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I want you guys to know that I’m writing this particular post as a fan of “The Bold and The Beautiful” myself and not as Ronn’s wife.


We have been bombarded with emails about how upset our beloved seconda casa Italy is about seeing a Nu-Ridge on their TV sets. It seems they are not happy with this and it’s causing an uproar with fans.


I see the good, the bad and the ugly from soap fans on a daily basis and from the looks of things the majority of fans are starting to really speak out about the stupid storylines and the fact that they miss Ronn so much.


I saw this video that was clearly posted a while back on Youtube and shared it on Facebook because it made me cry. A fan obviously went through a great deal of trouble to make a video of precious and heartfelt moments between Brooke and Ridge that was intercut with sound bites from Ronn. It was so moving and heartfelt that I could feel the pain most fans are going through, as I was a fan myself.


One of our devoted fans from Slovakia posted the video on our fan page and suddenly the video was blocked with a message that the content was owned by “The Bold and The Beautiful” and has been blocked on the grounds of copyright.


Wow!  Could this be more obvious? The whole world has been watching this show forever and look for their daily fixes of the past now on Youtube and suddenly a video that has been up for months is suddenly taken down once it was shared by me?


This video was made of clips that had been on the Internet for years and was a beautiful expression of love. So the fact that B&B has taken it down speaks volumes don’t you think?







I’ve been wondering why this new year feels so exciting compared to last year and I think just the sheer number of 2014 sounds more exciting that 2013.



 It has a vibe to it, just saying it and the fact that I personally had a fibroid the size of a man’s fist removed from me that’s not cancerous, makes me very happy to be able to see 2014 and feel the utmost gratitude! 2013 was a very strange year of transition from old to new, at least for us. Ronn shed his alter ego Ridge Forrester, and found that cool Ronn Moss that is doing music again. And he’s having too much fun traveling the world and being ultra creative.


Creativity is intelligence on steroids. It’s what drives us to do what we are most passionate about. As long as we are doing the things we love creatively then monetary gains will come naturally. Being at the right place at the right time is also an important factor that often has nothing to do with how talented, smart or driven we are, but really just being at the right place at the right time.


Some can call that luck, but I tend to think it’s much more than mere luck, although being lucky is a cosmic thing also. I think it’s how much you desire something and how much energy, effort, love and passion you choose to put into your creativity that helps it manifest into reality. I speak a lot about this in my book “True Age, Timeless Beauty.” Don’t let the title fool you; it’s a motivational spiritual book that will help you keep your life in balance. I feel balance is the key to happiness in life and I use many examples of how I have done this in my book, which is on sale at discount price now!

TV Soap magazine copy


Ronn’s Ebay and mine are up for auction on Ebay and will be adding to it continuously now. Everything from photos, music, collectibles, clothing and yes those most requested scarves! I am also now doing more red carpet events as a journalist for Splash magazine and another surprise, which I will tell you about later. More surprises are coming, so look for me to be posting more questions and answers at ChaCha. ChaCha is a fun app and great way to communicate with everyone and share through Twitter and Facebook. So check it out and look for much much more from us in 2014!!





In the wake of this past week’s drama on the top CBS soaps, “The Young And The Restless” and “The Bold And The Beautiful” there’s been more drama on my social pages than on these damn shows. This was all because I had an opinion on the recast of Ridge Forrester.


Many of you had been asking what I thought of this hyped up recast and I waited until the debut of Thornsten Kaye as the NuRidge to give it.  I simply didn’t think this recast was going to fly with the worldwide fansbase that Ridge Forrester has had for 25 plus years now.  And I thought this guy should have been given a new character because it was simply hard to see him as Ridge after Ronn has played him for so long. It was disrespectful to the role and to Ronn on so many levels.

 Ronn Moss 1

Also, as a longtime viewer of soaps it was a major insult to recast such a character that we have grown up with and loved as a family member for so long. This is the foundation on which soaps are built on. We as soap fans look forward to seeing some of these characters and invest our time into them only for the networks to take them away and replace them with actors who will work for less money.We are starting to see this more and more now especially with the CBS soaps. Just this week it was announced that Michael Muhney who plays Adam Newman, Billy Miller who plays Billy Abbott and Michelle Stafford who plays Phyllis Newman have all exited from “The Young and The Restless due to contract disputes or recasts.

 Michael Muhney Photo Shoot

These actors have won or were nominated for Emmys and are beloved staples of our everyday soap fantasy fix. A lot of soaps are using popular actors who are out of work from cancelled shows like “One Life To Live” and “All My Children” to sustain their ratings and capitalize on those cancelled show’s fansbase.

 This crossover has been successful for General Hospital who took on a few actors from “One Life To Live” but General Hospital still have veteran actors that are staples of their show like Tony Geary aka Luke Spencer. There are just some actors that you don’t replace.


With only four soaps on the air now, more and more changes are being made to them and we wonder about their future now? I felt that “The Bold And The Beautiful” was being very risky playing with their small cast to begin with because it’s the only half hour soap and the only one with a massive worldwide audience as the “Most Watched Show In the World.” There were only four original characters and two of them left over a year and half ago when their contracts were up for negotiation. It seemed like the producers just didn’t care about those core characters anymore and was favoring the younger storylines.



Now I understand you must keep new blood flowing on these soaps to sustain longevity into the future, but not at the expense of the core of what has made that show what it is. That core is what fans look to and cling to everyday and when it’s gone so are the viewers. I don’t think soaps are something young people are into today, not like they were when I was a teenager. There are just too many choices on the Internet and teens today are not loyal to anything because they have so much available to them. Thus not the case when I was a teen.



My mom watched soaps, so I did also and these characters became part of our family. Since Ronn’s left B&B I have had countless emails from many older viewers crying to me about missing Ridge. I’ve seen them cry to Ronn in person and ask him to come back to the show. So to recast this kind of character will break a lot of hearts. But producers will continue to cut actor’s pay and threaten recasting them until these shows are unrecognizable and become different shows. No wonder so many soaps have declined and gone off the air? Producers underestimate what viewers really want and what they will put up with.



Boring recycled storylines with new characters aren’t working for many of us and it’s insulting to our intelligence. After 25 years of following Brooke and Ridge he breaks up with her over a text message?  Brooke married Ridge’s father, two of his brothers and he forgave her, but just couldn’t take it anymore over a text message?



Then Ridge doesn’t attend his beloved mother’s funeral? It’s so not Ridge and such bad storyline. But the producer writers didn’t put much thought on how it would make the viewers feel. They didn’t think Ridge was important anymore and thought the show could survive just fine without Ridge. It’s only after a year and a half that they suddenly decide Ridge is so important that they must bring him back and go in a new direction with him?  Still not clarifying anything about what he’s been doing in Paris and why he didn’t attend his mother’s funeral?



Ridge could have been in an accident that left him without his memory and disfigured his face, which would have made way more sense to these issues than a text message and not attending his mother’s funeral.


