Farrah Fawcett


I am in total shock over how many iconic figures in my life have died recently and so young!farrahfawcettposter The passing of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson both on my birthday has made me feel very strange. I can’t stop crying and ironically have many friends who were close to both of these Iconic figures.Michael_Jackson_-_Another_Part_Of_Me3 A friend I just spoke with said it was a blessing for me that they died on my birthday, but it’s hard to see it that way. I grew up with them and they touched my life. Farrah was from the south, she was part American Choctaw Indian and French Canadian like me. She and I also had friends in common. My good friend Corey Feldman was great friends with Michael and I knew Michael’s brother Randy and sister LaToya, who shared my attorney Michael Morris.mcmahon Then of course there was Ed McMahon who I did personally know and was a huge part of my career. This is making me want to be as healthy as I can possibly be and live life to the fullest. My heart is breaking for all of them and their families. I know I won’t have a birthday in the future without thinking of them. May they rest in peace.