Hugh Hefner


Playboy has been a huge part of my life for nearly 37 years thanks to Playboy photographer David Chan, who discovered me when I was attending LSU, back in 1981. David and I shared a bond and he became the dad I never had growing up in and out of foster homes. Since he never married and never had children, I became his only daughter. He gave me away when I got married for the first time in 1989 and was my mentor and advisor on all major decisions in my life. I trusted and valued him so much. His Chinese heritage became part of me and our Chinese dinners were so special for us. David introduced me to new foods that I had never tried like his favorite, “Peking Duck.” David was a Playboy photographer for over 30 years and was from Vancouver, Canada. I remember David inviting me to meet his entire family one magical Christmas shortly after I became Miss June 1985. I met David’s four brothers and sisters and found out he was right smack in the middle. All of his siblings children and their children were there that Christmas and they all welcomed me into the Chan family with open arms.

It became a running joke around the Playboy offices in Chicago that David’s 90 year old mother never knew he was a famous Playboy photographer nor did anyone ever know his real age not even me! David was a consummate professional who was highly respected in his craft and was graciously polite and humble. I wanted very much to make him proud of me and worked hard to gain his upmost respect and trust. He taught me so many things about business and about life in general. So it was very heartbreaking to learn of his death while we were in Europe and it was just two weeks after Hef passed. I had told Ronn I felt that Hef would pass while we were in Europe and have been trusting my intuition more than ever before. I just felt Hef’s body was failing him and that he had lost his will to live in it, especially after his only brother Keith passed away a couple years ago. It was very sad to watch and we all knew it was coming, but you are really never prepared for it.

Many of the regular movie night friends were commenting on how much and how fast things have been changing around Playboy. The parties were starting to decline and Hef’s appearances at the dining room table became less frequent. They finally put in that elevator to make it easier on him to come downstairs, but you could see he was becoming more and more frail and the guests at the mansion were becoming very sparse in number. Many regular movie night guests were eventually called and told they could no longer come up, but would continue to be invited guests at any Playboy party. It was the beginning of an end of era and this was no ordinary era. This was an era in which Playboy became one of the biggest brands in American history for the past 64 years. Hef, Playboy and the bunny became American symbols that represented the sexual revolution from a repressed puritanical decade; and Hef was a visionary who saw a need for young adult men to have their first lifestyle magazine.  Hef became a world recognized brand with his Playboy clubs, magazine, Big bunny jet and legendary Playboy parties. Hef also was an honest, loyal and happy person. These words resonated with who and what he stood for in every aspect of his life. They also resonated with his longtime loyal employees, children, friends, girlfriends, wives and the Playmates themselves.  We were truly a family and they were the family I never had growing up.

Some of the best times in my life has been with my Playboy family. From the annual Easter egg hunts, to the magnificent fourth of July fireworks and the incredible Midnight Summer Dreams parties that were unmatched by any party I’ve ever been to in life, will now never been seen again by the lucky ones who had those unique experiences thanks to Hef. He dreamed big and manifested his dreams in ways he couldn’t even imagine and he was generous enough to share that dream with us. I was one of the lucky women that got picked by Hef to become a Playmate and that is something I am very proud of. Being a part of the Playboy empire will truly be one of the greatest decisions in my life. I believe Hef’s life will ultimately be studied for decades to come. Hef has documented every single day of his incredible life with scrapbooks and videoed almost every single moment of those legendary parties. As new generations learn more about our American Playboy, they will be surprised at how much he changed our country’s laws, how much he fought for civil rights, how much he gave to restore our classic films and how much opportunity he gave to artists, writers, illustrators and women.

