Ronn and I couldn’t have been more happier than we were this past weekend or this past year for that matter. We have been blessed with good friends, good health, wonderful kids and supportive fans. This is what we celebrated on September 25th, which marked our first year together as husband and wife. It’s been an amazing year of traveling for us as a family and for business. Italy still remains our second home and when we are at home in LA long enough to enjoy it; we love having our friends over for dinners. Our dear friends, Wally and Lori Crowder hosted a little dinner celebration with some of our wedding party including, Cindy Margolis, Nadia Bjorlin and Tina Hillstrom. The weather was lovely and the dinner was catered beautifully. Ronn and I got to do something we didn’t get to do on our wedding day, eat! We are grateful to have such wonderful friends and feel blessed and honored to have each other. Thank you all for the wonderful gifts and comments on our special day. We love you all!

Ronn is feeling better, but still has a runny nose. It didn’t stop him from dancing his butt off on Saturday and I must say he is looking pretty damn good. Although, it’s hard work, two hours of dancing in a heated room due to all the lights and the filming of it, he is handling it all pretty well. Today he had the day off, so we went to see the Colloseum and Pantheon and did a lot of walking around the city. As always, everyone recognizes Ronn even with a hat on and glasses and want non stop photos. We went to the supermarket here for a few things we needed and the guy at the check out counter call his wife to have Ronn say hello. We went to get gelati and the girl behind the counter wanted a photo. We go to restaurants and the owners, cooks and waiters all want photos and autographs. He stops traffic and men, women and children call out Ronn Moss as he walk the streets. Crowds build if he stops for one picture and it can become crazy. It becomes tiring to walk the city with him as a result, so he ended up covering his face with a scarf and that seems to work, especially walking through the crowded streets of the shopping district. I’ve never seen so many people! Seems all the stores have sales of 30%-50% off after New Year’s eve so everyone goes shopping. This week will be non stop dance lessons and rehearsals for the live taping of “Ballando con le stelle” on Saturday night. So I will take a day to myself tomorrow and study more Italian, write and do some shopping alone. It’s been a great new year for us so far and we have really enjoyed touring Roma, making new friends, eating great Italian food and drinking some good vino. I will for sure need to hit the gym hard when I get home! Here is a video clip Ronn did of our trip so far.

Love DevRonn

Ronn and I had the most awesome day at the Vatican with a private tour given to us by our friend Loreto, compliments of our dear friend Valerio Ventura. Loreto is a camera man for the pope so he knows very well the Vatican and we got to visit the Sistine chapel and met father Bruno of the chapel Santanna, check out www.santanna.va which is a lovely private chapel for the citizens of Vatican city. Truly a world within a world Vatican city has so much history of course and it was quite a treat to see some of it privately. We also got to see the swiss guards who have been guarding the pope for 500 years and had a private tour of their quarters, which was quite interesting. It was becoming quite difficult to walk the streets of Rome with crowds of people recognizing Ronn and constantly asking for photos. Loreto then took us to a private restaurant for the most amazing lunch and Ronn and I headed back to the hotel because he is coming down with a slight cold. Because of this, we decided to decline our invitation to Italian actress Nancy Brilli’s home tonight and stayed in with a bottle of champagne to toast the new year. I wanted Ronn to rest because he has a full week of dance lessons before his first competition next week. I will post some photos and video soon as Ronn feels better and gives me something. Hope you all are having a wonderful new year!

Buon Anno!


Ronn has a full day of dance lessons and promos for Ballando con le stelle and then we will have a home cooked dinner with some friends. So far, Rome has been raining alot, but very romantic. We have officially started our ongoing honeymoon celebrating now three months of marriage on Christmas. Sara, Ronn’s dance partner is very nice and he is learning the quick step and the waltz right now. He has 10 dances to learn, so this is all very challenging for him. We are both learning Italian and he plans to say something on the show in Italian every week. I’m excited to see him in his first dance which will air Jan 9th. We visited the Vatican, but it was raining so much and there was too many people asking for a photo with Ronn that we will do a private tour of it later this week. Here is a little video of our visit to the Vatican.

