I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since my big 5-0. Last year at this time, as we were planning my event, Kira Lorsch was beginning the brainstorming of the 2014 Thalians event. Kira and I were hanging out have a much needed girls spa when she said, “Devin if you were to pick someone to honor as “Mr. Wonderful”, what icon of music or entertainment industry would you pick, that people of all ages like, now and respect?” I immediately replied, “Smokey Robinson would be great! Everyone loves Smokey.”

Dev & Kira

The seed was planted. And here we are a few weeks away from the big Thalians Smokey Robinson Tribute Concert benefiting UCLA Operation Mend at the House of Blues Sunset Strip on Saturday April 26th.  You won’t want to miss the Smokey Robinson Tribute. I mean there are music legends and then there’s Smokey Robinson! His name is synonymous with Motown. “Shop Around,” “I Second that Emotion,” “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me,” “My Girl,” and “Tracks of My Tears” are just a few of his amazing hits!

Kira LorschPlayer

On Saturday April 26th, Smokey will be honored by the longtime mental health charity, The Thalians who have been around  forever. Debbie Reynolds founded it and this will be a star studded event! A stage full of musical artists will perform Smokey songs for Smokey himself! PLAYER will perform “Tracks of My Tears,” along with other performers that include, Guy Sebastian, Taylor Dane, Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Natasha & Cheech Marin, Florence LaRue of The 5th Dimension, Joy Enriquez and Bobby Arvon with musical director Todd Schroeder and the Thalians Orchestra plus some surprise guests! (Sorry but I”m sworn to secrecy.)


As you can imagine, tickets going fast! The Smokey Tribute raises funds to help America’s wounded warriors served by UCLA Operation Mend. You’ll mingle with celebrity guests from the red carpet through the show, bid on super cool silent & live auctions with “World’s Fastest Talker, John Moschitta.” You will enjoy  gourmet buffets, scrumptious specialty food & dessert stations and full open bars. All you can eat and drink baby!!

Your tax deductible contribution will benefit the mental health and wellness programs of UCLA Operation Mend, helping heal America’s severely injured military men and women-mind, body and spirit.

To Open your Digital Invitation

Watch a video about UCLA Operation Mend with The Thalians Ruta Lee HERE

Purchase your tickets & tables now by calling The Thalians at 818-994-4661

Individual tickets are also available at Ticketmaster

For additional information regarding sponsorship and advertising opportunities, please email

If you ever wanted to party like a rock star for a great cause here’s your chance! We hope to see you there!!!!

I can’t believe spring is here already, seems this year is flying by so fast! I love spring, seeing all the flowers bloom and preparing for the warmth that summer will bring. It makes me want to entertain and so we are having our first party of spring this Sunday to kick off the new season of “Game of Thrones.” Peter Beckett got us hooked on that series and I promised I’d kick it off with a nice shindig of a party.

So I’m cooking some Cajun grub and having a few friends over who are also die hard “Game of Throne” fanatics to drink some ale and see who gets the ax in the first episode. We are also springing forward with so many new and exciting projects. Seems many countries are missing seeing Ronn on their TV sets since he’s no longer Ridge Forrester and we are formulating new and interesting things on a daily basis with many different countries.


Player is excited to do a tour in Australia this November and 13 shows are now locked down with more being added that could take us into New Zealand for December. There will also be new Player merchandise available especially for this “Too Many Reasons” tour and I couldn’t be more excited, so Player Angels get ready to rock!  I visited Melbourne back in 2005 when Ronn did the berry juice commercial, so this will be a such a treat for me to explore OZ and really spend some quality time there. The new “Man On Fire” music video with previews from the upcoming 411movie will be released soon so you can get more excited about the upcoming tour!

There is also a movie in the works with Italy’s best comedy writers who is tailoring a script especially for Ronn. I can’t tell you details on that yet, but it’s going to be quite comical and I will also be in it. We have a TV show in the works for Finland and South Africa and there is a possibility of a campaign in the Netherlands. However it’s all being formulated so I can’t give you dates of when we will be in those places just yet.


Player is also making an appearance on a popular TV show next week and I can’t tell you what show just yet, but I know you will be excited and will give you details as soon as I’m allowed. They are also looking forward to singing, “Tracks of My Tears” to honor the one and only Smokey Robinson at the House of Blues April 26. This will be a killer show that will include, Taylor Dane and Chaka Khan among others that will make this an exciting televised event to benefit the “Thalians.

My Husband's A Dog, My Wife's A Bitch

Ronn is joining the cast of the Emmy nominated webseries, “The Bay” next week when they introduce a new character to the drama. We are also putting the finishing touches on our audio book, “My Husband’s A Dog, My Wife’s A Bitch” and I’m so pleased you are laughing and enjoying the printed version and Ebook. We are planning to release a book of Ronn’s photography in the future and I’ve been encouraging him to continue writing his autobiography. Ronn has led an amazing life growing up in Hollywood and has some incredible stories to tell from his life so this is a must. But as you know, he’s rather slow and moves at his own pace, so that won’t be for a while. In the meantime, as we spring forward into these upcoming exciting projects taking us on a new adventure, that maybe we will be visiting you real soon!

Slumber party

I had a slumber party with several other Playmates from the 1980s celebrating the 50th birthday of Playmate Alana Soares thrown by her sister Leilani Soares.   We had such a great time laughing and telling past stories with Playmates, Ava Fabian, Cathy St. George, Kimberly Paige, Roberta Vasquez, Lynn Austin and Debi Johnson. Some of these girls I hadn’t seen in decades and few of them flew in from other states just to surprise Alana.

Ava & Leilani DSCN0042 Alana's cake DSCN0022

There is a sorority like sister bond that goes with girls who have posed for Playboy, at least from our era and it felt like we had gone back in time except for talking about men and parties, we now talk about kids and health. We giggled so much that I had to take a nap before heading to the Beverly Hills Hotel’s Polo Lounge to meet famed photographer Terry O’Neill and artist Michael Moebius for dinner.

Me. Terry O'Neil & Keiko

Terry O’Neill was the first photographer to photograph Sir Elton John, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, so Ronn was very excited to meet him and we are attending an exhibition of his work this week at the Mouche Gallery in Beverly Hills. Terry was also married to actress Faye Dunaway and now lives in London, so the history alone is exciting to Ronn because as you know he loves photography, music and Ronn’s father was from England.

We are catching up on so many projects before we leave for the Player and Yacht Rock Revue rock cruise to the Bahamas this week. And I will not be taking my computer or be online so you guys will just have to miss us for a few days. When we return I am finalizing a documentary I am producing on the pinup from a pinup’s point of view and Player will perform at a wonderful charity called “Songs Of Love.”   



Songs of Love is special because musicians write individual songs for children with terminally ill diseases. Watch the 60 minutes video above for more information or click on the invite if you’d like to attend or donate to this wonderful cause.  Check out the newly redesigned makeover of my personal website where you can find this blog and everything else on me all in one place. Special thanks to our web designer Gea who is now working on a redesign of Ronn’s site as well. 

Songs of Love Invite

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air and we are celebrating it with KISS, Mel Gibson and Tom Jones for a benefit concert at the House of Blues. My pal Tina Hillstrom has been working for months putting this fundraiser together and it will be night to remember for sure. The benefit will be televised and is for Mending Kids. 