There is way more to Playboy than the beautiful women that graced that magazine and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. David Chan saw something in me as a shy teenager from Baton Rouge, Louisiana even before I had the confidence to see it in myself. He was part of that American history and had the same values as Hef regarding honesty, loyalty and happiness. These are words Cooper Hefner said summed up his dad. Cooper told a story of he and his brother Marston cheating at the annual Easter egg hunt, which disappointed Hef greatly. He said, as little boys he remembered his dad saying that what disappointed him the most was that they were dishonest. Many people over the years have tried to bring the Playboy empire down, even the federal government. Anyone who has seen Amazon’s series, “An American Playboy” knows that Hef was arrested in Playboy’s 10th anniversary year for publishing still photos of a Jayne Mansfield film, which included a man in the photo. Seems the federal government thought that was indecent and arrested Hef, who stood before a trial and jury on what was considered indecent. Hef prevailed against religious leaders bashing him, along with the controversy that came with each decade, as America grew and changed along with the times. Other men’s magazines came to compete, but none had the class, intelligence and prestige of Playboy.

Hef embodied the lifestyle and became the symbol of it himself. Everyone who has ever met him or wanted to meet him would surely come away in awe of his lifestyle. Hef was quoted as saying, “In all my wildest dreams I could not have imagined a sweeter life.” He also was quoted as saying, “Life is too short to live someone elses dream.” Hef not only manifested his dream, but shared it with so many of us and loved every minute of his amazing life. David Chan also manifested his dream of becoming a great photographer and was loved and adored by his family and friends. David also outlived all of his brothers and sisters making his the last of his generation to pass. I was one of the few people who knew the greatness of David for he was a very private and humble person. I was also the one his family chose to release his ashes into the waters that bordered Canada and the USA; because David also loved the USA and called Chicago home for a large portion of his life. He even had a license plate that read, “LOVE USA” that was on his 1962 convertible Thunderbird.

I wrote about all of my Playboy experience in my memoir, “The Day It Snowed In April” and I’m so happy I have that book as a reminder of the incredible journey I have had with Playboy. I feel blessed to have shared most of my life with my Playboy family and to be part of American history that surely will be studied for future decades. Maybe I manifested myself into Hef’s and David’s dream or maybe I was just lucky enough to be manifested by them? All I know is that this was one hell of a dream to be included in and I didn’t ever want to wake up from it. However, all parties much come to an end, but that doesn’t mean new parties cannot begin? As Hef and David were always ones to instill the importance of laughter and joy in others. They both had lives that were well lived and I finally learned how old David really was, which was 88. So I guess he and Hef are having some party of their own up in the great unknown right now? I can’t imagine it being better than the ones we enjoyed down here, but one thing I’m sure of is that they are laughing and having fun! I’m at peace now knowing that they are at peace in their final resting places and I’m a better person for knowing them both.



I know many of you thought the Broncos would win the Superbowl and many were disappointed. I had no preference and really love superbowl parties to socialize. So I was really happy for the Seahawks because my buddy and Playmate sister Barbara Moore is from Seattle and explained they had never won a superbowl.

DevRonn with Barbara Moore

I’m always one to root for the underdog and so my congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks for taking home the trophy. Speaking of trophies. My other beautiful girlfriend Sandra Taylor was the official trophy girl that evening and so a congrats to her for having that honor.

Sandra Taylor

We spent Superbowl at the Playboy mansion because it’s always fun. Hef had all my favorite foods, sliders, hot wings, chili and even gumbo! Everyone can participate in the superbowl pool to win the big pot of money and there are always so many friends and Playmates to catch up with. I was happy to see my old friend Steve Bing there along with Nels and Jimmy Van Patten. We named them the mansion puppies because they were so young when they started going up there over 30 years ago and were some of the first guys I met up there when I became a Playmate. Turns out Steve has a new restaurant called, “Crossroads” that’s Vegan and his chef Tal wants me to be a guest chef at the restaurant for a Cajun night, which I’m looking forward to!

Hef & Steve Bing

So now that superbowl is over, it’s time to concentrate on more important things, like love. Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I’ve got romance on my brain, especially since I’ve been incapacitated for months now! We have the Mending Kid’s charity at the House of Blues hosted by my pal Tina Hillstrom and KISS to attend on Valentine’s Day and the release of our new relationship book that I know you guys will love! In the meantime, let’s hear it for those Seahawks!!