Love DevRonn

Tiger Woods

Seems everywhere you look these days all you hear about is Tiger Woods and his marriage issues. It’s really sad that we love to revel in other people’s misery, shortcomings or mistakes in life. No one should judge another unless you walk in their shoes and there’s not a damn person on the planet who has had the life and legacy of this athlete.

However, he’s a human being and none of us are perfect. Seems to me, the guy has been the picture perfect son, professional and family man with a gorgeous wife. So why would he cheat and why do we care so much? It’s probably because he’s been so perfect most of his life that he was so careless and human.

There isn’t anyone who is perfect on this planet. Look at the falls of ministers, political figures and picture perfect couples from the past who were also human. We as a society need to focus on who we are becoming instead of other’s miscomings.

Tiger’s wife is probably so embarrassed from all of the magnified gossip, but hopefully love and time will heal them from what we all know is human.

I wish we would all open our eyes and hearts as humans and embrace Tiger and his wife for what they must be going through instead of judging, gossiping and speculating on what these human beings will or won’t do under the circumstances. Haven’t you been in a situation similar at one time in your lives? Maybe you lied, cheated or stolen something and got caught. Did you learn from those mistakes or did you continue doing them? Did you feel sorrow, remorse or sadness for hurting someone you loved?
Are you human?

Take a moment to send Tiger Woods and his wife love and light for the sake of their children and know that we are all human.

Susan Flannery organized a beautiful wedding supper to celebrate our recent nuptials at the gorgeous Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. It was held in the private dining room off of the elaborate kitchen and guests included, John McCook and his lovely wife Laurette, Ian Buchanan, Katherine Kelly Lang and her husband Alex, Maria and Billy Bell and our gracious host Brad Bell and his wife Colleen. The menu was absolutely amazing and the private chef told us about each course before their presentation. We ended the evening wedding cake and more champagne. We have certainly had our share of that in the past few weeks, hahaha. Since this is Ronn’s second family, we were, needless to say, thrilled and grateful for this amazing opportunity to share our joy with them. Here is a clip of the evening.

Love DevRonn

family halloweenLast night the whole family got dressed up for Halloween parties. I was a devilish girl, Creason a cat, Calee “Little Red Riding Hood” and Ronn was a second mouse with very large ears. He’s been talking about being this second mouse ever since he heard the phrase, “The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.” So he put in these horrible looking teeth, wrote that phrase on a t-shirt with blood splatters and went around the neighborhood with me.Devilish Devin I had a devilish good time with him and was happy to see him bring that second mouse to life. This year was the first time Hef didn’t have his own Halloween party, seems the mansion is now being rented out for other’s to throw parties and Hef is just attending them now with a few of his close friends. Things change and now that I’m a married woman Devin weddingI must now stay closer to home for these times. It’s fun in our neighborhood, kids come from all over to see the decorations and trick o’ treat. Hope you guys had as much fun as we did!

Dev's heart rockToday Ronn and I are spending the day with family and going to a street fair, then we are off to visit some friends and then have dinner with our neighbor. I did a lot of cooking yesterday so this is a welcomed delight. I am still car shopping but have my eye on the BMW 328i convertible.BMW Right now I’m driving a rental Kia, hahaha. I can’t believe Halloween is around the corner and I’m not sure what I will dress up as this year. We have several parties to attend, so it should be fun, but it’s always a problem getting Ronn into a costume. With the wedding and family visiting I just haven’t had time to focus on costumes this year, so it may be a last minute thing to put something together. I really enjoy Sundays and just adore hanging out with my family or being alone with Ronn. We always have fun, so today should be a good one. I’m so happy everyone is enjoying the wedding album. It makes me happy to look at each and every picture and I can’t wait to see our wedding video! I feel very blessed, happy and content. Hope you all have an awesome Sunday with your family.

