Nancy Brilli


Ronn and I are heading home today and I can’t wait! Rome has been a wonderful experience, unlike any of my other trips here and Ronn feels the same way. We have made some terrific friends, like gorgeous Nancy Brilli and her adorable husband Roy, who cooked us an amazing dinner. Our beautiful dear friend, Lavinia Biagiotti treated us like royalty on Christmas, in her beautiful castle with her mother Laura and our new friend Loreto took us on that wonderful private tour of the Vatican and Sistine chapel and turned us on to a wonderful little restaurant we will never forget. Ronn is now having an emotional and unique experience with all the dancers on Ballando con le stelle and is having a lot of fun. Although, it’s alot of hard work, he is challenging himself with it and is excited to show Italy who Ronn really is. For so long, Italy has loved “Ridge” but hasn’t known the man who has brought him to life. I was very proud of him last night and thought he did a fabulous job, in spite of the critical comments made by the judges. They don’t understand that Ronn has had to work twice as hard as everyone else; in a shorter amount of time due to also shooting B&B. He will be flying back and forth every week to do B&B and will only have one good day to rehearse his dance for that week, whereas all the other dancers will have the whole week to prepare. I think what he did in the amount of time he has had to prepare is simply amazing! I’m sure as the show progresses, everyone will come to see who Ronn really is and how dedicated he is to his work and his fans. He appreciates so much the fans in Italy who has cast their votes for him. Until our next trip together…..