Caroline, Mike and Dev

Summer just isn’t summer for us until we get to experience Hef’s infamous Midsummer Night’s Dream party. It’s always the first Saturday in August and is Playboy’s most beautiful party. Visually stunning because they tent the whole back yard and decorate with tons of flowers to give you the feeling of a tropical paradise. Then they sprinkle in painted ladies to walk around and serve you yummy things to eat. These painted ladies are totally nude except for the body painted lingerie that takes hours to do and are simply, a work of art to look at. It’s really hard not to stare in awe.


These days the Playboy mansion has become much more corporate. Gone are the days when Hef walked around and chatted with his guests while the cameras followed him. Now there are huge lines to go and greet him, while a hot DJ spins music and cirque de solei painted ladies entertain you while your are dancing. There are now lounge chairs everywhere for you sit and watch the array of women walk around in gorgeous lingerie with killer bodies.


So this Playboy mansion party had a great mixture of young and older friends and Playmates.  Hef’s sons Cooper and Marston are starting to take things over in promoting the brand that we all know and love to be Playboy and it’s apparent change is delightful. It was fun to see Kendra dancing her cute little butt off with the painted ladies onstage and everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time.   I personally think this midsummer party was one of the best. It was also nice for me to have a bit of fun after the emotional week I’ve had losing my beloved, Romeo.


It was also nice to have some of our friends there that were first timers. I was thrilled to be able to bring my gal pals, Tina and Caroline.  It’s not as easy to bring the guys up there unless you are a celebrity. So I made a special request for our young Aussie Actors, Brenton Thwaites and Nathanial Buzolic. It was Nathanial’s 30th birthday and so we toasted him big time at midnight with Tequila shots. Brenton just finished the upcoming movie, Maleficent with Angelina Jolie and Nathanial is a series regular on “Vampire Diaries” both look like they could be my sons and so I’ve adopted them as their American mum.

Here’s a toast to Hef and Crystal’s magical midsummer delight! Thanks for having us join in on a superb party!

When I heard of the passing of Mary O’Conner there was a great saddness that engulfed my being. I knew Hef would need all the love and support he could get to help him through such a loss. She was the glue that held the Playboy family together for 40 years. When I say Playboy is a family, that’s exactly what it has been to me and many girls for nearly 6o years now. Many of you have seen her on “The Girls Next Door” but what you may not know about Mary is that she was Hef’s right arm. She was the lady of the mansion and very much a family member to him and many of the Playmates. 

Hef & Mary

Mary was a strong independent lady with many talents. She was even one of the first ladies to get into car racing and won a race, which helped pioneer the way for women in racing. Mary was also a force of nature and many girls feared her just because of her presence. She was almost six feet tall and always honest and direct by nature. It was her job to know every person that entered the grounds of the Playboy mansion and to keep Hef’s best interests at heart. Mary did her job with great loyalty, honesty and grace. She made you feel welcome and endeared herself to everyone who had the privilege to know her. 

I thought for many years that she didn’t like me because I was never a Playmate that hung out a the mansion. I lived in Chicago when I became a Playmate and was always a strong, independent woman. So I didn’t really get to know Mary until the last decade. I think she became closer with the girls whom she felt needed her guidance and wisdom, and she gave that unconditionally to so many of the girls who frequented the mansion. Mary came to my bridal shower with Playmate Victoria Fuller and adored Ronn, so that made me feel that I got her approval, which was saying alot. 

Victoria Fuller

Yesterday’s memorial service was a small and intimate tribute to a woman who led a great life. One that was filled with many friends and much admiration. I feel blessed that I got to know her. She would have Saturday card games at her house where she cooked tons of food for all her friends and Ronn and I had attended one of them. But due to the fact that we live so far away and had kids with such a busy schedule, we didn’t get to spend much time with her for those kinds of evenings as much as we would have liked to. At 82 Mary was taking care of her great love, Captain Bob who died last year and ultimately her own health was failing. 

