Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods

Seems everywhere you look these days all you hear about is Tiger Woods and his marriage issues. It’s really sad that we love to revel in other people’s misery, shortcomings or mistakes in life. No one should judge another unless you walk in their shoes and there’s not a damn person on the planet who has had the life and legacy of this athlete.

However, he’s a human being and none of us are perfect. Seems to me, the guy has been the picture perfect son, professional and family man with a gorgeous wife. So why would he cheat and why do we care so much? It’s probably because he’s been so perfect most of his life that he was so careless and human.

There isn’t anyone who is perfect on this planet. Look at the falls of ministers, political figures and picture perfect couples from the past who were also human. We as a society need to focus on who we are becoming instead of other’s miscomings.

Tiger’s wife is probably so embarrassed from all of the magnified gossip, but hopefully love and time will heal them from what we all know is human.

I wish we would all open our eyes and hearts as humans and embrace Tiger and his wife for what they must be going through instead of judging, gossiping and speculating on what these human beings will or won’t do under the circumstances. Haven’t you been in a situation similar at one time in your lives? Maybe you lied, cheated or stolen something and got caught. Did you learn from those mistakes or did you continue doing them? Did you feel sorrow, remorse or sadness for hurting someone you loved?
Are you human?

Take a moment to send Tiger Woods and his wife love and light for the sake of their children and know that we are all human.