Okay this will be one exciting event, not to be missed. PLAYER will perform at the the Canyon Club on June 3rd to celebrate my 50th birthday and all proceeds will go to the Shelter Hope Pet Shop. I wanted to do something big in celebration of my 50 years on this planet and my wish was to have everyone I know to be there with PLAYER performing. I DO NOT want gifts!!



This is my gift having all of you be there with us to celebrate! Tickets are on sale now and there are three levels of seating. The best value is the VIP tables  which seat 6 people per table and include open bar and dinner. There are only 11 left as of now and are going for $1200 per table or $200 per person. The next level is at $98 per person in which you must make a dinner reservation. The third level is at $49 and standing room only. This will be an awesome event benefiting the amazing Shelter Hope Pet Shop  which has helped rescue so many animals and place them in great homes. It is the only rescue center in a mall and I’m so happy that we can help this great cause. So I advise you to RSVP your tickets sooner rather than later for the best seats. 

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PLAYER will be performing their classic hits like, “This Time I’m In It For Love” “It’s For You” “Silver Lining” and of course “Baby Come Back.” They will also be performing their new songs from their newly released, “Too Many Reasons.” CD now available on itunes and Amazon. This will be the first major concert of PLAYER in Los Angeles and one that I’m sure will please everyone. So please join in celebrating my 50th birthday and help support the Shelter Hope Pet Shop by joining us on June 3rd at the Canyon Club!! If you can’t make the concert and want to make a tax deductible donation please make checks out to Shelter Hope Pet Shop and send to 1336 Moorpark Rd #326, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. A big kiss and much gratitude!!

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Most people know me as Playboy's Miss June 1985. I also won $100,000 on the TV talent show "Star Search" as their Spokesmodel Champion in 1986, have been featured in movies such as, Disney's "Can't Buy Me Love", A Low Down Dirty Shame, House 2, Society and Andy Sidaris' "Guns", currently I have a Cajun spice called, "Devin's Kickass Cajun Seasoning" especially created to help the great city of New Orleans rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. I just authored a book featuring an exclusive interview with pinup legend Bettie Page entitled, "The Naked Truth About A Pinup Model"


  1. What a great cause..two of my wonderful dogs come from” Rescue” Everyone who attends the event…have a lovely time 🙂 xx

  2. Cool idea and I’m sure it will be an awesome event. Unfortunately..I will be lost in the clouds somewhere..since I am pilot. At the moment this is stopover (LAX)..so I’m catching up on my emails. But as a lover of animals, I will make a donation to this worthy cause.
    Please reply with info on where to send a money order..&..Happy 50th..Devin

    btw…Give a special shout out to Ridge..I mean Ronn. My wife (Jasmine) is still mourning the lost of her daytime man. (we live in London)..I’ve recently realized she does not have much to say when I call home, because all I heard for years was what happen on BOLD. Our conversations went from 20mins..to 2-minutes…lol AND to make matters worst her “RIDGE” cup broke. So she’ll have to get another.

    • Devin Devasquez

      Thank you Jason, that’s very sweet and generous of you.All donations should be made out to Shelter Hope Pet Shop and sent to 1336 Moorpark Rd #326, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360, a big thank you in advance!

  3. Hi you two, Excellent way to help the helpless four-footed friends find a home and keep them safe and fed until they do so. Good hearts to help mend broken ones.

    All that fantastic music by PLAYER and a birthday bash for you to boot. I wish you guys the best turnout.

    Sending lots of love, Lilian

  4. Tiffany Blanchard

    Great Devin..on 2-counts
    1..Your 50th..Congrats..I reached that milestone 3-years-ago..& I am still celebrating..lol
    2. Having the concert for the shelter. I live in Bel Air & work at NBC..so I will be there.
    All the best

    • Devin Devasquez

      Thanks Tiffany, please spread the word and bring friends, I promise they will have the best time!