So the producers and writers obviously didn’t put much thought into this character and I doubt they will now. Because I still am not seeing it in the writing. These shows are now becoming a waste of my time and unbearable to watch now.

They should be called ‘The Blind And The Boring” and “The Yawn And The Repetitive.” If this is what producers keep doing the future of soaps will surely become extinct.



It had been 10 years since I’d done an autograph show on the east coast, but I knew from fans online that we were welcomed with open arms. Ronn had never done a show before and his dear friend Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira was a veteran of them, so it was a great excuse to visit with her and see a little of Boston. Dennis “Fly” Amero from the group “Orleans” lives there and Boston has always been a city both Ronn and I wanted to get to know better.

photo 3 photo 4 photo 1

I had planned this show months ago and now with our tight schedule of traveling to Italy, we only had one day in between these two trips before my big surgery. So I wanted to have a little fun also. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun at the Boston Megafest and east coast fans are awesome. Ronn ran into Three Dog Night’s lead singer, Chuck Negron and Mark Lyndsey from “Paul Revere and the Raiders” who both performed at the kickass Boston Megafest afterparty Saturday night. They all wanted Ronn to join in and perform, but he was a bit tired from the overwhelming fans that day.

photo 2Dave & BrianRonn & Barbara Eden.11.2013

So tonight we had drinks with Cassandra Peterson and caught up with her as we relaxed and just watched the “American Music Awards” so that we can do a bit of sightseeing in the morning before flying back home tomorrow. The highlight of my weekend was meeting the one and only  Barbara Eden. As a kid I always watched, “I Dreamed of Jeannie” whenever I was sick to feel better and laugh. I told her this and she was gracious enough to sign a poster with Bill Daley for me, as well as take a much cherished photo with me for my upcoming hospital stay.

Ronn & Cassandra Peterson.11.2013 Devin & Barbara Eden.11.2013

Boston Megafest will always be special for us now because of this weekend and the fact that so much love and fun was all around me sending positive vibes for my upcoming surgery. We got to see the first snow flurry of the season and really enjoyed our weekend with so many amazing characters from the Boston Megafest show. We want to thank Dave and Brian for showing us around Boston and being so awesome in making our weekend special. 

This past weekend we had so much fun with old friends like German pop/pinup artist Michael Moebius, as we attended several fashion related events. We started with the book signing of fame musician photographer, John Varvatos and ran into Brooke Burke and David Charvet, along with other notable musicians, such as, Lionel Richie and “The Scorpions Bass player, Ralph Reckerman. Then we went to Flaunt magazine’s party for Selena Gomez. Rock n roll never looked so good and fashion and rock is still the place to be.  I could tell that being around all these musicians and artistic people that Ronn is embarking on an exciting new chapter of his life. He is still running into many familiar faces from the past, such as one of Player’s photographers  Brad Elterman.

Moebius & Ronn

Dev, Kako & Ronn

Brad Elterman

Bobbie Eakes had asked Ronn to be her surprise guest in her Palm Springs concert along with “The Cars” guitarist, Elliot Easton and ex-Thorne, B&B castmate, Jeff Tracta. This would also include a private after party that seemed like a class reunion. Eva LaRue, Sean Kanan and Tristian Rogers were just a few that were in attendance.  Bobbie put on an awesome performance that included rock, pop and country songs, which  earned her a well deserved standing ovation. It was my first time seeing her perform and let me tell you that girl can sing her cute little tush off! So I’m happy to announce an upcoming concert next spring that will include her singing with Ronn and a few other notable soap stars. This could also become a European tour of it’s own.

Bobbie & Ronn

Bobbie’s concert showcased her background as Miss Georgia, her musical roots with her band, “Big Trouble” and songs from her favorite musicians such as, Whitney Houston, Billy Joel, Davy Jones and Adele. Bobbie named her show, “Turn The Page” and gave an amazing rendition of Bob Seger’s song, which symbolized her journey from music to acting and back to her passion, music which she does so damn well. I predict we see more of Bobbie’s amazing talents musically in this new chapter of her life and was so happy she could share this with Ronn and her former B&B husband, Jeff Tracta.


Speaking of new chapters, Jeff Tracta has become the world’s greatest voice impressionist, comedian and singer in his own sold out live performances in Las Vegas. He is incredibly talented and we can’t wait to catch one of his shows. I think Ronn joins the ranks with Bobbie and Jeff in starting new exciting chapters of their lives doing what they passionately love and showcasing their God given talents and with that you can never go wrong.

Elliot Easton, Ronn, Bobbie & Jeff

We ended our lovely weekend attending a birthday party for publicist, Anthony Turk and it was so fun to hang out with Patrika Darbo, David Sheen and Eva LaRue.  As we turn the pages of our lives into exciting new chapters we are quite sure music and fashion will be a part of that.

 Anthony Turk



It seems like the summer flew by so fast for us and it’s already almost Halloween, where does the time go? Ronn has been in and out of town with the “Sail Rock” tour most of the summer and is about to finish it with a Canadian concert date scheduled for Oct 8th in Toronto. During the summer actress, Victoria Rowell, known for her role as Dru on “The Young And The Restless” called Ronn about a role on a new project she was writing. Victoria was anxious for Ronn to read, “The Rich And The Ruthless,” a satire comedy about the making of you guessed it, a soap opera. Apparently, Victoria wrote a part especially for her “Diagnosis Murder co-star, Dick Van Dyke and Dick just couldn’t do the part even though it was written especially for him. But, Victoria thought Ronn could totally fill in for Mr. Van Dyke, are you following me here?

51sZr+EUgQL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_8c65b577dedfabf67e2e9fa0181410a2 victoriarowell

So “The Rich And The Ruthless” will shoot sometime before Thanksgiving and Ronn thinks the project is hysterical. In addition to writing for television, Victoria has written a best selling novel, “Secrets of A Soap Opera Diva.” and just released her latest follow up novel, “The Young and The Ruthless.”  So I think she’s well qualified to bring such a project to fruition and with Ronn on board, their Aussie fans should be very happy indeed. What’s cool about “The Rich And The Ruthless” is that you can contribute and be a part of the making of this pilot. Check it out and see how here. I’m thinking Victoria and the cast of the “Rich And The Ruthless” can all join Player in the Bahamas next February on the Norwegian Pearl Cruise Line to rock out with “The Yacht Rock Revue and Player! together on this trip of a lifetime. You too can join us in the Bahamas!


In the meantime, we will look forward to the filming of Rich And The Ruthless and I of course, will keep you guys posted on any and all Player appearances! 

We had a wonderful weekend spent with several friends we hadn’t seen in a while, such as Katherine Kelly Lang. I was happy to cook a fun dinner for her and our young talented writer/director Ivan Silvestrini who is the writer/director of the acclaimed webseries, “Stuck.” Ivan is developing the perfect project for Ronn and Kelly to star in and just completed his first feature film, “Come Non Detto” a comedy about a gay guy who has a hard time coming out with his parents. We think Ivan is a sheer talent and a wonderful person and really enjoyed the film.

