The presidential election is around the corner and many people are still divided about these two candidates. We have never seen nor will we ever see another election quite like this one that has divided even the best of friends in their political views. So many blatant lies have been told to us by the press to cover up the most corrupt government officials we have ever had in office.  Due to our Secretary of States actions which leave us vulnerable to an attack, several countries have discovered sensitive top- secret documents. Many foreign officials have been paying for favors and want to keep this administration in power to solidify their devious agenda.


Money and power equals corruption and its plain to see our government is severely corrupted and our hard earned money is being drained from the American people like water. Here at home we aren’t taking care of our elderly, our military vets and our own American citizens because of political monies that go to unnecessary wars and greasing the palms of criminal activities within our own administration. I grew up in the deep- south where many people were democrats believing the lies that so many previous politicians would tell poor and uneducated people just to win their votes. The amount of money spent of television ads to slander the competition was always a must and this became the normal way to campaign for politicians.


I believe in voting for the right person who can get our needs met and I don’t care if they are republican or democrat. I voted for Obama in his first term and so did Ronn. However, in the last eight years of this administration there has not been much change for Americans. We are less safe, more in debt and our country is more corrupt that ever. There are less jobs, less security for our vets and elderly and constantly rising health costs that no one can afford. I believe in getting all the facts on both parties before casting my deciding vote come election- day and here is what I’ve discovered about both parties.


Donald Trump has built his own empire and has created many jobs for women and minorities in his companies. Hillary Clinton has not created any jobs, but has taken huge amounts of foreign money through her foundation that has me wondering why? Donald Trump pays his employees and women who are in executive and managerial positions more than comparable companies, which tells me he is not misogynist. He’s a businessman who wants the best people for the position. Isn’t that what we learned about him in his hit reality show, “The Apprentice?”


Hillary Clinton’s right hand aid is Huma Abedin, who’s parents are head of the Muslim Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Huma is also married to Anthony Weiner the congressman who has already been exposed for being a pedophile. Donald Trump fought the West Palm Beach City so he was able to open his newly purchased club to include African Americans and Jews as members, who had been banned until then. This tells me he is not racist.


Hillary Clinton has direct ties to George Soros because her daughter is married to his nephew and we have discovered he owns many of the polls that have been rigged to go in her favor. This makes me wary of her intentions and compiles the deceit to cover things up like those 33,000 emails that were destroyed when she was asked to turn them over by a Supreme court subpoena. Donald Trump has raised wonderful children who are hard working Americans that aren’t living off of his wealth, but who have achieved their own success. His economic plan makes sense because we are a broken country that can’t continue down this rabbit hole any longer and need major changes.


I know sometimes change seems scary to most people and many would like to think Hillary Clinton has the experience in politics and would like to believe what she’s saying she will do for America, but the facts do not add up to that from her past, so why would you think there will be anything different if she were to be president? I’m fed up with the rampant corruption that continues in Washington DC when our hard working Americans who protect and educate us like, policeman and teachers are being underpaid due to tax increases that go to foreign countries.

I’m disgusted with seeing so many of my professional friends lose their homes, their jobs and undergo harassing bogus tax audits designed to drain you of your wealth, so that you become enslaved like that many poor and uneducated people to the lies and corruption of our government. It’s time that America comes first and we put the oxygen mask on ourselves before helping foreign countries. What I’m learning about Hillary Clinton offends me more that what Donald Trump says because action speaks louder than words. And lastly Donald Trump put his money where his mouth is with putting his own hard earned money into his campaign for the presidency. This tells me he truly wants to help make “America Great Again” and is a true patriot, because he already has great wealth and isn’t taking money from shady foreigners like Hillary Clinton.

BREAKING!!! Watch NOW… This is REAL (VIDEO) Folks.. .. FBI is Quietly Releasing Documents Via Julian Assange and Wikileaks. A Counter Coup to the Clinton Attack is Happening NOW!!!


In looking at all these facts, it’s clear that candidate I will now vote for on election- day. It’s the only one who makes sense and wants to put American first and that may sound selfish, but it’s necessary at this point. History is in the making folks! Time to wake up and take back our country that use to be for the people and by the people. Isn’t that what America was all about? In the next few days, we will see changes like never before here in America. You don’t have to like the candidate you vote for, but you must at least believe in what they are saying.


