It feels like we are watching a movie right now, one that we are all involved in these days. A thriller nightmare that is really a dream and just can’t be real. Just the thought of the entire world being quarantined for a deadly virus is indeed a scary thought. These past few weeks feels like time is standing still and we are in some kind of time warp in a future that is unknown and unfamiliar to mankind. It is something we have never seen or experience before ever!

2020 will indeed go down in our history books as a turning point in our lives for many different reasons I’m sure. Many would have you believe its the end of the world and nothing but doom and gloom is ahead of us. I personally believe the opposite. We live in a world where we now see everyone’s opinion on everything everyday through social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can see from what people choose to post if its coming from a place of fear or love.

Its easier said than done to tell your neighbor who may have a preexisting medical condition to not worry and stay calm. It’s hard to keep those who already don’t have enough food to not panic and hoard too much of things that they may not even need because they just aren’t thinking logically. Thus, the senseless comical hoarding of toilet paper for example. It hard to explain to someone who may have been conditioned to see the worst in life to see that maybe what is coming is the best we could ever imagine.

Out of tragic situations, there is always a silver lining and something to learn and grow from. Nothing stays the same and life is ever changing, but it’s all in how we choose to perceive it and how we choose to live our lives. Time is indeed standing still for our world right now and we are all witness to this incredible moment in our time here on Earth. How are you choosing to perceive it right now? Are you choosing to live in fear and doom and gloom? Can it perhaps be possible and yes anything is indeed possible that we can evolve as a human race to mass awakening of things we never thought were possible?

Let’s just imagine for a moment that everything we have thought to be true was really a lie and everything we thought was a lie was actually true? What if what we are going through was to prepare us to evolve to another phase of life? Right now we are all in the same boat so to speak. We are all trying to stay healthy, cooking more at home and spending quality time with our families. This doesn’t sound so bad actually. We have slowed down the work oriented idea that we must stay so busy doing instead of just being. Some of us are having a hard time with staying still and relaxing into that process. We have been so conditioned that we must constantly be on the go and this has shocked us a bit to be told you can’t now.

Perhaps the rest of this concept can help heal our planet as there aren’t as many cars polluting our environment? I have friends in Italy that have confirmed that the Venice canals have gone crystal clear and fish are coming back into them now. Perhaps this experience will teach us the importance of health, freedom and start to show us what is truth to help us grow into a new way of living.

We are standing still right now in this moment in time for a reason. Looking at from a positive aspect is a choice and I feel a much better alternative than dwelling on the opposite of that. As long as our basic needs are being met during this time period that is all that really matters right now. If we can all strive to do this in our lives, we can be a ripple in a pond for others and this will help us all through this crisis.

What is most important as we can see is health, without it we have nothing. We cannot work, play, socialize or do anything that life offers without health. Health is not just in our bodies, but also our mental and spiritual health is just as important. If we are living in fear as we can see in others right now, then that is not healthy for your mind and may cause you to do irrational things like hoard toilet paper. If you are feeling anxiety over your health it can cause you to become depressed and that isn’t good for your spirit and overall well being. Balance is the key to staying healthy. I believe this and practice it daily and even wrote a book on it.

Attacking, blaming, pointing fingers and spreading fear and negativity is NOT what is needed right now. It will not help this situation at all, in fact all it does is keep fear growing and sets us back from possibly evolving into an unknown territory that could be totally wonderful. I know everyone has an opinion and we can all see them. The world in some ways has gotten smaller. I choose to soak my mind, body and spirit with nothing but healthy thoughts, food and love right now. I suggest you try this and the first step in doing so is to concentrate on your own lives and heal yourself first. This may sound selfish, but its not. It’s actually good for us all because we are all connected in the same boat. You could be an inspiration to someone watching that needs to see it firsthand right now. Focus your thoughts on creativity instead of constant dribble coming from others. If you do have something to say, try to make it positive. Stop bashing and blaming what’s happening on others and start focusing your thoughts on healing yourself during this isolation period. I send you all nothing but healing love and blessings during this time that is standing still.


Most people know me as Playboy's Miss June 1985. I also won $100,000 on the TV talent show "Star Search" as their Spokesmodel Champion in 1986, have been featured in movies such as, Disney's "Can't Buy Me Love", A Low Down Dirty Shame, House 2, Society and Andy Sidaris' "Guns", currently I have a Cajun spice called, "Devin's Kickass Cajun Seasoning" especially created to help the great city of New Orleans rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. I just authored a book featuring an exclusive interview with pinup legend Bettie Page entitled, "The Naked Truth About A Pinup Model"


  1. Pam Presnell

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    Love it hon..and Totally agree. Balance…Balance…Balance.
    At peace here in West Virginia…
    Love and Blessings to you, Ronn and Little Man.