It’s time to show the world how much you love PLAYER and their music by joining the PLAYER ANGELS CLUB! I thought it would be fun to have all the ladies that love Ronn and PLAYER join the exclusive PLAYER ANGELS CLUB by sending us a photo with your name, age, where you are from and occupation and we will post you on the new PLAYER ANGELS website. As the club grows we can share photos and videos from future PLAYER concerts around the world. There is the signature sexy PLAYER tank top for all you ladies to grab and wear to those upcoming concerts and as a PLAYER ANGEL once you join, you will get 10% off of any PLAYER merchandise listed on the PLAYER ANGELS website! Go to the  Player Angels Website it’s FREE to join the club now!


Everyone knows the song “Baby Come Back” and now it’s time to get to know the band PLAYER. With their new CD, “Too Many Reasons” upcoming release worldwide, I think you will really get to know the band and come to love them as much as I do. They really are an awesome group of musicians and to see them live is something special because they sound just like their CD.  This new PLAYER CD has great rock n roll singles, as well as ballads and I’m sure you will agree that every song is one you will want to listen to over and over again. 

Ronn and Peter

So as a celebration of PLAYER the band we are giving away an autographed CD to one of our blog subscribers. Just write in a short paragraph on what you love most about PLAYER, a song that touched you, a special moment in time or a concert you’ve seen? Send your paragraphs to info@devronn.com and be sure and subscribe to this blog. Only blog subscribers will be eligible to win. The CD will be released on Feb 26, 2012 and we will post the winner and their paragraph here on our blog. 


I will keep you posted on the launch of the PLAYER ANGELS website in which you girls may join us around the world as a PLAYER ANGEL by sending in your photo and brief summary of where you are from and who you are. Our PLAYER ANGELS will have a chance to win a PLAYER tank top and join our exclusive club to meet the band when they start touring. So spread the word and join the club!

Player Angels
Player Angels

Here Comes Santa Claus

With only four days left to do your Christmas shopping and we don’t want to forget to leave out the milk and cookies, the jolly old man with big red bag will be coming down your chimney on Christmas eve, hopefully with lots of goodies for you! You can sing, Here Comes Santa Claus, Here Comes Santa Claus and wish yourself a Merry little Christmas with Jingle Bells along the way.  I got to the see the man myself and told him what I wanted already. Not sure if I will get it, but it was good to sit on his knee and tell him anyway.  All I know is that I find myself singing, Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus and I feel so happy knowing that he’s getting things ready with his elves wrapping all those presents for all the good boys and girls. Are you one of them? Have you been naughty or nice?



Here Comes Santa Claus

Santa told me that he would have a talk with Ronn about a few things I’ve been asking for, can’t tell you what they are because I don’t want to jinx it. All I know is that I’ve been checking my list and making sure I have those cookies out for him. I hope he doesn’t hold it against me that I didn’t put up a tree this year. Are you getting excited? I know I am!  If you have any last minute gifts to give here are a few suggestions:

True Age, Timeless Beauty




Devin's Kickass Cajun Seasoning
Devin’s Kickass Cajun SeasoningPlayer CD

 Here comes Santa Claus

Just in case you don’t get what you want this year from Santa, dont be disappointed, due to the economy, money could be tight for him too. I mean the man has a lot on his plate you know.





411 The Movie Revealed



We are in the process of putting together the website for 411themovie.com which is the first feature film Ronn will be starring in and producing. The script has been tailored for him and has a “Jagged Edge” meets “Basic Instinct” erotic mystery to it.

Ronn will be playing the role of James Ivory,star of the hottest action series on television and there will even be PLAYER music from the new upcoming CD, “Too Many Reasons” in the soundtrack. The website will feature behind the scenes clips and music videos from the movie that will be shot in February.

I think you guys will really get to see Ronnbo in action with even some karate moves in this film. But, there is still so much to do with casting, crew and locations before we are set to film. This movie has all the elements that Ronn has always wanted to perform and I promise I will keep you posted on the progress with lots of updates throughout the making 411 the movie.


