I Only Want To See You Bathing In The Purple Rain

As many of us come to terms with the loss of our beloved Prince, it’s plain to see our world is connecting through his music and the lyrics. Little did I know when I met this amazing guy over 30 years ago that he would have such an impact on my life. So his death has really thrown me into a tailspin this past week and my emotions have been on a roller coaster. I never discussed my relationship with Prince other than with friends throughout the years because I always respected his privacy. Howard Stern tried to get me to talk about him on his show and I only stated that I use to wear his clothes.  Many magazines and press people were calling throughout the week and I just didn’t feel like talking to anyone. Prince would be laughing at that because he knew how much I loved to talk when I was younger and he was the complete opposite. He would express himself through the music and through gestures and symbols. But, it was because of my relationship with Tina Hillstrom, who is also from Minneapolis and who also knew Prince that I decided to speak to People magazine. I was reading so many stories and speculations over his death that I felt speaking about him now would be something that he would want. He would want the people who really did know him to speak out about him if they truly loved him the way Sheila E has.

Prince_zps2042b0d3.0Prince's Father & me

So to clear the record, my relationship with Prince was no secret! That was just a catchy title People decided to post. It was a well known fact I was around him for several years in the mid 80s. It was through Playboy that we met when I was shooting my centerfold layout.  His former manager Steve Fargnoli handled my career as an actress and Prince would ask me to escort his dad to his concerts. He tried to work with me several times and I was even asked to be in the “Diamonds and Pearls” video, but I was married to my first husband and moving across the country when I got that call and could not do the video. I am planning my own memoir of my time with Prince now to set the record straight because our relationship was one of kindness, innocence and beauty. It was a very precious and magical time in my life. Only a fraction of it was told by People. There is so much more!

prince_revolutionsingle_grandePrince's father and me

But for now, like everyone else I’m grieving the loss of a one of kind performer, a true artist and humanitarian who had given so much to so many. A man who couldn’t be defined by society rules because he made up his own. A special human being who had a lot of style, charisma and presence. Prince’s music and legacy will indeed live on forever and he will be the subject of many books, documentaries and movies. The imprint he made on this world was too strong and the hearts he broke both romantically and through the beautiful lyrics he wrote will be forever ingrained in our souls. There are no coincidences and people cross your path in life for a reason. I often wondered why Prince crossed mine? I was not a fan when we met, nor an aspiring singer or actress. It wasn’t even my idea to meet him and through a turn of events I not only met him, but he became one of the most intriguing people ever to cross my path in life. I am forever grateful that for a brief time in this world I was able to spend time with such a magnetic individual. I am eternally grateful that he saw something in me that made him want to have me in his life. Because never will there be another Prince and until we meet again on another plain in this thing called life; “I only want to see you bathing in the Purple Rain.”


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