It’s been a fun and busy week starting out with supporting our friend photographer Christopher Ameruoso and the charity, “Last Chance For Animals.” It was a lovely event held at “The Simpsons” producer Sam Simon’s home. A wonderful vegan meal and memorable performances by Jose Filiciano entertained friends like Tippi Hedren and Steve Valentine. We then visited our Playboy family at the mansion and met up with German artist Michael Moebius before we went on to attend a dinner with Anna Strasberg at her home.

Tippi & Ronn 10.26.13

Steve and Chris copy

I started to come down with a slight sore throat and wanted to take it easy so I didn’t get sick for Halloween and our upcoming Live chat on Livestream. This is something Ronn and I are looking forward to doing with you guys each and every week, even when we travel.  Speaking of travel, we have our first upcoming autograph appearance together in Boston, for the Boston Megafest. I just love Boston and can’t wait to see everyone on the east coast! And we may be in Italy shortly afterwards for another campaign Ronn is doing.

Michael & Dev copy

I have Finland’s famous chef Henri Alen coming to do a gumbo battle with me in a couple of weeks for his show, “American Food Battle.” This really should be fun and it’s something I’m especially looking forward to. But in the meantime, I’m looking forward to a great Halloween party tomorrow evening and our live chat with you guys! So here’s to wishing that you all have a safe and happy Halloween!


Most people know me as Playboy's Miss June 1985. I also won $100,000 on the TV talent show "Star Search" as their Spokesmodel Champion in 1986, have been featured in movies such as, Disney's "Can't Buy Me Love", A Low Down Dirty Shame, House 2, Society and Andy Sidaris' "Guns", currently I have a Cajun spice called, "Devin's Kickass Cajun Seasoning" especially created to help the great city of New Orleans rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. I just authored a book featuring an exclusive interview with pinup legend Bettie Page entitled, "The Naked Truth About A Pinup Model"


  1. Gunilla Olsson

    Happy Halloween from Sweden! Would love to see you here in the near future! You know Finland is our dear neighbor!

  2. Happy Halloween to you, Ronn, and all your friends. Lovely gathering you attended. Jose Feliciano is a good memory of mine from the PNC Garden Center in NJ when it was new. Tell Tippy that she looks wonderful, as do you two and your handsome guests. Glad you had a great time…..just stay well

    Love you, Lilian

  3. Devin Devasquez

    We may actually be coming to Sweden soon Guilla, my friend Agnes Nicole- Winters is urging us to visit.

  4. Happy Halloween Ronn and Dev. Cant wait for todays Halloween chat with u on livestream. It would be cool. Love u. (((bighug))) from Slovakia.

  5. Jasmin Hall

    I dropped in to see what DevRonn had on for Halloween. I see its absolutely nothing.
    My peeps and I down here in BVI.. had an “Under The Sea” Halloween. That is the only way us gals could get our men involved. Wait now!! we did not go under the sea, but our costumes were all fishy, so we had mermaids, fish heads & just about every character in Ariel’s world.
    Anyhow, how you guys had a fun, we sure did.