The Groom & Dev

There was a mist in the air over the weekend. One that smelled of rain and gave us a breeziness that said fall was here finally. At least that’s what we thought? Ronn and I anxiously prepared for our love filled weekend.

Don Diamont, Ronn & Adam Gregory
Ronn & Jackie

We were invited to Scott Clifton’s wedding, which promised less drama than one of Liam Spencer’s weddings. And then there was the annual charity event, “The Love Ride.”

But first we kicked off our weekend with Scott and his bride Nicole’s outdoor setting nestled in the woods with a babbling water fall. They recited their reasons why their love was perfect underneath a gigantic tree and tea lights. Their vows were filled with humor and adoration that told us all they were meant to be in so many ways.

We felt honored to be a part of it and it was lovely to see some of B&B’s cast such as, John McCook, Jacquline MacInnes Wood, Kim Matula, Don Diamont and Adam Gregory.  Scott and Nicole were in true wedding bliss as we dined on Prime Rib and Salmon in the indoor/outdoor setting.

I chatted most of the evening with Jackie aka Steffy who will be an upcoming guest on Ronn’s Garage. That girl is always amazing me and don’t let the good looks fool ya, she’s one smart cookie! Jackie loves, “Devin’s Kickass Cajun Seasoning” and can’t wait to cook something Cajun with me since one of her beaus is from Baton Rouge!


Ronn and I had to get up early the next day for the annual, “Love Ride” and hop on his Harley hoping it wouldn’t rain. It seems there is this love/hate thing for rain. We wish for it in southern California, but only when we’re not driving in it, especially on a motorcycle! Lucky for us it was a very pleasant ride to the Harley dealership in Glendale where the ride takes place.

Antonio, Ronn, Winsor & Lorenzo

More hunky B&B cast members were on hand like, Winsor Harmon, Lorenzo Lamas, and Antonio Sabato Jr all ready to ride. They joined Jay Leno onstage to kick off the event before a massive crowd as Lorenzo sang the Star Spangled Banner.

Wally, Lori, Ronn & Devin

Our pals Wally and Lori Crowder joined us as hundreds of bikes started their journey to the park where the event took place. The sun started to shine as we went back to typical sunny southern California weather and our hopes for fall fell back into a brief faded memory. But the love that filled our weekend will be memories that will last forever.[wpvideo mTTQYzOJ]

Devin & Lori

Most people know me as Playboy's Miss June 1985. I also won $100,000 on the TV talent show "Star Search" as their Spokesmodel Champion in 1986, have been featured in movies such as, Disney's "Can't Buy Me Love", A Low Down Dirty Shame, House 2, Society and Andy Sidaris' "Guns", currently I have a Cajun spice called, "Devin's Kickass Cajun Seasoning" especially created to help the great city of New Orleans rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. I just authored a book featuring an exclusive interview with pinup legend Bettie Page entitled, "The Naked Truth About A Pinup Model"


  1. katarina Durcanska

    Hi Ronn and Devin. Love to read your amazing blog. Sounds like it was an amazing weekend. Cant wait to see next show on Ronns garage with JMW!

  2. I am so happy to know that Dev and Ronn are happy and enjoying their special time together. I miss you Ronn, but I agree with you that leaving was probably the best for you and the show. I know you are a good man and have a wife that adore’s you.

  3. Brenda Warren

    Always nice to read your news Devin,always exciting,always a lot of fun…as always love to you and Ronn xo

  4. Well hope to see pics of the wedding if you can? Glad you all had a nice time! Love Jacquline MacInnes Wood, my fellow Canadian!!! We are also looking forward to the nice fall weather soon in south Florida, had anough of the heat for now. Thank you much for keeping all of us upto date with the goings on’s there. It really makes us feel part of your life, well for me anyways!!!

    • I didn’t want to intrude on their wedding photos to be public until they are ready to post them. Hope you understand Cindy.

      • I know all about that, Cindy!! I’ve got wedding photos from Devin and Ronn’s weddings, both of them, that are still sequestered on my hard drive. I bet the wedding was wonderful!

  5. What a wonderful weekend full of positive energy and excitement. The Love Ride was a huge success and you and Lori looked amazing as usual. Fun blog. Good job girl.

  6. Hi you two. I’m a fan of motorcycles myself. I’ve ridden on several through the years. So, that looked like a whole lot of fun and a great wedding. Love all the pictures you did post and Jay is definitely in his element. Thanks for sharing.

    Love ya, Lilian