Holiday Cheer

It’s Hard to believe another year is almost gone huh? Seems this year flew by faster than the speed of light. Nevertheless, we hope you all had some great holiday cheer with your family and friends. Ours was spent in Lake Arrowhead with Creason, Calee and Creason’s boyfriend. We were lucky to have some snow, enough for them to go sleighing and make up a snowman. It was just the way I wanted it this holiday, spent quietly with just family. Since this year was jammed with a lot of change for us and a lot of travel, it was nice to just relax. I wasn’t in the mood to throw any parties like I usually do and I just didn’t have the energy to get into doing a tree and all the shopping. We went to only a few parties. Our holiday cheer was knowing that the ones closest to us were near and dear and that we had their love and support. DevRonn

What Kind of Holiday Cheer did you have?

What I do love about this time of the year is how everyone else celebrates. Seems each and every family has certain traditions and different ways of celebrating. What”s yours? Did your holiday cheer include a certain type of food or unique ritual? Please share it with us. I use to love to go to midnight mass, as I was raised Catholic, but over the years that changed and I just couldn’t stay up that late anymore. Do you open presents on Christmas eve or Christmas morning with your family? Is there a certain kind of drink that is traditional besides eggnog? Personally, I love eggnog cappuccinos now! Whatever your traditions are with holiday cheer, we hope this holiday was one of the most memorable ones ever.Christmas Dinner

Summing Up The Year With Holiday Cheer!

Looking back at 2012, it’s a year I know we won’t forget for so many reasons. What are the things you’ll remember most? I know for me just the fact that we were in 2012 was so surreal. I mean 2012 seemed so futuristic. Maybe it’s because I was born in the 60s and it felt like yesterday was 1986, but 2012 will always remain a turning point for us. It was the year of change. Creason graduated from high school, Ronn quit B&B, we survived an 8 car accident and Obama got re-elected. Our holiday cheer consisted of a small elite group of friends singing Christmas carols and eating the traditional turkey, stuffing and cranberries. Many of us thought the world would end on 12/21/12 and instead we look forward to a new beginning in 2013 with anticipation and dreams of a brighter future , one of hope, peace and love. I for one am excited about 2013 and since it’s just around the corner now will say with great holiday cheer, Happy New Year!!Singing Christmas Carols

IMG_2295I really do love Christmas and of course presents,who doesn’t unless you really are a scrooge. Most of the time I like to shop online because it’s just so quick and  easy. One of my favorite places to shop is on Amazon. It seems everything you can possibly want is there. It’s a great way to send out of town relatives something they will love and treasure. Online shopping can eliminate the hassle of driving, parking and waiting in lines. However,  this year I personally just did not have the time or energy to get into Christmas due to playing catch up from that car accident we had at the end of the summer. I got so behind on way too many things to even think about Christmas, so I’m keeping it simple with gift cards. Another thing I love to do with my girlfriends is what I call, Potluck. All the girls bring a wrapped gift along with a dish and we eat, drink and play a game called, “White Elephant.” This is always fun because each girl picks a number out of a hat and then picks a present from under the tree to open. As the other girls eye her present to maybe steal it or pick a present to open for themselves. The game can get very funny depending on how many girls you have playing and the stealing can sometimes become out of hand if someone isn’t there to supervise. Nevertheless, it’s a fun way to do Christmas presents if you have a large family. Ebay is another great place to find interesting deals on just about everything and sites like cafepress and zazzle have hundreds of items you can personalize with your family’s photos or even your pet’s. E-cards are also a quick and easy way to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or whatever else you want to say with your own spin.  Then of course there are all those holiday parties that keeps us all so busy this time of the year. So whatever you plans are this Christmas I hope you don’t stress over it all and use some of these tips to make things a little easier this holidays season!

Candy Cane Dev

Seems Ronn and I are kicking off the holiday season parties with a bang. We went to an awesome Heinekin holiday party with our dear friends Wally and Lori Crowder.

Dev, Andrea, Cindy, Lisa

Then I hosted my all girl Potluck Christmas bash. Ronn was sweet enough to help out as our elf with the photos. As always, the girls brought some great yummy dishes and we did our white elephant exchange where a lot of stealing was going on with great fun!


My dear friend Cindy Margolis brought this awesome cake to celebrate all the sexy girls and I dressed up as a candy cane to keep all the girls in line during the gift exchange.

Eden & Dev

It can get pretty rowdy with the girls during that process.  If you recall I was Mrs Claus last year. Some of my favorite potluck gals couldn’t make it this year due to the flu or out of town commitments, so we had a few newbies this to initiate.

But, as always girls just want to have fun and that we did!

Potluck Girls 2011


Wanda, Dev, Ronn & Tina


Ronn and I had a nice relaxing day in Rome walking around the shops and having lunch at Babington’s a unique tea house near the spanish steps. We then visited the boutique of Laura Biagiotti and had an early dinner. It’s so nice to spend our first Christmas as husband and wife in such a romantic and beautiful city like Rome. We plan to now relax in our hotel room and watch a Christmas movie and tomorrow we will spend the day at the home of Laura Biagiotti. But, for now would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and hope Santa brings you all that you desire. Here is my little Christmas present to you of me singing “Santa Baby” with Johnny English playing piano.

Love DevRonn

Ronn and I both got a good night of sleep and feel much more rested today. He has a full day of photo shoots and dance lessons, but after today has the next four days off to relax and enjoy Rome. We have been invited to have Christmas dinner at fashion designer, Laura Biagiotti’s home and will take lots of video and photos of the sites. The sun is shining today after raining and the city looks beautiful. I plan on doing a bit of Christmas shopping tomorrow and will post my singing “Santa Baby” with Johnny English. It seems like Ronn is starting to enjoy the dance lessons somewhat, although challenging, he looks graceful and picks up on the steps rather quickly. I was very proud of him. Watching the other contestants, it is obviously a lot of hard work and everyone has some fear or something that they are trying to overcome. I think this will be a great event in Ronn’s life. We did our first lesson of Italian this morning and it felt good to get familiar with some basic words and phrases. I’m excited to spend this Christmas in Rome, it will no doubt be a special memory.

Love DevRonn

Ronn is appearing on Italy’s version of “Dancing with the Stars” and over the next three months will be making trips back and forth to Rome nearly every weekend. It will be a big challenge for him because he will also be doing B&B and practicing dance routines with his partner here at home. He was on the show in 2007 and did the “Tango.” Although, I thought he did a wonderful job, he had only a few hours to learn the dance, so it was alot of pressure on him and it isn’t something he most comfortable with like acting or singing. So I’m going with him for love and support this trip and it will be nice to celebrate our first Christmas and New Year there together as a married couple. Check out his Tango on the show from 2007