This wonderful organization brings surgery to kids in need of it around the world. Love is in the air for us as well as we release our humorous relationship book entitled, “My Husband’s A Dog, My Wife’s A Bitch” just in time for Valentine’s Day. It’s a funny look at relationships from our point of view and you will surely laugh alot reading it. I got the idea a couple of years ago to do this since I trained Ronn to make me cappuccinos every morning and joked that you must train a man like a dog. Ronn came up with the title and wrote his point of view of which he just showed me a few weeks ago. I laughed so hard I cried, so we hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed writing it. Our first autographed copy is now up for auction on Ebay. Ebooks and audio books are coming soon!

My Husband's A Dog, My Wife's A Bitch

Love was in the air this past weekend when we joined former Housewife of Orange county stars Peggy and Micah Tanous for a weekend of wine tasting in Temecula as we joined them for the event, “Charity For Charity.”

Micah & Peggy

DSC00077_pp_2 DSC00051_2DSC00061_2



I know many of you thought the Broncos would win the Superbowl and many were disappointed. I had no preference and really love superbowl parties to socialize. So I was really happy for the Seahawks because my buddy and Playmate sister Barbara Moore is from Seattle and explained they had never won a superbowl.

DevRonn with Barbara Moore

I’m always one to root for the underdog and so my congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks for taking home the trophy. Speaking of trophies. My other beautiful girlfriend Sandra Taylor was the official trophy girl that evening and so a congrats to her for having that honor.

Sandra Taylor

We spent Superbowl at the Playboy mansion because it’s always fun. Hef had all my favorite foods, sliders, hot wings, chili and even gumbo! Everyone can participate in the superbowl pool to win the big pot of money and there are always so many friends and Playmates to catch up with. I was happy to see my old friend Steve Bing there along with Nels and Jimmy Van Patten. We named them the mansion puppies because they were so young when they started going up there over 30 years ago and were some of the first guys I met up there when I became a Playmate. Turns out Steve has a new restaurant called, “Crossroads” that’s Vegan and his chef Tal wants me to be a guest chef at the restaurant for a Cajun night, which I’m looking forward to!

Hef & Steve Bing

So now that superbowl is over, it’s time to concentrate on more important things, like love. Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I’ve got romance on my brain, especially since I’ve been incapacitated for months now! We have the Mending Kid’s charity at the House of Blues hosted by my pal Tina Hillstrom and KISS to attend on Valentine’s Day and the release of our new relationship book that I know you guys will love! In the meantime, let’s hear it for those Seahawks!!


I’ve been wondering why this new year feels so exciting compared to last year and I think just the sheer number of 2014 sounds more exciting that 2013.



 It has a vibe to it, just saying it and the fact that I personally had a fibroid the size of a man’s fist removed from me that’s not cancerous, makes me very happy to be able to see 2014 and feel the utmost gratitude! 2013 was a very strange year of transition from old to new, at least for us. Ronn shed his alter ego Ridge Forrester, and found that cool Ronn Moss that is doing music again. And he’s having too much fun traveling the world and being ultra creative.


Creativity is intelligence on steroids. It’s what drives us to do what we are most passionate about. As long as we are doing the things we love creatively then monetary gains will come naturally. Being at the right place at the right time is also an important factor that often has nothing to do with how talented, smart or driven we are, but really just being at the right place at the right time.


Some can call that luck, but I tend to think it’s much more than mere luck, although being lucky is a cosmic thing also. I think it’s how much you desire something and how much energy, effort, love and passion you choose to put into your creativity that helps it manifest into reality. I speak a lot about this in my book “True Age, Timeless Beauty.” Don’t let the title fool you; it’s a motivational spiritual book that will help you keep your life in balance. I feel balance is the key to happiness in life and I use many examples of how I have done this in my book, which is on sale at discount price now!

TV Soap magazine copy


Ronn’s Ebay and mine are up for auction on Ebay and will be adding to it continuously now. Everything from photos, music, collectibles, clothing and yes those most requested scarves! I am also now doing more red carpet events as a journalist for Splash magazine and another surprise, which I will tell you about later. More surprises are coming, so look for me to be posting more questions and answers at ChaCha. ChaCha is a fun app and great way to communicate with everyone and share through Twitter and Facebook. So check it out and look for much much more from us in 2014!!





2014 is off to a great start for us as we each use our God given talents and start painting our artistic endeavors. Ronn kicked off this year with the Yacht Rock Revue boys at the House of Blues and did a new Ronn’s Garage on them. He got a new camera and will be taking some killer pictures of me for some artistic endeavors of my own. 


Seems like more and more producers are contacting me for future film roles. I have a drama and a possible psychological thriller for this year that I may do. There is also that relationship book that Ronn and I are trying to get out to you by Valentine’s Day! We have the upcoming Thalian’s charity event honoring Smokey Robinson at the House of Blues with Player in April and that cruise to the Bahamas next month with Player and the Yacht Rock Revue. 

Devin & Kira at Yacht Rock concert

Some other artistic endeavors include my upcoming partnership in opening a fashion and modeling school with a renowned Italian designer. I may also be the reporter for red carpet events for the fashion channel and may even do some speaking engagements around the world. Since I won’t be plagued with anymore illness and hope to have lots of energy; my future artistic endeavors will include more travel, writing, appearances, acting, producing and maybe even some modeling. Oh and let’s not forget cooking!

I am thrilled to be a part of “American Food Battle” in Finland and that should air next month. More livestream videos are coming from me in this area, as well as, DevRonn chats and Woman To Woman interviews. 

Angie Everhart

Right now, Ronn is reading scripts and planning the upcoming 411 movie projects, which is now a trilogy. Angie Everhart is his sexy co-star and the second 411 will film in Italy. So he’s trying to get all of his projects for this year scheduled to block out time to focus on his directorial debut with these 411 films. 

We re planning to go to the Netherlands, Australia and hopefully back to Finland and Italy in the coming months for various projects that are formulating. And I’m proud to see my brother and pop pinup artist Michael Moebius doing so well with his artistic endeavors. Seems he’s got all of Hollywood interested in his art now including, Rhianna, Paris Hilton and of course Playboy. 

Michael Moebius

I’m almost recovered from my surgery and slowly getting back to my normal routine. I am producing a documentary this year also on the Playmate in honor of Playboy’s 60th birthday and will start producing a documentary on Player later this year! So stay tuned for much much more from DevRonn and many other surprises!


This past weekend I felt blessed to have the energy to attend a few holiday parties. Since it’s been almost 3 weeks since my surgery and I’m experiencing no pain, my only issue has been lack of energy. So pacing myself has been the key to my success in this department. I didn’t even think I would be recovering so nicely and my sleep pattern is the only thing that needed to get back on track. Since I sometimes feel tired in the middle of the afternoon and would nap, it would be hard to sleep through the night without waking up at 3am. 

Candi and me copy

We managed to celebrate a lovely Christmas with a nice big tree and all the yummy food that goes with the holiday season. Creason and Calee had fun opening a few presents I managed to get on my one day shopping spree and it was great to catch up with some wonderful friends we hadn’t seen in a while. 

photo 2

Family copy

I met a lot of old friends that grew up with Ronn, which is so cool that he has that connection with people he knew since he was in diapers. And we managed to go to the Playboy mansion for a movie night to see “Anchorman 2” which happens to be one of Ronn’s favorite comedies. I think I’ve seen Anchorman with Ronn and the kids at least 20 times! 