Love DevRonn

I kicked off the weekend with a night out with the girls for drinks at the Beverly Hills hotel’s 1912 bar and lounge. We had a blast as usual. Dev and the girlsDev and Ronn reagan libraryJoan Then Ronn and I took his relatives visiting from Australia to the Reagan Library. It was a lot of fun and we got to go on board Air Force one. Airforce onehelicoper Ronn and I attended the Desi Geestman annual charity event and surprised them with a check for $10,000. We felt so bad we didn’t win the Newlywed Game prize so we gave it to them anyway. It was a lovely evening under the stars with many soap stars in attendance. We then had a wonderful wedding reception thrown for us by our friends Bob and Kira Lorschccakecut2 copy It was also Kira’s birthday so we combined it with wedding cake compliments of my dear friend and bridesmaid Cindy Margolis and birthday ice cream, champagne, martinis and yummy appetizers. It was out by the pool and the weather was gorgeous. Many of Ronn’s B &; B cast and crew friends were there. I need to now take a break from too much champagne!

Do we feel different? No not really except for everyone called me Mrs. Moss. We felt married before and this was just an awesome party to celebrate with family and friends. We both were rather tired the first few days after the wedding and since we had Ronn’s relatives visiting all the way from down under, we didn’t want to run off on a honeymoon right away. Besides I know how much most of you would miss Ridge if he took off work right now. So I planned a wedding brunch the day after the wedding for everyone who stayed at our house.ronn and joan 2 There was so much wedding cake left over I shared it with some of our neighbors and then everyone decided to leave us alone for a few days. That was the best present of all because it was just so needed and appreciated. Not only did we catch up on alot of things at home, Ronn showered me with awesome cappucinos in the morning, candlelit dinners with champagne at night and roses that he cut from our garden, asking me everyday if his wife was happy and that she is. There is no place like home for us both and we are enjoying our new role together as husband and wife. We are having another wedding celebration this weekend for all of the B&B cast and crew hosted by our dear friends Kira and Bob LorshBob and Kira. It’s also Kira’s birthday so it should be a fun party. Ronn and I plan to be on a constant honeymoon, but will take an official one sometime next year. Our wedding day will always be the most special day to both of us. Thank you so much for all the wonderful cards, gifts and comments wishing us well. We couldn’t be happier!

Love DevRonn

newlywedgamelogo Ronn and I have been asked to be on the “Newlywed Game” with Carnie Wilson for the Game Show Network and it tapes three days after our wedding! I didn’t even know there was a new version of the Newlywed Game on the air. This show is celebrity couples playing for their favorite charity to win $10,000. We chose The Desi Geestman Foundation which helps families of children with cancer. At first Ronn was apprehensive about doing the show, but changed his mind to help this charity. I think it’s quite funny and am looking forward to it cause I think we will win because we know each other so well, hahaha. The wedding is a week away and I’m trying to stay calm and make sure everything is done beforehand so that I can enjoy the day. So I have all my beauty appointments scheduled to pamper myself a little bit everyday. I’m still worried about Cindy being sick, she’s been sick for a while now and I sure hope she gets better soon. Tina recovered and I’m sure we will have a blast this weekend with the bacholerette party. I scheduled a massage for Sunday because I know I will need it!

Love DevRonn

10631_157094319026_834024026_3626922_7701463_nOkay, it’s less than two weeks away from the wedding and I think I have almost everything done finally. I’m excited, but always feel like I’m forgetting something. I have something old, new, borrowed and blue, so I’m not sure what it is? My memory isn’t as good as it use to be, so I hope I remember before the big day. It’s funny cause I had a dream a while back that I had everyone waiting on me, which is so not like me, cause I’m always on time and I couldn’t find my wedding dress. So I was running around looking for it?? I had a beautiful bridesmaid’s luncheon planned for this weekend and had to cancel it due to Cindy and Tina being sick. Barbara couldn’t make it and a couple of other people were under the weather, so I just decided to wait until the rehearsal to give everyone their gifts. It’s funny I’m not nervous at all cause I know I’m marrying the right guy, but I’m just concerned that I’m forgetting something?? Tina says, it’s normal and that every bride goes through this and speaking of Tina, she had to cut down her toasting speech to five minutes instead of an half an hour, hahaha. I hung out with her last week and she kept me up til 3am, which is way past my bedtime! Coming up next is the bacholerette party and I hope the girls are feeling better by then so we can start celebrating. It’s funny but Ronn and I got our marriage license the same day Brooke and Ridge did on the show, weird coincidence huh? Check it out, it’s pretty funny!

