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This was Devin as she was waiting to be prepped before going into surgery. It was about 7am and the concern on her face says it all. I tried very hard to conceal the concern on my face with a smile and a bit of levity to keep our spirits up. All I wanted to project was a positive sense that it all will come out fine. No pun intended. I had to release her to the nurses care as she was wheeled away and I went to the waiting room to occupy myself for the next 4+ hours. I knew I wouldn’t be able to see her until she went from surgery to recovery and then to her room. One of her doctors came out shortly after the operation and gave me the good news… it went very well and there was NO cancer anywhere! This was the best thing anyone could have said to me.

This second pix is my lovely wife having just woken up from anesthesia.

Image 2
Image 3

I think this sign by her bed was a warning that the person you’re trying to talk to is majorly floating somewhere else.

Image 4
This is our wonderful Blancita who came to the hospital on her way home.

Image 5

Image 6
I think the relieved looks on our faces speak volumes. I was so happy to see her smile and feel calm about the outcome even though it was probably at that moment, helped by massive pain relievers.
Image 7
The following day, I had to take a pix of this because it meant we couldn’t leave the hospital until she peed into this little pee catcher. So I was pumping her with cup after cup of water. Even though she was on a saline intravenous drip, it still took quite a while to get enough built up to use this thing.

Image 8
Here’s our dear friend Susie Q who brought some beautiful flowers.

Image 9
Getting stuck one last time to check some blood levels that had the doctors a little concerned. But the levels came back reduced and all was well for us to leave the hospital and bring her home to our own bed. Taking a pix while this was happening was the perfect distraction for someone deathly afraid of needles.

I’m so happy to see my lovely wife getting better and stronger every day. She’s trying to ween herself off the pain meds, which I think is good. And she only takes about 6 minutes instead of about 11 to walk slowly to the bathroom every time. I’m going to remind her now that when she gets upset at me or anyone, she won’t have her monthly period to use as an excuse.

Love you all for all your kind words of encouragement and support this last while. It means the world to us both. —Ronn


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  1. Michelle McClatchy Reply

    Best wishes
    I went through that very operation
    She will feel fabulous soon!
    So glad it was all clear;) xxx

  2. Cari Schofield @CariAz_13 Reply

    I’ve had a partial hyterectomy so we are hyster sisters! Sending love & fast healing your way!

    Cari Schofield

  3. kandace rubrecht Reply

    Im so happy your beautiful Devin ok now.she’s very lucky to have you ronn.I wish her a fast and speedy recovery. God bless you both.merry Christmas also.Love always your faithful fan kandace rubrecht

  4. Cindy Whyte Reply

    OMG what a very strong Women Devin is!!!! What wonderful news to hear everything went well and being on the way to a full recovery!!!! Sending lots of well wishes to the both of you and a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014!!!! Lots of love from me in Port Saint Lucie Florida!!!!! P.S. Devin you look as beautiful as ever!!!

  5. Awww Devin, so glad you’re okay! Ronn thank for posting this sweet blog, I’m gonna have this surgery in Jan., seeing this is so helpful with my anxiety about the surgery! God Bless you both for sharing! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and New Year! ❤❤❤

  6. Sharon Wells Reply

    Oh Devin, Honey I thought you had the surgery a while back. I lost touch with you because I had to have my lower spine completely opened and Two steel rods put in from the bottom to about 1*1/2 inches above my waist line. So I have really been in a big recovery. From the date it seems like you are just now having the surgery. If that is the case forgive me for being a bit harsh about how you defended Ronn. He is so full of love for you and it must make you feel so good to be married Twice to the most handsome man on the planet. I am so happy the surgery was a great success and as a woman that had to have mine done at 29 years old I want to tell you that once you heal up you will be glad to get it over. I hope the Doctor was able to save your overies, but if not you will still be the same woman you have always been. I have had many reconstruction surgeries and still suffer because in year 2000 I had the mesh put inside of me. They say my case is too old to try and get in on the lawsuit for those with mesh in surgery. I want to tell you please don’t push yourself. You must rest and just a little shower at first if you feel you are strong enough for it. I hope you were able to have the surgery called a Marshall Machedie which is the doctor that discovered this method and is done with out scars on your body. Many are done now that way . I wish I could have talked to you before hand but I suppose when you were getting ready for it that is the time I was having to be so careful with the rods and screws and washers that my back had to have. I once had a surgery by spinal and I will never go that way again. Being put under for sleep is so new and better on you. You look a bit swollen in your face and that Spinal is what did it. I remember in my spinal surgery they run out of meds toward the end of mine and I had to just endure but the doctor soon was finished. What to expect is not going to be bad once you are well. I had endometerios and had to have my uterus removed but kept my overies. That made a big difference but you may still need a low dosage because your harmones have faced a shock and they must adjust to that. I still take a Premarin each day but I did have awful night sweats that was very uncomfortable, and eventually had to have overies removed too. But that was way down the line. Once you get back to your old self I feel you will be fine, but don’t be discourage if you have some depressed days. It is to be expected for your body has taken an awful shock. You will find that you will still be able to have wonderful sex with Ronn and I feel he will be gentle with you but you do need to wait a few weeks or a month. You must heal completely before sex so get ready for a lot of petting and enjoy it. You are such a beautiful woman and Ronn makes no bones of how he loves you. I know you were afraid it would be cancer and thank God that it was in your favor. If you are just having the surgery now, I understand why you were upset on Facebook. You were too stressed to even be on there. You have a Sweethearth for a husband and there is no doube how much he loves you. Take you pain meds in the beginning for you need them. Don’t worry about addiction because you need the meds to get you through this adjustment time. You can cut back maybe i a few weeks. Remember I have been though all of this in the past ! I am 64 years old. I have been through about all one can have. I do want you to watch out for any fainting or almost passing out because these Harmones may effect your bloodsugar and cause it to drop and that is not good. Eat lots of fruit and maybe add a little prune juice every day to make sure you may be functioning right.If you likd a bloody Marry let Ronn give it to you as a virgin drink, No alchol in it. I am sorry I didn’t know that today was your day for surgery.That shows how lost I have been.Your man is going to be at your side and that is the greatest gift he can give you. His love and support.You are going to be the same sweet Devin that loves her man and is so nice to share him with his fans in your blogs. Just remember not too much for at least a month, When the floor gets dirty just point it to Ronn. He will gladly tidy up for you. My love and best wishes to a beautiful woman. Sharon in Louisiana. (I am not proof reading so some spelling could be wrong ). One of the facebook ladies has already throwed that in my face. When I type fast I do make mistakes and With my love get better soon. Sharon in Louisiana.

