Since we have just experienced our beloved brother Prince Rogers Nelson’s birthday recently and since this war with Antifa broke out in Minneapolis, I found it fitting to address my feelings on how I would believe Prince would have reacted to seeing all of this. It reminded me of the longest song Prince ever sent to me and I often wondered why he just out of the blue sent this song to me back in the year 2000.

I have many friends that I love dearly who are very liberal minded and they are feeling a lot of anger and hatred for what has been happening in America. Watching all of this unfold from another country that Prince also loved and that adored him in Belgium; I can honestly say I have a different view point. As an American, who loves her country its very sad and painful to watch what seems like complete insanity!

Getting back to that song Prince sent me and why I want to share this with you, I can now understand why he sent me this song. This song called, “The War” had lyrics that said, “The revolution would be colorized” and asked “would you trust your government?” Additional lyrics say, “all the money has been sold.” These lyrics were repeated over and over saying the war would go on and on and basically it would continue if you don’t wake up and stop watching your “Saturday morning cartoons!” That was also a lyric in this long ass song he sent me. I swear this song was about 20 minutes long!

I look at this picture and I know in my heart that I am one who seeks truth, justice and a peaceful world, which I don’t think is much different from Prince or any of my liberal friends. I think this song Prince sent me two decades ago has profound meaning now. He was a bit of a genius with lyrics about any given decade and was often political in his music expression. However, Prince said he did not vote and did not trust the media or the government before he died. He spoke of chemtrails and harmful effects it was having on society and how he believed the government manipulated this upon us.

Many of you could view what he said a “conspiracy theory” if you like, however, many so called “conspiracy theories” like Jeffery Epstein and his pedophilia island that was once spoken about a few years ago and yet deemed a “conspiracy theory.” Thus, this term coined by the CIA shortly after JFK’s assassination so society would just learn to believe everything that TV tube said to be fact. And we grew up in the past few decades to believe just that. No way could CNN, or BBC, ABC, CBS or PBS lie to you! You trust them wholeheartedly, along with print publications such as, “The New York Times,” and “Newsweek.” These are trusted, respected and honored resources of news goddamnit!

Well folks I’’m hear to tell ya, as Prince would say, there’s something else. I know its hard for “baby boomers” who are set in their ways, comfortable just turning on the TV and are use to going to their favorite news sources and believe their every word. I understand this way of thinking as I’m close to my 57th birthday and grew up believing this also. However, I have way more experience online and with social media to understand how much and how fast this has and is changing and why. I can see how there is a civil war breaking out in America and what Prince was trying to say in this perpetual war that would go on and on because most people don’t want to miss whatever entertains them on that TV set and have been led to believe in their government and the lies they feed them from that tube. This allows the public to be manipulated through advertising, marketing and the sales of certain political figures and determines how you vote to keep them in power. This is the reason why Pelosi and Biden for example, have been career politicians for decades. I don’t recall ever seeing people fight over being a democrat or republican ever before in my life until now. I grew up a Democrat from the deep south of Louisiana. I was told this is how you vote because they were for the poor people. As I’ve grown up and now live in California, I believe if Prince witnessed what is happening in America today, he would strive to unite not divide us as Americans.

He would not agree with the hatred and butchering of American classic films like, “Gone with the Wind.” I don’t think he would agree to the ongoing violence in the name of a political propaganda. He certainly would not like seeing his hometown destroyed the way its been. Most likely, he would have written a whole album expressing how he felt about it all and it would be up to us to find some love, strength and unity from it.

I’ve learned that I can’t share my views or express my thoughts on Facebook without offending someone based on what I know and have learned. I can see the changes that are happening as we transition from television to the Internet and how powerful politics have become in shaping our world as we once knew it. I have more knowledge and experience online than a lot of people in my age group who may not quite understand yet what is happening. In some ways, its like the transition from radio to TV where we had to use our imagination more than visually seeing moving pictures and sound.

Today anyone with a cell phone is the news because we don’t need a reporter to get to a scene and actually come up with a journalist view point based on facts. Nothing is based on facts in television anymore. Their ratings are dying as they are dying from this former life. They cannot compete with this beast of content and competition that is at everyone’s disposal on the Internet.

The target audience of baby boomers who grew up this way are now the target of political propaganda from the content they view which is mainly on television. They live now on Facebook and express themselves mainly on that platform. So I have chosen to spread only love and not fear there in hopes that many of them will wake up and want to understand and have more knowledge. Living in fear, hatred or anger is not healthy or productive in any way, shape or form.