Dita Von Teese

Playmate Pop artist, Victoria Fuller lived close to Mary and took care of her in her final days. Victoria’s daughter, Trease was our flower girl in our wedding and we adore Victoria, who gave a touching loving speech at Mary’s memorial. Other speakers included, Berry Gordy and Cooper Hefner with many Playmates and pinup stars in attendance such as, Dita Von Teese. I think this was a fitting and beautiful tribute to a woman who led a wonderful life filled with beautiful memories and someone who left her mark on many that will never forget her. 

Prisoner Ronn & Cop Devin

Costumes have always been festive in Los Angeles when it comes to Halloween. I don’t think any other area of the country goes all out in the costume department, well maybe New Orleans?

Gangster Wally & Prisoner Ronn

So Halloween parties are all over the place the week of Halloween and no one throws a better Halloween party than Hef. It’s his favorite and he goes all out with grave sites, a haunted house and hired actors that dress up as creatures to jump out at you. This Halloween party was the biggest I’ve ever seen. Apparently there were 1500 people invited and massive security.

Dr. Mobius, Cop Dev, Roman friend, Prisoner Ronn

In fact I was upset that they took away my borrowed rhinestone handcuffs that went with my “Capt. Cuff Me” cop outfit!

Prisoner Ronn & Queen of Hearts Alana

Like I was going to do some damage with them? Ronn was dressed as my prisoner of course and what a cute jailbird he was.

In spite of it all we managed to have fun with artist Michael Mobius who was dressed as a doctor. The night before Hef’s party we went down to Hermosa Beach to my girlfriend Alana Curry’s Halloween bash with Wally who dressed as a gangster and Lori who made a great catwoman. A smaller more intimate gathering is always more my style and we all fit our parts well.So trick or treat, we hope your Halloween is fun and safe and no matter how you dress, make sure you play the part well. 

Capt Cuff Me

Gangster Wally & Catwoman Lori

It was a fun movie night at the Playboy mansion for Ronn and I had the pleasure of introducing Hef to one of his favorite TV stars, Michael C. Hall who plays “Dexter” on the popular Showtime drama. Our dear friend Wally Crowder who is the stunt coordinator on Dexter and his lovely wife Lori joined us in what seemed to be quite a moment for both Michael and Hef. Since Ronn and I saw Hef tweeting about watching Dexter and our friend Wally worked on the show, we thought we’d treat Hef for a change to something we knew he’d enjoy. Michael had never been to the Playboy mansion and was thrilled to meet Hef along with his girlfriend Morgan. I personally gave Michael a tour of the famous Grotto and Hef’s amazing zoo.

Lori and Dev

Then we had a wonderful dinner and it was such a pleasure to get to know the man behind serial killer, “Dexter.” Turns out I’m a little older than Michael and he admitted he saw his first Playboy in 1985 as he turned 14 right before my eyes. It was very cute to see the boy in him.

Ronn, Michael, Wally & Joel


Michael & Hef

Michael was sweet enough to bring Hef a DVD of the latest season of Dexter and Hef in turn presented Michael with the latest issue of Playboy. Hef was so excited to show Michael the very first page of the new issue because it was a 2 page ad for none other than “Dexter.” Needless to say the two of them bonded in a very special way and now Michael is part of the Playboy family. We enjoyed the movie “Lawless” with Shia LeBeauf and I don’t think Dexter is all that bad now. In fact we may end up hanging out with him more often! A special thank you to our wonderful friends Alison and Joel who helped make this all possible. It was beautiful to watch Hef and Dexter gush over each other, who knew?

Since Ronn and I had a week of hell due to that horrific accident, we needed to have a little fun and see some of our friends at the Playboy’s Midsummer Night Dreams party. I had so many horrible bruises that I borrowed a black gown to wear this year and felt boring compared to some of the gorgeous lingerie outfits. I can’t wear high heals at all due to my hip problem, which was a bummer.And there was no way I could dance, but we managed to have fun just seeing friends like Playmates Barbara Moore, Sandra Taylor and Serria.