KKL and Ivan SilvestriniIMG_0072

So I think good vibrations are in order for Ronn and Kelly to reunite in a say a romantic comedy? Then Ronn and I attended the birthday party of producer David McKenzie at the Staple center for a hockey game that was held in a private suite. It was such a lovely evening and so nice to see one of my favorite gal pals, Kira Reed Lorsch. We met English actor, Gregg Sulkin who starred in the Disney series, “Wizards of Waverly Place” as Selena Gomez’ boyfriend.

Gregg SulkinIMG_5785

Ronn is getting ready to read a script for a 10 hour mini series that he will be working on with David McKenzie which I will give you details on soon. But what I can tell you is that this will be a terrific, amazing project that you will surely love and you will get to see Ronn on TV again soon! In addition to trying to finish the “Sail Rock” tour, Player will now do a possible tour in Finland this January.


So as you can see, there are good vibrations everywhere with music, movies and television projects in the works. We are just trying to find the time to fit it all in before and after the upcoming holidays which is just around the corner. I can’t believe how fast this year is going by! Tomorrow night we ride our Harley’s to the DVD release party premiere of “Easy Rider, The Ride Back” in Marina Del Rey at Bartel’s Harley Davidson. The producer of that film is also the producer/writer of the upcoming “411” movie that Ronn will be directing.


Image 17

In addition to all of this, Ronn and Peter Beckett did a very cool photo shoot with photographer Christopher Ameruoso in Elvis Presley’s actual sunglasses as part of a cool book of talented stars all wearing Elvis’ glasses, and you all know how much I love Elvis! So I think there will be good vibrations in celebrating all the exciting new upcoming projects and as usual I will keep you posted as they continue to evolve, but in the meantime enjoy the second installment of “Finland’s Game of Emotions.”


I think Prince coined “Jam of the Year” as a song on his “Emancipation” album, but it’s ours now. For some reason, we love rockin out on Mondays. First the Canyon Club for my big 50th birthday and now Labor Day weekend will always be etched in our brain with the Jam of the year. We had REO Speedwagon’s Bryan Hitt on drums and REO’s guitarist Dave Amato rockin in with Player. It was so hot that all we could do was dance our asses off all night long.



It’s not everyday I have tons of people dancing in my garage, but no one could sit still and had to get up and grove to the music. I cooked red beans and rice for my vegetarian friends and a killer gumbo. Ronn grilled chicken and tri tip and others brought tons more food to add to our Player Potluck Jam of the year! This was so good, we may make it an annual event.

photo.jpg31239599_10151842331081178_208987520_n photo.jpg1


Right now it’s almost 4:30 in the afternoon and I’m just now having a cappuccino to wake myself up and function properly. I’ve not partied this much since, well my birthday at the Canyon Club. But, when Player jams no one can sit still. We had a great group of friends old and new come in and out throughout the evening to share in on all the fun. Patrick Warburton brought out cigars and added to the cool vibe. Al Stewart, who is famous for his hit, “Time Passages” and “Year of the Cat” is always a wine expert who happens to look like an executive, but the boy can jam!

photo.jpg21185105_566762756694531_1582729277_n 1157724_10151842328531178_1104069041_n

Nothing like the fun, positive, loving energy that engulfed our house and made our jam of the year so wonderful. Our kitchen looked like an explosion hit it this morning. Tell me why does everyone love to be in the kitchen at house parties anyway? Oh yeah, food! So with fun friends, great food and music it’s a given that we call this the jam of the year with pride. Notice Peter Beckett on drums! Who knows maybe we may take our Player Jam Parties on the road along with the Player Angels and party in your hometown! More of the fun on Ronn’s Garage coming up!


After fighting major jet lag from our superb trip abroad, Ronn had to take yet another flight to NY for a Player concert. Personally, I don’t think he’s human and tell everyone he’s an alien because jet lag just never gets the best of him! He managed to have an awesome performance in gorgeous Chautauqua, NY with the “Sail Rock” tour. I had to pick him up from the airport to make it in time for a dinner party thrown by actress Allie Mills who plays Pam on B&B.


Allie has been generously trying to gather a few cast and crew members together to celebrate both Ronn and Susan Flannery for their work and departure from B&B for nearly a year now! And due to everyone’s schedules this was no easy task! Turns out Allie lives on the beautiful canals of Venice Beach, so coming from Italy this was rather appropriate and much appreciated for us.


We joined other cast members, John McCook and Katherine Kelly Lang, Ian Buchanan, as well as, a few crew members for the best turkey burgers I’ve ever had! I must say Allie sets a gorgeous table and even though Ronn had just flown back from NY and I was still fighting jet lag, we couldn’t have had more fun. It was great to finally see Susan and catch up with friends that are really like family. It was such a beautiful dinner party and we wish we could do this much more often.


It’s so apparent that both Ronn and Susan’s presence is not only missed by fans, but by their cast and crew. So raise your glasses to Allie and her wonderful husband Orson Bean for making this happen finally and a big kiss and thank you Allie for all your hard work in pulling it off![wpvideo l6fyhXLv][wpvideo 18EoGK8t]

I was on such a high this past week from the Player concert. It was a night of celebration, love and just plain good fun that was had by all last Monday, as I embraced my dearest, sweetest friends from all over who came to spend that magical day with us. And I’m sooo not exaggerating, it was indeed magical. Many of the beautiful sweet puppies, kittens and dogs found homes. Kim Sill, founder of Shelter Hope Pet Shop had every volunteer working their little tushes off just to celebrate lil ole, me! 8494_585452894808487_1227553890_n (1)

So it’s really the truth when I tell you that the Shelter Hope Pet Shop volunteers take what they do way seriously and with pleasure, joy and just plain beauty all around. That was the best damn birthday party a girl my age could ever hope to have and I was never more grateful, loved or celebrated than that evening. My favorite band in the world was singing just for me, okay and you too!  No one at Shelter Hope Pet Shop expected what would happen the day after such a wonderful, beautiful event like our Canyon Club concert with Player. I really was on a beautiful high and so to hear the sad news the very next day that one of our sweetest most angelic volunteer Phillis Armstrong passed away of heart failure, was devastating to say the least to, not just me, but everyone. 

Phillis touched everyone who met her and no one was as dedicated as she was as a volunteer, lover of animals and just plain good natured and good hearted soul. A sadness was felt even if you only saw a photo of her like this one of her in the green skirt holding that little furry bundle. Phillis embodied what an animal rescue lover truly stands for and her dedication will not be forgotten. We can only follow her example in giving of ourselves and to our society when we give from the heart and soul such as Phillis did in her seemingly short life. 

