Birthday Blessings

As I celebrated another year on this planet last weekend, I felt extremely grateful to have survived this past year given all the amazing people we have had to say goodbye to so young. It’s been rather emotional for me and I think when I get emotional I sometimes get really quiet and don’t feel much like talking or socializing. So I really didn’t want to do anything for my birthday this year. My birthday reminds of people I grew up with like Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, both who died on my birthday and how fleeting life can be. However, this year my birthday fell on a Saturday and Ronn has been doing a lot of great music with some of his friends lately and they wanted to throw me a little party. So I told Ronn he could for once be in charge of organizing it and I wanted to keep it small because I just didn’t have the energy for socializing with too many people this year.



Our wedding was just over a hundred people and we didn’t even get to eat our dinner from saying hello and goodbye to friends and family throughout the evening. So I didn’t feel I had the energy to do that this year and I have way too many friends and didn’t want to leave anyone out. So I put a very short guest list together of people I had not seen in a while so that I could properly catch up and have fun without stressing over whether or not we would have too many people. We have also decided smaller groups of gatherings are a lot more fun! So if any of my friends who didn’t get invited to this birthday are reading this, please don’t take it personally. I just didn’t have the energy for it and wanted to spend time with friends I don’t get to see often like artist Jon Hul. Jon drove in from Las Vegas and was so amazing on the drums with the boys and he gave me the most gorgeous painting that he did of me and Bettie Page!



I also had the producer who cast me on Star Search over 30 years ago attend, Michele Buiton who drove in from Palm Springs and Playmate of the Year, Renee’ Tenison and her twin sister Rosie, along with Barbara Moore who I never get to see much of. Our friend Donnie hosted it at his beautiful home and I had one of my favorite liquor sponsors, “Purple Haze” as my birthday punch. Also a special thanks to Nathan  Wheeler of Blackhorn Imports for the Viru Valge Vodka and Rum!  Our very own producers from “The Bay” were gracious enough to be there along with our Bay publicist Tiffany Ladner. So I felt like I had a stress free birthday celebration and I feel nothing but gratitude and blessings right now for all the amazing cards and gifts from so many of you guys.



Right now I still have so much going on because I’m working on a TV project that I will share with you all soon, writing another book and selling our houses to simplify our lives since Ronn is touring more. I want to have less work and more time to socialize in the future. So please be patient with me until I get all my ducks lined up enough to be as social as I’d like to be and just know that I sincerely appreciate all your emails, tweets, postings and comments. Thank you Sue Wong and Jo Hilton for that fabulous Sunday brunch in Malibu and to my wonderful husband for making me feel so special.

The Message of White Owls

Ya’ll know we have been extremely busy recently shooting our Emmy award series “The Bay,” which we are very proud of and excited for you to binge on this summer, since we will now be on Amazon Prime! This past month has been emotional with lots of changes and business affairs that we had to deal with. I’ve always been highly intuitive and have learned to trust my intuition as my guide for important decisions in life. Part of that inner knowing guidance has to do with simply having time to be quiet and still so that you can feel where your intuitive guide is taking you.

This past weekend was a special full blue moon and I’m always even more highly intuitive during full moons. I was looking forward to this manifesting blue moon and feeling a bit overwhelmed and tired from all that we have been dealing with recently. Almost exactly at midnight last Friday, which was technically almost Saturday the 21st, we heard a strange noise outside our front door. It was a noise we had never heard before so both Ronn and I were drawn to see what it was and to our surprise we saw two white owls flying around us! We had not seen the white owls in almost nine years when we first moved into our home. The white owl was perched on top of our roof above our front door looking very majestic, and this was the first time I had ever seen a white owl. Our friend Leigh McCloskey who is very spiritual artist and writer said they were good luck for us back then and I believe he was right. We have loved living in our home where we have raised our two daughters and where we decided to get married. The watchful white owl was a blessing then and I believe is a spiritual blessing now!

The two white owls have been making a loud sound almost every night and flying around us when we walk out our front door for the past four days! Last night I practically had a totally conversation with one of them in the tree as they continuously made that sound for at least 10 minutes straight. And as always, they fly around us before flying away. I can’t help but think they are indeed a strong spiritual sign for us, because they are rare to see and they can see things we can’t. My psychic friends believe they are a blessed gift because they only come to those who share the same intuitive energy as they do. So I wanted to share the video Ronn shot of the full moon and the sound they were making as they flew around us. Each night the sound has become more frequent as if they are actually conversing with us.

Sometimes we must all slow down and take a deep breath and stand still so that we take in the signs from the universe that will guide us on our next journey. Ronn and I have many changes happening in our lives right now and many things to deal with, so it’s important to take our time and feel our feelings, stay connected and keep our eyes open for wonderful, magical signs, such as these.

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