Mark Roesler & his wife Stacy

German Artist Michael Mobius was back in town with his 3D camera and this year the decor at the mansion was amazing, but things are really changing. Half the party was dressed in their PJs and half in black tie due to corporation changes. The food was yummy as usual, but there were not a lot of Playmates or friends we saw there this year, which was sad. Hef doesn’t stay at the parties as long anymore, but CeeLo Green performed and we managed to have a good time in spite of all the pain we had been suffering because it was good to get out of the house.Then yesterday was the big Aerosmith concert at the Hollywood Bowl that drummer Joey Kramer invited Ronn to months ago and Ronn completely forgot about it.

Johnny Depp and Devin

He’s been having lapses of memory loss lately since the accident. I hope it doesn’t last much longer because he goes back to work at B&B tomorrow. Since we missed the concert, we did make the after party compliments of Joey Kramer and his wife Linda.

Jim Carrey in 3D

We took Creason, Calee and their friend Selena to the Aerosmith after party that was held at the restaurant, “The Pink Taco” and got to meet Johnny Depp, Steve Tyler and Jim Carrey. The girls were thrilled, but I ended up in bed all day in pain with my hip from standing around a little too much.

Steven Tyler and Ronn

However, I was also happy to finally meet Johnny Depp especially and he was such a sweetheart. Will be nice to see him around town in Hollywood again. We are still waiting on the doctor to give Ronn his MRI results and I’m hoping he is back to normal soon. We did find out that we will be getting a new truck to replace our damaged one soon. However these two events were good medicine for a hellish week and we are still in total gratitude that we had some fun this weekend. 

For the first time Ronn and I watched almost all of the major Oscar nominated movies and our favorite was “The Decendants.” I was surprised it didn’t take home best picture, however we did enjoy “The Artist” very much too. We haven’t seen “Hugo” yet, so that is a must on our list. I thought “Iron Lady” was an okay movie, but loved Meryl Streep’s performance and thought she should indeed win best actress. We loved “The Help” and Octavia Spencer did steal that movie and I also thought she was a sure thing for Best supporting actress. All in all, Billy Crystal was great as a host, he always is. I wasn’t floored by any of the dresses on the red carpet, although Angelina Jolie looked great, she looked rather thin and what was up with the leg thing? Seems she was trying too hard, which in my opinion a more subdued approach is always best. I just think Natalie Portman is adorable and although I love Emma Stone, I hated her dress. We spent our Oscar night at the Playboy mansion, which is always fun because it’s like family there. We have so many terrific friends to catch up with there and the food is always terrific. Think next year we may just have our own Oscar bash!

German artist Michael Mobius is in town and that always means 3D photos and videos. Since he’s been staying with us for the past week, he’s taken quite a few from the parties we’ve attended. Seems summer is flying by and I must say it’s been a fun and relaxing one for us.We attended Nadia Bjorlin’s

Nadia, Dev, Wally and Lori

birthday party that was also filmed by E for the new reality show, “Dirty Soap.” Ronn and I love Nadia and Brandon and Nadia is super special because she and Ronn sang together at our wedding. I’m now waiting for theirs! I predict ‘Dirty Soap” will be a hit!


Then as always Hef’s “Midsummer Night Dreams” party is always a #1 hit.  This is year it was great to see all of our friends such as, Lorenzo Lamas, Bill Maher and

Bud Cort, Ronn and Devin

“Harold and Maude” Bud Cort. Ronn and took a ride on his Harley to a Beverly Hill’s pool party and caught the movie, “Cowboys and Aliens” at the Playboy mansion before jamming with PLAYER at home for an upcoming concert with the “Little River Band” that I am so looking forward to.

Ronn's Harley

The boys are just sooo great together and I’m anxious for more tour dates to fit into Ronn’s schedule with B&B. We are hoping for a European tour in the near future! Tomorrow we head to Bass Lake for some water sports and a chance for me to hang with Alana Curry and Sandra Taylor, two of my most beautiful girlfriends. Sandi had a daughter the same age as Calee, so  they should have a blast. You need the red Cyan 3D glasses to view these amazing photos posted and I will be posting many more, as well as, video later. Hope you guys are staying cool through this hot summer and having fun too!

