As the boiling heat of summer has seemed to subside and we ease into September, I thought it was fitting to have a end of the summer JamParty for several reasons. One reason was I had promised 14 year old Carly, who you remembered shared my birthday Jam with me, and ended up in the hospital because she was in a diabetic coma!  Carly had sang “Baby Come Back” at our birthday party and that was the only thing she responded to in the hospital when she was in a coma. So I promised her I would get the boys together so she could sing “Baby Come Back” again and cook her gumbo because she’s a Louisiana girl.


Carly, Devin and Ronn Moss

Secondly, AMBROSIA and PLAYER have been bonding during their summer tour and it was an excuse to get them together for a good old fashion Jam. Ronn wanted me to keep this JamParty small because we have been so exhausted from traveling and shooting both “Bruna In Beverly Hills” and “The Bay” that we just didn’t have the energy to entertain too many people. Besides, we wanted to have time to actually talk to our guests. And it was so nice to finally have a weekend at home that we could spend with a few friends we hadn’t seen in a while, like my Playmate sister, Barbara Moore.

IOT Graduations

It was also nice to catch up with Jimmy Carnelli, Rob Math and Jawn Star who jammed the night away with Ray Parker Jr and Dave Amato from REO Speedwagon. We had to do this Jam on a Monday because it was the only day that all these musicians weren’t working or away on tour and trust me, it wasn’t easy to coordinate everyone’s schedules. Plus, it turned out that school started that day and we still had a couple of people that couldn’t make it. Nevertheless, it was a fun Monday night that I believe is start of many more to come.

Tina Hillstrom, Peter Beckett, Eden Ayers, Michael Moebius

Caroline Cusumano, Rob Math, Tina Hillstrom

Summer just flew by so fast this year for us, so an end of the summer JamParty was a great topper to a really fun summer! Many of you know by now, that Ronn and I will be traveling to Belgium for his guest appearance with De Romeos in concert on October 24th. You may get your tickets here. I’ve never been to Belgium and am greatly looking forward to that! Ronn has also been guesting on their popular TV show, “Familie” this past week as a secret agent.


There are a few more concert dates for PLAYER and AMBROSIA in mid September and I highly recommend you catch one of them if you can. Since they are both west coast bands, you may see more of them in upcoming concerts on the west coast soon. In the meantime, you check out a bit of our end of the summer JamParty!

Rock the Yacht


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  1. Hi you two. Everybody’s still looking good…. I should know, it’s been 6 yrs. since I got to give a hug to some of the band. I don’t even need smellaphone to know how great your gumbo turned out….beautiful! You have some wonderful friends from Louisiana, too.

    Love ya, Lilian

  2. Pam Lamb Presnell

    So glad you were able to have Carly there….what a miracle she truly is. Laughter and Music is always great medicine for what ails you. Hugs to you both!

  3. Hi from McLaren Vale South Australia amongst Vinyards..Lovely reading your blog and seeing your friends and Player not forgetting the Sexy Legs Ronn 🙂
    Coming into our Spring,it has been so cold but looking forward to Summer 🙂
    Brenda xx

  4. Ashley Rodriquez

    Heard about your cooking & recipes from my Aunts Mother & Relatives Heard about The Ronn as Ridge too Saga Don’t worry I here because of you.I will leave the Fussing over husband to my mother, aunts & relatives lol
    I never have time to watch TV shows. I am a BIG GAME DAY FAN,,, though
    I am 35 & expecting my 4th child (have to have 3 more by age 40) So I sit & read a lot. Its my “me time” thing. After the other 3 kiddies are out of sight Sleeping @School or they having their “Daddy-Time”
    So you keep on blogging and post recipes & pictures of your food ideas
    All the best
    From Ashley