  7. Oh my God I had no idea Ron, I am so happy she is O.K. I wish I had known she was going in..I would have been there to bring some healing stuff, let me know if she just had this done so I can come and visit, you are such a great husband and I am so proud of you both…

  8. Devin- I hope you start feeling better n soon (((HUGS))))) Thank you Ronn, for keeping up updated 🙂

  9. My dear Ronn and Devin. I m very happy and relieved that Devs surgery went very well and with her very soon full recovery. U 2 are amazing couple and I love/support u 2 very much.

    (((bighug))) with love and possitive energy from Slovakia.

  10. Linda Ludwig Reply

    I know what your going through Devin 11 years ago i had a complete hysterectomy.I dont get periods at all now an i sure dont miss them lol.We are so happy that you are getting well.Thank you for the pics.You look good all the time even after surgery. Your friends Linda an Carl

  11. Ronn thanks for the update. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Devin. Hope you both have a Merry Christmas!

  12. Gary Stevens Reply

    Wishing Devin a speedy recovery! I hope you get better quickly!

  13. Dear Ronn
    I wish Devin a speedy recovery. And I hope the season will still be “merry” for both of you & the family. I just stop by to write my “2cents” on what i thought about The New Ridge on B&B. Did not expect to see such sad news. Anyhow. Much blessings to you all
    One Love

  14. Chanel Prideaux Reply

    Oh Wow
    When Ronn writes He tell it like it is. And Show & Tell seem to be his forte. “a pix of “the potty” You guys sure know how to make your days bright as a star..”no matter what.
    Love you both & you’ll forever be in my thoughts & prayers
    Thanks for sharing
    Chanel & Family

  15. donewithbravo Reply

    Hope you are feeling a little better. I had the daVinci in Feb. ’12, and it took almost a year of recovery. I kept my ovaries (I was 52) and wanted to go into a slow, natural menopause. I ran into many roadblocks and was in and out of the hospital for months due to severe UTIs and UTI-like symptoms. If you feel worse, call your doctor and don’t stop until you have a doctor who will listen. This is a LOT for our bodies to go through. I got mine done b/c I had tons of fibroids + I was at risk for cancer. No more periods, which is the good part, but my body was in shock for so long, which was unreal. I immediately had hot flashes 24/7 and my doctor didn’t want me on estrogen until I tried everything else (I have breast cancer in the family).

    It was a LONG road of recovery, but I finally began to feel better after a few months. I have a beautifully sentimental little ring my husband bought for me when I was feeling very down about the slow rate of recovery (damn–it looked so easy in all of the posters!!). I look at that ring and smile. It says, “I love you” around it and has a <3 on there. He's a sweetie!

    I finally did get put on a very low dose of estrogen, so the hot flashes basically stopped and I can sleep better now too. I'm slowly feeling more like myself. This coming from someone who had a grip on her own health and was proactive about every aspect of food/nutrition/diet/supplements,etc………. I only wish that I would have researched the daVinci more thoroughly! Oh well. I'm okay now, which is what matters. You'll get there! Good luck to you! Rest up and don't be afraid to ask for help!

    P.S. I've been a B&B fan from day one, and a Y&R fan before that! I do miss Ronn but the show is just such an insult to women and our intelligence. It's become an embarrassment to admit I watch it anymore!

    • Devin Devasquez Reply

      I’ve stopped watching just can’t do it anymore it’s become a farce of a show, sorry to say. Yes I’m feeling much better wished I had done this years ago and saved myself so much pain and agony. Happy New Year!

      • donewithbravo

        Glad you had a good experience with your surgery! I’m amazed! Remember to take it slowly for a LONG time. I too, am relieved that I’m done with the pain and agony I experienced pre-surgery, but my post-surgery complications made it tough for me.

        I understand why you wouldn’t want to watch B&B anymore. Besides being an insult to your husband, it’s an insult to women everywhere. It *is* a farce. I hope that you and your husband move on to bigger and better things to come. Happy New Year to you both too!

  16. P.J. Hollingsworth Reply

    Devin its amazing after this you had the strength to reply to all those comments on your topic of “Soaps what’s happening to them” I admire your commitment to Ronn and his career. And I love him for standing by his woman.
    Continue to care for each other. Most couples don’t know how to do that. I come from a family with over 200 marriages and zero divorces. So I know a think or two about “staying together”

  17. Deanne Williams Reply

    Devin, I hope you are doing well and are fully recovered. I had this same surgery a year ago and thank God I had a good outcome too. It is very scary going through surgery and this kind especially. I look forward to following your blog. I am from Monroe, La and live in LA now. I read that you are from Baton Rouge. Best of luck to you and Ronn. I am a big fan of his as well. Take care,

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