As most of you know, I’ve been studying for the past few months for my salesperson’s real estate license. It’s been trying because I’ve been waiting for the state to give me a test date, so that put a bit of stress on me on top of dealing with taxes, kids and events. It’s such a relief to have finally taken that test and I’ll know by next week if I passed. During the past few months, my health hasn’t been the best. I’ve been on hormone replacement therapy for a few months now and things are getting better, but my blood sugar had sky rocketed to the borderline of diabetes and that was scary. So my doctor has put me on a strict detox program for the next three weeks. I must stay away from dairy, sugar, wheat and liquor.  I  have  two liquid meals of this detox powder, fiber, greens and berries, along with one lunch, in which, I can have 6 0z of chicken, salmon, beans or lean organic beef and that’s it! So Ronn and the girls are helping me out by feeding themselves so I’m not tempted. It’s been three days and so far I’m handling it pretty well. I know it’s important to my health and I’m really being quite strict with it, along with drinking 80 ounces of water a day. I also workout 4-6 days a week and want to get my body, mind and spirit back in balance before my 48th birthday next month. Sometimes I have so much going on and my focus is on everything else that I neglect really taking care of me. So it’s nice to be quiet and focus on doing that now. I had a fun time working with my friend stunt coordinator Wally Crowder on the HBO show, “Hung” the other day. I did a stunt in a restaurant scene in which

Anne Heche
Thomas Jane

Thomas Jane punches out a guy who is on a date with his ex-wife played by Anne Heche. The guy fall onto the next table in which I’m sitting at and falls on me! I’ve done a few stunts, mostly driving, but nothing dangerous. It’s really fun for me cause I learn new things and get to hang out with my pal Wally and meet new people. I’ve never seen “Hung” before and look forward to watching it now.  Last week Ronn and I were in Cabo for

Shawna and Lorenzo Lamas Craig

Lorenzo Lamas’ wedding to Shawna Craig. We were both in the wedding party and had a great time, then today I was surprised to get a

Hef and Crystal's wedding invite

wedding invitation to Hef’s wedding on June 18th. His wedding will be televised and should be a blast, so Ronn and I are looking forward to attending. Summer is always so busy for us with events, parties and kid stuff, so I’m sure we will have a lot to share all summer long.

Ronn and I had a wonderful Easter spent at the Playboy mansion with great friends such as Playmates, Barbara Moore, Ola Ray, Victoria Fuller, Shannon Tweed, Luann Lee and Jacqueline Sheen. There is always a petting zoo for the kids and this year had exotic animals such as a baby fox, kangaroo, turtles, chicks and alligator and rabbits of course. The kids always have a blast on the Easter egg hunt for the famous hand painted eggs. Gene Simmons, Sandra Taylor, Julie McCullough and Scott Baio were just of a few celebrities joining in on all the fun. We then headed over to my pal Tina Hillstrom’s Easter dinner filled with a colorful table of ham, potato salad and yummy treats to top off an already amazing day filled with blessings. We hope your Easter was a fun filled one spent with loved ones and blessed with love and joy!

playboy mansionRonn and I had a blast at the Playboy’s midsummer night’s dreams party Saturday night. I saw so many of my friends like artist Michael Mobius, it felt like a class reunion. Hung out with Mamie Van Doren who still looks like the most amazing grandmother on the planet. I was happy to enjoy the evening after feeling ill all week and had one too many whiskey sours and didn’t get home til 4am! I’m a real light weight when it comes to liquor so it only takes a couple of drinks for me. It’s hard to even say hello to Hef these days cause it seems there are just so many people standing in line to do so. No doubt the mansion parties are still the best around. I’m planning on making some personal appearances for my book nakedtruth but it probably won’t happen til after the wedding. I’m so happy everyone is enjoying the book, I am very pleased that it is helping future pinups. Please keep your comments coming on my website, I truly do want your feedback.

Love DevRonn