I never thought I’d be saying this about my friend Prince in concert, but last night sucked a big one! Now I’ve seen him many times before during his “Purple Rain” tour and after so I always thought he was more than worth the price of a ticket. But last night was a complete joke. Ronn had never seen him and because of that I wanted the best seats possible. Also thought maybe he’d see me in the first row and I’d get to reconnect with him and say hello. Well the stage was shaped in that symbol he uses and was built so high that even the people that spent $2000 a ticket for the VIP sections had trouble seeing the stage. I mean I”ve never seen anything like this ever. Maybe you’d get a glimpse of him when he came around the stage, but for the most part you had to stand and strain your neck to see any action since he was in the middle of it most of the time. We had what I thought would be primo seats in the first row center that turned into the back of the drummer’s head! None of the floor seats allowed you to really get a good view of the stage. The center upper sections which were much cheaper were way better because not only could you see the stage, you could see the large monitor screens of the performances. Chaka Khan opened the show and Larry Graham was added to the NPG band and a couple solos with Prince and looked like they would be great if only we could hear it?  The lighting was also bad throughout the show sometimes there was no light at all on him. The sound wasn’t great either as it had a lot of echo and all you could really hear was bass in our section on the floor. All in all not one of this finer moments. Certainly not worth the money people paid for what they thought they were getting. You left there feeling totally ripped off and royally disappointed. I’ve always known Prince to be a perfectionist, especially in concert! So this was such a surprise to see happen with Ronn of all people. We both were so looking forward to seeing the show and I just couldn’t believe Prince would allow tickets to be sold to die hard fans in this crappy way. I’m speaking out so that you know not to waste your money on floor seats period. Best to get  upper center seats and at least see the stage and possibly hear some of the music. Ronn and I were so turned off that I don’t think we will want to see another concert ever again. He thought it was actually the worst concert he’d ever seen and I thought that was ironic because Prince was always the best concert I’d had ever seen, but last night I had to agree with him as I think everyone that had floor seats would also.  I think Prince would have been as awesome as usual if only we could have seen and heard him!


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  1. Cathy Wright

    I am so sorry you had such a bad experience…I saw him last month in Greensboro and it was great! We sat 2 the left of the stage…right above the floor…great seats. I can see why u were so let down…the floor was jammed at Greensboro….people standing and dancing everywhere….I use to love that when I was young…but not now…I want to actually see the show. You should contact him or his rep. about this…I would be upset also!
    Anyway…hope you and Ronn have a great Easter….God bless!

  2. auw Devin and Ronn this looks like a disaster. So sorry for your bad seats. I also had such an experience when i went to a concert of Engelbert Humperdinck here in Antwerp. Couldn’t see the stage, choire or orcest..Luckely we could see Engelbert but he had to stay in the middle of the stage because the stage on the left site (where our seats were) and the right side were full of musicboxes! That was a disaster too we also had first row seats. Lots of noise on the boxes but luckely we could SEE Engelbert…
    So i know the feeling…thinking you had the best seats but :((

    I can understand that you and Ronn where very upset about the concert it’s such a shame. Maybe he don’t know what’s going on in the public so yes you maybe better contact him and tell him all about it.


  3. Hi you two, I’m so sorry it was a drag. Probably for security reasons, but it shut out a lot of audience. :[

    Sending Love, Lilian

  4. Hi Dev, I’m so sorry about your seats. I bought the $25 tickets and had a GREAT seat. Up in the first row of the mezzanine, I could see everything. That’s a real shame. I know the tickets down front were costly. Best, Bobbie