Brandon Beemer


Easter has always been one of my favorite times of the year because it marks the blooming of flowers, spring fashion and new beginnings. There is a freshness in the air and after a cold winter, it’s a welcomed change that makes us smile. This Easter was the first time in eight years that Ronn and I have been apart. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z9YsvpW_Uk] Even though I’ve missed him dearly,  I’ve so enjoyed the quiet stillness of our home all to myself. Good Friday I attended a fun party hosted by Michelle Stafford at her gorgeous home that she has decided to sell. I hung out with Nadia Bjorlin, Brandon Beemer and Christian LeBlanc which always spells out, “Good Time.” Then I had a fabulous dinner cooked by renowned drummer, Frankie Banali and his gorgeous fiance’ Regina Russell. Meanwhile, Ronn flew to Rome for an appearance on a new dance show called, “Ballando Con Te” and spent Easter with Laura and Lavinia Biagiotti. I decided to spend Easter with my neighbor Sue who cooked up a fabulous spread of prime rib and turkey. Her daughter Danielle made some bunny rabbits treats, as we hung out and enjoyed a gorgeous day spent by the pool. So I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter. And even though Ronn was missed here at home, he is returning today with many stories from our Italian family I’m sure.

German artist Michael Mobius is in town and that always means 3D photos and videos. Since he’s been staying with us for the past week, he’s taken quite a few from the parties we’ve attended. Seems summer is flying by and I must say it’s been a fun and relaxing one for us.We attended Nadia Bjorlin’s

Nadia, Dev, Wally and Lori

birthday party that was also filmed by E for the new reality show, “Dirty Soap.” Ronn and I love Nadia and Brandon and Nadia is super special because she and Ronn sang together at our wedding. I’m now waiting for theirs! I predict ‘Dirty Soap” will be a hit!


Then as always Hef’s “Midsummer Night Dreams” party is always a #1 hit.  This is year it was great to see all of our friends such as, Lorenzo Lamas, Bill Maher and

Bud Cort, Ronn and Devin

“Harold and Maude” Bud Cort. Ronn and took a ride on his Harley to a Beverly Hill’s pool party and caught the movie, “Cowboys and Aliens” at the Playboy mansion before jamming with PLAYER at home for an upcoming concert with the “Little River Band” that I am so looking forward to.

Ronn's Harley

The boys are just sooo great together and I’m anxious for more tour dates to fit into Ronn’s schedule with B&B. We are hoping for a European tour in the near future! Tomorrow we head to Bass Lake for some water sports and a chance for me to hang with Alana Curry and Sandra Taylor, two of my most beautiful girlfriends. Sandi had a daughter the same age as Calee, so  they should have a blast. You need the red Cyan 3D glasses to view these amazing photos posted and I will be posting many more, as well as, video later. Hope you guys are staying cool through this hot summer and having fun too!

Ronn and I had a nice day hanging out in our pool with Nadia Bjorlin 55092726 who is singing in our wedding. Her boyfriend Brandon Beemer 419px-Brandon_Beemer and Lorenzo Lamas 57317223 rounded out the hunkiest men ever to be present in our pool on a single day! Ronn got a little sunburned as a result of forgetting to put sunscreen on his back, bad boy! I cooked Cajun crabcakes and shrimp etouffee. Nadia and Ronn did some music and then we watched, “I Love You Man” which was so funny. It was an awesome day spent with great friends. We are looking forward to a nice relaxing day today cause the weather has finally cooled down and is beautiful. Hope you all are enjoying Labor day weekend. Be safe!

Love DevRonn