So now I’m resting and saving up my energy for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in which we have parties to attend on both of those days and I’m hoping to be back to my old self by next week and maybe even back at the gym!  We also have the Yacht Rock Reveue boys coming over to visit and do a Ronn’s Garage. Player will also join them on stage at the House of Blues this January 4th as we celebrate Peter Beckett’s girlfriend Eden Ayer’s birthday. 

dev 2 copy

I’m super excited about 2014 and can feel it in my bones that it will be a huge year for us all. Player has a tour in the works with Little River Band and Ambrosia that they are trying to get scheduled for the US. And Player is honoring Smokey Robinson for the “Thalians” charity gala at the House of Blues here in LA on April 26, which will also be televised. We are heading to the Bahamas on a cruise with the Yacht Rock Revue and Player on Feb 26th, so that should be super fun! And Ronn will help honor Michael Douglas for Unicef on Jan 14th.

Devronn copy

So I think we will start 2014 off with a rockin good time and some damn good music and of course I’ll keep you all posted on all the Player dates coming up. I have lots more to tell you on many other surprises, but that will be another blog. So for now just know that we wish you all the best of 2014 and we are all very excited about the coming new year!

Image 1

This was Devin as she was waiting to be prepped before going into surgery. It was about 7am and the concern on her face says it all. I tried very hard to conceal the concern on my face with a smile and a bit of levity to keep our spirits up. All I wanted to project was a positive sense that it all will come out fine. No pun intended. I had to release her to the nurses care as she was wheeled away and I went to the waiting room to occupy myself for the next 4+ hours. I knew I wouldn’t be able to see her until she went from surgery to recovery and then to her room. One of her doctors came out shortly after the operation and gave me the good news… it went very well and there was NO cancer anywhere! This was the best thing anyone could have said to me.

This second pix is my lovely wife having just woken up from anesthesia.

Image 2
Image 3

I think this sign by her bed was a warning that the person you’re trying to talk to is majorly floating somewhere else.

Image 4
This is our wonderful Blancita who came to the hospital on her way home.

Image 5

Image 6
I think the relieved looks on our faces speak volumes. I was so happy to see her smile and feel calm about the outcome even though it was probably at that moment, helped by massive pain relievers.
Image 7
The following day, I had to take a pix of this because it meant we couldn’t leave the hospital until she peed into this little pee catcher. So I was pumping her with cup after cup of water. Even though she was on a saline intravenous drip, it still took quite a while to get enough built up to use this thing.

Image 8
Here’s our dear friend Susie Q who brought some beautiful flowers.

Image 9
Getting stuck one last time to check some blood levels that had the doctors a little concerned. But the levels came back reduced and all was well for us to leave the hospital and bring her home to our own bed. Taking a pix while this was happening was the perfect distraction for someone deathly afraid of needles.

I’m so happy to see my lovely wife getting better and stronger every day. She’s trying to ween herself off the pain meds, which I think is good. And she only takes about 6 minutes instead of about 11 to walk slowly to the bathroom every time. I’m going to remind her now that when she gets upset at me or anyone, she won’t have her monthly period to use as an excuse.

Love you all for all your kind words of encouragement and support this last while. It means the world to us both. —Ronn

Last night Ronn and I attended the annual Thalians Christmas party held at the Bel Air Country club.  It was our second appearance and a special evening for “Player” who performed a few songs to kick off what is coming in 2014.  Hosted by Ruta Lee and Kira Lorsch, the Thalians has been honoring all of Hollywood for 60 years now. They raised over 1 million dollars for their event at the Playboy mansion that honored Hugh Hefner and will now honor the one and only Smokey Robinson at the “House of Blues” on April 26th. Player is proud to be a part of the headlining acts that will pay tribute to Smokey’s legendary songs.

bob & Kira

Dev & Kira

The Thalians has been giving proceeds to help the mental health of our troops and is committed to this cause that enables our troops to heal in both mind and body. They have honored stars like Clint Eastwood, Sammy Davis Jr and Lana Turner in the past 60 years and are now looking to honor young Hollywood in the future. This prestigious and generous charity is what makes Hollywood the unique and powerful club that they are and we are proud to be a part of them.




I was happy to see my dear friend, Mary Ann Mobley there last night, along with Cheech Marin and Kerry Gordy who will also be celebrating with us on April 26, 2014 as Player headlines in honor of Smokey Robinson at the House of Blues. I can’t wait for that evening will be one night to remember and it just may be televised!

Mary Ann Mobley

For more information on the Thalians check out their website

This Thanksgiving was the first time Ronn and I have missed having turkey, but due to Katherine Kelly Lang’s schedule on B&B, we were trying to make this campaign for Chiarelli furniture work, thus traveling the day before Thanksgiving to Italy. I figured an Italian Thanksgiving wouldn’t be so bad, given how much we love Italian food. And traveling abroad the day before Thanksgiving wasn’t bad at all and quite pleasant actually. 

cardboard copy


We first stopped in Milan for Ronn to do an appearance on the popular Italian show, “Verissimo.” Then we would travel on to Bari, Italy which is in Puglia. How I wished we had more time to visit our special place, Borgo Egnazia, where we renewed our vows last year, but due to my upcoming surgery, we couldn’t stay in our beloved seconda casa longer. Ronn was asked to make a special appearance on “Ballando Con Le Stelle” and to do a Ski show, but it would be impossible due to my surgery, thus our trip was only a week this time. You can view the Verissimo interview by clicking the link below.

Visiting and catching up with Katherine Kelly Lang was fun as usual and the Chiarelli campaign was a big success that put a nice touch on our Italian Thanksgiving weekend. We had the most wonderful food and made some new friends that we are planning to revisit Puglia next year to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and our 10th year together. I was quite to surprised to have so many fans asking for my photo and autograph this trip. Seems we have quite a lot of followers for the blog out there and Ronn is obviously loved more than ever, so taking photos is always endless. It’s so beautiful to see and feel the love from Italy, as always.

Mr & Mrs Chiarelli



As always, our trip is never complete without visiting Rome and our soul sister, Lavinia Biagiotti at the gorgeous castle she shares with her mother Laura. We are so at home there and it’s a great place to relax for Ronn. So even though we didn’t have turkey this Thanksgiving, we are still thankful for having visited our seconda casa surrounded by such loving fans and friends. 


We had an absolute blast at the first annual Heroes Awards Dinner held at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City. Our amazing and generous friends, The Cusumano Family were honored for their contributions to our wounded vets. Actor/musician Gary Senise from CSI/NY rocked the house with his awesome band and my always life of the party friend, Tina Hillstrom joined us and danced the night away, looking fabulous in her very own, Wannawear line. 

Caroline & Mike CusumanoDevRonn

Ronn as most of you know, always looks amazing in a tux and I had an excuse to wear an evening gown. Since we recently celebrated Veterans Day, I thought it was fitting to have such a terrific charity event at this time of the year. It reminds us all of how much our troops have sacrificed for our country. We met Nathan who lost both is legs, but still has a wonderful fighting spirit for life. He is a real life, Lt. Dan and it’s a privilege to have met him. 

Tina, Caroline & DevinAmy Dugan & Tanner Cusumano

This was the first Heroes awards dinner, but I”m certain not the last and since alot of our troops are starting to come home, it’s important to help integrate them into society and make them feel at home. The Goodwill gala was truly a first class event that I hope with bring joy to our Thankful hearts each and every year by helping our troops. Please visit for more info on how you can help be a part of this worthy cause.

Ronn & Mike.Gorgeous gowns

This week Ronn and I are preparing for our first ever autograph show together at the I did this show many years ago and look forward to seeing alot of our east coast fans. They have a great after party of musical performances and are doing a tribute to the Beatles music, so this should be one fun show! Who knows maybe Ronn will join in?  After Boston we will journey back to our second home, Italy where Ronn is doing another campaign with Katherine Kelly Lang. So we won’t be home for Thanksgiving this year, but our hearts are indeed very Thankful for all our blessings. It was also great to do our DevRonn Chat on Livestream with you all before we left for this event. We hope to do these kinds of chats more often!