Go look at the facts they speak for themselves with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I don’t wish to upset anyone by voicing my opinion and I hope to not lose a friend over it, but I truly do not believe everything I hear in the media. That is because I actually know media people who have been told to report certain things and leave out certain things. Therefore, I never watch the news and study things for myself before making a major decision like this one. Your vote is needed to make the change happen and we need to fix America before it’s really too late!






Most people know me as Playboy's Miss June 1985. I also won $100,000 on the TV talent show "Star Search" as their Spokesmodel Champion in 1986, have been featured in movies such as, Disney's "Can't Buy Me Love", A Low Down Dirty Shame, House 2, Society and Andy Sidaris' "Guns", currently I have a Cajun spice called, "Devin's Kickass Cajun Seasoning" especially created to help the great city of New Orleans rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. I just authored a book featuring an exclusive interview with pinup legend Bettie Page entitled, "The Naked Truth About A Pinup Model"


  1. Marie Johnson

    Devin, I am deeply disappointed that you would support and give your vote to a man endorsed by the KKK; there’s
    a sinister reason for that but instead of distancing yourself from such a hateful group and no matter what disgusting thing Trump has done, you’re willing to put an unqualified, uninformed, ranting and racist demagogue into the Oval Office. I could go on to the point of ad nauseum with all the epithets to characterize Trump’s disqualifying traits but I think you’ve got the picture! But please, do not blame President Obama for the dysfunction in the government.
    The Republicans were clearly the obstructionists who have been from day one of his presidency, united to sabotage Obama’s presidency. He was so full of hope and wanted to bring change but I have to say it even if people don’t want to hear it-this unwillingness to work with the president had everything to do with his race! I can’t wait to read his memoirs to find out what that man has been through for the past eight years! And the backlash for having our first Black president is to put a xenophobic,
    misogynistic, racist, sexual predator
    in the White House-way to go America-way to go!

    • Devin Devasquez

      I’m not willing to put a woman in the White House who is selling off America to Foreigners for her own greediness and having close ties with shady people who molest young women continuously on a private Island. A woman so hated by our CIA and FBI that they are trying to prevent her from having the ultimate power because they have seen first hand what is happening and will continue to happen to all of us as Americans. Trump is a businessman who is outspoken and says things that shock people because he tells it the way he sees it. That makes most people angry, but I rather have someone be bluntly direct and honest with me and know the type of person I’m dealing with than a sinister snake like Hillary, who will lie and smile in your face and stab you in the back. Again Marie don’t believe the media, many of them are paid to report downright lies about Trump based on his personality just to make Hillary look good because she’s so evil. Trump is not power hungry like Hillary, he already has way more money than her and it’s not about that for him. He sees what’s happening and just like the FBI and CIA needs to stop this corruption before there is no America left! I believe if you watch Trumps speech at the top of this blog, you will finally have your eyes open to who the real racist, sexual predator is and understand that the Clintons have got to be stopped now!

    • Scarlett


      I couldn’t agree with you more about the Republican obstruction President Obama has faced during his presidency. God bless him for all he has been through. I am thankful for the way he has carried himself with the utmost dignity for the last eight long years. He certainly had great intentions when he ran for the presidency (no ego trip involved) but I am afraid they were thwarted at every his every turn. What he inherited from the previous president was a complete mess with an almost certainty of another Great Depression. Instead, he lead the country out of the recession and tried to repair what the previous administration wrecked havoc on with the misguided war on Iraq, etc. He and Mrs. Obama will be missed for their elegance and class. I voted him for his first term. I voted for Mitt Romney for the second, who is a man with business experience, which I believe is very important for the presidency, but knew how to comport himself properly and be a person we all could be proud of calling our president.

