MIchael Mobius


Since Ronn and I had a week of hell due to that horrific accident, we needed to have a little fun and see some of our friends at the Playboy’s Midsummer Night Dreams party. I had so many horrible bruises that I borrowed a black gown to wear this year and felt boring compared to some of the gorgeous lingerie outfits. I can’t wear high heals at all due to my hip problem, which was a bummer.And there was no way I could dance, but we managed to have fun just seeing friends like Playmates Barbara Moore, Sandra Taylor and Serria.

Mark Roesler & his wife Stacy

German Artist Michael Mobius was back in town with his 3D camera and this year the decor at the mansion was amazing, but things are really changing. Half the party was dressed in their PJs and half in black tie due to corporation changes. The food was yummy as usual, but there were not a lot of Playmates or friends we saw there this year, which was sad. Hef doesn’t stay at the parties as long anymore, but CeeLo Green performed and we managed to have a good time in spite of all the pain we had been suffering because it was good to get out of the house.Then yesterday was the big Aerosmith concert at the Hollywood Bowl that drummer Joey Kramer invited Ronn to months ago and Ronn completely forgot about it.

Johnny Depp and Devin

He’s been having lapses of memory loss lately since the accident. I hope it doesn’t last much longer because he goes back to work at B&B tomorrow. Since we missed the concert, we did make the after party compliments of Joey Kramer and his wife Linda.

Jim Carrey in 3D

We took Creason, Calee and their friend Selena to the Aerosmith after party that was held at the restaurant, “The Pink Taco” and got to meet Johnny Depp, Steve Tyler and Jim Carrey. The girls were thrilled, but I ended up in bed all day in pain with my hip from standing around a little too much.

Steven Tyler and Ronn

However, I was also happy to finally meet Johnny Depp especially and he was such a sweetheart. Will be nice to see him around town in Hollywood again. We are still waiting on the doctor to give Ronn his MRI results and I’m hoping he is back to normal soon. We did find out that we will be getting a new truck to replace our damaged one soon. However these two events were good medicine for a hellish week and we are still in total gratitude that we had some fun this weekend. 

We are back from Puglia and a bit jet lagged still, but the memories will linger for a while. I had never been to southern Italy and must admit was a bit excited to see this region. We stayed the first few days at the Masseria San Domenico  which was where B&B filmed. The food was absolutely amazing, fresh home grown vegetables were so great that’s all I wanted to eat there. The weather was a lot like LA with sunny warm days and cooler nights. A few miles away from the Masseria San Domenico is another newer hotel called, Borgo Egnazia and both places are owned by the same people. The Borgo Egnazia is so romantic and beautifully decorated with an award winning spa. The cast and crew were made to feel at home at both places since some of the crew were staying at the Borgo Egnazia. We were treated to complimentary massages, facials and body scrubs and the whole atmosphere felt like heaven. Two other location days were spent at this gorgeous little town, Alberobello, where all the homes have cone like roof tops  and the town of Polignano a Mare. Both places were a must to see and the people are so nice. Puglia provides 70% of the world’s olive oil and has so many amazing olive trees everywhere. They also provide 10% of Europe’s wine and pasta. At the end of the B&B shoot, Ronn and I moved over to the Borgo Egnazia to stay in one of the 3 bedroom private villas that had it’s own pool. The villa was like our own private little mansion. We invited some of our European friends like German artist Michael Mobius and designer Lavinia Biagiotti to come and share it with us. Ronn and Katherine Kelly Lang did a commercial in Bari after the B&B shoot was over, so this was an added treat to our final day there. Puglia has become a very special place for us and we will surly return. An upcoming special “Ronn’s Garage” episode will be dedicated to our experiences there, truly a magical place for us!

German artist Michael Mobius is in town and that always means 3D photos and videos. Since he’s been staying with us for the past week, he’s taken quite a few from the parties we’ve attended. Seems summer is flying by and I must say it’s been a fun and relaxing one for us.We attended Nadia Bjorlin’s

Nadia, Dev, Wally and Lori

birthday party that was also filmed by E for the new reality show, “Dirty Soap.” Ronn and I love Nadia and Brandon and Nadia is super special because she and Ronn sang together at our wedding. I’m now waiting for theirs! I predict ‘Dirty Soap” will be a hit!


Then as always Hef’s “Midsummer Night Dreams” party is always a #1 hit.  This is year it was great to see all of our friends such as, Lorenzo Lamas, Bill Maher and

Bud Cort, Ronn and Devin

“Harold and Maude” Bud Cort. Ronn and took a ride on his Harley to a Beverly Hill’s pool party and caught the movie, “Cowboys and Aliens” at the Playboy mansion before jamming with PLAYER at home for an upcoming concert with the “Little River Band” that I am so looking forward to.

Ronn's Harley

The boys are just sooo great together and I’m anxious for more tour dates to fit into Ronn’s schedule with B&B. We are hoping for a European tour in the near future! Tomorrow we head to Bass Lake for some water sports and a chance for me to hang with Alana Curry and Sandra Taylor, two of my most beautiful girlfriends. Sandi had a daughter the same age as Calee, so  they should have a blast. You need the red Cyan 3D glasses to view these amazing photos posted and I will be posting many more, as well as, video later. Hope you guys are staying cool through this hot summer and having fun too!