Devin & Nathan

This past weekend we had so much fun with old friends like German pop/pinup artist Michael Moebius, as we attended several fashion related events. We started with the book signing of fame musician photographer, John Varvatos and ran into Brooke Burke and David Charvet, along with other notable musicians, such as, Lionel Richie and “The Scorpions Bass player, Ralph Reckerman. Then we went to Flaunt magazine’s party for Selena Gomez. Rock n roll never looked so good and fashion and rock is still the place to be.  I could tell that being around all these musicians and artistic people that Ronn is embarking on an exciting new chapter of his life. He is still running into many familiar faces from the past, such as one of Player’s photographers  Brad Elterman.

Moebius & Ronn

Dev, Kako & Ronn

Brad Elterman

Bobbie Eakes had asked Ronn to be her surprise guest in her Palm Springs concert along with “The Cars” guitarist, Elliot Easton and ex-Thorne, B&B castmate, Jeff Tracta. This would also include a private after party that seemed like a class reunion. Eva LaRue, Sean Kanan and Tristian Rogers were just a few that were in attendance.  Bobbie put on an awesome performance that included rock, pop and country songs, which  earned her a well deserved standing ovation. It was my first time seeing her perform and let me tell you that girl can sing her cute little tush off! So I’m happy to announce an upcoming concert next spring that will include her singing with Ronn and a few other notable soap stars. This could also become a European tour of it’s own.

Bobbie & Ronn

Bobbie’s concert showcased her background as Miss Georgia, her musical roots with her band, “Big Trouble” and songs from her favorite musicians such as, Whitney Houston, Billy Joel, Davy Jones and Adele. Bobbie named her show, “Turn The Page” and gave an amazing rendition of Bob Seger’s song, which symbolized her journey from music to acting and back to her passion, music which she does so damn well. I predict we see more of Bobbie’s amazing talents musically in this new chapter of her life and was so happy she could share this with Ronn and her former B&B husband, Jeff Tracta.


Speaking of new chapters, Jeff Tracta has become the world’s greatest voice impressionist, comedian and singer in his own sold out live performances in Las Vegas. He is incredibly talented and we can’t wait to catch one of his shows. I think Ronn joins the ranks with Bobbie and Jeff in starting new exciting chapters of their lives doing what they passionately love and showcasing their God given talents and with that you can never go wrong.

Elliot Easton, Ronn, Bobbie & Jeff

We ended our lovely weekend attending a birthday party for publicist, Anthony Turk and it was so fun to hang out with Patrika Darbo, David Sheen and Eva LaRue.  As we turn the pages of our lives into exciting new chapters we are quite sure music and fashion will be a part of that.

 Anthony Turk



It’s been a fun and busy week starting out with supporting our friend photographer Christopher Ameruoso and the charity, “Last Chance For Animals.” It was a lovely event held at “The Simpsons” producer Sam Simon’s home. A wonderful vegan meal and memorable performances by Jose Filiciano entertained friends like Tippi Hedren and Steve Valentine. We then visited our Playboy family at the mansion and met up with German artist Michael Moebius before we went on to attend a dinner with Anna Strasberg at her home.

Tippi & Ronn 10.26.13

Steve and Chris copy

I started to come down with a slight sore throat and wanted to take it easy so I didn’t get sick for Halloween and our upcoming Live chat on Livestream. This is something Ronn and I are looking forward to doing with you guys each and every week, even when we travel.  Speaking of travel, we have our first upcoming autograph appearance together in Boston, for the Boston Megafest. I just love Boston and can’t wait to see everyone on the east coast! And we may be in Italy shortly afterwards for another campaign Ronn is doing.

Michael & Dev copy

I have Finland’s famous chef Henri Alen coming to do a gumbo battle with me in a couple of weeks for his show, “American Food Battle.” This really should be fun and it’s something I’m especially looking forward to. But in the meantime, I’m looking forward to a great Halloween party tomorrow evening and our live chat with you guys! So here’s to wishing that you all have a safe and happy Halloween!

Last night we were invited to attend the book signing of a Princess thrown in a beautiful private home in Bel Air. The invitation came urgently at the last minute the day before. Turns out one of Ronn’s close childhood friends was a friend of the person putting this event together. She was desperately trying to connect Ronn with a producer from Italy that was interested in him for a project. As I read the story of what this Princess’ book was about, I felt like I had heard the story before and expressed it to Ronn. I had this feeling of excitement building in the pit of my stomach as we left to go to the party. And I always pay attention to the people and coincidences that are presented to me when these feelings occur. I speak more in detail on this in my book, “True Age, Timeless Beauty.”

Devin, Dialta & Ronn

As we entered the elegant mansion where this party was held and started speaking with Dialta Alliata Lensi Orlandi, she reminded me of someone we met in Rome this past June. Although this person was a man, there was an unusual sense of a connection. We began conversing with a number of people throughout the evening, each having some sort of connection to Ronn’s past. The most astonishing was a producer, Jay Weston who did one of my favorite movies, “Lady Sings The Blues.” He’s also a writer for the “Huffington Post.”  Turns out Jay knew Ronn’s father from many years ago and it’s extremely rare to meet someone today who knew Ronn’s father since he’s been dead for nearly 20 years!

Ronn & Jay Weston

This seemed to be the pattern throughout the evening at this party. I saw the gorgeous Barbara Carrera, whom I knew already through my friend and Matron of honor, Tina Hillstrom and Richard Chamberlin, who looked like he could actually be Ronn’s father or at least play him in a role. But the shocker of the evening was that Dialta’s book, “My Mother, My Father and His Wife Hortense” is the true story of Dialta’s family secret that was kept for nearly 100 years. It is the story that movies are made from. A love story like no other and a long drawn out feud with NYU over the largest, most valuable private collection of art the world has ever known.  It turns out my hunch was correct. I had heard the story before this past summer, from an encounter with Dialta’s brother, whom we met at the Taormina Film Festival in June.

Ronn & Richard Chamberin

So this beautiful, memorable and very synchronistic evening has led to some new and interesting encounters with some very talented people. I highly recommend you read, “My Mother, My Father and His Wife Hortense” to see for yourself exactly what I’m speaking of.

Barbara Carrera

Our road trip to the beach towns of Northern California had wonderful moments of clean fresh air, great seafood and beautiful sunsets. We really enjoyed our stay at the West Cliff Inn in Santa Cruz and we plan to stay there every time we visit Creason. The West Cliff feels like you are staying at your own home. They have a wonderful breakfast variety of home made muffins, quiche, eggs, french toast and juices that is included in your stay. Afternoon wine and cheese along with home made cookies in the late afternoon and a great view of the beach.

West Cliff Inn

UCSC with Creason

We loved strolling around the campus of UCSC while Creason gave us a tour of their amazing library and the redwood forest. The shops and restaurants were lovely and we even found a great Cajun restaurant! As we made our way back home, we decided to stop in Monterey to see the aquarium and have lunch in Carmel. It’s so easy to fall in love with these quaint little beach communities and window shop in their cute little boutiques. We made our way back  south to Atascadero, which is outside of Paso Robles and stayed at the Carlton Hotel. This hotel is so adorable and is a mini boutique hotel that is very comfortable. 

Santa Cruz Sunset

sea lions

Since we stopped off in Paso Robles on the way up to Santa Cruz and had a great tour of the Opolo vineyard that was personally given to us by owner, Rick Quinn, we wanted to see Atascadero before stopping for lunch in Santa Barbara. I think if you are traveling by car for more than a couple of hours this is a great way to see smaller communities and experience a bit of their culture, plus it’s romantic and fun.