Ronn & Peter Beckett

“Baby Come Back” has stood the test of time for over 35 years in commercials, movies and TV shows as one of the most recognized songs from the 70’s. It knocked “How Deep Is Your Love” by the Bee Gees  out of number one and remains a classic rock song that most people on the planet know. Written by Peter Beckett and JC Crowley, “Baby Come Back” has a new version on the new PLAYER CD that will be released in February.

Spacemonk aka Johnny English

But for now you can get the new version of “Baby Come Back” along with “Addiction” and “Too Many Reasons” now on itunes. I personally love “Too Many Reasons” which will be the title of the CD and is perfect title to Ronn’s departure from B&B. Many people do not know how talented PLAYER is and what a great songwriter Peter Beckett has always been, but I’m sure this CD will speak volumes about that.

Craig Pilo

Every song is amazing and the three songs that are out now are only a sample of the entire album. So it was only fitting that PLAYER did a music video for the single, “I Will” that will be released in February. It was directed by Devin DeHaven, funny huh? Devin is a Greek hottie who has quite a reputation as a a music director of videos and documentaries. He just did one for Crosby Stills and Nash, so the boys were in good hands. Devin’s wife Anabel did makeup and was so beautiful and sweet that I hope to have her do a shoot for me in the future.

Rob Math

It was a fun and enjoyable day for the band. I always adore seeing Spacemonk(Johnny English) Craig Pilo and Rob Math and the synergy they create together with Peter and Ronn.

Peter & Ronn

A tour is being formulated and more press is coming on the new CD that I’m sure you guys will absolutely love as much as I do. Too bad we all have to wait for the release, but the record company needs time to put their video and press kit together for the worldwide release and tour that is being formulated. In the meantime, Ronn is sifting through numerous offers around the world for movies and TV, so you will be seeing him on your screens in numerous ways soon!

It’s been quite a transition period for Ronn and I these past few weeks. Since he’s left the show, he’s had more time to devote to the girls. Creason is leaving for college soon, so the little bit of time we see her is rare. School starts next week for Calee and it will be strange for her to not have her big sister this year. So the girls are going through a transition along with us. Ronn always felt like he never had enough time with them because of his dedication to Ridge Forrester. It was nice to see him relax for a change and enjoy watching movies with them without having to cut it short to study a script for work the next day. It was also nice to have him make our daily cappuccinos that you know I so treasure. It’s become our morning ritual. He’s been overwhelmed with offers for various projects, including commercials, appearances and movies. So he wants to take his time in deciding what exactly he wants to do now. We are however visiting our second home of Italia at the end of September when Ronn will reunite with Katherine Kelly Lang for a fashion commercial and appearance. We plan to attend the Laura Biagiotti fashion show in Milan and enjoy some quality time with some of our friends. Ronn and Peter have completed the artwork for the new upcoming release of PLAYER’s album entitled, “Too Many Reasons.” I think that was fitting title to the new journey they are about to embark on soon with a tour that is being formulated now for Europe. It’s a must to see PLAYER in concert if you love their sound, there is no doubt you will LOVE this new CD. You may get the title track now at Itunes to sample for yourself. I know alot of you have been requesting more B&B and PLAYER trivia, so Ronn is aware of this and putting on his thinking cap. He’s told me so many great stories over the years, so I’m sure you will continue to enjoy that on twitter and facebook as they pop into his mind. He’s really having fun on twitter with you guys and understands it much better so it makes him happy to know what you want to see more of. I know you’d like to see more cooking segments with me, so we are planning on doing that as well. Ronn’s Garage is a huge hit with a fast growing audience all over the world and Ronn couldn’t be happier that you enjoy the latest one on our wedding vow renewal in Puglia. This was the most personal Ronn has ever shared publicly and I was so proud of it and him. Since the 25th of this month marks our 3 year wedding anniversary, it’s a beautiful anniversary present for me. I’m so happy you are all getting to know more of who Ronn is now, but I’m truly sorry you are counting down the days to say goodbye to Ridge on September 14th. I’m sure that day will go down in history as the most watched B&B episode. You know I’ll keep you informed on what’s happening and know that Ronn is here for you now more than ever on Twitter, FacebookRonn’s Garage and soon to be in person when Player tours.  Many of you have been asking how we are healing since the accident. I can tell you we both have good and bad days due to lack of sleep primarily. Ronn has 3 fractures in his shoulder and needs to see a surgeon for his opinion. He has trouble with his shoulder and this is making karate impossible right now. I have pain in my right hip and am awaiting an MRI on that area to find out more. We both are moving slowly, but happy and grateful for all your concern and well wishes. Right now for him, it’s “All About YOU.”