So as Ronn and I take our journey tomorrow and carry Player with us when they join Orleans, Firefall and Christopher Cross in Del Mar, we will also take Phillis as our angel guide to help us continue our magical journey forward with her sweet spirit and the essence of that last magical evening spent with her. Phillis will forever be a part of Player now as we meet more Player Angels around the world, we will always carry our sweet angel Phillis in our hearts.

Phillis Armstrongphoto

Ronn and I had a weekend full of BBQ, friends and fun. We kicked it off with a small BBQ for some new friends and then went to our neighbor Patrick Warburton’s house to finish off the day. I had a little too much wine and fell asleep most of the evening on the couch while friends like KISS guitarist, Tommy Thayer and his lovely wife Amber took pics of me sleeping! 

Tommy Thayer & RonnAmber Thayer IMG_0634

We then went up to the Playboy mansion to visit Hef and saw “Star Trek, Into the Darkness” and I had a lovely chat with beautiful intelligent women like Monique St. Pierre and Monika Henreid. We topped off our Memorial day weekend with a fun visit with our neighbors Sharyn and Phil who took us to see “The Hangover 3.” So now it’s time to focus on what’s coming up next weekend which kicks off my birthday fund raiser for Shelter Hope Pet Shop

Patrick Warburton

I have a house full of guests who are staying with us from out of town and PLAYER’s final rehearsals before the big June 3rd event. So my plate will be full of fun this coming weekend with all my beautiful girlfriends to help us celebrate and for such a worthy cause. So if you haven’t purchased a ticket yet to the event please do so, you won’t be disappointed and your ticket is tax deductible to boot! Go to for all info on tickets!!

I love this time of the year when the flowers are blooming and summer in on the horizon, but it always gets so busy with events, parties, movie screenings and BBQs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining because I love having a full life, it’s just the beginning of being a busy bee and it’s already started for us. Ronn is a busier bee than ever with Player rehearsals for the upcoming June 3rd charity event at the Canyon Club in honor of my big 50th birthday. I have so many girlfriends flying in from Louisiana, Texas, Chicago and New Jersey who are staying with me, so we will have a full house the weekend before to celebrate. We have quite an interesting guest list of people coming to the event, so it should be a terrific evening!  Putting together an event like this one is time consuming and requires every detail to be attended to in advance. I want everyone to have an excellent time and have Shelter Hope Pet Shop raise alot of money to save as many animals as possible in the next year. They saved over 400 last year!

In addition to planning this event, I’ve made some changes to the 411 website and haven’t announced Ronn’s leading lady yet because there are some scheduling issues to deal with due to other offers that Ronn has been receiving, and we are trying to fit everything in. Ronn will also be touring this summer with Player for the US Sail Rock tour with other artists such as, Orleans, Christopher Cross, John Ford Coley and Firefall. So he’s is going from one event to touring to filming and there are no breaks in between.


As you know, we are also going to Italy in mid June for the Taormina Film Festival in which he doing a speaking engagement that he must prepare a presentation for. And there’s always Ronn’s Garage to edit and film, so my dear wonderful hubby is a busy busy bee. I’m also working on a new website devoted to everything that women love called, woman to woman. I will feature amazing women in all areas that we women want to see such as fashion, health and beauty. So see I’m a busy bee too, but I also want to try and have some fun!  So I think as busy bees it’s going to be a great fun filled summer that I for one am looking forward to and I will try and keep you updated as usual on things as they progress!

I guess once a model always a model rings true even at my age. So when I got the bug to get back in front of the camera, I had to make it fun. And nothing is more fun than playing dress up with your girlfriends at any age! Ronn happens to be a born photographer. He’s had a camera in his hand since the age of five and has always loved it. But, it’s not easy to get down time with him where he has the focus to do it. I know how incredibly creative he is whether doing music, acting or photography, Ronn is a perfectionist who does it beautifully and like no other. 
photoshoot 2
I’ve had the privilege of shooting with many amazing photographers in my long career as a model and Ronn is just as good as the best ones I’ve worked with. His lighting is impeccable and he has a great eye for capturing the inner part of anyone. He also shoots super fast and there are always tons of amazing photos to choose from, which makes picking the best ones rather difficult. So I think it’s safe to say we had a lot of beauty and style in this photo shoot. I wanted to capture an essence of the 50’s and 60’s with looks and styles from that era.


So the journey will continue into next week when I shoot with Playmates, Barbara Moore and Ava Fabian, both who are simply incredible models. I love creating artistically beautiful photos that stand the test of time and look forward to playing dress up alot more with my girlfriends and the best photographer I know. Thank you Brittany for the fabulous hair and makeup and to Lisa Marie for just being your terrific fun self, looking forward to doing it again and again!


Yesterday we had a lovely girls spa day at the gorgeous Four Season’s Hotel.  Lori and I wanted to celebrate Tina and Sue’s upcoming birthdays with a much needed day having a facial and massage and lunch by the pool. To our surprise the one and only Kendra was sitting right next to us with her husband Hank. So it was great to catch up with her. Tina, Sue, Lori and I had a blast and toured the gardens and green house afterwards. Then I had to rush home to cook dinner for Frankie Banali and Regina Russell. We hung out listening to Player songs the rest of the night. So my Spacation day was quite lovely and relaxing. 


I’m now in the mist of re-designing all our websites including the 411 movie website. This weekend we are having a glamourous photo shoot with a couple of my girlfriends and me as it’s been a while since I’ve taken any photos and Ronn is of course the photographer. So I’m sure the photos will be gorgeous and it will be a super fun day. I’m so looking forward to having the band rehearsals for my upcoming birthday party and I’m so happy that so many of you are excited to attend. You may purchase your tickets here  as we hope to see as many of you possible there on June 3rd. This will be the only chance to see PLAYER live in Los Angeles for a while. 



Okay this will be one exciting event, not to be missed. PLAYER will perform at the the Canyon Club on June 3rd to celebrate my 50th birthday and all proceeds will go to the Shelter Hope Pet Shop. I wanted to do something big in celebration of my 50 years on this planet and my wish was to have everyone I know to be there with PLAYER performing. I DO NOT want gifts!!



This is my gift having all of you be there with us to celebrate! Tickets are on sale now and there are three levels of seating. The best value is the VIP tables  which seat 6 people per table and include open bar and dinner. There are only 11 left as of now and are going for $1200 per table or $200 per person. The next level is at $98 per person in which you must make a dinner reservation. The third level is at $49 and standing room only. This will be an awesome event benefiting the amazing Shelter Hope Pet Shop  which has helped rescue so many animals and place them in great homes. It is the only rescue center in a mall and I’m so happy that we can help this great cause. So I advise you to RSVP your tickets sooner rather than later for the best seats. 

images-1 images-2 images

PLAYER will be performing their classic hits like, “This Time I’m In It For Love” “It’s For You” “Silver Lining” and of course “Baby Come Back.” They will also be performing their new songs from their newly released, “Too Many Reasons.” CD now available on itunes and Amazon. This will be the first major concert of PLAYER in Los Angeles and one that I’m sure will please everyone. So please join in celebrating my 50th birthday and help support the Shelter Hope Pet Shop by joining us on June 3rd at the Canyon Club!! If you can’t make the concert and want to make a tax deductible donation please make checks out to Shelter Hope Pet Shop and send to 1336 Moorpark Rd #326, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. A big kiss and much gratitude!!