Opolo Winery & Rick Quinn

Although this was our first time visiting most of these Northern California beach towns, we now have our favorite spots that we will stop off and revisit more often. This was a special weekend for us for it was a lot of firsts for me. It was my first time in Santa Cruz, the first time I saw sea lions and my first visit to UCSC. Ronn and I are now looking forward to more road trips to Northern California and hope to make it up to San Francisco next time.

It’s hard to believe that Ronn is a native Californian and there are many gorgeous places he has yet to visit. We wanted to find a free weekend to visit Creason who is away at college and both of us have never been to Santa Cruz. Creason has been telling us how gorgeous it is for months now, and Ronn loves a colder climate, so we thought this would be the perfect time of the year to make our journey to Santa Cruz.

Joe & Marsha copy

It’s a journey being in a car for five hours with even with the best of mates, this can sometimes be challenging. How many of you can relate to what I’m trying to say here? You’re giving out directions to a place you both have never been and he passes up an exit and thinks you don’t know what the hell you are talking about? Get my drift?  So since I’ve been with my amazingly adorable husband for nearly a decade, I can safely attest being with him in a car for five hours under these circumstances is not always fun for me and I sometime want to scream from frustration!

devronn vineyard copy

So we decided to break our trip up and make it fun. As you know by now, we love red wines and wine tasting in Paso Robles sounded great since we would of course be passing through on our journey to Santa Cruz. Plus it broke the trip in half, so I found the cutest bed and breakfast that overlooks a small, but picturesque vineyard called, “Honey Oak House at Laraneta Vineyards in Templeton, just outside of Paso Robles.

vineyard copy

The owners are Joe and Melinda who started their winery and flavored olive oil on their 20 acre vineyard.  You feel like you are staying over at your best friend’s house for the night. We had a lovely wine tasting of their superb wines and shared a bottle of Cabernet with Bob and Marsha who were traveling from San Francisco. Turns out Bob was from Louisiana with family from guess where? Finland!

joe & Melinda copy

So after a few laughs about some of our coincidental stories and a  bottle of wine watching the sunset, we were ready to settle in for the evening. Tomorrow we will be in Santa Cruz with only a couple more hours in the car, hopefully with no directional issues. I told Ronn maybe I should drive and he could navigate, but he didn’t seem to like that idea very much, hmm I wonder why?

We were on our way to an important doctor’s appointment for which I had to have a biopsy of my uterus, when we got a call from Tina inviting us to join her backstage at Jimmy Kimmel. It was a last minute invite to see a free concert by Sir Paul McCartney. Ronn was beside himself with excitement and I knew I would have to rally the cramping from this biopsy and go with him. We thought it would be a few songs after his appearance on Kimmel and since we knew the producers, meet him in the green room. But, this would be a “magical mystery tour” adventure indeed.

Tina, Autum & Ronn

Little did we know that about 10,000 fans in the streets of Hollywood would also be there to see a full hour performance! It was standing room only! Needless to say, I was not in the mood to endure this even though I very much wanted to for Ronn’s sake. I had met Paul McCartney hiking a few years ago when Ronn was on tour in Australia, something he envied. It was even funnier because I was blonde at the time.

After the wonderful weekend we had in Vegas to see Sir Elton John, this seemed like a dream come true for Ronn and I didn’t want to spoil it. My life has encountered a magical mystery tour with rock legends for as long as I can remember. And I seem to meet them effortlessly. Ironically, Paul was talking to Kimmel about some of his encounters with famous legends such as, Elvis and Sinatra. And Patrick Dempsey who starred with me in “Can’t Buy Me Love” was Kimmel’s guest before McCartney was chatting about our movie!

Paul McCartney

Prince, Elton John, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney are all rock legends and I’ve had encounters with all of them! Ronn has ironically never met any of them and wanted to badly, something he envied about me. My “magical mystery tour” started when  I met Prince and Hugh Hefner in the same week!  I had a wonderful dinner with Elton and Sly Stallone and Mick Jagger came to my 32nd birthday party. Then I ran into Mick on the Island of Mystique in which, he invited us to his place for drinks and we had lunch with him and went dancing that evening.  And then of course there was my chance encounter with Sir Paul McCartney when I was hiking! Sounds crazy huh? But this stuff happens to me constantly.

[wpvideo 4gWnnU1N]

This was now Ronn’s chance to meet his idol and I was too much in pain to enjoy the process. Paul started the hour long concert with “Magical Mystery Tour” of course. We ran into friends like Corey Feldman and Patrick Warburton and had a pretty close view of the stage. Ronn and Tina were in seventh heaven as I struggled to get through the concert. I couldn’t believe how many songs he was doing for this free concert, it was incredible. But, I felt faint and needed to sit down, so I found my way to spot off to the side to finish watching the show.

Producer Doug DeLuca & wife, Tina & Autum, Devronn

Ronn became too concerned about me and knew it was time to get me home, besides Creason was waiting for us to say goodbye since she would be heading back to college the next day. So the thought of hanging out backstage to meet Sir Paul just couldn’t happen this time. Tina would tell me all about it I’m sure and I figured the magical mystery tour would continue into some perfect moment in the future for that epic meeting with Ronn and Paul. I figure Ronn can ask Paul, “What do you get when a Playmate meets a Beatle hiking?” and reintroduce him to me!

To see this entire concert go here

 [wpvideo Mav3sJpr]


It’s not everyday you get invited to fly to Las Vegas on a private jet with fun friends drinking champagne and eating chocolate covered potato chips to see the one and only Sir Elton John! I know it sounds like I’m making this up, but trust me I’m not. Elton was on my bucket list of must-see concerts-before I die, so the answer to this invite was a no brain-er!

Plane ride to Vegas

Along this yellow brick road to Vegas we stayed at the amazing Venetian Hotel.  It’s not exactly like the real canals of Venice, especially now due to draining the canals to repaint the bottoms. Our dear pals Brad and Tina Hillstrom joined us as guests of Caroline and Michael Cusumano. Now Mike is pretty damn good at black jack and they were ready to gamble, but only after a little French cuisine and some nice bottles of wine.
It’s always a pleasure to dine with the Cusumanos because they love and have great knowledge of wines, so it’s always yummy, fun and educational.

caroline and Dev

Since it’s a rarity to have a get-a-way opportunity with Ronn that didn’t involve work, this felt like heaven. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and Ronn felt like relaxing by the pool. I don’t enjoy being directly in the sun and we both prefer a more breeziness along with it, spoiled? Yes indeed, we were feeling great. I felt a sense of excitement sweep over me anticipating the Elton John performance that would be the finale of this fantasy get-a-way.

Devronn copy

Ronn only had to walk through the Venetian shops with me for my morning cappuccino and it felt romantic to ponder my recent birthday trip to the real Venice. Our breakfast waiter politely greeted us and asked, “Are you Ronn Moss?” He continued to say what a fan he was for Player, which surprised Ronn and then he said, “What did you think I was going to say something about that soap opera?” We got a great laugh out of that one.