Love DevRonn

Ronn and I had a nice day hanging out in our pool with Nadia Bjorlin 55092726 who is singing in our wedding. Her boyfriend Brandon Beemer 419px-Brandon_Beemer and Lorenzo Lamas 57317223 rounded out the hunkiest men ever to be present in our pool on a single day! Ronn got a little sunburned as a result of forgetting to put sunscreen on his back, bad boy! I cooked Cajun crabcakes and shrimp etouffee. Nadia and Ronn did some music and then we watched, “I Love You Man” which was so funny. It was an awesome day spent with great friends. We are looking forward to a nice relaxing day today cause the weather has finally cooled down and is beautiful. Hope you all are enjoying Labor day weekend. Be safe!

Love DevRonn

It’s exactly one month away from the big day. Since I chose not to have a wedding planner, I’ve done everything myself. Now I’m a pretty good organizer, planner as my friends call me and it truly takes a year to plan a spectacular event such as a wedding. I say a year to not become totally stressed out and that’s having no help. I have much more respect for wedding planners and what they do for the bride. There are just so many things to do and think about. Dont think this one was rentedFlowers, cake, photographer, videographer, Entertainment, food, liquor, decor, wedding attire, vows, music, bridal party gifts, favors,invitations, thank you cards, rings, did I forget anything? So in order for me not to feel at all stressed, I started on this project and trust me it was a project because it will be a fun, exciting day that Ronn and I will remember fondly for years to come! Together we have come up with a very unique yet traditional concept for our wedding, but I can’t talk about it due to an exclusive with Australian magazine, “Woman’s Day“.ez7k3v8mld4fzekd I do think what we are doing will produce some very interesting photos and video. It’s funny because the groom doesn’t have much to do except show up! It’s really all about the bride, isn’t it? Her choices in decor, attire and cuisine. But, I have a man who wants to be involved and that makes him happy so who am I to say no? He thinks I’m more traditional, maybe it’s my deep southern upbringing, but I think I’m no different from most girls who dream about this day, and for me to find it with the most amazing man, how could I not want to celebrate it to the max? As you can see, I throughly enjoyed my bridal shower, hosted by the most amazing Matron of Honor a girl could ask for in Ms. Tina O and now I’m looking forward to a special catered bridesmaids luncheon to thank them for all their wonderful efforts in helping me bring this day together. I also have a bacholerette party planned by bridesmaidcindy and Tina Cindy Margolis and Tino O that I know will be out of this world fun with all of my girlfriends, can you imagine an all girl party thrown by those two? Sorry but no guys are allowed at that either, it’s my time with my girlfriends before spending the rest of my life with the most amazing man in the world!

Loving the anticipation,


Well the big day is just a little over a month away, so a bridal shower was held at my house and hosted by my Matron of Honor, Tina Hillstrom. Tina did the most amazing job with the decor decorfor this all white theme showerflowers. We had white flowers, candles, food and all of the girls were dressed in white tina and meThere were over 50 girls in attendance, including bridesmaid Cindy Margolis, who provided me with the most amazing cake that Tina designed.the cake There were three different flavors, chocolate banana, carrot and marble. Needless to say, everyone took cakecake home and had a blast playing games. One game included making a veil out of toilet paper and putting on a fashion show for me, in which I had to choose a winner. It was hard because the girls were so creative and came up with these amazing veils in just 10 minutes!5280_136320763734_544818734_3182034_6741151_ngirls in veil I was put to the test when asked 30 questions to determine how well I knew the groom ronn and me turns out, I know him pretty well and got 17 out 30 correct! Ronn showed up at the end of the shower and video taped the veil fashion show. It was a day to remember and the bridal shower of the century! I am so blessed to have so many amazing girlfriends that are happy to share in my romantic bliss. The presents were too numerous to open, so I’ll be doing that today and writing my thank you cards all week. dev and creasonThanks Tina, Cindy, Creason and all of you who attended, I love you all so much!!girls in whiteshowercindy and Tina

Kisses, Dev