cindy margolis

Candy Cane Dev

Seems Ronn and I are kicking off the holiday season parties with a bang. We went to an awesome Heinekin holiday party with our dear friends Wally and Lori Crowder.

Dev, Andrea, Cindy, Lisa

Then I hosted my all girl Potluck Christmas bash. Ronn was sweet enough to help out as our elf with the photos. As always, the girls brought some great yummy dishes and we did our white elephant exchange where a lot of stealing was going on with great fun!


My dear friend Cindy Margolis brought this awesome cake to celebrate all the sexy girls and I dressed up as a candy cane to keep all the girls in line during the gift exchange.

Eden & Dev

It can get pretty rowdy with the girls during that process.  If you recall I was Mrs Claus last year. Some of my favorite potluck gals couldn’t make it this year due to the flu or out of town commitments, so we had a few newbies this to initiate.

But, as always girls just want to have fun and that we did!

Potluck Girls 2011


Wanda, Dev, Ronn & Tina


Ronn and I couldn’t have been more happier than we were this past weekend or this past year for that matter. We have been blessed with good friends, good health, wonderful kids and supportive fans. This is what we celebrated on September 25th, which marked our first year together as husband and wife. It’s been an amazing year of traveling for us as a family and for business. Italy still remains our second home and when we are at home in LA long enough to enjoy it; we love having our friends over for dinners. Our dear friends, Wally and Lori Crowder hosted a little dinner celebration with some of our wedding party including, Cindy Margolis, Nadia Bjorlin and Tina Hillstrom. The weather was lovely and the dinner was catered beautifully. Ronn and I got to do something we didn’t get to do on our wedding day, eat! We are grateful to have such wonderful friends and feel blessed and honored to have each other. Thank you all for the wonderful gifts and comments on our special day. We love you all!

walking the aisleWords cannot describe our wedding yesterday. It was truly perfection and we couldn’t have been happier. All my planning came together and God blessed us with beautiful weather in spite of the past few days of heat and fires.wedding party There was laughter, lots of it and tears, moments of true harmony and beautiful music that the groom himself bestowed upon his bride.Bridesmaids ring The bridesmaids were absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and the groomsmen truly the most handsome bunch ever to wear a tuxedo. Our guests dined, danced and toasted us with lots of love and affection. We were not nervous at all and throughly enjoyed every moment of the day, from getting ready with the bridal party, to taking photos and laughing all night long. I feel so blessed and blissful today and can’t wait to see the photos and video. We soaked in every moment of the day and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. There was a wedding brunch at home with Ronn’s brother and cousins from Australia who are visiting and we are still eating wedding cakewedding cake and drinking champagne today, not wanting the feeling to end. I told Ronn I want our marriage to be like this every day of our lives and if it ever gets off course, we will try extra hard to get right back on it, because it was simply a dream come true for me to have my fairy tale come true.

Love DevRonn

Well last night is going to stay in my memory a very long long time that’s for sure. I didn’t drink too much because I never do, but I did dance alot! I haven’t done that in a long time. Cindy felt better thank God and it was great to see so many girlfriends ready to celebrate with me for my big trip down the aisle. I was shocked to see this bikini cake that Cindy had made which was a work of Art. Bikini Cake Tina and Cindy instructed me to bite into it, but where the hell would I start? ” Between the two huge boobs”, I was told. I figured I’d do as I was told because of the girls were upset that I did not want any male strippers. Cindy asked me if I wanted them a few times, but I promised Ronn, no strippers. So I had to entertain the girls by biting into this huge cake, just as I did, Tina stuck my face in it! I had cake all over my face, so I grabbed her an rubbed my face on hers and then I did the same thing to Cindy cause I had so much of it! Then Tina had the girls write on copies of my engagement invitation from the party she threw me last year, dirty little comments for me to look back on and remember. She also wanted me to read them aloud. Something we never got around to because we were too busy singing and my girlfriends can freakin sing! Tina, Cindy and I were the judges and it’s was hard to give anyone less than 5 kisses, so everyone won a prize! They then made me sing, “Like A Virgin” singing Like A Virgin So I tried to put on a good show for them and make Madonna proud by rolling around on the floor while singing the song, Like A VirginLike A virgin 2 I’m not sure what happened, but I ended up with a few bruises today from it. I also tried to pole dance for them but the pole was way too big. By the end of the night all the girls were dancing and happy there were no male strippers present. I nixed riding back in the limo with some of the neighborhood girls and left the party around midnight to get back home to Ronn sleeping. Leaving the girls at the bar still dancing.Cindy Sandi and Tina Thank you Tina and Cindy for the most awesome bacholerette party that will go down in history and a memory I now have on video to always look back on as one of the most fun evenings spent with the girls. I am so blessed to have so many amazing, beautiful, talented girlfriends that I adore. Thank you all for being so wonderful. I loved all the lingerie, cake, champagne, cards and well wishes for Ronn and I on our new journey together. The best is yet to come!

Love you guys!