By now everyone knows that Ronn will be appearing on General Hospital. We thought his debut would be Friday, but didn’t realize the Nurse’s Ball, which is General Hospital’s biggest show extends into next week. So Ronn will debut on Monday May 12th and it’s something I hope you don’t miss because it truly is special.

As a soap fan myself, I thought the concept and the storyline of this particular part of the Nurse’s Ball was very heartfelt, not to mention entertaining. I know many of you are speculating on what exactly Ronn is doing? Many are wondering what character he’s playing or if he’s singing and I for one am amazed at all the response. It seems alot of B&B fans have missed simply seeing Ronn and many GH fans are tired of new characters and want to see more of their favorites, which is understandable.

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Y&R use to be my favorite soap and it’s become kinda of boring and B&B has become unwatchable in my opinion. So I have been watching GH and I love it! GH has more action, drama, suspense, surprises, romance and shocking storylines that the others don’t, which is way more entertaining. I think Internet content is taking over what daytime once was to many viewers such, as myself. A series like “The Bay” seems like a nighttime or primetime soap.

Many shows today that are on primetime such as, “Breaking Bad” and “Game of Thrones” are simply high production primetime soaps. A soap is a serial drama and daytime dramas need to change things around to keep their shrinking audience. No longer is television dominating the field, many Internet series are proving that in spades. “One Life To Live” obviously has new life on web because it’s nominated along with daytime television in this year’s Daytime Emmys.

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So I think General Hospital‘s marketing campaign was ingenious and they made Ronn an offer he couldn’t refuse, because it was a win/win. Fans around the world that don’t get GH will get to see this on the web after we do next week and the impact I believe could be massive. GH has already tied Y&R in ratings of women 18-49 and they have been number one in that spot for years. So I think GH could knock them down a peg after this airs.

Competition is tough today with so much interesting original content that is currently being self produced. No longer can television dominate, however they can and will start developing content currently on the web for their time slots because it just makes sense. We can produce our own shows like “Ronn’s Garage.” And I know how much you guys would love that to be on television! Just think maybe then you would get a new episode on a more regular basis instead of when Ronn has time for it.


Right now, Ronn is becoming very much in demand all over the world for various reasons. He wasn’t free enough before with B&B to have the time for a Player tour that is now happening. He was under a contract on a role that was taking over his entire life and he wasn’t feeling appreciated for what he was giving to that. Now he’s free to play, create and explore all those countries around the globe that are anxious to welcome him.

He’s also free to show you who he really is as Ronn and to show the world his talent and passions. I really have to laugh at some of the haters that constantly try to put him down. I’ve seen Ronn, Ridge and John Blackwell recently and they are all completely different characters that he breaths amazing energy into.  I’ve seen Ronn in concert and I know things that are brewing that you don’t. So like the new “Too Many Reasons” Player  song, “The Words You Say” I would almost bet some of those words will surely be eaten away very quickly as more creativity is reveal by Ronn.

Too Many Reasons

We all need to feel a sense of appreciation for our work in life. It’s way more important to follow your true passion in life than it is to work for money. The money will surely follow if true passion for what you are doing is present. That is what Ronn is doing now and I think it’s showing up all over the place. So GH was thrilled to have Ronn and it was a super fun and positive experience for him. And I do believe it will be for you too, even the haters.


We have been extremely busy fielding through various projects, some pertaining to Ronn and I together and some pertaining to Player. There have been some that are in development and some that are getting ready to start. All involving a variety of things that include, music, movies, television, endorsements and charity.

Spending time with friends and family has dominated our past week because we know we will start traveling soon and nothing make us both happier than to be home entertaining friends and creating new things that we are passionate about. We hope you enjoy Ronn’s visit to General Hospital next week and continue on this amazing adventure with us. Here’s to wishing all the mamas out there a wonderful Mother’s Day!  We are celebrating our five year wedding anniversary with some quality alone time as we prepare for the excitement of  what’s coming next!



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  1. Hi Ronn and Devin. I m so happy and excited about all yr new projects, Ronn will shine in them as he did as Ridge. Devin u are right B&B is unwatchable without Ronn. I never watched GH but I think I will. I will repeat myself but Im excited to know Ronn as him from his other projects – he is wonderful and so are u Dev.

    Wishing u all the best, and Hppy anniversary.
    (((bighug))) with love

    Katka from Slovakia.

    • Devin Devasquez

      we love you Kat, thanks for all that you have done and do to support us!

  2. Wonderful, wonderful news! Ronn on GH! My DVR is set! Will Ronn be a regular?

    I agree B&B is unwatchable. I’ve watched from the beginning, but finally gave up. It shouldn’t have to feel like a chore to keep up. KKL is the only one who keeps my interest. Love her!

    • Devin Devasquez

      we are hearing that all the time from so many people now and I agree KKL is the only reason to watch, but she can’t keep propping up this boring show anymore and she better get that damn Emmy this year, no one deserves it more!

  3. Brenda warren

    Wow!’ Wonderful news..wishing Ronn all the best in GH.. Also all his other comitments is very exciting for you time to get bored :). Xxx

    • Devin Devasquez

      couldn’t be more exciting, can’t wait to share all the new stuff, but I must pace myself with you guys cuz it’s just too much now.

  4. Hi you two, guess it’ll be a surprise to look forward to. Anything with him in or on it is an improvement. Proof is B&B without him. ( Although I feel bad for your steadfast friends still on the show.) Much love and best wishes for a Happy Step-Mom’s Day. I know how much you’re cared for.

    Sending hugs and sugars from your old neck of the woods, Lilian

    • Devin Devasquez

      Happy mother’s day Lillian, wish I had some crawfish right now. Want to make some bisque soon. I know you will love GH tomorrow. I’m getting really excited myself! But, there are so many other cool things coming that I can’t tell you about just yet, but will soon!

  5. Genevieve

    We don’t get GH on free to air in Australia – hoping you will you post on twitter the link to see it on the web, when it becomes available. It has become a bit of a chore for me too, watching B & B these days!

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  7. donewithbravo

    I love reading your entries about your lives. I’ve watched Ronn on B&B from its inception. Glad to hear that you are both so busy. My only critique (and I’m not a “hater”), is that you need a proofreader. I’m a stickler for good grammar, as I majored in English Literature in college.

    • I know I sometimes write so fast and without my glasses, which I need very much now. Thanks will try to improve that!