Here are some clips from Ronn’s first movie that he shot in Italy with Barbara DeRossi who is also competing on “Ballando con le stelle.” Barbara played Ronn’s love interest and he of course played a Prince. This film was shot on location in Sicily in 1983. It’s amazing to me how much Creason looks like her daddy here.



I went to see the movie “12 Rounds” tonight with my friend and neighbor Wally Crowder. He was the guy driving the trolley car and also coordinated that whole trolley car stunt. Wally is also the stunt coordinator on “Desperate Houswives” among other TV shows. I thought the movie was action packed, but felt it should have been called “6 Rounds” instead of 12 because I was getting a little bored by round 5. The Trolley car stunt was the best part of the movie and I thought my pal Wally did a great job as an actor too. I also took some great pics today that I will put up on Ebay soon. It was my first time in front of the camera in a while and it was a lot of fun. Of course, Ronn took the photos and they look awesome!