This past weekend to Paso Robles was a first for both Ronn and I. We were there for Player’s concert lineup on the Sail Rock tour along with Firefall, Orleans, Al Stewart and Christopher Cross. So Peter and Eden thought we should naturally go up a day early and do some wine tasting. The drive was a pleasant one and the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful. There are so many great wines from the Paso Robles region and for years our neighbors who own the wine, “Opolo” has invited us to their annual wine festival of grape stomping, music and BBQ feasting galore. But, somehow between Ronn’s schedule of work and travel, we have never been able to make it to the winery until this past weekend.


We happen to also know the Hunt family which also produce a terrific wine from Paso Robles and stopped off at their vineyard for a tasting, along with the Ancient Peak, Cass and Tobin James wineries. Needless to say we had great time and I can attest to the fact that the wines of this region are amazing.


The concert drew a terrific crowd that enjoyed the fair and the moonlit breeziness of the night since the concert was set outdoors. My girlfriend Sue and her friend Brenda had a great time and joined us backstage afterwards where we were hanging out with Al Stewart and his girlfriend Jill. As we were saying goodbye, Jill miss her step into the van and fell backwards in a hard fall that ended up breaking her finger! It was a quite a hard fall and a terrible freakish accident. We all felt terrible watching her finger swell as the ambulance came to take her to the hospital. She was remarkably calm and all she and Al could talk about was having us all get together for a dinner party at their place once the tour was over.

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Such a lovely couple that we are sending love and light to right now for Jill to have a speedy recovery. I don’t think any of us will forget our past weekend in Paso Robles for many reasons. Great wine, friends old and new, music and serene scenery made it memorable enough to say, we will be back!


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  1. Tammy Kreiss

    So glad you all had a great time & glad it was only Jill’s finger! Hope she heals quick!

  2. Must have been a memorial day,,shame I do not live near by .would have loved to attend.Brenda xx

  3. Hi Ronn and Dev. Im happy to hear u had amazing time, Thanks for another great blog, Hope Jill is fit really soon. PS: U 2 look amazingly at that second pic. Lovely Devronn. Love Katka,

  4. Hi you two, Sorry to hear about Jill’s finger. Wishing her a speedy recovery from what must have been a doozy of a fall. Nice pictures you took of everyone. I see happiness all around. Love wine tastings myself. Wish I was there with you and friends.

    Love ya, Lilian

  5. Brenda Chase

    Hello Devin and Ronn,

    I really enjoyed meeting you two and Peter and Eden. It was a nice afternoon visiting the wineries and spending time with nice people. I plan to try to go to the Opolo Winery in October to celebrate my birthday that month for there annual celebration. I too hope Jill has a speedy recovery. Thanks again for the concert and the backstage invite. Again keep in touch. Brenda

  6. Sharon Wells

    I just love seeing you and Ronn exploring parts of the world that I will never have a chance to do. You both look so happy and fresh. Both of you are looking younger instead of older. Dev, you are a very beautiful woman and I know Ronn feels honored to have you as his wife. I must give Ronn credit too. He looks so good now that he is free. I love his hair not greyed like it was on the show. I miss his presence, but can’t blame him for leaving. You two have all the fun in the world and let us out here see it through your eyes, I bet it would have been good to see it through the Wine testing ! Ha Ha. Love to both of my fans, Sharon of Louisiana