ronns-favorite-shotI don’t watch alot of television, too busy with kids, school runs, cooking and running DevRonn. So when I was asked if I would be interested in having my own reality show, I hesitated. Then I started watching some of the reality shows on TV and decided that if I could do a show that was entertaining, unique and positive then I would consider it. I guess when it rains it pours because not only are we pitching my own series to a variety of networks such as E and Lifetime, but now my dear friend and one of my bridesmaids Cindy Margolis has her own show on FOX and wants me on it. I am also guesting on a couple of other new reality shows airing this fall and so I guess the reality of it is making me even busier than usual with wedding plans and all. I’m not complaining because I am sure I will have a blast doing everything. Ronn never has time to watch television, not even his own show, so this is all rather new for him. Personally I don’t know how he memorizes 57 pages of lines a day. I could never do that. I haven’t concentrated on modeling or acting in so long that being in front of the camera will be a little strange for me. I will keep everyone posted on the progress and let you know when to look for me on reality TV.

Love Devin