Candy Cane Dev

Seems Ronn and I are kicking off the holiday season parties with a bang. We went to an awesome Heinekin holiday party with our dear friends Wally and Lori Crowder.

Dev, Andrea, Cindy, Lisa

Then I hosted my all girl Potluck Christmas bash. Ronn was sweet enough to help out as our elf with the photos. As always, the girls brought some great yummy dishes and we did our white elephant exchange where a lot of stealing was going on with great fun!


My dear friend Cindy Margolis brought this awesome cake to celebrate all the sexy girls and I dressed up as a candy cane to keep all the girls in line during the gift exchange.

Eden & Dev

It can get pretty rowdy with the girls during that process.  If you recall I was Mrs Claus last year. Some of my favorite potluck gals couldn’t make it this year due to the flu or out of town commitments, so we had a few newbies this to initiate.

But, as always girls just want to have fun and that we did!

Potluck Girls 2011


Wanda, Dev, Ronn & Tina


It seems no other city gets into Halloween quite like LA. There are always so many parties and everyone really loves getting into dressing up for them. This year Ronn and I started a week early and attend 4 parties total as Clint Eastwood and Bettie Page. Bet you didn’t know those two were a hot item, huh? Clint and Bettie hung out with Elvis, Devils, Angels and Tippi Hedren, who made a very elegant witch. Now that Halloween is finally here, we are so tired that we just want to be ourselves. Our neighborhood has a lot of kids and our next door neighbor always throws a nice party for the adults, while the kids run around getting more candy. So whatever you decide to do this Halloween, please be safe and have a goolish good time! We sure did!

Tippi Hedren

Ronn and I couldn’t have been more happier than we were this past weekend or this past year for that matter. We have been blessed with good friends, good health, wonderful kids and supportive fans. This is what we celebrated on September 25th, which marked our first year together as husband and wife. It’s been an amazing year of traveling for us as a family and for business. Italy still remains our second home and when we are at home in LA long enough to enjoy it; we love having our friends over for dinners. Our dear friends, Wally and Lori Crowder hosted a little dinner celebration with some of our wedding party including, Cindy Margolis, Nadia Bjorlin and Tina Hillstrom. The weather was lovely and the dinner was catered beautifully. Ronn and I got to do something we didn’t get to do on our wedding day, eat! We are grateful to have such wonderful friends and feel blessed and honored to have each other. Thank you all for the wonderful gifts and comments on our special day. We love you all!

I wanted to get a few of my girlfriends over for an all girl pow wow before the summer got to busy and thought we’d celebrate my birthday. There were about 20 of us outside by the pool and since it was getting a little too hot, we moved everyone under this cabana area to snack on finger sandwiches and champagne punch. I started opening presents and was just screaming over my purple custom made blinged out cell phone case made by my neighbor Sharyn. Then my pal Sandi Taylor wowed me with this cute bunny ring and rose colored beach bag. More bling followed with picture frames, jewelry boxes and earrings, chocolates, roses, beauty products and sexy clothing! The girls all looked so beautiful since only I would have a brunch in the middle of the week and many of my pals work or have kids to pick up. I feel so blessed to have so many amazing gals in my life. My dear friend Fiona Horne’s birthday is the day before mine, so she’s my soul sister and we blew out the candles together. Ronn had to work so he missed out on seeing all the pretty girls having a blast in our backyard, but arrived just as the last few girls were leaving. My pal Alana Curry and Fiona ended up hanging out a bit longer to chat with us around the fire pit. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day with the girls! I’m looking forward to more gatherings out by the pool this summer!

Ronn and I are looking forward to going to a couple of parties this weekend. A neighbor is having a BBQ bash tonight and you can see an awesome wireworks display from their deck. After entertaining two weekends in a row of movie nights, it’s safe to say they are a big success. Cooking for a dozen friends is a lot easier on me and give Ronn and I chance to talk to our friends. Jam parties are fun, but having a hundred or so people coming through the house makes it difficult to say more than two words to anyone. So smaller gatherings are more along the lines of what we want to continue for a while. Tomorrow we are going to the Playboy mansion for fun in the sun and Hef’s amazing fireworks. Apparently, he got a slip and slide this year and the BBQ is sooo yummy! The city of Los Angeles approves this amazing fireworks display that is always tops and it really is the place to be on the 4th. Hef didn’t do a 4th of July party last year, so we are really looking forward to it this year! Ronn and I are starting to really enjoy our pool with the girls and friends, so this Wednesday I’m celebrating my birthday with a bunch of my girlfriends with a poolside Birthday brunch. Since I was in Vegas and couldn’t celebrate with Tina, Cindy and all the great gals I know and love to party with; It was only an excuse to have an annual reunion. A lot of the girls were anxious to get together ever since the wedding festivities last year ended. Many of you have been emailing me on my website asking for autographed photos and inquiring how to send me items to sign. You may send anything you wish me to sign along with a self addressed stamped envelope and $20 cash per signature to 1336 Moorpark Rd #326, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. I hope you all understand it is impossible to send everyone who asks Ronn or I for photos. The postage alone for such requests would make us homeless, especially since B&B is the most watched show in the World! It’s simply impossible!! So PLEASE stop sending such requests because you will not get any response. If you would like autographed photos you can purchase them on our websites or through EBAY. That’s why they are there. If you have a magazine, article or anything you wish for us to sign, you must do as I’ve stated already and send $20 cash per signature along with your self address stamped envelope to the address above. The reason this is required is so that other people cannot make a profit from our signature on EBAY. The Internet is a wonderful tool that allows us all to communicate more effectively. In the past your letters of requested photos didn’t stand a chance to even being seen by a celebrity, now because of the websites it’s possible to do so and get your requests met. But, we must all be realistic and know that postage isn’t cheap and many such requests are possible directly from celebrities, but it won’t be free, it’s simply not possible because there are thousands of you and only one of Ronn and I. With all that said, I hope you all have an amazing 4th of July and eat some yummy BBQ, stay out of trouble and see some great fireworks. July is always a super busy month for Ronn and I with parties, charity events and kids. It always seems like the summer just flies by huh? We are looking forward to sharing more pics and videos from our upcoming parties and events with you here and on our website!!

We kicked off our first dinner/movie night with great success. Ronn and I have a 12 seat movie theater and we love to watch movies with the girls. So far, the kids have used the theater to entertain their friends with movies more than us!  So this marks the first time in the three years we have lived in our home that we have filled our movie theater. As you know, Ronn’s busy schedule has made it nearly impossible to entertain that much and now that we have some time, we wanted to share our passion for movies with our friends. So we started with the band and their wives, along with a few dear friends to watch one of our favorite movies, “Arthur” with Dudley Moore. I cooked red beans and rice, Cajun jambalaya pasta, along with  salad, fresh fruit, baked cookies, strawberry cheesecake and wine to make sure the boys were happy enough to play a few songs. I now call the garage the “Moss Lounge” cause that what it feels like in there.
We were all dancing to the music the band was playing and having a blast. After the movie, we hung out around the firepit and told funny stories before calling it a night. I think this will be the start of other smaller gatherings that we will do on an ongoing basis now. I’m already planning the next one in July!