Michael Jackson


When it comes to birthdays, Ronn is not traditional at all. He doesn’t like the fuss and really doesn’t like birthday cake. It’s hard to surprise him because he hates surprises and wants to know what’s going on. This was a big birthday and I wanted to have something extra special for him, but due to his crazy work schedule and the fact that it was also a big birthday for Creason the week before, we just decided to combine them with a low key BBQ and few neighbors and friends. This is just so Ronn and I just gave him exactly what he wanted this year. Our neighbor Sue made a delicious carrot cake, which is the only cake that Ronn likes and our neighbor Bill was awesome on the Grill with his beer can chicken. I cooked up some red beans and rice in honor of Mardi Gras along with some various appetizers. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day out by the pool and later Peter Beckett and Ronn did some acoustic music in the garage with “Quiet Riot” drummer Frankie Banali joining in. Our dear friend Julian Jackson filmed the whole party and we will have a edit of it to post soon. This really cheered Ronn up from the saddness of so many amazing talents that have passed away recently. Davy Jones, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, to name a few have passed way to early for us. It has brought new meaning to every birthday for Ronn. Even though he is in amazing shape and very healthy, he realizes each birthday is another gift and another reason to celebrate still being here. His mom died at age 63 when he was just 18. So for Creason to turn 18 and he 60, hit an emotional milestone for him and the importance for close friends and family around him is all he wanted this birthday. Because Ronn is such a popular guy we cannot simply have one birthday party. We must celebrate all month long with various friends to really let him feel close to those he love and adore. So this is just the first for a few more birthday celebrations. Our friend and Australian artist Brett Livingston Strong who painted Michael Jackson gave Ronn a very special painting of a Geisha girl that Michael Jackson drew. Only two exist and they belong now to Ronn and Michael’s mother Katherine. Today Ronn went to a celebrity party at “The House of Blues” in Hollywood for a live Facebook streaming concert of the “Blues Brothers” celebrating 30 years since John Belushi’s death. I watched the stream from our bedroom in my PJs and really enjoyed it. Ronn hung out with Dan Ackroyd, Jim Belushi, Director John Landis and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. He’s now very excited at the possibility of PLAYER doing a concert like this in the near future. I know for his many International fans that this will be a big treat. Who knows maybe you can join his birthday festivities live with us as we continue to celebrate throughout this month!¬† So I want to personally¬† thank you very much for all your gifts and birthday blessings for our extraordinary Ronn that we all adore so much. I know we would all love to have him around another 60 years!

5935_127251820411_661760411_3447722_4616946_n I spent a memorable 4th of July hanging out at the beach with my girlfriends Alana Curry, Sandra Taylor and Dee Dee Bigelow. Dee Dee had me dancing to Michael Jackson and laughing most of the day. I don’t think the 4th would have been complete without dancing to Michael’s music. Almost two weeks after his death, the news coverage is relentless and it seems to be 24/7 Michael Jackson. I can only imagine how his family is feeling, but I imagine it is important to have closure for fans.michael_jackson_whitePersonally, I’d rather watch the memorial on TV than go and deal with the massive traffic and crowd that will be there. I was at the supermarket today and it seems every single magazine had him on their cover. I don’t like how people are making money off of his death, but I know that will continue and just get worst. Michael was a goodhearted person, who gave alot of money to charity and I think it’s fitting that he gets this kind of a tribute, he did alot to feed the hungry and his music was positive and all about love. Unfortunately, I truly feel for what his children will have to endure over the coming years living in a fish bowl. Hopefully, their family’s love will shelter and protect them. Michael will live on through his music and I plan to dance to it every 4th of July in celebration of his life from now on.

I am in total shock over how many iconic figures in my life have died recently and so young!farrahfawcettposter The passing of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson both on my birthday has made me feel very strange. I can’t stop crying and ironically have many friends who were close to both of these Iconic figures.Michael_Jackson_-_Another_Part_Of_Me3 A friend I just spoke with said it was a blessing for me that they died on my birthday, but it’s hard to see it that way. I grew up with them and they touched my life. Farrah was from the south, she was part American Choctaw Indian and French Canadian like me. She and I also had friends in common. My good friend Corey Feldman was great friends with Michael and I knew Michael’s brother Randy and sister LaToya, who shared my attorney Michael Morris.mcmahon Then of course there was Ed McMahon who I did personally know and was a huge part of my career. This is making me want to be as healthy as I can possibly be and live life to the fullest. My heart is breaking for all of them and their families. I know I won’t have a birthday in the future without thinking of them. May they rest in peace.