  5. Brian L Liss

    Devin, Ronn and Peter –
    Thank you so much for the wonderful CD of your new music “Too Many Reasons”. I have been listenning to the CD in my car whenever I go somewhere out of the house. I have heard the cd more than 2 times. Every song is so addictive……. My all time favorite song on the new album is “I Will”, I know this song well enough to sing along to it now….. So thank you again for such a wonderful album and the autograph as well.

    Below is a review i tried adding to Amazon but you need to purchase a product on their webpage to add a review.

    My Review of “Too Many Reasons” A New Album by the band know as “Player”
    Reviewed By Brian L. Liss (Randolph,MA)

    “Too Many Reasons” why you should buy this album……
    Okay, move over Bon Jovi because “Player” is finally back and & better than ever……..
    There are just “Too Many Reasons” why you would love every single song on this album. From song number one “Man On Fire” to the new hit single “I Will” which is a great ballad song and all the way to the last song which is a new updated version of “Player” signature hit song “Baby Come Back”…… So if you have a reason to buy an album today, go out and by the new “Player” album because i just can’t tell “Too Many Reasons” why you shouldn’t buy the new “Player” album, because you will listen to every song over and over again…….

  6. Faith Sullivan

    A pleasant “Howdy” from Faith “down-under”..who is now in New York..passing through on the way to Carnival in Jamaica West Indies.
    When are you guys going to Australia?..I need an update way in-advance notice..if that trip is in your future plans.
    Since i won’t be in your-neck-of the woods..I might also send you a donation for the Dogs
    Have a wonderful Event & much happiness..not only on your day of birth,,but everyday And give your well-dressed-man..a big hug..:-)..from me
    xoxoxoxoxoxox from the Aussie-Fans

  7. Jasmin Hall

    Hi Devin
    Happy Birthday..when it arrives
    I am all the way in BVI..but I would surely love to come & see The Player band perform. I invited Ronn via Google to tune in to a real cool online radio stationed in New Zealand. You might have heard about it since you guys have been to Australia. Its called Muzicheadz. I would love to hear Ronn’s songs showcase there, with Marha & Saniula… Check them out. 7 also tell Ronn to check his inbox (Google) for an invite from me.
    Going to keep my fingers cross that those ladies can land an interview with Ronn.

    • Devin Devasquez

      please send the info to me at missjune85@yahoo.com and I’m sure Ronn would love to that radio program Jasmin, thanks so much!

    • Devin Devasquez

      Ronn has been swamped with the 411 movie stuff, but says he’d love to do that New Zealand radio show, so just email me with details and I’ll set it up. missjune85@yahoo.com

      • Good Idea DevRonn….doing interview with Martha Samasoni
        I am from Australia..and today I had a blast on The James Bond Beach in Oracabessa Jamaica. Same beach where Ian Fleming film the first movie. Today’s event was one of many Fetes for Carnival this year. I know Devin loves her New Orleans Fete. Honey this one is 10 times better.Best group of people to J;overt with.
        Anyhow just took a break to see whats on the web..& there you are.
        All the best to my favorite Celebrity Couple & Ms D..remember you are sleeping with my best dressed man..HOW HE DOIN?

      • Ellen Clinton

        Hi Devin
        Check your Google Inbox. Folks from Muzixheadz is trying to reach you. I just gave Martha Samasoni your email.
        Here is hers samasoni@gmail.com


  8. Dana Morgan Ross


    Sending XOXOOXO all the way from Lund Sweden

  9. Hyacinth Brown

    Hey Devin & Ronn
    Heard it through the grapevine..Ronn will be on The Muzicheatz Show. Please give me a couple days notice.
    Peace 2 U both & the Family

  10. Camelia Pagan

    Hi Devin
    Did I miss the day of your birth. There is so much to catch up on your blog, and other emails. I’ve been globe trotting with husband & relatives. We are in Jamaica WI..just relaxing from a week of moving & shaking at their carnival. Whew!! need to relax, now. So if I missed your day..I’m sure Ronn took care of business =)……..and I will have to make time to read all what you have written.
    One Love