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As we gear up to start shooting the movie 411, we kick it off on April 1st with a Player video shoot and we are looking for people to come and hang out with us that day onset. The 411 movie is a thriller with lots of twists and turns. Ronn plays, James Ivory the hottest action star on television who moonlights as a rock star. In this scene James Ivory is filming a music video and connects with a hot girl in the audience who mysteriously turns up dead after the concert leading detectives to wonder if James Ivory is the one who killed her. So if you want to have some fun on April 1st when we shoot this scene, email me at and send me a picture. We would love to have as many of you as possible help us celebrate Ronn’s debut as a director on our first day of shooting 411.


Ronn and I attended “The Bold and Beautiful’s” 26th anniversary party held at The Standard Hotel in Downtown LA. It was in a ping pong sports bar and enticed alot of the cast to challenge each other in ping pong. The party seemed like a high school reunion for us due to the fact that we hadn’t seen the cast in crew for several months. Everyone seemed to miss Ronn and he of coursed missed everyone, so there were constant pictures and hugs throughout the night, so much so that Ronn didn’t even get a chance to eat anything and was starving by the time we drove home. Can we say “In and Out” burger? 


It was fun to hang and see friends like Winsor Harmon, Katherine Kelly Lang, Scott Clifton, Jacqueline McInnes Wood and so many crew members that Ronn considers family. So funny how fast time flies as it’s now been over six months since Ronn left the show. A funny video was made spoofing B&B with Mrs. Lee Bell as the star with her little dog, “Joy.” Here’s to wishing “The Bold and The Beautiful” many more years of success and many more parties!

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I know you’ve heard us say that Italy is our second home and it is looking more and more that way. The Italians have had a love affair with Ronn for decades now and he seems to visit that country more than any other. It’s hard to say no to any invitation because there are so many beautiful places to visit in Italy. This upcoming invitation is one that I am extremely excited about because it falls around my big 50th birthday in June and it’s a place I’ve never been in Sicily. 

Ronn has been invited to attend the prestigious 59th Taormina Film Festival held in the beautiful scenario of the ancient Greek-Roman monument “Teatro Antico”, facing the Etna volcano, in the heart of the Mediterranean area. Past actors such as,  Robert De Niro, Oliver Stone, Sophia Loren, Colin Firth have had the honor of being asked to do a presentation at this beautiful theater that is embedded in a rock and only holds about 19,000 people. Here is a link to the festival for more information Taormina Film Festival 2013


I take this is as another gift from the universe that we are on the right path in our exciting new career ventures and the fact that this invitation falls near my big birthday makes me so happy to again visit another beautiful place in Italy. So here are some pics of the beautiful outdoor theater and the coast of Sicily. I’m imagining my morning cappuccinos now.

On this day the world was gifted with a beautiful soul that we call, Ronn Moss. He has been a shining light to many of us throughout the years with his presence as a friend, father, actor, musician and spouse. Ronn is truly a gifted soul in so many ways and an inspiration to many of you around the world. So as we celebrate his birthday we are reminded of what he means to all of us, especially his family. There is much more to come from this gifted soul called, Ronn Moss as he now embarks on a new career as director for his upcoming film debut 411, and I’m sure as always he won’t disappoint. This is something Ronn was born to do, especially because he’s always had a love for photography and cameras, and as most of you know by now, he’s really quite good at it. So I believe this is really just the next natural phase of his promising career as a director. I know how much you all are loving the Ronn’s Garage series and there are some exciting guests and upcoming shows that I know you will absolutely love, so keep tuning in and spread the word. 

Ronn Moss

We are also very pleased with the great reviews and amazing comments we have been getting on Player’s new CD, “Too Many Reasons” and if you haven’t ordered your copy, you are really missing out. All 14 songs are a terrific blend of that amazing sound that only Player has today. So upcoming tours are being planned for the summer as a we speak. Ronn is busier than ever with other movie offers that includes him as a director, so I think you will be happy to see his progress in this new field. His recent appearances in Italy proves that more and more people are discovering Ronn Moss and not just Ridge Forrester. 

Speaking of Ridge Forrester, I was very disappointed that the Emmys overlooked Ronn as an actor yet again. Even though I submitted him this year, he didn’t even get a pre-nomination by the Emmys for his body of work, which in my opinion is downright disgusting. Now keep in mind, Ronn never submitted himself all these years to even be in the running of an Emmy, which the actors must do to even be considered. So the fact that I did submit him and he didn’t even get the pre-nomination confirms that he made the absolute right decision leaving daytime behind because they never appreciated him or his talent. I hope now that you all understand this is his time to move forward and not look back. The way he was written off B&B should prove that he was not really appreciated at all and bigger and better things await this gifted soul that has so much more to give the world. 

Too Many Reasons

I will be launching the 411 website in the next week with the cast members and ways you can participate with us on Ronn directorial debut in the movie 411. As most of you already know Ronn loves his fans and I’ve never seen anyone take the time to communicate and interact with their fans the way he does, and he’s always been this way. So trust me, the best is yet to come and you all will be there to cheer him on I’m sure. So please if you haven’t subscribed to our blog or the Player Angels, please do so that you can keep up with where Player  will perform next and what appearances are coming up first!  This is also a great way to get discounts on merchandise and be the first to know about contests and ways you can meet Ronn and I. With St. Patty’s day approaching I say the luck of the Irish is on our side and since Ronn and I are both part Irish, I know I’m right.


Ronn wanted me to share this video he made to make you guys feel like you were there with him and KKL at the Laura Biagiotti fashion show. We also want to congratulate Brian Liss who won our contest for the new autographed Player CD, “Too Many Reasons” that was released worldwide today. This is what Brian wrote about Player.