Shortly after our breakfast, a young Australian couple asked Ronn for a photo and expressed how much he’s missed in Australia. We actually ran into a few other Aussies who told us that. As you can see our morning was becoming quite an adventure down this yellow brick road of Las Vegas on our way to Elton.

brad and Tina copy

As we continured out of the restaurant, we ran into another lady who thought Ronn looked like Elvis. She told him it was his hair that made him look like Elvis. I couldn’t stop giggling. It seemed like all morning long someone was paying Ronn a compliment everywhere we turned. Then when we all sat down to play some black jack and things got interesting. Since I don’t gamble, I watch, talk, drink and laugh a lot. Mike was trying to teach Ronn how to play and before we could get started the female pit boss comes up to Ronn and tells him how much she loves Player!

She explained that the very first record she played on her record player as teen was “Baby Come Back.” Of course we were all moved listening to her heartfelt enthusiasm for this moment in her life and knew a photo was inevitable. However, you aren’t suppose to take photos at a black jack table in Vegas, didn’t you know that?


Our adventure continued when we entered a long stretched limo just to take us across the street to that grand hotel, “Ceasar’s Palace” to finally see Elton. Caroline informed me they had one extra ticket to give away to someone nice, so I had to help Caroline pick out that lucky person! Settling into our seats and looking at the piano onstage I knew this would be a moment in my life that I would always look back upon fondly.

Mike and Ronn

This yellow brick road I was on was fun and I was enjoying the journey. I thought back to a dinner I had with Elton John and Sylvester Stallone at Nicky Blair’s in 1988. That too was a memorable evening and one that was captured by the paparazzi when we left. I wondered with all the dinners and moments in Elton’s life if he would remember me?


The concert was incredible and our moment in Las Vegas watching Elton’s performance is one that will forever be etched with fondness for all of us. Ronn actually learned a thing or two about black jack and won a few hands. Brad and Tina bought the coolest sunglasses on the planet. And Mike and Caroline gave us a memory that will last a lifetime, thank you so much for the love and friendship.

So goodbye yellow brick road, Las Vegas will always be a special moment in time for us!


We had a wonderful weekend spent with several friends we hadn’t seen in a while, such as Katherine Kelly Lang. I was happy to cook a fun dinner for her and our young talented writer/director Ivan Silvestrini who is the writer/director of the acclaimed webseries, “Stuck.” Ivan is developing the perfect project for Ronn and Kelly to star in and just completed his first feature film, “Come Non Detto” a comedy about a gay guy who has a hard time coming out with his parents. We think Ivan is a sheer talent and a wonderful person and really enjoyed the film.

KKL and Ivan SilvestriniIMG_0072

So I think good vibrations are in order for Ronn and Kelly to reunite in a say a romantic comedy? Then Ronn and I attended the birthday party of producer David McKenzie at the Staple center for a hockey game that was held in a private suite. It was such a lovely evening and so nice to see one of my favorite gal pals, Kira Reed Lorsch. We met English actor, Gregg Sulkin who starred in the Disney series, “Wizards of Waverly Place” as Selena Gomez’ boyfriend.

Gregg SulkinIMG_5785

Ronn is getting ready to read a script for a 10 hour mini series that he will be working on with David McKenzie which I will give you details on soon. But what I can tell you is that this will be a terrific, amazing project that you will surely love and you will get to see Ronn on TV again soon! In addition to trying to finish the “Sail Rock” tour, Player will now do a possible tour in Finland this January.


So as you can see, there are good vibrations everywhere with music, movies and television projects in the works. We are just trying to find the time to fit it all in before and after the upcoming holidays which is just around the corner. I can’t believe how fast this year is going by! Tomorrow night we ride our Harley’s to the DVD release party premiere of “Easy Rider, The Ride Back” in Marina Del Rey at Bartel’s Harley Davidson. The producer of that film is also the producer/writer of the upcoming “411” movie that Ronn will be directing.


Image 17

In addition to all of this, Ronn and Peter Beckett did a very cool photo shoot with photographer Christopher Ameruoso in Elvis Presley’s actual sunglasses as part of a cool book of talented stars all wearing Elvis’ glasses, and you all know how much I love Elvis! So I think there will be good vibrations in celebrating all the exciting new upcoming projects and as usual I will keep you posted as they continue to evolve, but in the meantime enjoy the second installment of “Finland’s Game of Emotions.”


I think Prince coined “Jam of the Year” as a song on his “Emancipation” album, but it’s ours now. For some reason, we love rockin out on Mondays. First the Canyon Club for my big 50th birthday and now Labor Day weekend will always be etched in our brain with the Jam of the year. We had REO Speedwagon’s Bryan Hitt on drums and REO’s guitarist Dave Amato rockin in with Player. It was so hot that all we could do was dance our asses off all night long.



It’s not everyday I have tons of people dancing in my garage, but no one could sit still and had to get up and grove to the music. I cooked red beans and rice for my vegetarian friends and a killer gumbo. Ronn grilled chicken and tri tip and others brought tons more food to add to our Player Potluck Jam of the year! This was so good, we may make it an annual event.

photo.jpg31239599_10151842331081178_208987520_n photo.jpg1


Right now it’s almost 4:30 in the afternoon and I’m just now having a cappuccino to wake myself up and function properly. I’ve not partied this much since, well my birthday at the Canyon Club. But, when Player jams no one can sit still. We had a great group of friends old and new come in and out throughout the evening to share in on all the fun. Patrick Warburton brought out cigars and added to the cool vibe. Al Stewart, who is famous for his hit, “Time Passages” and “Year of the Cat” is always a wine expert who happens to look like an executive, but the boy can jam!

photo.jpg21185105_566762756694531_1582729277_n 1157724_10151842328531178_1104069041_n

Nothing like the fun, positive, loving energy that engulfed our house and made our jam of the year so wonderful. Our kitchen looked like an explosion hit it this morning. Tell me why does everyone love to be in the kitchen at house parties anyway? Oh yeah, food! So with fun friends, great food and music it’s a given that we call this the jam of the year with pride. Notice Peter Beckett on drums! Who knows maybe we may take our Player Jam Parties on the road along with the Player Angels and party in your hometown! More of the fun on Ronn’s Garage coming up!


Caroline, Mike and Dev

Summer just isn’t summer for us until we get to experience Hef’s infamous Midsummer Night’s Dream party. It’s always the first Saturday in August and is Playboy’s most beautiful party. Visually stunning because they tent the whole back yard and decorate with tons of flowers to give you the feeling of a tropical paradise. Then they sprinkle in painted ladies to walk around and serve you yummy things to eat. These painted ladies are totally nude except for the body painted lingerie that takes hours to do and are simply, a work of art to look at. It’s really hard not to stare in awe.


These days the Playboy mansion has become much more corporate. Gone are the days when Hef walked around and chatted with his guests while the cameras followed him. Now there are huge lines to go and greet him, while a hot DJ spins music and cirque de solei painted ladies entertain you while your are dancing. There are now lounge chairs everywhere for you sit and watch the array of women walk around in gorgeous lingerie with killer bodies.


So this Playboy mansion party had a great mixture of young and older friends and Playmates.  Hef’s sons Cooper and Marston are starting to take things over in promoting the brand that we all know and love to be Playboy and it’s apparent change is delightful. It was fun to see Kendra dancing her cute little butt off with the painted ladies onstage and everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time.   I personally think this midsummer party was one of the best. It was also nice for me to have a bit of fun after the emotional week I’ve had losing my beloved, Romeo.


It was also nice to have some of our friends there that were first timers. I was thrilled to be able to bring my gal pals, Tina and Caroline.  It’s not as easy to bring the guys up there unless you are a celebrity. So I made a special request for our young Aussie Actors, Brenton Thwaites and Nathanial Buzolic. It was Nathanial’s 30th birthday and so we toasted him big time at midnight with Tequila shots. Brenton just finished the upcoming movie, Maleficent with Angelina Jolie and Nathanial is a series regular on “Vampire Diaries” both look like they could be my sons and so I’ve adopted them as their American mum.