Dev & Ronn

Ronn and I had fun attending PLAYER drummer, Craig Pilo’s wedding reception to his adorable Brazilian bride, Angela.They have been married a year and finally got around to a wedding reception. Speaking of weddings, you guys have to view this funny video that Craig did on a Wedding Band Drummer You guys will laugh your asses off!

Ronn, Spacemonk aka Johnny Englis and Craig

As always it was awesome to hang out with Spacemonk aka Johnny English. The food was amazing and catered by Pierre’s Catering who also owns Planet Sushi. I fell in love with Pierre and his creative style of presenting appetizers that I may have him present my gumbo for our next jam party. In addition to Craig wedding reception, Ronn and I were invited by stunt coordinator,

Katherine Kelly Lang & Wally Crowder

Wally Crowder to attend the Stuntwoman’s Awards.  I got to meet

Vivica Fox & Dev

Vivica Fox whom I found, charming and funny. I’ve always  admired her acting and loved her in “Kill Bill.” Ronn was a presenter along with Katherine Kelly Lang who joined us at the luncheon.  So now we are getting ready for cooler days as fall and Halloween are just around the corner.  I think most of you know by now that  Ronn is always his happiest playing music, so I’d like to plan a small acoustic jam party as soon as he has a break from B&B.  Seems this time of the year is always so full because B&B does alot of holiday gatherings on camera, which entails long days because the whole cast is usually included. Poor Ronn had to sleep in his dressing room one long night because of the drive and another early call the next day. He was just exhausted and rightfully so.These long hours of him puts a damper on me nailing him down to autograph items for Ebay, give me photos to blog or just have a date night with my hubby. So having fun and rare moments with dear friends, family or just each other is totally relished and appreciated.  So in appreciation, We want to thank our friend Robin Krasny for the is awesome video of  PLAYER in Vero Beach recently.  We had so much fun there and it shows when you watch this video. Robin really took care of us and we are grateful to have this fun video to share with you!  Now that the holidays are just around the corner. I have our wonderful DevRonn  fanclub president Gea helping me with Ebay items for you guys just in time for Christmas! She has been a great help to me in posting items from Ronn and me personalized to your desire. I’m thinking of parting with my computer, Playboy collectibles, clothing, shoes and jewelry. I’m sure I’ll eventually get Ronn to clean out his closet and give you a scarf or underwear, just kidding!  He may give you one of his precious jackets, pillow cases, posters, T-shirts  or a pair of his shoes or maybe his ipad?  Whatever I get out of him, it’s yours! Check out Ronn\’s Ebay  or Devin\’s Ebay stores for items that are now posted. Auction items are coming soon!

PLAYER is performing with Bad Company and other groups in Vero Beach, Florida on Saturday September 24th and we are so excited. Our 2nd year wedding anniversary is September 25th so we are staying to celebrate it there. Some of my Louisiana girlfriends will be at the concert so I’m super excited to party with them. If you are around the area and want to see PLAYER this is your chance for a super fun weekend of great music! Ronn is looking forward to meeting many of you there and so am I so I hope if you are around you will come by and see us!

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Seems summer has just flown by and it’s been so nice to have Ronn home for nearly a month. We have had a few parties, been to a few parties, like the Playboy’s Midsummer party and Zsa Zsa Gabor’s 25th anniversary party. Creason has been in Paris most of the summer, so Calee has been with us mostly.

