Dancing with the Stars



Ronn and Sara’s Rumba


An Amazing Flaminco!

The finals tonight were  emotional and completely exhausting in the end for Ronn and Sara, but they came out in 2nd place to Veronica. Apparently, all the judges gave them a perfect score for the Rumba, which was my favorite dance.   I’m very happy for Veronica and think she is an excellent dancer, however I don’t think it’s fair that such a tough competition has a 20 year old competing against a 58 year old in the end. Ronn told me Raz Degan was hospitalized during the Italian Emmys in Sanremo, which was why he didn’t appear on the show. All of the dance teachers and final couples were hurting from injuries. Veronica was the only one not in pain, a testament to her age I’m sure. Veronica also has 5 years of dance lessons under her belt and to me; this isn’t fair to everyone who hasn’t had any dance lessons, such as Ronn. So in my opinion he IS the champion tonight for he has endured the most with working on both B&B and Ballando  at the same time.


An Emotional Ronn and Sara brings everyone to tears

He has worked the hardest, with such a limited amount of time to learn all of those dances and enduring jet lag. How he did that, I have no idea? It took me a whole week to recoup from traveling there and he had to go straight from a plane ride with no sleep and practice 2-4 hours of dance lessons to perform the next night for a 4 hour live show! He has conquered his fears of doing something that he never thought he would remotely be good at and came out a winner! He has shown Italy who he really is and what he is really made of, which is strength, courage, endurance, humor, empathy and love. They now know and love Ronn and not just his character “Ridge.” I am so proud of him and will have a bottle of champagne waiting to celebrate when he gets home!

Love Dev


Ronn and Sara’s Merengie and Disco Dance


Ronn and Sara’s Salsa and Quick step

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUL6KO9QIRw&feature=sub&playnext_from=TL&videos=r4JDH7-XXhY&playnext=1]Ronn told me that Ballando con let stelle won the Italian TV Emmy award in Sanremo for the best show. As you can see all the dance teachers performing in this segment are fantastic! They truly work very hard and deserve this award. Watching the progression of Ronn’s dancing and seeing firsthand how much work goes into producing these 4 hours live shows is something I have tremendous respect for and I’m am so pleased that Ronn has progressed to this point. No matters what happens on Saturday night, he is a winner and he has overcome many fears during this process. We have a new family in Italy and everyone there has come to know and love Ronn after so many years of loving Ridge. Thank you all so much for all the wonderful posts and comments of love and support throughout this experience. We truly appreciate each and every one of you!


Love DevRonn



I thought Ronn and Sara did a fantastic job with the Samba tonight. I spoke with him and he said that the judges scored them well and with the 20 extra points he had from last week, put him in the top 2 tonight. So he did not have to dance a second dance and is one of the five couples left for the last show next week, which is the finals. Milly did surprise Ronn with a special guest to dance with, Lavinia Biagiotti, They danced the Waltz together and she is part of our Italian family. Ballando had asked me to stay and surprise Ronn and dance, but I suggested Lavinia because I needed to get home to prepare for my upcoming personal appearance next Saturday.

.  I knew I would need a week to recover and catch up on things and wanted to look and feel my best for my first appearance in nearly 5 years! Plus, Lavinia loves to dance and I knew Ronn would be thrilled and it would be a wonderful memory for them. I thought they did a beautiful Waltz and I’m very proud of my hubby for coming this far with such a tough competition. He seemed to be having fun tonight, was much more relaxed and confident with his dancing and I truly believe he’s going to bring home that huge trophy!

Love Dev

I’m near the end of this amazing experience of Ballando con le Stelle (Dancing with the Stars) in Roma, Italia. I want to express how laborious, taxing, exhausting, frustrating, stressful, invigorating, rejuvenating, emotional, rewarding, challenging, and downright life changing this has been for me!! I owe my wife, Devin, and our two amazing girls, Creason and Calee, a debt of gratitude for putting up with my horrendous schedule during the last three months plus some. I’m looking forward to a lot of R&R with them, after this is done.

