411 The Movie


As we gear up to start shooting the movie 411, we kick it off on April 1st with a Player video shoot and we are looking for people to come and hang out with us that day onset. The 411 movie is a thriller with lots of twists and turns. Ronn plays, James Ivory the hottest action star on television who moonlights as a rock star. In this scene James Ivory is filming a music video and connects with a hot girl in the audience who mysteriously turns up dead after the concert leading detectives to wonder if James Ivory is the one who killed her. So if you want to have some fun on April 1st when we shoot this scene, email me at missjune85@yahoo.com and send me a picture. We would love to have as many of you as possible help us celebrate Ronn’s debut as a director on our first day of shooting 411.


411 The Movie Revealed



We are in the process of putting together the website for 411themovie.com which is the first feature film Ronn will be starring in and producing. The script has been tailored for him and has a “Jagged Edge” meets “Basic Instinct” erotic mystery to it.

Ronn will be playing the role of James Ivory,star of the hottest action series on television and there will even be PLAYER music from the new upcoming CD, “Too Many Reasons” in the soundtrack. The website will feature behind the scenes clips and music videos from the movie that will be shot in February.

I think you guys will really get to see Ronnbo in action with even some karate moves in this film. But, there is still so much to do with casting, crew and locations before we are set to film. This movie has all the elements that Ronn has always wanted to perform and I promise I will keep you posted on the progress with lots of updates throughout the making 411 the movie.