Just in time for Valentine’s day, those babies are back with their first single from their new upcoming CD, “Too Many Reasons” that will be released worldwide on Feb 26th. In the meantime, enjoy, “I will.”

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"Too Many Reasons"



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  1. Sharon Wells

    Song was very good and it was so nice to see Ronn with his own hair. He is still on fine man. I just didn’t get much from the dropping of the pants. That looked like something that was not in “Well Dressed Man’s agenda. Love you Ronn, but you are above that. Honey, we see enough of that from other groups.

    • Francesca Roberts

      Ronn always had is own hair…..Dropping of the pants was hilarious,have fun girl why so serious????

      • Francesca Roberts

        Oops,sorry,I didn’t mean to be rude in any way.

  2. Axele-Brigitte Mary

    I so love the sound of Player!! It takes me back! I love the sound of Ronn and Peter’s voices. LOVE the video! Thank you xxx xxx xxx

  3. Why is everyone mentioning Ronn’s hair. Did I miss something?. Who’s hair did he have? Do tell
    Other than that everything is cool

    • Devin Devasquez

      I don’t know? I can tell you he has a full head of hair and always has. Personally i think he’s from another planet because he never gains weight either and can eat whatever he wants!

      • Francesca Roberts

        Which planet???I really want to go!!!!what if Ronn as a clone????Ohhh you are a blessed girl Devin …love his hair in Impero Couture nice style for him.You’re the best Devin love your blog thank you for sharing.

  4. Darlene Page

    The ending was unexpected, but great! Made me laugh and there is NOT enough laughter these days! Song is phenomenal, the band sounds amazing! Absolutely loved it! Can’t wait for the release of the entire CD! I am thrilled that Ronn has the time to do all of this and even more creative projects now! He is certainly multi-talented! Loved the video!

  5. Kudos to PLAYER for this outstanding hit. What can I say, I just love it. Happy Valentines day to all of you.

    Love ya, Lilian

  6. Roxanne nelson

    What a perfect treat for the Ronn & Player Fans on this Valentines Day. Thanks for sharing

  7. Wonderful Is that release date for Australia too?

  8. Ava Torres

    Not sure i like the end-f-video with the “drop pants”
    But looking forward to Feb 26
    A Player fan..I am

    • Devin Devasquez

      Boys being them goofy selves

      • Sharon Wells

        I have already left a comment and I only wanted to tell the guys that I think there band is so good and the song, however it didn’t look real to me or maybe I just wanted to her Ronn sing more. I take them as a serious band and don’t know why they added the dropping of the pants. It is not classy to me at all and it is not what I expected from the band. I am thinking some serious stuff here with concerts and neat but fashionley dressed. We have enough of the groups that are pants droppers and etc. I really want to see the guys go big everywhere. They may could get bookings at Gambling boats along the Mississippi River around the Arkansas and Mississippi area, down to New Orleans, and the possiblilties are great if that is what they want. It would be worth checking into because I enjoy various groups there in concerts often. There is a whole big ole world out there that would love to see and hear them but I think the casual vintage look or the Well Dressed Man is much better than the pants dropping. I know it was for a gag and to be taken as fun, but in my honest opinion, I wish they wouldn’t go that way, for there sake in the future.

  9. Heather Churnac

    I agree with Sharon Wells..I too wanted to hear Ronn sing more. I think there might be a problem promoting this CD as a Player release..when it clear the Ridge fans..is all about Ronn. I know he’s sentimental about his beginnings with the band members…So I wish them all much success.
    All the best

  10. HenRiqua Turner

    Hmm!! Glad those “babies are back” but not happy they dropping their pants like babies. When I saw it I gasped..thinking it was an accident. But its all good..Big Boys just wanna have fun too -)

  11. Great!! Looking fwd 2 the release date of cd. I saw pix of Ronn & Katherine on fb-news feed. Wish I could reach out & touch them 🙂