We are so very grateful to be home for the holidays and had a lovely Thanksgiving with our dear friend Tina Hillstrom in Scottsdale. The holiday spirit here is already in full bloom with Christmas lights, holiday parties and charity functions. Ronn has various concert gigs around Scottsdale that he’s doing for fun with our neighbor Sarah James and I am still unpacking garage boxes and trying to give fans new fun auctions on Ebay with new merchandise on our website stores and on Devronn due to many of your requests. It’s been hard to do these types of things with the amount of traveling we have been doing over the past few years, so the merchandise is indeed limited and will only be done while we are home in America. These new signature t-shirts are in limited quantity and we will also add new t-shirts with different images, such as, his new “Surprise Trip Love” album cover in limited supply later. There is also a limited supply of physical autographed CDs of his new album, so I suggest you guys get them while we are home now in time for the holidays now!

There are also lots of autographed 8×10 photos of both Ronn and I together and separately from his days as Ridge Forrester, John Blackwell and in concerts. I’m finding so many cool things to place on auction for you guys daily from collectibles to clothing and scripts. Past tour merchandise from Australian and American tours such as, t-shirts, pillowcases, tour logs and photos of course. I will add to our stores on our websites and on Devronn weekly. This also is giving me more room in our garage to make room for new cool merchandise that’s coming like Ronn Moss signature clothing in the way of sport shirts, shorts, windbreakers and jackets. And I know how much you want his scarves, so that’s coming soon also. So now is the time to collect all in the way of autographed collectibles and photos and now on all of our websites.

I had the honor of writing an article in “Lost and Found in Italy” magazine on fashion designer Jennifer Tattanelli and will be writing more articles in the future in this beautiful magazine that features art, music, fashion, travel and food. I’m becoming quite the expert now on everything Italian. Ronn is now working on a Christmas album for next year and we are preparing things for the continuation of his European summer tour for 2024. It’s been brought to my attention that “The Bold and The Beautiful” photo shopped Ronn’s face out of old photos in a recent episode and put the new Ridge character’s face over Ronn’s and that fans were highly insulted by this. As a fan of soaps, I would be also and don’t understand the ongoing disrespect for the 25 years Ronn gave to this show. It really insults the intelligence of the audience that loved this character and to the work Ronn brought to it. It’s been over 10 years since Ronn left this show and the loyalty and love we see all over the world is truly beautiful to witness. It’s too bad the producers of this show does not recognize this and seems to keep slapping its audience in the face by doing stupid things like this. So for all of you fans out there that want to collect the real history of “Ridge” I will be putting magazine covers, memorabilia and collectibles from the show up for auctions during the coming months. Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season from our family to yours!