties that made our Potluck so fun and festive. I have been having these Potlucks now for over 15 years and we always have a blast! This year I had to be a little naughty and a little nice, so I dressed as a sexy Santa to keep the girls in line. Trust me, it’s not easy keeping 20 plus girls in line, especially when there are gifts to steal! There was so much fun, happy punch and laughter that we wore out Ronn, who was filming and taking pics of the whole event. No men are allowed at Potlucks, but we made an exception for Ronn due to the fact that he’s such a good camera man!  Until next year……

Fiona Horne
Alana Curry
Tina, Lisa, Sue and Lori

We hope you all are having as much fun this holiday season as we are having. It’s such an awesome time of the year. A time to reflect on the past year with family and friends and look forward to the future year with hope and anticipation. I love to cook a turkey and make the house as festive as possible. Ronn enjoys playing the guitar and singing with the band and friends visiting. This year we are thrilled to just stay home and enjoy the simple pleasures like trimming the tree with the kids and a few friends. We are also excited about our appearance in the Hollywood Christmas Parade that will air on December 10th. PLAYER did an awesome performance in it and Ronn, Creason, Calee and I get to ride on a float. There are numerous Christmas parties we are attending and I will throw my annual girls, “Potluck Christmas” with all my gorgeous girlfriends. Hope you are enjoying the Happy Christmas video and will spread it around. I did the  fancy camera work and it was the song the band originally wanted to sing in the Hollywood Christmas Parade. PLAYER \”Happy Christmas\”