  2. To you my beautiful lady friend
    I am so Honored to know this amazing lady and her Husband . And truly proud of her
    she speaks her mind . And I love it . She does not speak without getting all her facts
    straight . And then speaks via her blog or in person. No punches are held back and
    you have to respect her for that. Sending her Great big Hugs to you and Ronn dear.
    Keep being you and believe me I did the same before casting my vote. I want too also
    have someone help Americans fix our issues and problems and well only some will
    realize who that person is. Glad to hear from you dear. Keep representing the people
    who care. Love you from a fan . Elizabeth.

  3. Pam Presnell

    Thank you so much for all your meticulous information that you’ve put before us. I wish All Citizens would take the time to actually look at the facts, and not believe all that the media tells them without checking for themselves. I have already cast my vote for Donald Trump. I am indeed, so fed up with the Political System….I could just scream. The National Debt, our healthcare, our Vets, our Elderly. our Outrageous Immigration, etc. It just goes on and on and on. We need Major Change in the great USA of ours.
    God Bless to you and Ronn. Pammy

  4. Scarlett

    I respect your decision and am glad you have done your research. I know you are a sweet, compassionate lady and who follows her heart, and has been so kind to me.

    I am disappointed that we are left with these two candidates for our choices from the major political parties. I do not want either one of them representing our country.

    Politics has become so ugly and dirty that those who would do a wonderful job for our country will not run for public office. This is an immeasurable loss for everyone and something needs to change.

    To me, Donald Trump received the Republican nomination because he was the loudest and bullied all of the other candidates to come out on top. The media certainly helped by giving him almost non-stop free press. He was a “good story” for them to report; a certainty for high ratings. A reasonable candidate like Kaisch, who would not stoop down to Trump’s level but always acted like a gentleman, was not able compete with him or command attention as Trump did.

    Hillary Clinton apparently won the Democratic nomination because no one else was willing to run except for Bernie Sanders?? This goes back to what I previously stated that good men and women will not run for public office so we were left with dismal choices.

    I truly believe Hillary Clinton has lied and done things just to advance her own agenda, and will continue to do so. I have absolutely no explanation for how she has gotten away with what she has except big money and paybacks are involved.
    Donald Trump has showed his true colors by blaming others when things don’t go his way, bullying, calling people names, rating women like they are objects, losing his temper, being belligerent and has done nothing to show he has the temperament or the morals to hold the highest office in the United States. Sure, he has great wealth which most likely has come from him using his bullying tactics to make sure he always came out on top of any and all “deals” he made. Instead of outlining specifically what he will do for the U.S.A., he attacks Hillary. All. The. Time. I know I do not want him to have the power to possibly start a war with the dysfunctional personality traits he has show us time and time again. He barely has the communication skills to get through a debate — he rambles and complains he’s being picked on — so I highly doubt he will be an effective communicator if something really bad were to happen to this country or he needs to negotiate with a foreign leader unless he can bully them. He’s certainly good at that. Then I’m sure he will be successful, but at what cost?

    Perhaps I already had my mind made up about Trump years ago when he endlessly bullied a famous woman in the entertainment business, said he could not be with a woman unless she was beautiful, called a woman a “fat pig”, etc. etc. I won’t even dignify all he’s said and done by mentioning it. But his past and certainly his current behavior do not coincide with what I look for in a president.

    So, is writing in an alternative for the Presidency the only recourse we have at this time? It certainly feels like it. I want to start this process all over. Come out of this nightmare. We need and must do much better than this.

    Final thought — Term limits for all representing our country including ONE six year term limit for the president. This would have prevented Hillary from poor decision making which she did as Secretary of State when President Obama was up for re-election. Plus, no president of the United States of America should EVER MAKE ANY DECISION based on whether or not he will be elected to a second term. Never.

  5. katka1979

    Hi Devin and hi Ronn. I hope for u and all my others friends in US that the best will win – maybe Clinton maybe Trump. Sending (((bighug))) from Slovakia. Love ya

  6. katka1979

    Hi Ronn and Dev. Sending (((bighug))) from Slovakia. Love ya. And wish good luck to u 2 and my others US friends by voting for new US president. Let the best win.

  7. Jolanda Da Thesta

    Dear Devin & Ronn

    Whatever your choice will be in this election….
    it’s your choice I will always be your mega fan

    Much love
    Jolanda Da Thesta