I now want to say something about my Tuscan born dance partner extraordanare, Sara Di Vaira. She is, without a doubt, the sweetest, kindest, most down to earth, talented dancing person I’ve ever known. She never failed to come into work without a huge welcoming (lets put everything we’ve got into this dance) smile every morning. It’s very very difficult to feel depressed at all around Sara. And I wasn’t. At all. The more we worked on learning her choreography for our dances every week, the more I wanted to win this thing. She was passionate, understanding, forgiving, a bit of a slave driver at times, but always with a laugh. She and I hit it off immediately and laughed and sweated our way to this moment now. I don’t yet know how the final show will turn out. If we will be blessed with winning this competition. But I do know either way, she and I feel we have already won. In so many ways beyond the competition. Our friendship. The sharing of families. She came to LA and stayed with Devin and my girls. And we went to stay in her Tuscan town of Bulgheri, where some of the best wine of Italy is grown and made. Her family are wine producers. The Di Vaira label. And take it from me, it was the finest wine I’ve had in Italy.

This experience has given me a newfound awareness of my body. I know that may sound strange, as physical as I’ve always been, but it’s true. It has shown me I can do something I NEVER thought I could do before. It has shown me I can still overcome fears. Major fears. It has shown me I can fly across continents many many times and forget about the massive jet lag I’m feeling by working my ass off, literally, sweating and dancing myself to euphoria, kind of like the runners high I’ve always heard about but never really experienced before. But mostly, it’s given me new friends. My Italian comrades who have also been working their asses off in this experience we call Ballando. Milli Carlucci and Paolo Belli are seasoned hosts of the original Dancing with the Stars. It began here in Italy. This is where it started. Words do not express my love and admiration for these two amazing people. Always positive, always with a genuine smile of encouragement. A much need supportive comment. The true test of a long lasting organization and show like this is the people working within it. All extremely professional, attentive, helpful, personal, but most of all they share a love of life. And that always shows. The Italians have a wonderful, unfailing love of life. That’s one of the many things I’ve always loved about them. And that’s just one of the many qualities I chose to absorb from this unique blessed experience.
Love to you all.

Tutto è bene. —–Ronn

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-5plGU0Kug]Ronn and Sara had the pleasure of watching show #8 as the contestants that were previously voted out had the chance to come back in for the semi finals next week. However, he and Sara had to dance the charleston and as a surprise learn a disco dance on the spot to perform within minutes. He did so well that the judges gave him the 20 points that are to be added to next week’s score. Two other couples made in into the semi finals rounding the number to six total.  He is not working on B&B this week, so instead of flying home for just a couple days decided to stay the week and put in extra dance lessons for the finals. The cast and crew of Ballando surprised him with a birthday cake and champagne on the set and Sara gave him a beautiful scrapebook of photo memories from his dancing experience. I’m so thrilled he had a wonderful birthday and got to share it with me being there. Lavinia and Laura Biagiotti also surprised him with a birthday cake and a terrific dinner. Actress Nancy Brilli and her husband Roy join us along with Lavinia’s boyfriend Francesco. We feel so blessed to have so many amazing Italian friends who are now like family to us. Ronn is getting more comfortable with his Italian and starting to speak more. I made it home last night, but was too tired to watch the Oscars. Ronn had an Italian TV appearance with the Ballando cast and everyone was talking about his disco moves. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6cVx8K6o-g] I had to come home to prepare for my first personal appearance is nearly 5 years and am looking forward to finally promoting my book. Ronn and I truly feel so blessed to have good health, love and happiness, a wonderful home with amazing friends and family and want to pursue our dream of giving back and helping others achieve success in all areas of life. This is basis of my next book, which I am putting the finishing touches on right now. I want to share the secrets I’ve learned so far in life. My life feels like a dream come true and Ronn and I couldn’t be happier. We decided we will renew our wedding vows in the future in Tuscany with our Italian family and perhaps make it a regular thing to do all over the world, what do you think? A good excuse for another wedding dress huh?

