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Ronn and Sara’s Rumba


An Amazing Flaminco!

The finals tonight were  emotional and completely exhausting in the end for Ronn and Sara, but they came out in 2nd place to Veronica. Apparently, all the judges gave them a perfect score for the Rumba, which was my favorite dance.   I’m very happy for Veronica and think she is an excellent dancer, however I don’t think it’s fair that such a tough competition has a 20 year old competing against a 58 year old in the end. Ronn told me Raz Degan was hospitalized during the Italian Emmys in Sanremo, which was why he didn’t appear on the show. All of the dance teachers and final couples were hurting from injuries. Veronica was the only one not in pain, a testament to her age I’m sure. Veronica also has 5 years of dance lessons under her belt and to me; this isn’t fair to everyone who hasn’t had any dance lessons, such as Ronn. So in my opinion he IS the champion tonight for he has endured the most with working on both B&B and Ballando  at the same time.


An Emotional Ronn and Sara brings everyone to tears

He has worked the hardest, with such a limited amount of time to learn all of those dances and enduring jet lag. How he did that, I have no idea? It took me a whole week to recoup from traveling there and he had to go straight from a plane ride with no sleep and practice 2-4 hours of dance lessons to perform the next night for a 4 hour live show! He has conquered his fears of doing something that he never thought he would remotely be good at and came out a winner! He has shown Italy who he really is and what he is really made of, which is strength, courage, endurance, humor, empathy and love. They now know and love Ronn and not just his character “Ridge.” I am so proud of him and will have a bottle of champagne waiting to celebrate when he gets home!

Love Dev


Ronn and Sara’s Merengie and Disco Dance


Ronn and Sara’s Salsa and Quick step

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-5plGU0Kug]Ronn and Sara had the pleasure of watching show #8 as the contestants that were previously voted out had the chance to come back in for the semi finals next week. However, he and Sara had to dance the charleston and as a surprise learn a disco dance on the spot to perform within minutes. He did so well that the judges gave him the 20 points that are to be added to next week’s score. Two other couples made in into the semi finals rounding the number to six total.  He is not working on B&B this week, so instead of flying home for just a couple days decided to stay the week and put in extra dance lessons for the finals. The cast and crew of Ballando surprised him with a birthday cake and champagne on the set and Sara gave him a beautiful scrapebook of photo memories from his dancing experience. I’m so thrilled he had a wonderful birthday and got to share it with me being there. Lavinia and Laura Biagiotti also surprised him with a birthday cake and a terrific dinner. Actress Nancy Brilli and her husband Roy join us along with Lavinia’s boyfriend Francesco. We feel so blessed to have so many amazing Italian friends who are now like family to us. Ronn is getting more comfortable with his Italian and starting to speak more. I made it home last night, but was too tired to watch the Oscars. Ronn had an Italian TV appearance with the Ballando cast and everyone was talking about his disco moves. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6cVx8K6o-g] I had to come home to prepare for my first personal appearance is nearly 5 years and am looking forward to finally promoting my book. Ronn and I truly feel so blessed to have good health, love and happiness, a wonderful home with amazing friends and family and want to pursue our dream of giving back and helping others achieve success in all areas of life. This is basis of my next book, which I am putting the finishing touches on right now. I want to share the secrets I’ve learned so far in life. My life feels like a dream come true and Ronn and I couldn’t be happier. We decided we will renew our wedding vows in the future in Tuscany with our Italian family and perhaps make it a regular thing to do all over the world, what do you think? A good excuse for another wedding dress huh?

Love Dev