Brian Profile 2

There are just “Too Many Reasons” why i wouldn’t fall in love with the band “Player” and it’s awesome music. I first got hooked on “Player”
music back in 2008 when I found out that my favorite actor on the daytime hit show “The Bold And The Beautiful” was a famous musician before his
acting career. So i looked up his name and that is Ronn Moss who played Ridge Forrester and is also the bass gutarist for the group “Player”. My first
song that I ever heard was “Baby Come Back”, such a really great song that you can listen to over and over again and now i can say it is on my list of songs
that you know by heart.
My other favorite moment that i really loved about the group “Player” is back in 2010 if i get my years right. It was around Christmas time and i saw
this video on youtube when the group was rehearsing a Christmas song in “Ronn’s Garage”. This was before Ronn’s web series.
My favorite members of “Player” are Peter Beckett and Ronn Moss because they are two founders of the group. I also love all the other songs “Player” has done in the past, i recently purchased a greatest hits CD of the band and it is in my car and I can listen to the group over and over.
I had a chance to see the group live back in 2008 but i did not know they were in the Boston area, otherwise i would have been to both of their shows at Twin River Casino in Rhode Island.
Every song has touched me in different ways, the music the band sings touches your heart, it’s relaxing music to listen to anytime of the day. I am looking forward to hearing new music from such a talented group of musicians. And when I hear “Baby Come Back” which i think is the bands signature song to date.
My biggest dream right now is to see “Player” live and in person. Not only when you listen to them on a CD, it is a lot better to see the group live and share every song with a large audience.
So one can say that there are “Too Many Reasons” how you couldn’t fall in love with music from the group “Player”………

Brian L Liss (Huge “Player” listener)

It’s been over a week and a half since hubby left for Italy and even though I miss him terribly, I love being alone. I always get so much done and haven’t stopped since he left spring cleaning my closet. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time, but never having the time to devote to doing. Getting rid of things you don’t use or need for others to enjoy tells the universe you are ready for new exciting things to come into your life. I devoted a chapter on “Home” in my book, “True Age, Timeless Beauty.” It’s something I’ve been doing all my life and being a Cancer, my home is very much where most of my energy is. Cooking, entertaining and spending quality time with the family and intimate time with hubby is what’s important to me. “Home is where the heart” is, I’m sure you’ve heard that before. 

True Age, Timeless Beauty

I’m  also happy that I got our taxes off to the accountant. That is something I hate to do, as I’m sure most of you do too. But I find doing the mundane things you hate doing a little bit each day will get those tasks out of the way in record time. I love what i call, “Time Management” and budgeting my time to have free quality time with hubby by getting these things out of the way. I hate waiting until the last minute to scramble to do such things. Procrastination has been an issue with all of us from time to time I’m sure, but I feel it holds you back from moving forward in life to get into such habits. So when I put my mind into doing something, I just do it!  This time spent alone has also given me the chance to catch up with some of my friends and spend quality time together, so I’ve not been bored one second. 

Devin's Closet

I try to be in gratitude each and every day for whatever life throws at me because it’s always a learning experience for growth. This is also explained in my book, “True Age, Timeless Beauty.” Everything starts with gratitude. Be grateful for what you have not what you don’t is what I try to live by. I’m am at a period in life that I don’t feel I want or need anything and wish to get rid of most of the things I have accumulated over the past years. I want to simplify my life and not have so many things to deal with anymore. I love life to be in balanced in every area so that the universe can bring me to that next level of growth. Letting go of the old things only tells the universe that you are ready for new ones and it’s the period between the old and the new that’s most exciting. The transition into the exciting new unknown has always challenged and thrilled me because I can feel my growth happening and welcome it.

So I’m excited to welcome the new things that I know are coming into our lives soon and I’m grateful for the old things that have been there to get me to the point I am thus far in this game called, “Life.” 

Since we are moving closer to Valentine’s Day and love is in the air, at least that’s how I”m feeling these days. There is just an elation of endorphins that are running through my acute awareness of every emotion I’m feeling, and how powerful thoughts are becoming in manifesting my goals in life. Looking back on the past 50 years I’ve almost had on this planet, I can say that I have learned a thing or two about life, people and things. If you are paying attention to your own emotions and how they guide you to the things you desire most, you will feel something that is beyond mere words. DevRonn

Because I’m a goal driven person and an avid daydreamer, organizer and an optimist, always have been. I tend to see the good and want what’s good for all concerned because it’s what’s always best for my growth, and the planet as a whole. I know the art of manifestation because I’ve practiced it many times in many ways during my life. I have manifested my home, career, health and even my husband! All of this I point out with stories in my book, “True Age, Timeless Beauty: Finding the Fountain of Youth and All That You Desire. I wrote it to help others understand and grow in spirit and manifest even the fountain of youth if that’s your strongest desire. Remember, what one person wants or needs in this lifetime can be vastly and uniquely different for many reasons that are not physically seen.

True Age, Timeless Beauty

It is always in your best and more uplifting desire to be happy, centered and content on every level of your life.  Know that the universe will provide and give you what is just and right and at the perfect time. It is for this reason that i love the process of the art of manifestation. When I say that, I mean the process of bringing into reality, that of which I desire. When going through this process I feel excited, happy and creative. I flourish in every area of my life and go through a range of emotions that tell me my will is to be done. Eden Ayers

This process makes me feel that I am one with the universe and there could be no better place to be than the here and now. I focus on what I want and am aware of the the blessings and unique path the universe will guide me on to attain my goal. I see myself having it already, or doing it or living or being it and it is. The art of manifestation is within all of us. It’s that inner feeling that makes you excited to focus on each and every minute of everyday. It’s your passion that you need to share with all of the world. It’s what makes us unique and special, because no two people are exactly alike and we all have gifts to offer and share. It is with this wisdom that peace is born and the art of manifestation has taken your soul to it’s highest feeling of elation and bliss.

Right now I write all of this because Ronn and I are in an amazing manifestation period and since we’ve done this process together before, I know it’s going to an exciting experiences to learn and grown from. Change is growth and I welcome change personally, although most people have issues around it. Most are held back because of fear of failure. Most are afraid of the unknown, but it’s the process between the known and the unknown that’s the most exciting. At least that’s been my experience. So I love change and usually welcome it with open arms. That’s not to say, the process isn’t emotional.

With this comes change of the highest and greatest good for all of us to share, grow and learn from. Several of my friends are also going through changes with lots of emotion behind it right now and I’m here to tell you to welcome it and relish it. Be grateful for it and excited about it and most of all find love and inner peace by letting go of the fear and trust that the universe will guide you.


There has been alot going on with Ronn and I for the past few weeks and 2013 has taken off with a bang! Ronn has been busy preparing for his upcoming trip to Italy in which he will be promoting his fashion campaign with Katherine Kelly Lang for Impero Couture. They are launching the commercial on Valentine’s Day. Now if I didn’t love KKL so much myself, I’d be jealous that my husband isn’t spending Valentine’s Day with me and will be in Italy with her on that day. However, I’m not jealous, but happy that the campaign is so elegant and beautiful and it’s a perfect day to launch such a campaign. So hubby and I will celebrate the day before and I will see his cute little butt off to fly into the sunset with his Logan. I know how much you all love that and being a fan, so do I.