Love Dev



Last night was a great show for Ronn and Sara, but a controversial one for Lorenzo Crespi who walked off the set in the middle of the competition. Ronn and Sara were the first to dance and did the Merangie, which was awesome. The judges scored them better than usual, but still did not give them what they deserved in my opinion. I surprised everyone with blasting the judges in Italian and giving my strong opinion on how unfair they have been with Ronn and Sara week after week.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaQXD-Xhi50] Ronn spoke up for the first time and expressed his thoughts also to the judges. It seems the judges constantly give high scores to Lorenzo Crespi and even though he walked off the set and left Natalia Tatova alone for a big part of the competition, they were willing to have him back? Lorenzo’s behavior has been like that of a spoiled child for the last couple of weeks and this was not the first time he has done such a thing. The rest of the cast were furious that Ballando has coddled this type of unprofessionalism. It’s unfair to the rest of them that have worked so hard and we all know how hard Ronn has been working. So it was only fitting that Ronn spoke up last night to express it. As usual, my husband is diplomatic and eloquent in his speech and everyone was receptive with what he had to say. At the end of the night, Ronn was one of four couples left to compete in the finals, which will be show #9. Show #8 will bring back everyone that has been eliminated including maybe Lorenzo Crespi to compete for two spots open in the finals. The final show #10 will have 5 couples competing for the #1 spot as the winner of this season’s, “Ballando con le stelle!” In my opinion, no one has improved more that Ronn and Sara and it shows. In my opinion, they deserve to win, not Lorenzo Crespi. Lorenzo is good dancer, but his behavior  is not acceptable and not fair to the competition and if he is allowed back in will be a big controversy for the final shows. I was so happy that Ronn made it this far and am very proud of how much he has achieved with this challenge. Today we are going by train to Milan for Fashion week and will be in the Laura Biagiotti fashion show tomorrow. We will then stop in Florence to visit Sara’s Tuscan vineyard and shoot some footage for Ballando there before returning to Rome Tuesday evening for Ronn’s dance lesson. Until the next blog…….

Ciao Devin

It was a fun weekend spent with the girls. Creason had a few girlfriends over for a sleepover to start celebrating her 16th birthday, which is tomorrow! I told her she should celebrate for a whole month. So I cooked a bunch of Italian dishes and had some friends over to welcome Sara and her mother. Then I cooked a bunch of Cajun dishes in celebration of Mardi Gras and introduced it to Sara.  Ronn and Sara practiced the Rumba and the Marangie all weekend.  We shot some video of Sara gunshooting, horseback riding and visiting the set of B&B for a Ballando profile. I must say I am looking forward to seeing them perform the Rumba and think it’s going to be their best dance. It’s so sexy and beautiful to watch. Ronn has really come a long way and looks very graceful now when he dances. His body has transformed also into solid muscle. He was always in great shape, but he’s in amazing shape now! I believe we will continue dancing together after the show is over because he likes it and it will be fun for me to learn some of these dances now. We capped off a great week with Sara yesterday at the spa and had amazing massages and facials. I’m really proud of how much Italian I’ve learned and look forward to the next 10 days in Roma now to practice speaking more. I’m also taking my real estate workbook with me to study every night for my exam. I won’t be able to take the exam until the end of April, so I don’t want to forget what I’ve learned so far.  Right now I’m in the British Airways lounge waiting for my flight to meet Ronn in Roma. We are looking forward to going to Milan for Fashion week, compliments of Laura Biagiotti. I was hoping to see my friend Dita Von Teese there, but will just miss her, as she will arrive the day after we leave. So I’m hoping to visit her in Paris this summer and learn some French! Sara has invited us to visit her on her Tuscan vineyard during the wine festival and we are looking forward to doing that with Creason and Calee. After Ballando is finished, we will take our first family vacation with Creason and Calee and visit Florence, Venice and Roma!

