Verona has always been one of those fantasy places to visit on my  bucket list and finally we had the time and the opportunity to explore it! Ronn was invited to go to the Venice Film Festival gala and since Verona was only an hour and half train ride away, we decided to visit what Shakespeare depicted in “Romeo and Juliet” for our own eyes to see.  The things we are discovering about Verona has made us fall in love all over again in a city that is as charming as it’s name.

I didn’t realize Verona was so close to Venezia, Rome, Firenze and Milan, all of which are only a couple of hours away by train. What we love so far about Verona is most all of the city is within walking distance to the charming center and gives off an essence of a smaller version of Rome, especially with the beautiful Arena displayed for operas and concerts. This experience of exploring Verona was a spontaneous one due to the fact that Ronn is in the midst of planning out his world tour of Europe in a much bigger way that we originally expected. We were not suppose to arrive in Europe until the end of September, but due to the invite to the Venice Film Festival, we decided to come early and have a bit of fun in between. 

This city is warm and cozy with all the charm and vibe you would expect from hearing its name. It makes you wonder if Romeo and Juliet really did exist and so a visit to Juliet’s house is a must see for fantasy and lovers to take photos on Juliet’s balcony, write their names on a wall entrance and even a letter via email to Juliet. As we wandered the streets of Verona, many people stopped Ronn for photos and we were invited to try the restaurant of one longtime fan.

Il Banco Prosciutteria” was simply an amazing experience. So far it was the best meal we have had in Verona! The presentation was unique and the restaurant also has a downstairs private room and outdoor seating. We are planning to go to dinner there again soon!  “Angelucci’s” was an awesome place for pizza that had a unique array of toppings and “Perbacco” was a very simple family style restaurant that gave you a preset menu which included wine, water and coffee. This place had the greatest value for the homestyle food it served.

Ronn and I really are loving Verona, it reminds us of a quieter version of Rome. So far we have met some really nice people, made new friends, had some wonderful meals and saw a concert of “Pink Floyd Legend” in the beautiful outdoor Roman theater. We look forward to seeing an opera someday in the gorgeous arena and its been quite an experience to walk around all the shops with Ronn. He seems to be loved in Verona and we are falling in love with its magic also.