The way I see things is simple, you either are living in love or fear each and everyday. You are either living your life in gratitude and with a passion for what you want to achieve with your life. If you live this way honestly, you can’t have fear, despair or anger because you are too busy enjoying all that your life has to offer. You are spreading as much love, wisdom and creativity to connect with others rather than cause more division. If you live this way, the feeling of love will replace fear and more of that will come to your life.

Prince would be living that way were he alive today. He was also seeking God and striving to be a better person. He made healthy choices to try and keep his body and health in order. Sadly physical pain from all those years of dancing and hip surgery made him dependent on pharmaceutical pain meds that led to his sad and untimely death. Seeing what we have been through with this pandemic lockdown world wide and how much the media manipulated that makes me doubt even more what I see
and hear from mainstream media.

I choose to get my financial and political news from sources like x22report, Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch and OAN network online. I haven’t watched TV or mainstream news sources in over a decade now. I don’t read opinion pieces from printed magazines that are also dying. Hey PLAYBOY even ended after over 60 years recently. That’s a longtime for any publication. Most everyone and everything is now online with a profile, following and opinion.

Prince was a soft spoken, peaceful loving creative soul who expressed himself primarily through his art, which was his music. I choose to do this through my writings and you can take what you wish from it. I intend for my art to be helpful and seek hope that friends and family will unite rather than fight. I think Prince would have tried to do this through a song and so I feel we must seek the power within ourselves to discover more knowledge to manifest the life we want to live. We must strive for peace not a war that will go on and on over politics. These people work for us and its time to take close look at each and every one of them for who they really are and have always been not what the media has led us to believe.

So don’t ask me my opinion on politics if you don’t want to hear my honest assessment of it. Don’t hate me or call me racist if I don’t agree with you and don’t judge me unless you are God because nobody has that right. All you are witnessing is your perception, your opinion and how you choose to react to it. I may choose to not vote like Prince, or I may change my mind at the last minute and choose outside my so called party. That should be my choice alone to make and shouldn’t concern my neighbor or relative and it certainly shouldn’t cause division and discord or make you angry, why? I don’t think Prince would have judged anyone based on who they wanted to vote for, he didn’t care and didn’t even vote. I don’t think every cop is a bad cop or every black man’s life matters more than an Asian man or a Latino man, that makes no sense to me growing up the way I did in America being an ethnic woman from the deep south.

I don’t agree with some of the far left views these days like late term abortion, although I agree with the right to an abortion is a woman’s choice. I’ve since educated myself on both political parties and I really don’t like either party for a variety of reasons, however the financial views of where we were headed and for a one world government agenda for worldwide control does not appeal to me. I do not agree with mandatory vaccines to travel and for mass population control. I have a lot concern for the masses of children that go missing in America alone and what is happening to them and many women who are enslaved in human trafficking and what is being done about it. I think that is a way bigger issue to be concerned about currently that the media does not want you to focus on. Because if you love children, animals, beauty and peace, you will become outraged and have many sleepless nights once you understand the severity of this hidden secret.

This is a turning point in our belief system and this revelation will indeed be biblical in awakening a massive amount of our planet to the truth of what is happening to our youth. Planned parenthood is a part of this along with a massive amount of entertainers and political figures that we grew up thinking we knew. We saw this with Bill Cosby firsthand when he went from “America’s Dad” to serial rapist. Now we are witnessing someone like Prince Andrew trying to avoid testifying on his relationship with Jeffery Epstein. Is is that hard to believe that many political figures such as the Clintons are totally corrupt to the core?

The war will go on and on and the revolution will be colorized to fit only one party, one side and one opinion. This is not America, this is communism and this is dangerous. I implore you all to wake up and seek more knowledge outside your TV sets. Unite instead of fight against America and remember your history so you won’t repeat it.


Most people know me as Playboy's Miss June 1985. I also won $100,000 on the TV talent show "Star Search" as their Spokesmodel Champion in 1986, have been featured in movies such as, Disney's "Can't Buy Me Love", A Low Down Dirty Shame, House 2, Society and Andy Sidaris' "Guns", currently I have a Cajun spice called, "Devin's Kickass Cajun Seasoning" especially created to help the great city of New Orleans rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. I just authored a book featuring an exclusive interview with pinup legend Bettie Page entitled, "The Naked Truth About A Pinup Model"


  1. Just #Goosebumps
    I love like your country and I can feel your hurt
    Beautiful what Prince send you
    Jolanda Da Thesta

  2. Pamela Presnell

    Love this. You just don’t know how much this resonates with me. I do think the US is at a Crossroads. I hope we choose the right path forward. Peace and Love is the only way. God Bless Devin. Thank you.

    • Devin Devasquez

      Thanks Pammy for being you! Just spread as much love as you can and kill the fear with what you do as an example.