Here’s a toast to Hef and Crystal’s magical midsummer delight! Thanks for having us join in on a superb party!

Today was a very sad and emotional day for us as a family, losing our beloved Romeo. He was and always will be my special gift from the universe and the time has come for me to let him go. I thought I was prepared for this because I knew he was getting old, even though he still acted like a puppy. He had a cough that had been lingering and getting worst, plus a heart condition. But Romeo had always been a healthy Shih-Tzu and I never had to take him in for eye or ear infections, which this breed is known to have.


Given I also had Romeo’s father, Elvis for over 11 years, I knew he had inherited his father’s heart condition that took him the same way. Shih-Tzus for me are extremely special. They are Chinese dogs and are considered spiritual, intelligent, loving creatures and I felt this was my special little gift in life. He was the closest thing I’d ever have to a baby in this lifetime and I loved him deeply.

Since I grew up in and out of foster homes, I never had animals and always wanted a dog. I was in my early 20s when I  finally got my first dog. She was a Lhasa and was gifted to me, so I didn’t pick the breed. I named her Honey and she got hit by a car when I lived in Knoxville, Tennessee. I was devastated and was gifted again by another female Lhasa that I had for over 5 years, she too was hit by a car. So I decided to change breeds and not have another female dog. I decided it was time for me to pick a breed and fell in love with the Shih-Tzu.


Because I was still grieving the loss of my dog, this particular Shih-Tzu had a calm personality as a puppy and stayed that way throughout his adult life. Elvis’ father was a stud and my friend Viki had bred Shih-Tzus for over 30 years. She told me if I ever wanted to breed him in the future to let her know. I’m not into breeding animals and would rather rescue them, but this was a different time in my life and the universe led me to this Shih-Tzu. I felt like I had to have his first born son because Elvis was just so special and thus, my Romeo was born five years later. So I knew this was the one and only time in my life I would ever have such a dog and I feel blessed to have had him live such a long, healthy and happy life. He has brought me such joy and given me so much love throughout these 12 and a half years together and for that I’m in deep gratitude.



I’m also grateful that he went quickly, peacefully and here at home with all of us present today. I was scheduled to take him to the vet tomorrow for a check up on this cough that was getting worst and even though he looked and acted like a puppy, we all knew his days were numbered. Ronn has had many animals, most of them he had to put down and so the thought of putting Romeo down was more painful than the way he went.



Because he is my special gift from the universe, I have decided to cremate him and found a wonderful service Guardian After Care that picked him up and will deliver his ashes in an urn with a lock of his hair, name on a plaque with paw prints. This way I can keep his special presence with me always. I think animals are blessings in our lives and add to our spiritual growth. The unconditional love and devotion they give you is so innocent and pure, if only we could be more like them with other human beings?

Nothing will ever compare to my Romeo. He was deeply loved by many and quite a charming little man that most of you know could sing. So in loving memory of my special little gift in life, here is Romeo singing as I know he is with his father in doggy heaven right now.
[wpvideo nuWRgjrU]


After fighting major jet lag from our superb trip abroad, Ronn had to take yet another flight to NY for a Player concert. Personally, I don’t think he’s human and tell everyone he’s an alien because jet lag just never gets the best of him! He managed to have an awesome performance in gorgeous Chautauqua, NY with the “Sail Rock” tour. I had to pick him up from the airport to make it in time for a dinner party thrown by actress Allie Mills who plays Pam on B&B.


Allie has been generously trying to gather a few cast and crew members together to celebrate both Ronn and Susan Flannery for their work and departure from B&B for nearly a year now! And due to everyone’s schedules this was no easy task! Turns out Allie lives on the beautiful canals of Venice Beach, so coming from Italy this was rather appropriate and much appreciated for us.


We joined other cast members, John McCook and Katherine Kelly Lang, Ian Buchanan, as well as, a few crew members for the best turkey burgers I’ve ever had! I must say Allie sets a gorgeous table and even though Ronn had just flown back from NY and I was still fighting jet lag, we couldn’t have had more fun. It was great to finally see Susan and catch up with friends that are really like family. It was such a beautiful dinner party and we wish we could do this much more often.


It’s so apparent that both Ronn and Susan’s presence is not only missed by fans, but by their cast and crew. So raise your glasses to Allie and her wonderful husband Orson Bean for making this happen finally and a big kiss and thank you Allie for all your hard work in pulling it off![wpvideo l6fyhXLv][wpvideo 18EoGK8t]

This has truly been the most magical birthday ever for me and I’ve been celebrating it the entire month of June. Kicking it off with the success of the Canyon Club’s Player performance and extending it to our seconda casa in Roma, Firenze and Venezia with some of our most cherished friends. 50 was always a number I was afraid of in the past because my mom died of breast cancer at that age. I had times when I thought I wouldn’t make it in life to see that number and now I’m so happy and vibrant with my life that it’s indeed just a number to me. I think I will truly love my 50s and will never forget all the love and celebration surrounding this birthday.


The profound synchronicity of events, people and places that we have experienced during this trip is too much to put in mere words. I feel like the universe has bestowed an array of beautiful gifts, new friendships and love that I just can’t explain. Only to say it’s been pure magic. The fact that we had a huge full moon to boot with me being the ultimate Cancer moon child was no coincidence. It was meant to be a sign that my thoughts, passion and love of life will continue to flourish and I plan to give even more of myself to this world with great eagerness and compassion.


It’s always been my desire to make my life have meaning beyond mere success of just what I’ve chosen to do in this lifetime. I want to leave something behind that is much bigger than me and nothing is more important to me than giving back to those in need. I so admire women like Audrey Hepburn who did that in spades during her lifetime. So I believe this birthday of my turning a half of a century will mark what my new clear path is from now on and that is to continue to inspire and enlighten others through example. This is a true blessing to have my life take this new path now.


Because of this new path I have developed a new website for women that is about other dynamic women of this world that are making a difference and it’s called woman to woman. I’m happy to launch it with two amazing women that have already made such great marks on society in this world, supermodel, Kelly Emberg and Hollywood icon, Mamie Van Doren. So please take a look at and leave a comment on what you think.


Here are a few photos from our trip to gorgeous Venezia and our stop in Firenze for the Laura Biagiotti Doll Collection presentation, which was absolutely amazing! Always the perfect ending to our stay in Roma is when we spend time with our beloved Lavinia and Laura Biagiotti, whom we think of as family. Thank you as always for your wonderful hospitality and for the birthday blessings you have given to me on this milestone. A new Ronn’s Garage is coming with more details from our trip!

_FSM1051 _FSM1157 _FSM1071

It’s been another amazing adventure in the southern part of Sicily here in beautiful Taormina for the prestigious annual film festival. Arriving here was quite an ordeal because Ronn’s luggage was lost the first few days and he had no clothing at all. Thank goodness there was a Taormina film festival t-shirt in his gift bag! Every night has started out with cocktails and photos with some of Europe’s most elite that have gathered to view different films every night in the 2300 year old outdoor theater that holds about 5000 people.


The first night’s premiere of “Man of Steel” honored Russell Crowe with an award for his body of work and featured the cast of the newly released, “Man of Steel” which I must say was amazing to watch in such an outdoor arena.  After the screening there was a private elegant dinner held at the roof top of an amazing restaurant. This has been the routine each night as a different star has been honored with an award, including my hubby Ronn who has had a group of young teenage girls following him around since we arrived. They seem to be everywhere and it’s amazing how much they seem to adore my hubby.