Love Dev

It was great to have Ronn home if only for a few days. All he can talk about is dancing. He really is excited about the progress he’s making and seems to be enjoying it. We have invited Sara to come to LA to visit for a few days next week, so that she and Ronn can practice a little more since he doesn’t get to as much as the other contestants. I look forward to her helping me with some Italian.  I went to a great charity event last week with my pals Wally and Lori for http://www.standupforkids.org/“Stand up for Kids.” It’s a charity that helps homeless teenagers get off the streets. Some of the cast from “Desperate Housewives” were in attendance. I’ve also managed to make some progress with all of my studies and feel I’m almost ready for my real estate exam. However, due to the fact that I will be going back to Italy in a couple of weeks with Ronn and then again for our Spring break vacation with the kids; I probably won’t be able to take it until late April.  I’m so looking forward to our first Valentine’s day as a married couple and will celebrate it with our dear friends Bob and Kira Lorsh at a private dinner party when Ronn returns home. He will then be home for 10 days, so we are looking forward to that and celebrating Creason’s 16th birthday! Geez it seems like yesterday she was 10 and three inches shorter than me, now I’m looking up all the time to her!  Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with love and chocolate covered kisses.

Love DevRonn

It was great having Ronn home even though it was only for a couple of days. He really seemed exhausted and said this has been very hard on him, but as always, he seems to blaze through it. Working on B&B non stop and doing 7 shows this week didn’t give him much time with me and the girls, however we managed to have a lovely family dinner of stuffed pasta shells last night. He left in the wee hours of this morning heading back to Rome, this time for 10 days! Peter Beckett joined him on this trip and they will perform a little mini live acoustic concert in Rome. It is the longest we will be apart, since our wedding. I am deep into studying for my real estate license and still into learning Italian, so the quiet time alone is good for me right now. I’m also attending a dear friend’s birthday party on Saturday, so that should be fun. Personally, I don’t mind being alone, because I always seem to get so many things done. It’s been great to get back to the gym and I plan to start pole class again next week. I’m also finishing the edits on my next book, “True Age, Timeless Beauty” which is a guide for keeping your life in balance and finding the fountain of youth and all that you desire in life. I’m very excited to share personal secrets that I have learned over the years with everyone and have been writing this book for the past three years. I finally feel it’s almost finished. The DevRonn website is also going through a makeover and I’m currently taking meetings with potential investors to take it to the next level in marketing. We have a wonderful product that everyone seems to love as much as we do and it was made for a great cause, so I believe with all my heart that it will be in the supermarkets soon. Our dream is to make it available to a mass market. I am happy to announce my first personal appearance in years and will be signing autographed copies of my book, “The Truth About A Pinup Model” along with other memorabilia at the Pasadena Convention center, March 20th, 2010. Other celebrities joining me there are Ozzy Osbourne, Frank Stallone and Shirley Jones just to name a few of over 150 celebrities in attendance. Check out this link for more details and come and see me!

Love Dev


Ronn and I skype after his shows and he tells me how it went for him. Last night was a hard one. He said he was surprised that he was called at the start of the show to do last week’s dance, the “Paso Doble” by himself! He did so well, the judges gave him high scores for a change.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XkrwaJKqak&feature=sub] This score was added to his score for this week’s dance, which put him at the top three of this week’s scores. As usual, he was near the last to dance his dance for this week, which was the “Salsa.” Now keep in mind “Ballando con le stelle” is nearly 4 hours of live television, so the waiting around is grinding for him. Not to mention, he’s been down with a cold/allergy type of problem now for weeks. I was very worried about him getting through this week of dancing. The flying back and forth alone has taken a toll on him, along with doing 8 shows in two days on B&B. This schedule hasn’t given him much time at all with me and the kids when he is here. He will be home tomorrow to work on B&B for two days and do 7 shows. He will then leave on Thursday for 10 days in Rome to do the next two shows for “Ballando!” As you can see, my husband is a superman! He makes it all look so easy and he’s wonderful because he never wants to disappoint his fans. I love how generous and hard working he is with all that he does. Please send him your love and support on twitter/ronnmoss57, he needs it right now.

