It seems Ronn Moss has had a love affair with Italy since the very beginning of his acting career. He shot his first movie, “Hearts and Armour aka “I Paladini on Mount Etna and Rome, which was years before “The Bold and The Beautiful.” So it’s only fitting that he begins a new chapter in his career with a sitcom. I think you know by now just how goofy and funny my husband can be. I know it was hard to see Ronn any other way, but as Ridge Forrester because that is all he did for so long. But now, Ronn wants to play as many different roles as possible. You have seen him as John Blackwell on our Emmy award winning series, “The Bay.” Now you will see him play a much lighter character as John Wright in the upcoming sitcom, “Bruna In Beverly Hills.”


When Ronn was given “Bruna In Beverly Hills” to read, he wanted my opinion and I thought it would be totally an awesome role for him to play. Bruna is the Italian mistress of a highly political man in Italy and she is full of passion. She runs away from her lover to America and works as a maid for the Wright family bringing all that is Italian to her new American family.  This project is indeed a family affair and was written by the woman who will play Bruna herself, Laura Fuino. Together with executive producer, Kim Kopf who stars opposite Ronn as, Sally Wright and Valentina Kamenov, as their daughter Stephanie makes this a typical looking Beverly Hills family.


Ronn is also a producer on this project, which is directed by another Italian, Max Leonida. You may have remembered Max from his appearance on “Celebrity Wife Swap” with us. I suggested my naturally funny friend that most of you guys know now, Tina Hillstrom to play Sally’s best friend, Elaine and then there’s Elvis, Bruna’s gigolo brother who rounds off our amazing cast. After a read through of the script, we are all totally excited to get this pilot shot next week!


“Bruna In Beverly Hills” will be unlike any sitcom you have seen and totally hilarious. We are looking forward to giving you a sneak peak next week into these awesome characters and bringing “Bruna In Beverly Hills” to life. “Bruna In Beverly Hills” adds a little spice to everything she does and spreads love and laughter everywhere she goes. I know how much Italy has been missing Ronn and think this is the perfect role for them to see him in next. Who knows what other surprises we may add to “Bruna In Beverly Hills,” maybe a little trip back to Italy is our future?



Most people know me as Playboy's Miss June 1985. I also won $100,000 on the TV talent show "Star Search" as their Spokesmodel Champion in 1986, have been featured in movies such as, Disney's "Can't Buy Me Love", A Low Down Dirty Shame, House 2, Society and Andy Sidaris' "Guns", currently I have a Cajun spice called, "Devin's Kickass Cajun Seasoning" especially created to help the great city of New Orleans rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. I just authored a book featuring an exclusive interview with pinup legend Bettie Page entitled, "The Naked Truth About A Pinup Model"


  1. donewithbravo

    Is this going to play on American tv? If so, when and on what channel? Or is it an internet show? Thanks!

    • Devin Devasquez

      This is only the pilot we are shooting right now and so a distribution deal has not yet been made for this series. Everything that is on TV is now on the Internet, but no this is not a webseries, it’s a sitcom pilot. It doesn’t matter anymore if a show is conceived on the Internet or television as it’s always worldwide, especially if it’s shot in English these days. The Bay is unique and groundbreaking because it was a small Internet series that was only 5 minutes in length and grew to a 20 minute show that could compete in the Daytime Emmys. That’s why it won the category “New Approaches.” Hulu and Netflix are Internet distributors that create their own content now that have won Primetime Emmys because you can watch this from your computer or television, it’s your choice. So everything is merging as you can see. Older audiences I know like to watch television, but younger kids do everything from their computer and phones.

      • donewithbravo

        Thanks. We watch on all forums, but I like to know which one it would be on to make it easier to find it. Good luck with it. Thanks!

  2. Looking forward to viewing this new sitcom,sounds very exciting,hope there will be some scenes in Italy.I fell I love with Italy when I visited many years ago.Looking forward also to seeing your friend Tina Hillstrom.
    Love to you all,Brenda x

  3. Elizabeth

    I cannot wait to see this program! It sounds like a real blast of fun. Would love to see Ronn & Devin in a show together. <3

    • Lindsey Abbott

      I have been saying they should have their own show being their own self for over a decade
      Not sure about the American fans but the ones in Australia & New Zealand, would be happy like Larks

  4. I just love it!!! Cant wait to see this. Ronn will rock as mr. John Wright. Love ya and Great luck with this. .

  5. Lindsey Abbott

    Dear Ronn & Devin Happy to know about the new project Thanks for sharing all the the things you do, which is beautiful