Sandi Taylor, Me and Alana Curry

We took her to Bass Lake where I got to hang out with two of my favorite gal pals, Sandra Taylor and Alana Curry. I’m now looking forward to doing some more writing and editing when the girls go back to school. It will be a bit of a break for me since Creason is now driving. Ronn and PLAYER are getting ready to do a concert  in Vero, Beach, Florida in September. I will post details on how to get tickets soon. I am excited to be making my first personal appearance in 5 years on Oct 1st at the LAX Marriot for the “Sign of the Times.” Spices, books, photos and videos will be available for personalized autographs. I’m also loving my Mary Kay products and find that my skin is glowing from daily use. If you want to purchase products or be on my team as a consultant please go to my  Mary Kay website here.  As the final days of summer approach,

Lori, Devin and Wally

I’m thrilled to help my pal Wally Crowder throw his first “Gator Growl” bash on Labor Day weekend. This should be a kickass party to end what has been a terrific summer before “Back to School” time.

Rob Math, Ronn Moss, Peter Beckett and Johnny English of PLAYER

We kicked off daylight’s savings time in Palm Springs with PLAYER performing for a private affair at the PGA West Golf’s 25 anniversary party. The boys were awesome and Johnny English sported a new look! Johnny is always changing his looks and it’s like he’s a different person every gig. We all love Johnny! Peter Beckett and Rob Math were amazing on the guitar and drummer Michael Taylor had a groovy beat that kept everyone dancing all night long. Hubby of course had a blast and I got a little drunk, which isn’t like me. We drove down with our pals Wally and Lori Crowder and started drinking at lunch with cocktails upon arrival, wine at dinner and martini’s at party! I have always been a lightweight with liquor so by the end of the evening was toast! The boys are getting offers for other gigs and we are trying to juggle them with Ronn’s busy schedule as usual. So I will keep you posted on when and where you can see PLAYER next! Don’t forget to subscribe and comment on our Devronnfilms youtube channel to win a FREE PLAYER T-shirt! We will be giving that away to celebrate Spring at the end of this month! Devronnfilms youtube channel

Ronn and I had a blast at the “Senior Prom Revisited” in Palm Springs. PLAYER was a an honored guest and performed a few songs.

All the band members brought their wives along for this charity event and had a blast. Peter even had a good time with Eden Ayers and Charlie Chaplin.

Peter Beckett

My pal Alana Curry and her boyfriend came along and had a blast.

Later we went to the home of Artist Christina De Musee’ who is a very colorful character.

Palm Springs seems to love PLAYER and they will be performing on a regular basis starting in Jan 2011 on Saturday nights.

They are also putting together a tour with America and Little River Band and will be doing the Hollywood Christmas Parade that will air on CBS.

Right now we are working on new cool PLAYER merchandise and will have more news about appearances, maybe in your area, soon!

The band really rocked their last night in Palm Springs and have been asked to perform at a  prestigious country club’s anniversary party in March.  More appearances are sure to be announced  later as they are confirmed.

We would like to graciously thank Bette King productions for taking such great care of us and all the fans who came out to support PLAYER!

Christina De Musee'
Alana Curry
Johnny English
Rob Math
Craig Pilo

Our rock and roll band, PLAYER, is performing only 2 more engagements at the Cascade Room of the Spa Resort and Casino in Palm Springs. This coming Thursday, October 28, and the following Thursday, November 4th. We’re having a great time doing this gig and the band is TIGHT!  Come join us there. Lets have some fun.
Here’s a little snippit of what we did last week.  Love ya, Ronn[wpvideo 82UXl6cV]

It was an invite only evening for high rollers, press and VIPs at the Cascade lounge and a packed house to see the Classic rock 70s band PLAYER perform hits like “Baby Come Back,” “This Time I’m In It for Love,” and “It’s For You” Thursday night and boy did they rock it. Original band members Peter Beckett and Ronn Moss were joined by Johnny English on Keyboards, Rob Math on guitar and Craig Pilo on drums. The sound took you back in time and made you wish you were in high school again. Of course I’ve heard them rehearse numerous times in my garage and cooked them many meals in the process, but this was the first time I’d seen them perform their entire set in concert and I must say they rocked the house! The cool thing about PLAYER is that they sound just like their album and are all amazing musicians. PLAYER also has great songs of today like “Religion and Wildside that totally kick ass!   I really recommend you take advantage of this opportunity to see them in an intimate setting as seats are limited for the next three Thursdays. There is already talk of moving them to a much larger venue and expanding them with a national and International tour in the coming year. So this may be one of only times to get to see them up close and personal. Click here for ticket info and reserve your seats now! PLAYER TICKET INFO