Love Dev

Ronn Moss’s Italian fan base loves him, and on the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars Italy (Ballando con le Stelle) the ballroom competition dance show won the night in the ratings department.  Saturday evening in Italy, the hit show had an average share of 29.75%.  Ronn Moss’ dance performance of the Quick Step achieved the highest audience numbers of the show with a peak of 7.3 million viewers. (36.54% market share). The show began with a 32.19% market share with 6.2 million viewers.
B&B’s Moss, was elegantly dressed in a tuxedo, and did not miss a step of his routine. In the end, Ronn was tied with three other competitors for 7th place after the technical jury’s scores were tabulated, and was not in the bottom four. After the final audience voting tabulations were combined with the jury scores, Ronn was not eliminated.  He did not achieve immunity. Ronn has largely been the main focus of the reality show’s media campaign, and has graced several covers, including GENTE (the first time ever that a B&B actor has graced the cover of this magazine). The magazine Gioia covered Ronn Moss with a four page feature, and this is the first time ever that this magazine has covered an actor from B&B. Ronn will commute back and forth from Rome, Italy, where “Ballando” is broadcast live every Saturday evening, to Los Angeles, California, from now until the end of March, in order to continue taping episodes of “The Bold and the Beautiful,”  as Ridge Forrester. The next live show for Dancing with the Stars Italy is this Saturday, January 16th! Good luck, Ron!
Make sure to check out On-Air On-Soaps Video of the Day with Ronn, in training, behind-the-scenes, and in rehearsal, on Dancing with the Stars Italy!


It was so great to be home and cook for Ronn and the girls. Calee had a growth spurt and is almost as tall as me now. Ronn unfortunately, had to work late on B&B, so we didn’t get to actually have dinner with him. Nevertheless, it was great to be home and all together, if only briefly. Ronn left in the wee hours of this morning to head back to Rome and will have an intense day of dance rehearsals tomorrow. I’m down with a dreaded cold and have been resting all day, drinking hot tea and slowly catching up on business matters. Please send Ronn all your love and support, he needs it more than ever right now. Here are a few of the magazines that have featured Ronn in the past week for any of you that read Italian. I’m proud of how well I’m doing with my Italian lessons and intend to keep practicing everyday. I understand a lot of words, but need to work on pronunciation and putting sentences together. I feel like a little kid again learning to speak.

Love Dev

Here are some clips from Ronn’s first movie that he shot in Italy with Barbara DeRossi who is also competing on “Ballando con le stelle.” Barbara played Ronn’s love interest and he of course played a Prince. This film was shot on location in Sicily in 1983. It’s amazing to me how much Creason looks like her daddy here.



Ronn and I are heading home today and I can’t wait! Rome has been a wonderful experience, unlike any of my other trips here and Ronn feels the same way. We have made some terrific friends, like gorgeous Nancy Brilli and her adorable husband Roy, who cooked us an amazing dinner. Our beautiful dear friend, Lavinia Biagiotti treated us like royalty on Christmas, in her beautiful castle with her mother Laura and our new friend Loreto took us on that wonderful private tour of the Vatican and Sistine chapel and turned us on to a wonderful little restaurant we will never forget. Ronn is now having an emotional and unique experience with all the dancers on Ballando con le stelle and is having a lot of fun. Although, it’s alot of hard work, he is challenging himself with it and is excited to show Italy who Ronn really is. For so long, Italy has loved “Ridge” but hasn’t known the man who has brought him to life. I was very proud of him last night and thought he did a fabulous job, in spite of the critical comments made by the judges. They don’t understand that Ronn has had to work twice as hard as everyone else; in a shorter amount of time due to also shooting B&B. He will be flying back and forth every week to do B&B and will only have one good day to rehearse his dance for that week, whereas all the other dancers will have the whole week to prepare. I think what he did in the amount of time he has had to prepare is simply amazing! I’m sure as the show progresses, everyone will come to see who Ronn really is and how dedicated he is to his work and his fans. He appreciates so much the fans in Italy who has cast their votes for him. Until our next trip together…..