It’s become impossible to walk around Taormina with Ronn because he draws a huge crowd for photos and autographs constantly, which he’s very gracious about doing, but it can become rather stifling at times to get from place to place and the crowd seems to get larger and larger with tons of young women!


It was a pleasant surprise to see Prince Albert of Monaco here for a special presentation of his green energy foundation and as a result we have now been invited to Monaco for other interesting appearances that Ronn will be making in the future. Each night has truly been a wonderful beautiful presentation of awards and films both American and Italian that have been followed by the most amazing dinner parties. Tiziana Rocca put on this event and we are proud and honored to have been a part of this wonderful week.


Last night Jeremy Irons was honored and tonight Meg Ryan is being honored, but I felt the need to relax and stay in for the evening. Each night’s dinner is at a different restaurant or hotel around Taormina so it’s easily becoming a very special week for us. We have been meeting some terrific and interesting people from all over the world and there is many  wonderful opportunities brewing for Ronn to work in film, as well as, invitations to bring PLAYER to perform in places in and around Europe.


We are still celebrating my birthday and will continue to celebrate with a party being thrown for me next week in Rome by Prince Bassam Omar Salame’, his gorgeous wife and Lamia Khashoggi, one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met. Turns out it was also Prince Salame’s birthday and he wishes to continue to celebrate my big milestone in Rome and also in Monaco later this summer. Needless to say, this is turning into the most amazing birthday ever for me and one I’ll never forget and am truly grateful and blessed to be celebrating with these amazingly beautiful people.


Sadly we have lost one of our guests who was coming in to attend the festival, James Gandolfini, aka Tony Soprano had a sudden apparent heart attack last night in Rome. So a special tribute is being paid to him tonight at the festival.


I was on such a high this past week from the Player concert. It was a night of celebration, love and just plain good fun that was had by all last Monday, as I embraced my dearest, sweetest friends from all over who came to spend that magical day with us. And I’m sooo not exaggerating, it was indeed magical. Many of the beautiful sweet puppies, kittens and dogs found homes. Kim Sill, founder of Shelter Hope Pet Shop had every volunteer working their little tushes off just to celebrate lil ole, me! 8494_585452894808487_1227553890_n (1)

So it’s really the truth when I tell you that the Shelter Hope Pet Shop volunteers take what they do way seriously and with pleasure, joy and just plain beauty all around. That was the best damn birthday party a girl my age could ever hope to have and I was never more grateful, loved or celebrated than that evening. My favorite band in the world was singing just for me, okay and you too!  No one at Shelter Hope Pet Shop expected what would happen the day after such a wonderful, beautiful event like our Canyon Club concert with Player. I really was on a beautiful high and so to hear the sad news the very next day that one of our sweetest most angelic volunteer Phillis Armstrong passed away of heart failure, was devastating to say the least to, not just me, but everyone. 

Phillis touched everyone who met her and no one was as dedicated as she was as a volunteer, lover of animals and just plain good natured and good hearted soul. A sadness was felt even if you only saw a photo of her like this one of her in the green skirt holding that little furry bundle. Phillis embodied what an animal rescue lover truly stands for and her dedication will not be forgotten. We can only follow her example in giving of ourselves and to our society when we give from the heart and soul such as Phillis did in her seemingly short life. 

So as Ronn and I take our journey tomorrow and carry Player with us when they join Orleans, Firefall and Christopher Cross in Del Mar, we will also take Phillis as our angel guide to help us continue our magical journey forward with her sweet spirit and the essence of that last magical evening spent with her. Phillis will forever be a part of Player now as we meet more Player Angels around the world, we will always carry our sweet angel Phillis in our hearts.

Phillis Armstrongphoto


Mondays will always have a specialness to it now because I’ll never forget how we rocked out on a Monday with Player at the Canyon Club. The event was a great success to say the least. We filled the house and rocked it big time! Shelter Hope Pet Shop was amazing and I want to thank all the volunteers who put in all their time an effort on the decorations, gift bags and red carpet. Kim Sill, founder of Shelter Hope Pet Shop went overboard on an amazing cake that was too delicious and a great time was had by all.



We had REO Speedwagon in the house along, with artist Olivia, Michael Moebius, Katherine Kelly Lang, Winsor Harmon, Allie Mills, Orsen Bean, Adam Gregory, Linda Thompson, Sheree J. Wilson, Renee Tenison, Sean Kanan & Bud Cort all getting down on the dance floor to the music of Player. The band was amazing and the evening couldn’t have turned out better. We raised over $5000 for Shelter Hope Pet Shop and more donations are coming in everyday on behalf of my 50th birthday, so thank you all so much! We can save quite a few animals with this money. Fans flew in from all over the country to see the band and I had my best buddies and most awesome Player Angels on hand to help me as my ladies in waiting. I say that because all my girlfriends spent the weekend with me and they were all waiting on me hand and foot. So they bought me a tiara and made me Queen and they were Princesses. We all decided to wear our Player tank tops and I wore my tiara all night long being the Queen was fun!


My only regret is that some people brought me gifts even though I said, “NO GIFTS!” As a result I put them in my gift bag and at the end of the evening that bag was gone and so were my gifts and my tiara! So the quest to find my tiara and gifts is ongoing here. Anyone who has it and won’t give it back will be beheaded!! Thank you Kira Reed Lorsch for being the best MC ever!



Ronn and I had a weekend full of BBQ, friends and fun. We kicked it off with a small BBQ for some new friends and then went to our neighbor Patrick Warburton’s house to finish off the day. I had a little too much wine and fell asleep most of the evening on the couch while friends like KISS guitarist, Tommy Thayer and his lovely wife Amber took pics of me sleeping! 

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We then went up to the Playboy mansion to visit Hef and saw “Star Trek, Into the Darkness” and I had a lovely chat with beautiful intelligent women like Monique St. Pierre and Monika Henreid. We topped off our Memorial day weekend with a fun visit with our neighbors Sharyn and Phil who took us to see “The Hangover 3.” So now it’s time to focus on what’s coming up next weekend which kicks off my birthday fund raiser for Shelter Hope Pet Shop

Patrick Warburton

I have a house full of guests who are staying with us from out of town and PLAYER’s final rehearsals before the big June 3rd event. So my plate will be full of fun this coming weekend with all my beautiful girlfriends to help us celebrate and for such a worthy cause. So if you haven’t purchased a ticket yet to the event please do so, you won’t be disappointed and your ticket is tax deductible to boot! Go to for all info on tickets!!

I was asked to speak at an animal rescue event yesterday that had a Mad Hatter theme. So Alice In Wonderland came out to greet us on the red carpet with friends Regina Russell and Frankie Banali. Sky Valencia put on the event for St. Martin’s charity that helps move homeless neglected animals into no kill shelters until they can find loving happy homes. With over 8 million animals that are put to death each year in the United States alone, it’s facilities like St. Martin that help raise funds to help these innocent creatures find love and affection.

Mad Hatter Celeb List

Caroline, Donna & me

It was also great to see my dear gal pal Donna Spangler there who is always rescuing animals. She has a huge heart of gold and we need more people like her in the world to open their hearts and educate others to over breeding and the over population of pets that are neglected, abandoned and abused. This is part of the reason I wanted to do something to help this great cause for my 50th birthday and teamed up with Shelter Hope Pet Shop to do just that with Player performing on June 3rd. So please know that every little bit helps these poor innocent animals get the help and care they need to survive in this world. I hope you will join us in our quest to bring this staggering numbers down with your support.

Ronn & Frankie