[wpvideo qOM5ikDY]


PLAYER TICKET INFO Special limited engagement featuring Johnny English PLAYER will perform for three dates starting Oct 21st in Palm Springs. I can tell you first hand the band is mega hot and these guys all rock! Johnny English does a special Paul McCartney/Elton John segment that is really awesome! Rob Math’s guitar solos are not to be missed and of course Ronn and Peter give you that amazing sound that brings you back in time.  I plan to rally the troops and be there to cheer them on of course. We are hoping that more dates will follow and a possible upcoming US tour is in the works. These guys are first class musicians and all are super talented and perfectionist in their field.  Seats are limited, so reserve them asap and don’t miss this opportunity to rock with PLAYER!


PLAYER has been rehearsing for the Blue Ash Festival in Ohio this Saturday August 28th, so if you haven’t gotten your tickets, g0 here for details .Blue Ash Festival info 

They are smoking hot and Rob Math is unbelievable on the guitar! Johnny English rocks it on keyboards and Craig Pilo beats the hell out of those drums. Lead vocalists Peter Beckett and Ronn Moss prove that they can still do those harmonies that brings you back in time and rock it with the best of them! This is a concert you don’t want to miss! They will be playing hits, like, “This Time I’m In It for Love” and “Baby Come Back.” I can attest to the fact that they sound better than ever and if you haven’t had the privilege of seeing them live, now is your chance! With Ronn’s crazy work schedule at B & B, it may be a while before another performance is available. So go see the boys and tell me what you think!

Last night Ronn and I had our second annual “Potluck Jamma Jam” party and I think it was our best party ever! PLAYER was the focus of the Jam, unlike the past Jam parties in which we had a variety of musician just get up and jam. I wanted some close friends and neighbors to experience what I’ve been seeing in rehearsals with them lately. Peter Beckett sang better than I’ve ever seen him and the synergy of their vibe was amazing. Drummer Ron Wixo who has played with “Foreigner” flew in from Austin to Jam and was he kickass! We had some new friends visit for the first time like soap stars Michelle Stafford, Brandon Beemer, Nadia Bjorlin, Don Diamont and Christian LeBlanc. My friend Corey Feldman and his wife Suzi stopped by also. It was a beautiful day and so I started the party out by the pool since we had lots of kids present and we moved inside at sunset. Since it was potluck, everyone brought food and there were tons of it, so it was hard to get people out of our kitchen and into the garage where the jam was happening, but once they were in there, they were hooked. We even had our little flower girl kick off the jam with “Twinkle Twinkle little Star” and she’s only 2 years old, along with Mackenzie Cregan who is 12 sang “Hot Leggs” and “Johnny B Goode” as well as, a neighborhood band joined in. With over 100 people in attendance I am pooped out today, but it was so much fun hanging with all my girlfriends and new friends that I’m already planning another one. This one will be filmed and we will do it to raise money for New Orleans. I’m calling it a “Kickass Cajun Jam” with Cajun food and surprise musical guest. So all of you are invited to come to our next jam party. I’m just starting to plan it, so I’ll keep you posted on when and where and how you can attend. We will presell tickets and this will be an exclusive event and it will be filmed. It will also be a chance for you to try some awesome Cajun food and “Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning” if haven’t done so already! So please check out for details on it soon!

Hoping to see you at the next Jam

I’m doing some spring cleaning and parting with all sorts of things, including a precious and very special 1 carat pear shaped diamond in 14k gold! I will include a note on what it means to me and exactly why I’m parting with it. I am also putting up designer dresses, shoes and rare photos. Ronn also has some awesome photos up for grabs and I’m trying to get him to clean out his closet and part with another scarf! So check out our Ebay auctions to see for yourself.

Happy Bidding!