Tonight is the big night for Ronn and all of the dancers competing on “Ballando con le stelle” and I must say I am very excited for them. They all have been working very hard and I believe Ronn has a new appreciation for dance, even though it’s not his passion. Since he is a musician, he can hear the music and therefore is learning very quickly. He will be saying lines here and there on the show in Italian, so we have be studying together. I don’t think our pronunciation is all that great, but we working very hard on it. It’s raining again today so we are staying in the hotel as much as possible. I hope our flight home tomorrow goes out smoothly. I’m am really missing home now.

Here is a preview of the stars competing tonight.

Love Dev

Today, was a long day. I went into the studio in Roma to do the 2nd fitting for my first suit for my first dance on Saturday night. In Italy, they make all the clothes, for a show like this, from scratch. So the formal suit is made one stitch at a time. Several fitting will take place to make sure it fits like a glove. That’s a lot of pins to stick my hands as I try and take it off each time. Really, these people are amazing in their dedication to making everything custom, and making everything perfect. I’m going to look GOOD even if I dance so so.

Once the fitting was done, I had my 2 hour dance lesson with Sara Di Vaira. She’s really patient with trying to teach me these different dances. She says I’m doing well but I sometimes feel like Quasi Moto desperately trying to learn Jive dancing. We dance in a very well lit rehearsal studio with 2 way mirrors on 2 sides of the room. Behind these mirrors are 3 cameras that follow our every move and frustration throughout the lessons. All of them. Did I mention, it gets up to what feels like about 120 degrees in there because of the intensity of the lights. These rooms double as tanning booths. Anyway, once we’re finished with the daily lesson, we try and dry off from loosing about 3 quarts of sweat, then get ready for going to the main studio where the actual show will be filmed LIVE Saturday night. There, we will rehearse for the first time with the actual live band. There must be 12 different cameras involved at all angles. Over the audience boom view, main 3 cameras on the floor, one semi-circle camera moving with us automatically as we move like they have with race horses along the side of the track. And of course the extreme close up that gets right into the muscles in your face twitching with how much your feet hurt. All part of the show.
Did I mention it was much cooler in this studio than our rehearsal studio. I think it only got to about 115 degrees.

Tomorrow, there’s more 2 hour dance lessons, and more rehearsal in the main studio with the band again. Then interviews and photo sessions for magazines and various newspaper articles. I must say, this band, which includes the typical rhythm section of drums, bass, keyboards and guitar…. Also includes horns, percussion, singers and a violin. They are a kickass band!

All for now, I must try and sleep. It’s almost 1am and my feets hurt!

Love to you all, Ronn

Ronn is feeling better, but still has a runny nose. It didn’t stop him from dancing his butt off on Saturday and I must say he is looking pretty damn good. Although, it’s hard work, two hours of dancing in a heated room due to all the lights and the filming of it, he is handling it all pretty well. Today he had the day off, so we went to see the Colloseum and Pantheon and did a lot of walking around the city. As always, everyone recognizes Ronn even with a hat on and glasses and want non stop photos. We went to the supermarket here for a few things we needed and the guy at the check out counter call his wife to have Ronn say hello. We went to get gelati and the girl behind the counter wanted a photo. We go to restaurants and the owners, cooks and waiters all want photos and autographs. He stops traffic and men, women and children call out Ronn Moss as he walk the streets. Crowds build if he stops for one picture and it can become crazy. It becomes tiring to walk the city with him as a result, so he ended up covering his face with a scarf and that seems to work, especially walking through the crowded streets of the shopping district. I’ve never seen so many people! Seems all the stores have sales of 30%-50% off after New Year’s eve so everyone goes shopping. This week will be non stop dance lessons and rehearsals for the live taping of “Ballando con le stelle” on Saturday night. So I will take a day to myself tomorrow and study more Italian, write and do some shopping alone. It’s been a great new year for us so far and we have really enjoyed touring Roma, making new friends, eating great Italian food and drinking some good vino. I will for sure need to hit the gym hard when I get home! Here is a video clip Ronn did of our trip so far.
[wpvideo TUd6LFYh]

Love DevRonn