The summer has been flying by and Player has been consumed with rehearsals for their upcoming Australian tour in November. However, they have a rare east coast appearance in Annapolis, Maryland on August 23rd and unfortunately I won’t be there. I will be making a rare appearance of my own in Long Beach for Glamourcon.


Today is also Player’s lead singer and songwriter Peter Beckett’s birthday and I must say he is just getting better with age. His voice is phenomenal and if you haven’t seen Player I suggest you take this opportunity to get your tickets to this rare performance now!



Player’s newest video “Man On Fire” was written by Peter Beckett and guitarist Rob Math and will also be featured in the upcoming movie 411. They will be singing this song along with other new songs from their latest CD, “Too Many Reasons” including the title track.


We have been putting snippets of their rehearsals up for you to get to know the other band members. Jawn Star on vocals and keyboards, Rob Math on guitar and vocals, and our newest member, Jimmy Carnelli on drums. Player was recently featured on General Hospital and Celebrity Wife Swap and has been invited to appear on Hallmark’s “Home and Family Show” soon.


Also look for Player in an upcoming issue of Westlake Magazine. These bad boys are back and better than ever and I am so happy they are getting out there for you to see them now. I’ve had the privilege of seeing them in our garage on a regular basis and know you won’t be disappointed.



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  1. I love PLAYER. All these amazing guys Ronn, Peter, Rob, John and Jimmy. Love their music. Hope I ll have an opportunity to meet them in person. (((bighug))) to this Great band of handsome and talentented musicians. PLAYER rocks!!!

  2. Brian L Liss

    Devin – Love the new blog…….Westlake Magazine is an exclusive westcoast magazine but you can still view issues online on the website…… I am loving the the snippets of rehearsal videos as well. It’s giving people an insight on how the band prepares for a concert, something you never get to see from other bands and PLAYER is doing an amazing job showing the work they put in to rehearse and i think people in Australia are going to be Amazed with a tremendous performance from PLAYER when they set down in The Outback in November…….. And I checked out the website for The Hallmark show they are set to appear on, it could be airing in September when the new talk shows premiere their new seasons but keep checking the page to see the schedule………Awesome job to Devin as always for keeping everyone up to date with what is happenning……

  3. Sharon Wells

    Happy Birthday to Peter. You and all other members of the band are appreciated by me and many others I am sure. I like all photo’s and vedio’s of everyone. Seeing Brooke and Ridge together again just reaffirm that Ronn needs to come back to the show and continuing touring as he can. I know he loves Player and never would want him to give it up, But I sure would be happy if he could come back and get with Kelly Lang again. They should go down in history as the Greatest SuperCouple Ever ! I am so grateful that Devin shows us little scenes of what all you guy do. HOld tight. Man, I remember the summer That “Baby Come Back” made it’s hit and I sang it all the time and even had a cassette tape that I made with it on there. I was mid 30’s and even my kids liked the song. Take care and hope this day is wonderful for you, Birthday boy. It’s hell getting old isn’t it ? It sure is for me.

  4. Devin & Ronn I like the
    Celebrity Wife Swap
    what a fun show that little guy
    Stole also my heart
    Grayson is so cute remind me
    of my son that age
    Question I thought you Ronn
    were coming to the Netherlands
    this month august to talk, agenda
    changed that’s oke
    But I if your in Amsterdam
    I hope to see you
    Jolanda Da Thesta

  5. Jasmin Hall

    Fabulous news We in BVI are planning a Australian Thanksgiving this year. Some very special people in our family were born down under. So we hope the concert will be during our time there
    Hope to see you all

  6. Hi DevRonn
    Just wanted you to know I love all your Blogging. Don’t have the time to reply to each one, but I do make time to read to my husband & his father. I got some of your seasonings years ago. I think its time to get some new spices. What have you created, lately?