I chose not to go this trip because in addition to doing that promotion, Ronn will be traveling alot within Italy to various cities to promote his upcoming Player CD, “Too Many Reasons.” I don’t think this wil be a a fun trip for me to tag along on because he’s going to be on the go constantly. Besides, I have so much on my plate to deal with here at home with real estate now picking up finally and getting things prepared for the 411movie shoot and Ronn’s Garage. We have Ray Parker Jr, Jacquline MacInnes Wood and Rove coming up over the next few months and I’m looking forward to them all visiting us and to cook up something yummy! I’ve been getting all your requests to have Ronn and I cook together and I believe that is a real possibility. There’s even been talk about Ronn and I doing a TV cooking show together, which I would just love.


All that being said, we are absolutely loving life these days. Ronn is more relaxed and feeling creative. He’s writing for his memoir and it’s quite good and very interesting. I’ve told him his life story’s roots are fascinating and should be a book. All the stories he’s told me from his experiences growing up to his days on tour with the band, to 25 years of being Ridge Forrester. It’s something he must write and wants to now. Ronn is also doing the music for the 411movie, so he’s been busy preparing to shoot some music videos that will be in the movie, as well as, theme music for it. And as you know he does everything for Ronn’s Garage, including the editing, so he’s finishing up German pinup artist Michael Moebius now. I can safely say Ronn is also loving life because of all this creativity he now has time for in doing the things he loves the most. This past week we were spending time with our new friends from Monaco and their three adorable little girls, a set of twins who are four years old and the oldest daughter who is six. One of the twins really took to me and we are now best buds. I look forward to seeing them again soon.

 Last night we celebrated another birthday with my dear friend writer, producer, director Jeff Franklin. Known for his brilliance in comedic writing, he created the hit syndicated TV series, “Full House” and has been a close friend since I arrived in Hollywood back in 1985. I said my first words on TV written by Jeff when I appeared as Garry Shandling’s fantasy girl on the “Garry Shandling Show.”  Jeff created “Full House” shortly after Garry’s show was canceled and is also responsible for writing and directing movies such as the cult classic comedy, “Love Stinks” and “Summer School.”  Now Jeff always throws fabulous parties and last night was exceptional with an amazing band, delicious food and beautiful decor in his lovely home filled with exotic fish tanks. He even has baby sharks in one tank and has three of them built into the wall of his house that is one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen. The views are 360 and the house has a bit of history that may freak some people out. It sits on the same site where the Manson murders took place many years ago.

However, Jeff’s great energy and beautiful home has brought nothing but, joy, peace and love to those grounds and his amazing parties have only helped that energy and I believe he too is loving life with another birthday under his belt. Jeff and I have a tradition in that we are both Elvis fans and he has a large Elvis collection. I always try to add to it with something he doesn’t have and have been successful the past couple years with a bubble gum Elvis pack and a mini Elvis lunchbox. He has a Priscilla and Elvis Barbie that I wish I had for my Barbie collection! I’m so thrilled that my book, “True Age, Timeless Beauty: Finding the Fountain of Youth and Everything You Desire is touching lives and I’m happy to be a part of a new book entitled, “Wounded, Survive, Thrive” 101 Women’s Journey’s from Torment to Triumph in which I share my personal story. I hope this book helps many women overcome abuse of any kind and thrive in their lives.

So we hope you too are loving life as much as we have been lately and that the new year is filled with laughter, love and fun times with family and friends because that’s really what life should be don’t you think? Don’t forget to join the PlayerAngels and enter our contest to win a FREE Autographed Player CD! I want to see Player Angels from all over the world flying around and cheering Ronn and the boys on their new journey. Tours are being planned and I will keep you informed as they develop. I am confident you will love the CD as much as I do!

Player Angels


It’s time to show the world how much you love PLAYER and their music by joining the PLAYER ANGELS CLUB! I thought it would be fun to have all the ladies that love Ronn and PLAYER join the exclusive PLAYER ANGELS CLUB by sending us a photo with your name, age, where you are from and occupation and we will post you on the new PLAYER ANGELS website. As the club grows we can share photos and videos from future PLAYER concerts around the world. There is the signature sexy PLAYER tank top for all you ladies to grab and wear to those upcoming concerts and as a PLAYER ANGEL once you join, you will get 10% off of any PLAYER merchandise listed on the PLAYER ANGELS website! Go to the  Player Angels Website it’s FREE to join the club now!



Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning 2013


Devin's Kickass Cajun Seasoning
Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning

As we kick off a brand new year and almost five years of Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning, I’m happy to know that so many of you love our spice! Most of you know we created the spice because of my love for Cajun cooking and my home state of Louisiana. Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning was created especially to help the city of New Orleans recover from the devastation of hurricane Katrina and we give part of the proceeds directly to help that effort. Last year we gave $14,000 to Brad Pitt’s charity, “Make It Right” who is directly helping New Orleans rebuild ecological housing. This year we hope to top that and with your help I’m sure we can exceed that number as New Orleans continues to rebuild. However, our spice doesn’t just benefit New Orleans, it benefits any other natural disasters that has happened in our country such as, hurricane Sandy in New York recently. We want to be known as the spice that gives back.


Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning and Cajun Cookin

Cookin Cajun
Cookin Cajun

In addition to Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning, I created the cookbook, “Cajun Cookin” with a variety of not only Cajun recipes, but appetizers, soups, salads, stews and meats to use with our spice because it’s simply great on everything. Most of our customers actually use the phrase, “We use it on everything.” That’s no exaggeration because I know we do and have for nearly five years now. Our Cajun spice is lower in sodium than any other Cajun seasoning that I know of and has no MSG. I created that way because I was tired of what was in the supermarkets. Most Cajun spices were way too salty and did contain MSG. So our spice is my original recipe that I perfected for that reason. It’s got alot of flavor and a bit of a kick, but not to spicy, so it really does just make you the cook you didn’t know you could be just by adding it to any dish. My “Cookin Cajuncookbook is now available in an ebook that you can download to your ipad or computer and has lots of wonderful photos to go with nearly every dish.



The Future of Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning



When we created  Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning  we wanted to start small and grow organically with a product we could be proud of. Since Ronn and I are in the entertainment business, we knew nothing about the food industry, which was a bit of an education in the process of creating “Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning” and took nearly two years to formulate. My goal is to have it one day be in the supermarkets  and available all over at a cheaper price. It’s very hard to compete with brands that are household names and already on the shelves in supermarkets, however I will not give up on this dream because I know we have a “kickass” product pardon the pun. Most of you who have tried it know what I’m talking about and those of you who haven’t, well you are missing out. We use it for BBQs, in the summer and I love to give it to our new friends and have them come back and rave about how much they love it on everything. So we believe the future oDevin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning is very bright and with your continued help will be the a spice that makes a difference!

