Since we have settled back home in America, Ronn and I have taken a much needed break from social media in regards to live chats. We wanted to spend more time with friends and family and enjoy being back home again, so that was our primary focus. I’ve been online since 1998 and I’ve seen many changes and I believe another big change is coming in terms of social media now. It was getting very sad to see so much hatred on display during these past couple months against anyone with a different view point. Censorship was at an all time high and it was nearly impossible to say anything that may put you in Facebook or Twitter jail. A lot of this just didn’t make sense to me and it surprised me that people I knew personally, but who never conversed or liked anything I posted was offended suddenly by a comment I made or something I shared. I typically share things that I feel says love, things like food, animals, travel and uplifting positive motivating quotes. I don’t like debating about politics, however, we are now at a point of no return in our world. It’s not about Democrats or Republicans, it’s about the fight for humanity and our world. The singing prophet Kim Clement was our neighbor for many years. We study his prophecies and believe our world is actually changing for a new glorious beginning to take place. Our government is being exposed for the deep corruption within it and crumbling from the illusion we have been living under.

Many of our friends from around the world are also experiencing these same feelings as they watch their governments crumble and their cities run over with violence. We are all tired of being lockdown and told to live in fear over a virus that is nothing more than this year’s flu. The lies that have been perpetuated by the mainstream media is obvious to many who are indeed awake. The mass majority get their news online straight from sources and share at a faster pace than mainstream can keep up with because we are the news now. What our world needs more than anything is love sweet love. We need to have our voices heard freely and to remain the beacon of hope for our world. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Ronn’s latest duet with Belgium artist Ella Luna, “Hallelujah” remains at number one on the charts for the second week now. I suspect we will all be singing this song soon as the chains that have been around of us fall away.

We do not need more division, we need unity. It breaks my heart to see friends, family and spouses who are still so divided and cannot see this. Fear is what drives division and love is what drives unity. So I cannot hang out on platforms that are divisive such as Facebook and Twitter anymore. I do not believe in squashing free speech and will not support these types of platforms that have frankly gotten too big for their britches! I also think it’s a good time to purge my true friends to other platforms that I have discovered such as, Telegram that has features for chatting with multiple people on topics you have in common. I have formed voice chat groups already and have had wonderful insightful conversations and there is no censorship.

Many people think they have so many followers on these platforms and are afraid to leave and that’s just an illusion because only a fraction of your followers even see your posts on those platforms. It is because of their algorithms that make you pay them to allow your posts to be seen by your audience. I find many things are not as they seem and I tend to question and research to find the truth in anything presented to me. I would never discard a valuable relationship of any kind over a difference in political views, which is stupid to me. However, I stand for freedom and I know that we are indeed in a transition period of mass awakening on our planet. So I invite you all to join me on Telegram to chat as I will soon delete messenger and what’s app. I will keep the content now on Facebook and Twitter, but not hang out there anymore to give you guys more time to follow over and see for yourselves that these platforms are indeed going to collapse. I wish you all nothing but love and light and stress to stay calm and keep the faith that we will make it out of this darkness soon.