Here Comes Santa Claus

With only four days left to do your Christmas shopping and we don’t want to forget to leave out the milk and cookies, the jolly old man with big red bag will be coming down your chimney on Christmas eve, hopefully with lots of goodies for you! You can sing, Here Comes Santa Claus, Here Comes Santa Claus and wish yourself a Merry little Christmas with Jingle Bells along the way.  I got to the see the man myself and told him what I wanted already. Not sure if I will get it, but it was good to sit on his knee and tell him anyway.  All I know is that I find myself singing, Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus and I feel so happy knowing that he’s getting things ready with his elves wrapping all those presents for all the good boys and girls. Are you one of them? Have you been naughty or nice?



Here Comes Santa Claus

Santa told me that he would have a talk with Ronn about a few things I’ve been asking for, can’t tell you what they are because I don’t want to jinx it. All I know is that I’ve been checking my list and making sure I have those cookies out for him. I hope he doesn’t hold it against me that I didn’t put up a tree this year. Are you getting excited? I know I am!  If you have any last minute gifts to give here are a few suggestions:

True Age, Timeless Beauty




Devin's Kickass Cajun Seasoning
Devin’s Kickass Cajun SeasoningPlayer CD

 Here comes Santa Claus

Just in case you don’t get what you want this year from Santa, dont be disappointed, due to the economy, money could be tight for him too. I mean the man has a lot on his plate you know.





411 The Movie Revealed



We are in the process of putting together the website for which is the first feature film Ronn will be starring in and producing. The script has been tailored for him and has a “Jagged Edge” meets “Basic Instinct” erotic mystery to it.

Ronn will be playing the role of James Ivory,star of the hottest action series on television and there will even be PLAYER music from the new upcoming CD, “Too Many Reasons” in the soundtrack. The website will feature behind the scenes clips and music videos from the movie that will be shot in February.

I think you guys will really get to see Ronnbo in action with even some karate moves in this film. But, there is still so much to do with casting, crew and locations before we are set to film. This movie has all the elements that Ronn has always wanted to perform and I promise I will keep you posted on the progress with lots of updates throughout the making 411 the movie.


IMG_2295I really do love Christmas and of course presents,who doesn’t unless you really are a scrooge. Most of the time I like to shop online because it’s just so quick and  easy. One of my favorite places to shop is on Amazon. It seems everything you can possibly want is there. It’s a great way to send out of town relatives something they will love and treasure. Online shopping can eliminate the hassle of driving, parking and waiting in lines. However,  this year I personally just did not have the time or energy to get into Christmas due to playing catch up from that car accident we had at the end of the summer. I got so behind on way too many things to even think about Christmas, so I’m keeping it simple with gift cards. Another thing I love to do with my girlfriends is what I call, Potluck. All the girls bring a wrapped gift along with a dish and we eat, drink and play a game called, “White Elephant.” This is always fun because each girl picks a number out of a hat and then picks a present from under the tree to open. As the other girls eye her present to maybe steal it or pick a present to open for themselves. The game can get very funny depending on how many girls you have playing and the stealing can sometimes become out of hand if someone isn’t there to supervise. Nevertheless, it’s a fun way to do Christmas presents if you have a large family. Ebay is another great place to find interesting deals on just about everything and sites like cafepress and zazzle have hundreds of items you can personalize with your family’s photos or even your pet’s. E-cards are also a quick and easy way to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or whatever else you want to say with your own spin.  Then of course there are all those holiday parties that keeps us all so busy this time of the year. So whatever you plans are this Christmas I hope you don’t stress over it all and use some of these tips to make things a little easier this holidays season!

Although Thanksgiving is an American holiday, the meaning behind it is universal. We in America give thanks for the freedoms our country enjoy today because of what our ancestors fought for.

We try and remember our loved ones and the traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. We create circles of family and friends around dining on the traditions of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie as the fireplace warms our home and heart to what being alive to celebrate another Thanksgiving means.

Each Thanksgiving that we get to have with our friends and family becomes more precious with each passing year and traditions old and new become revered and passed on for a new generation to carry. This Thanksgiving remember to give to those less fortunate if even a small way and remember all the wonderful things you have to be grateful for.

Today Ronn and I went to the Shelter Hope Pet Shop to celebrate their one year anniversary of saving the lives of so many animals this past year. Many vets and senior citizens have adopted from the Shelter Hope Pet Shop and have found  great therapy and companionship by their adoptions.

We then went to celebrate the birthday of Ronn’s first wife Janet. I happen to adore Jannie as we call her. She is a wonderful, beautiful lady and has known Ronn for almost 40 years.  Many of Ronn’s childhood friends were there and it was a beautiful celebration of lifelong friendship, amazing food and fun company.

That’s really what life is all about, isn’t it? Friendship, food and fun company is something to treasure each and every day. Giving thanks is about sharing who you are and what you love with people you love to be around. And as life gets shorter, that gets more and more precious.

I do know I feel a deep sense of gratitude for each day that I’m healthy and happy and I want to feel that way as much as possible in this lifetime. There is so much to feel grateful for each and every day. Even though some days are maybe not as great at times as others, life is a meant to be joyful and adventurous.

Ronn and I are deeply grateful for all of you who have loved and supported us through huge transitions this year. I for one am grateful for my health and the well-being of my family and friends. We are grateful for the opportunities that are presenting themselves every day with such vigor and excitement. And we are grateful for the love that we share, a love so rare and so deep that it bursting to come out and play.

That’s exactly what we are doing now. Playing, enjoying life and spreading our love and thanks to all of you. Through, music, books, Ronn’s Garage, charity, food and travel we hope you will continue to follow us on this journey called life.


Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning

When Ronn and I developed “Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning” it was for the purpose of helping my home state of Louisiana recover from the devastation of hurricane Katrina. I wanted to give back to hurricane victims in a small way that could someday turn into something huge.

Cookin Cajun

At the same time, I created the cookbook, “Cookin Cajun” as an aid to the spice with some of my favorite dishes that I love to cook all the time. Ronn shot the photos in the cookbook and designed the label for our spice and it’s something we are both very proud of.

I’m so thrilled that so many of you love the product and now I’m happy to have “Cookin Cajun” in ebook form available for only $9.99 to download on your ipad or Kindle just in time for the holidays.

With 80 pages of picture recipes such as, red beans and rice, Jambalaya, Gumbo and chili, you can become a fabulous Cajun chef and Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning is all you will need to impress your guest with amazing Cajun dishes. There’s even a recipe for my Thanksgiving turkey! 

I’ve had lots of experience in throwing all kinds of parties, big and small and have garnered quite a reputation for that, so I also did an ebook on party planning that will give you tips on how to throw the most elegant parties without costing a fortune. This ebook is available for only $5.99 to download also to your computer, ipad or kindle. Many of you have asked me for recipes and I’ve posted many of them here on this blog, but I think you will truly enjoy these ebooks and along with the spice make an impression at your next dinner party.

Remember we give a part of the proceeds to help hurricane victims to Brad Pitt’s charity, “Make It Right” on all our Devronn products and together we can make a difference. We hope to be adding more amazing products such as Ronn’s own salad dressing and BBQ sauce soon to our online store.